Yair Netanyahu's Wild Tel Aviv Nigh

Yair Netanyahu, son of the Israeli Prime Minister and Alt-Right "based Jew!," is recorded acting like the kike he is.

Yair Netanyahu and his friends hoped their night out would not be documented. Accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver provided by the state, the prime minister’s son, the son of gas tycoon Kobi Maimon and Roman Abramov, a representative of billionaire James Packer, went touring strip clubs in Tel Aviv, paying for erotic dances and talking about the natural gas deal that had just been reached. On Monday night, the Israel Television News Company broadcast a recording made that night.

'Yair Netanyahu: I’ll text her to come “takeaway” with me bro … she’s coming with me as “takeaway.”

He thinks the stripper is coming with him, what a dumbass.


God damn semites


Holla Forums is not the aut-kike.

wtf why would you record yourself in such a situation? dumb-ass fucking heeb.

Daily reminder that Yair is a fan of The Rabbinical Sodomites' "fashy" Pinochet memes. It's almost as if there was some kind of underlying semitic motive in trying to replace Hitler with a philosemitic spic who embraced lolberg economics…

How much do you think anyone in the West will give on fuck about this? Remember Jews are our greatest ally because Hitler killed jews! Someone find me that webm with this retarded logic being used by the sandy hook clown because for fuck sake I swear 99% of whites think like this.

Netanyahu will probably get thrown out for another rabbi next election.

Sex, gas and state-funded security: Yair Netanyahu's wild night out

I see why he has to pay for sex. Bibi is shit but he's not bad looking for a kike. He must have been so disappointed his son turned out looking like the milkman's retarded cousin.

lol my shekels are on the bodyguard for being the guy wearing the wire. Also this must be a political hitjob from inside Israel because there is no way a convo like this is just haphazardly recorded unless the kid was being monitored. Should be interesting to see how this plays out and if Bibi starts getting his arm twisted over something he was hardheaded about before.


I thought he died when Bane crashed the plane with no survivors?


Christ almighty that kike is so weak-chinned he looks like a fucking Simpsons character.

Lol could this be all those kike rats they’re sicing on the internet? Could this be to make it seem like Netanyahu hates degeneracy all of a sudden?

Nah I bet he fucks kids too like all the yids. I hope his son is killed in front of him before he is by some Palestinian fanatic.

tldr; it is natural to gas kikes

You're thinking of Smee and Juan-Olf Hugh

fuck kike whore

Checked, this whole thing is really fucky…the random recording, the convo in general. Frankly, it seems like a set up of sorts, like some other user said. Since they're kikes, more than likely, they're into some disgusting shit.

were the prostitutes jewesses? bc if so, he should do this more and let israelis have a taste of their own medicine.

That's the funniest part. If you just walled all the jews in with each other, they're rip each other to fucking pieces within days.

Israel is the world capital of human trafficking you dumb shit, most likely they were poor eastern european girls or asian. Israel is an illegal state and every kike should be shot in the mouth with a .45


Those are some problems that are only possible within jewish community.


Is this real life or a fucking Seth Rogen movie?

My sides. No wonder they trace their lineage through their, what I reluctantly call, women.

Hot damn every time I hear the word shekel actually used by a kike I can't help but laugh.

what's wrong with this?

Read Dundu as Dindu

Not even a fucking whore gave him her real number. This is sad.

if the kikes could pls stay away from the Japanese girls, that'd be great

I think that was Jackie. A whore.

This. Top kek.

This is the kike who decided on the name of "shekel" for the zionist currency. He was Theodor Herzl's close friend and successor, and spoke openly about the jewish desire for conquering the world. The ZOA, where "/ourguys/" like Gorka and Bannon speak, published his biography.

Remember that next time someone claims zionism is nationalism.



How fucking new are you cunt?


Or it could be political infighting, or maybe one of his "friends" was simply sick of his shit and decided to get some payback.

Kinship doesn't work like that in semitic cultures. They move people around for favors, and on the surface fill out the paperwork of kinship. Underneath, we find out things are different. Whose son is he? Who knows?

Hahaha this kid is so fucked and so is his dad.

This thread needs more attention; kike heads can roll if this keeps being spread. Imagine the fallout had Sasha & Malia been found out to be whoring around DC and caught on tape discussing it? If Barron had been recorded talking about his RS gf?

This ruins the bibi.

I'm quite surprised this thread has such little action.

Jesus, the little shit is so fucking dumb and stingy that he doesn't want shelf out 400 shekels after his dad got a 20Bn business deal.
Good networking skills there.

hes a cuck lol

You mean like when the niglet was caught on video dressed like a whore dancing onstage and smoking weed? There was no outrage because we all know nigs gonna nog.
This kike tape you can actually use to call out his dad as supporting objectification of women and sex slavery or whatever they call it. Watch the kike media cognitive dissonance bubble up.

One of the Obama kids DID act degenerate. I forget which, but it happened and nobody outside of Holla Forums picked it up. No outrage.
But this is on a whole other level. Whoring out your gf for personal gain and buying prostitutes is not the same as slurry dancing.

Pretty sure the shills are ordered to keep quiet on it in the hopes that it gets drowned out organically. Shithole has been working nicely to that effect.

Well those will be some awkward family masturbation sessions.


That's a pretty bush league diversion from the corruption stuff from Bibi. 0/10



No wonder so many kikes aren't willing to go to Israel. Even they don't want to live among their own.


Lmao, he's worth billions and he can't stop being a faggot.