Hear a Mexican

Hear a Mexican

If you really want to wreak havoc for racial perceptions in your country, use white latinos in your favor

If you search the last few days about Guillermo del Toro, there is a small debate whether he should count as white or not for terms of "diversity".

It seems that a good portion of the public seriously thinks a white mexican can't exist. Racism is barely talked about in Mexico, we are supposed to be "the comics race", and any sort of inequality is mostly explained as "clasism"

For white latinos, the thought that they might be lumped into the "white privileged" side really infuriates them. You can even see it in Del Toro, anytime someone questions his whiteness. He goes into defensive, he has even claimed he suffered "reverse racism" in his youth

I'm not saying that people should try to lure them into white racialism. But accuse the hypocrisy that people like them don't get called on their "privilege". There are ton of studies showing the realities of race in Latin America or about white hispanics in the US. The point is to have public figures like Del Toro try to deny it and look like fools (or privileged racists) in the eyes of liberals

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Del Taco cucks out and bashes white people more often than before. "White hispanics" are basically genetic hybrids that resemble whites relatively more than say, blacks that have 95% white genetics but still ''look" black. A white spic will typically resemble a white person to a certain extent but stll have a few spic features, if nothing else they'll just be as short as the rest of the spics.

Having grown up around spics I can safely say that white spics experience the same kind of "racism" that tanned skin 95% white blacks go through. But ultimately they will defend their browner cousins because "muh mexican heritage." Even if they know deep down inside that they're whiter than the overwhelming majority of beaners around them they will side with them.

This is the conundrum that mongrel groups go through. Their tribal identity is forever tarnished from birth because they're mixed. They reap all of the benefits of being a "minority class" but experience all of the discrimination a white person goes through when they're the de facto white among browns. Then they will fall back on today's PC culture and self-flagellate because they're "white."

Who gaf what that flaming sodomite does or doesn't think. Better find a better example if you want to try peddling this shit here shill.

(cough cough bump cough)

Probably more to do with nationality or a form of white guilt for conquering the natives.

That's because no white spic wants to be told he is white. There is virtually no benefit on being recognized as "white" by society these days.

Again, check how del Toro goes into defensive anytime someone asks him about his heritage. If he claimed he was white, then he would get lumped into the evil white men he bashes

The time he recalled about "reverse racism" shows you how white latinos still want to feel like victims

Not really, at least in Mexico very few whites, only extreme leftists care about white guilt.

Most white mexicans dodge the issue into "classism" and go into defensive if anyone points they might be privileged



And notice how he goes into defensive when people point to him he is pale in that tweet

Wait, I thought Guillerme del Cuck was a white guy from Spain.

Unfortunately this. Mongrels are a group that need to be dealt with properly but Del Taco is hardly a good example. Mongrels that are upper tier, the ones smart enough to know they are existentially fucked and realize their "minority" group is identified for its subhuman qualities. But they're in denial because "muh heritage." In Del Taco's case, he's basically a spic leftist which isn't outstanding in any way.

Basically all mongrel groups follow that pattern. Since they possess relatively higher intelligence than their shitskin cousins, they will excel by virtue of the fact that they have more white genes. Since the vast majority of people are bluepilled on race, they see a white spic or a semi-intelligent nigger and use that mongrel as a basis for sustaining their delusion that all shitskins are just like that one mongrel. Then when tyrone or pablo shows up and bix noods them they try not to think about the dose of reality they just experienced.

This is why jews constantly search for mongrels. Mongrels are the face of the invading army that pacify people into thinking all shitskins are like those semi-functional mongrels. Since people are blind to mixed race genetics, they think all niggers can be as charismatic as their favorite "black" actor and don't think about why Del Taco has very white skin.

ib4 spaniards are moors

Classical criollo behavior

Bash white men, notice he is white too, go into defensive

African genes have dominant traits. Niggers are such genetic black voids that a nigger could be 95% white and still have african facial features, albeit subdued facial features. Niggers in that genetic mixture typically have light-brown skin and are rarely dark skinned at that point. They would look "white" if you saw them out of the corner of your eye and were not looking directly you at them. Anyone reading this and has unfortunately lived around mongrel populations knows exactly what I'm talking about. Mongrel people are the jews' end goal for goyim genetic mixture.

