Left politically incorrect

Why does leftypol exist and what is the reason for it existing?. Is it a parody of this board?
please don't ban me I really want to know

Because trannies sucking jew dick. Now get out.

That answered part of my question

Lurk two years before posting.

they were angry about being blown the fuck out and wanted their own circlejerk

Honestly, I have no clue. They can be as leftist as they want on any normie platform without getting banned, unlike the right. My best guess would be that they want to be "better than Holla Forums" or some shit.

When did that happen?

Really sneaky shilling I have to say

Ban him

It"s kind of hard to take them seriously since the board is called "lefty-pol". It feels like a joke name.


I'm not even shilling.

I hate traps

Then you are just an idiot
Either way, leftypol was a reaction to pol and it is "reactionary" in every sense of that word

We are what is considered "politically incorrect", their opinions just promote extreme political correctness

Fair enough, thanks for answering some part of my question.

kill yourself you sliding fucking kike

I'm not even a kike

Your question is pretty generic, and retarded. It's like asking:

Consider that, despite having lots of good people on them, places like Holla Forums also have several leftists. Then, it follows that they want to discuss what part of jewish dick they like to suck best, and if it counts as a fag diet.

I still love how v e g a n gets filtered to fag.

Post questions like this here ffs

It used to be just Holla Forums, way back when.
Right and left mixed together.
Leftists got sick of losing every argument and getting memed on, so they went and made their own safe space board.

That is not a trap, that's an ambush.