At that point where a mongrel's white DNA mixture is so overwhelmingly high, they would be more often than not be a functional human being. Because of that, these mongrels are sought after by jews to use as shields, e.g. how can you be racist goyim, when Tyrone Goodman is such a nice intelligent and respectable person? Even if they are decent people, they are not worth salvaging. There is probably a cuck waiting for some type of approval in thinking that that kind of mongrel is safe to mix with - it is never acceptable to mix. You would waste a ton of bleach to get rid of that last 5% of shit that bleaching is not a viable option, if you catch my drift.


fuck off beaner

What is Spain?


If Spanish aren't White then Portugese aren't White. If they aren't then Greece, Italy and the other Mediterranean countries aren't White. Southern EUROPE isn't White with your logic. Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

t. Spanish/Portugese mongrel

This thread is garbage. Spaniards and Portuguese people of course are white but 95% of Mexico is mestizo mongrels not white Castizos

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Based white American spic reporting in.

I am just as American as anyone here and a true believer, born and raised in a small affluent town in Illinois. My lineage is 35% Spanish and 15% French on dad's side; 50% German on mom's side. Both mom's parents were 100% German. There is a huge book of heritage that my mom has spanning several volumes. Mine and my sisters names appear within.

Dad's family has a modest pedigree and probably 500 years' history in this country, mostly in what is now Colorado; everywhere from Alamosa in the south to Denver & Littleton. My grandpa had blue eyes and worked for the railroad as a quartermaster and equipment clerk. My grandma had brown eyes. Neither of them spoke Spanish. They were active in many American civic organizations such as the Knights of Columbus and Women's Auxiliary. In the earlier years of their marriage, my grandma had a brick & mortar candy shop bearing the family name Their (my) direct ancestors have been written about by the Colorado Historical Society. They helped develop supply lines as merchants during the Great Push Westward and were already into ranching when Colorado became a state in 1848. One of my great uncles worked for the U.S. Water Reclamation Dept. mapping Colorado flood plains. We have marriage certificates and other records that predate Colorado's statehood, going as far back as infrastructure existed to keep such records & I'd venture to say more photos than most families for the time period. My dad served in Korea and has since done very well for us financially. My hometown, as I say, is very affluent in downstate Illinois where it receives regular accolades from the State of Illinois as being an excellent place to live and raise a family. Great school district which had a grading scare a full 10% tougher than all other school disctricts in the tri-County area. So I benefitted early on by competent teachers who treated me the same as any other kids. I even kicked ass at SRA. I had so many scoops on my cone that I warranted a 2nd cone to display in the clasroom over the board.

My mom was born and raised in rural Idaho as the daughter of dairy farmers. 100% German stock, they were very strict Nazarene faith for the entirety of my mom's childhood. Movies were forbidden and the family got its first TV in the latter 1950s when my mom was entering early adolescence so she could watch baseball. A good work ethic was instilled into both of my parents. Grandma canned and knew how to do just about everything, as was the way. A favorite family story is that she got in trouble for hoeing beets on a Sunday trying to earn cowboy boots of her own. A favorite childhood memory is of my grandma's brother Ralph telling me and the cousins the story ot The Three Bears in Pennsylvania Dutch. Unfortunately, a recording does not exist.

I've been steeped in healthy European/American patriot culture and traditions my entire life, Catholic church every Sunday, though I was never confirmed and am not a Catholic today. Contemporary pop culture made the same impact on me as any child of 80s. I get absolutely every pop culture reference from the period. Steeped in Americanism. Nothing that would suggest "Old Country" traditions with one notable exception.

When my father was a kid, he told me that his father (blue eyed Grampa) used to slaughter sheep. Being vigilant about the possible presence of Converso/Crypto blood in my lineage, I questioned my father carefully as to whether grandpa placed any special significance in or if he ever showed partular reverence for his cutlery and slaughtering knives. To my relief, the answer was no with a curious look on his face. Further allaying my fears about cryptojews in the American Southwest were laid to rest by the presence of an old family green chili recipe which is beanless and uses pork. (Pork!)

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Steeped as I say in tradition, my dad made money in corporate America and so we had good vacations. At one point, we owned a cabin in the north woods of Michigan, on the Manistee River outside Kalkaska. Many a Christmas and 3-day weekends were spend by my family with some Anglo friends of the family at an adjacent cabin (the cabins were purchased simultaneously for the purpose) with me, mainly alone, developing a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty of the deep forest. It was there that I learned to use different firearms. I am a current NRA member. To this day, I long for the forest, especially on windy Autumn nights. It's the wolf's blood calling me. I did also celebrate Yule clumsily with some teenage Wiccan friends years ago and this year, a little bit more formally on Dec.21, 2017.

I am a white man, but the conundrum user posted about does exist. I have never felt "tribal loyalty" to a culture which is foreign to me and in recent years, I have focused on my German heritage almost exclusively. I have gotten mixed reactions; some good, some bad when I''ve attempted to address this question in earnest from people who don't know me, about being a "mixed heritage" ethno-nationalist but it seems to me I am no different than any other American mutt, minus the blue eyes. I have had some minor run-ins with the law years ago and all the paperwork said "male/white" and yes, I know that hispanics are considered white for crime statistics but this obviously was not a case of profiling. I have also suffered a medical condition (spontaneous primary pneumothorax) almost entirely exclusive to "skinny white guys."

When I attended liberal arts college, I'd been a liberal by default through my opposition to the Iraq War college phase which was principled but on my own terms. I've begun looking at the JQ in earnest for the last 6-8 years or so, did not vote for Obama in 2012 (IL solid blue afforded me a Ron Paul protest vote) and have been an enthusiastic MAGA since early '16 at the lastest. I knew that the Democrats cast me aside entirely by that point in a cynical political calculation that they no longer needed straight white men. I basically redpilled myself in hardmode durning the years between 2009 through 2014 and was ecstatic to find out originally through cuckchan Holla Forums that there were others who felt like me; that I/we effectively had zero representation in government. That wolf's blood is in my heart and in no way do I identify with Spanish culture except for occasional banter about Conquistadors, of which I was one by family heritage. I know basically nothing about Mexican culture. I simply do not identify with it.

Anons, I am seeking your counsel for advice moving forward.

POST #3/3

Yes, I am brown eyed man. I have an authentic old Spanish surname, but with the info I've provided you here, and which I will be happy to answer any questions, I feel like this is my battle as much as anyone of us. I have 100% European lineage and 95% sure, no Converso or Ashkenazi blood. 5% fear remains, but I will never discuss it. My family hasn't ever done kike-ass-shit

I want to be one of us, but I'm not sure I am wanted. Yes, this is an effortpost. I would appreciate your honest feedback on whether my skill sets, talent, drive, being the product of good breeding and sheer will is enough for acceptance in a future ethnostate. I am on our side, but I seek reassurance that I am wilkommen before I go drop cash into movements in the form of donations and possible material support (I do have a degree from liberal arts college in graphics development and principles of networking.

If you have questions, ask and I will answer. The truth is that I am torn by mixed lineage as a mongral hybrid and would like to be able to use my considerable drive, will and energy for our cause/my cause in hopes that I would ultimately be accepted here with my contributions welcomed. It's recently occured to me that I may possess incredible propaganda value moving forward if my possible contribution on this front is approached in the right way. I'm fairly well-spoken but I feel better-written.

TL;DR. I am an American spic born & bred in the Midwest with 35/15/50 genetics of Spanish, French and German, respectively. My dad looks like Elvis and was popular with the ladies. I've had some exploits most of you even haven't but he is still a better man than I am in 10000 ways. I don't know where I'd be without my father, who's been my strong anchor at times and who is now on the decline.

Assuming everything I've said is true and I can prove it all, would you accept me into the fold?

The appearance of some prominent guests on Red Ice (Brandon Martinez, John Garcia, etc.) in addition to guys like Nick Fuentes makes me think I could use this to our collective advantage. As far as a portfolio of work, I have been active in a chat envirornment for a number of years, redpilling the masses with relative success based on trial & error, at times touching that raw amygdala. I did also work in a technical field for a number of years so I know QMS management systems in addition to other niche skills. I have managed departments. I'm also not a bad digital artist.

Seeking your counsel, anons. Respectful inquiries & replies will be answered and all questions addressed. I look at it at least partially like this: At minimum, I serve as a placeholder or a stand-in for other goyim who haven't woken up yet. I am only one, but STILL I am one, and we need allies. Dr. Kev MacDonald himself makes it a point in his videos that the way going forward, among other strategies, is not to alienate potential allies. To my way of thinkig, even in subordinate, supporting role, I have something to contribute to our people and our shared battle ahead.

I am reaching out because I am wondering what my place in all this could be and I'm ready to make a choice in 2018 to come out as a youtube commenter or something even better. I'll take your sincere questions and feedback without getting defensive. Thanks for reading. I have considerable energy to dedicate toward culture jamming at the very least. (I'd like see you try to call ME a racist, etc.)

Please think it over. I'm looking forward to your more sincere feedback that isn't trolling. Trolls get ignored. Rational responses, whether I want to hear them or not, will be considered and all questions will be answered.


care to share user?

I'd be happy to, friend.

- 2-3 pounds of ground pork
- 4 tbsp of flour
- 4 mini cans of hot chilies (green)
- 1 huge white onon, finely diced
- 2 cloves or garlic or 2 heaping teaspoons of minced garlic
- 1 tsp each of cumin, salt and black pepper

In a large pot, brown the pork on medium heat just until the pink is gone.

Add your finely diced onion and cook until they become translucent.

Fan in the flour, stirring to avoid clumps. Mix it well.

Add the garlic for a minute or 2, then add the green chilies. Mix it well. Go medium high on the heat.

Bring it to a boil and cook like that for 20 minutes.

Add more water to your desired consistency, ring the heat to low and simmer it for at east one hour, allowing a little space for it to vent.

Fill your bowl and enjoy a family recipe that's god knows how old.

Sorry, user. Use a quart or two of water after you roast the garlic and add the chilies. Bring that to a boil.

Proceed as directed. It's a prefect recipe for winter.

Add the cumin, salt and pepper right before the initial boil.

Stop calling yourself a spic. You are a white European.

I automatically distrust anyone with a Spanish name, due to our proximity to the subhuman beaners. But you sound like you're white, don'y know why you're worried.

Thanks, I'll try making it this weekend

Thanks, user. A lot of the time, the problem comes because I don't have enough time to explain myself in a first meeting. Also, this:

It's something that's been on my mind a lot lately. I might try to gather my thoughts a little better, organize it and create a thread.

Yeah, you'll love it. At the time of posting, I was falling asleep, hence the followup posts, but everything is there and correct. Serve it with biscuits or tortillas. I looked for a picture to post just a minute ago, but there are none that match what it looks like.

Sorry about sperging out the other night.

If anyone is still reading, I want to say that although I don't really like Chris Cantwell (his voice is abrasive East Coast, pushy sounding, reminds me of Hal Turner), this podcast kept coming up in my recommendeds. It's an interesting perspective where he and the guest Ricky Vaughn mentioned in the context of where the movement is at, the fact that in many ways, we are already an American mongrel raceā€¦ among other musings & inspirations.

Make of it what you will. From the time linked: