Trump: Border Wall MUST Be Part of Any DACA Approval!


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A wall for DACA isn't worth it. DACA automatically means like 10 million more illegal aliens after chain migration is said and done. If DACA passes, it's over for any Republican to win.

Ending chain migration is also part of the deal.


He's offering them a deal they can never agree to so he can then build the wall and say "I offered you a deal but you didn't want to take it."
Their party would completely collapse if they approved the wall. Everything they think they stand for would be lost.

you devil

How about a wall and no fucking DACA? That sounds fucking better than what these goddamn kikes are cooking up.

A wall for DACA also isn't happening. The democucks will never give up the infinite flow of beaners in exchange for granting amnesty to a relative few.

Ann says DACA details will be up to the courts and they'll enforce chain migration.


After the debacle that was that presser, I’ll hold my breath for a few weeks to see what happens. Chain migration, visa lottery and H1-B all need to end.

End birthright citizenship and apply it retroactively!

‘’’Ex post facto’’’ laws apply civilly, not criminally. It’s already current law that citizenship and lawful residency can be revoked if you lie to obtain them.

Agreed. I'm hoping his plan is
inb4 Trump in a yarmulke

The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner by being so pants-shittingly shrill and offended about literally everything. Now that they've spent more than a year hyperventilating about how the Wall is the most evil thing since Hitler, they can't agree to trade it for DACA without the radical left and beaners losing their minds. That means Trump won't give them DACA and all those beaners are going back.

If people don't throw a bitch fit whenever amnesty is even hinted at being hinted at they'll push it through. Trump isn't up for reelection for another 3 years, but congress is up in 2018 and they need to know that people would flay them alive if they do some stupid shit.

Art of the dubs. This is what I wanted and was predicted.

That's basically how it's going down.

He should make them do the wall and end chain migration, then deport all the DACA scum anyway.

Don't forget they told themselves for six months that the wall was impossible and that Mexico can't possibly pay for it.


It is NOT a good deal. Just build the fucking wall. That's what the Army Corps of Engineers is for. Just fucking build it. Stop offering anyone anything.

This is good because if they want DACA Trump gets a wall. They refuse to concede on anything as they won't go through with the budge because the wall is connected to it too. Liberals have to come to the fucking table if they want any of their anti-white or anti-western shit to pass but no they refuse anything.

1000 times this. And if they won't do it, just keep killing people until you get to someone who will or there isn't anyone left to kill.

No it isn't good. Just build the fucking wall with the already existing military budget. There is no deal necessary. Just build it.

Yes that could be THE most important thing. There should be more public discussion of this issue. I thought Rand Paul had an amendment about this a year or two ago, not sure though.

They need to go back after a while, its called DEFERRED action for a reason.

Soon republicans will be done anyway. Republicans are not conservative, they're slightly right of progressive liberal.


Checked and agreed

Found one mention in 2011. I don't know about anything more recent.

Sens. Paul, Vitter introduce citizenship resolution

Two Republican senators are introducing a resolution that would end the constitutional right to citizenship that comes with being born on U.S. soil.

Rand Paul (Ky.) and David Vitter (La.) are introducing a resolution this week that would amend the Constitution so that a person born in the United States could only become an American citizen if one or more of his or her parents is a legal citizen, legal immigrant or member of the armed forces, according to a joint press release Thursday.

Vitter said the legislation would help reduce illegal immigration.

“For too long, our nation has seen an influx of illegal aliens entering our country at an escalating rate, and chain migration is a major contributor to this rapid increase – which is only compounded when the children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. are granted automatic citizenship,” Vitter said. “Closing this loophole will not prevent them from becoming citizens, but will ensure that they have to go through the same process as anyone else who wants to become an American citizen.”

Paul said the legislation enforces the current immigration rules.

"Citizenship is a privilege, and only those who respect our immigration laws should be allowed to enjoy its benefits," Paul said. "This legislation makes it necessary that everyone follow the rules, and goes through same process to become a U.S. citizen."

Awesome digits. This would be huge. Combine this and the wall…the Left is blown the fuck out forever.

Not good enough. Two citizen parents only. Zero preferences given for kike military garbage. They deserve summary execution only.

Just enforce the law you fucking bastard.

There's a law that would enable you to lock up every POS who supports illegal migrants.
Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) defines several distinct offenses related to aliens. Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts. Subsection 1324(a)(2) prohibits bringing or attempting to bring unauthorized aliens to the United States in any manner whatsoever, even at a designated port of entry. Subsection 1324(a)(3).

Harboring – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) makes it an offense for any person who – knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation.

Encouraging/Inducing – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) makes it an offense for any person who – encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law.

Conspiracy/Aiding or Abetting – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(v) expressly makes it an offense to engage in a conspiracy to commit or aid or abet the commission of the foregoing offenses.

They mentioned it early in 2017 with regard to "Dreamers" being soldiers and then they shut about it really quick. I think people finding out that our military is essentially filled with mercenaries caused a stir so they dropped that propaganda point.

Translation: White genocide is perfectly fine as long as a few slabs of concrete get put in the desert so that the Democrat president in 2020 can have a Reagan/Gorbechev moment.


Correct. Military needs to be executed en mass. Parasitical garbage.

Are you going to allow a female latino who supported afirmative action vote on birth right citizenship in the supreme court?

Remember how badly the shills were pushing this "TRUMP IS SIGNING DACA" bullshit? How certain they were that they had Holla Forums bent over a table and that they could D&C us so fucking hard that we'd all just quit and be moved to tears and screaming incoherently like.. some kind of Holla Forums commie faggot?

I can only imagine that so much of their frustration comes strictly from the fact that we don't experience the same kind of emotional hyperactivity that they do. Even when shit looks bad, it's not that bad, but for the Holla Forums shitters, they're either on the brink of suicide… or their anti-psychotics have kicked in long enough for them to go back to chatting about their dildo collections on discord and how they totally don't mind that Tyrone is fucking their girlfriend right now.

Checked, Satan-senpai

How about no fucking DACA you hook nosed fuck

building the wall does not stop chain migration though, since it count as legal, ya need both the wall and ending chain migration. If we could deport them all that would be nice to but I honestly can;t see how they could achieve that, just thing of the kike jews that kept blocking a travel ban, now magnify this 10x for unpopular forced deportation.MSM gonna be playing muh victim narrative 24/7 etc.

I don't like it, and I don't wan't amnesty, at worst a middle of the road status, where they can stay, but can't vote is probably the least problematic one in the long run. it also should only and exclusively apply to beaners that came here as youngsters, no adult, no parent.

Here's what's going to happen.
1. DACA keeps getting shielded indefinitely
2. Wall keeps getting procrastinated indefinitely
3. Trump blames dems for ruining the country but is dead in the water
4. Redditors somehow celebrate this as a victory
5. Holla Forums congratulates itself for pushing accelerationism, pretending the outcome was expected

I'm sorry George.

Good stuff!
I'm still recovering from the decades of GOP betrayal. Someday I hope that I can fully trust again…someday. Sorry for despairing

The president has the full and total authority to stop all immigration PERIOD from anywhere for any reason. No matter how many times lower courts try to jam it up, this doesn't change.

Freeze all immigration.
Build the wall.
Absolutely no ground given on DACA.
Deport all illegal immigrants and seize their property.
With new found breathing room, revoke citizenship from anchor babies and their chain of descendants.

He doesn't need to procrastinate on any of it, he can repeal DACA today, and get the Army Corps of Engineers to start on the wall or at least fix some of the broken shit I've seen in pics. Put a triff on remittances to spicland and it's all paid for. He's rusing his base by reframing it all so they think he needs to wheel and deal with these crooks. He can also ignore the 9th circuit because they have no authority to block him.

if the democrats want daca they have to agree to a wall, if they agree to a wall they agree to something they spent the past 2 years teaching their idiots is the most evil thing ever. If they abscond because "we cant make a deal for daca because we cant agree to a wall" then they are turning their backs on the poor daca spics, which is something they have spent the past 2 years driving into their idiots heads as the most evil thing in the world. Its a lose lose lose for them.. Or in otherwords, checkmate.


or he can continue to make them, and the recucklicans, squirm for all to see which has been red pilling the shit out of plebs. You's you're brian moran.

lol transparent kike is losing some more and all he can do is scream at strangers on the internet.

you have to go back

America BTFO. Millions upon millions of new democrats voting and getting on welfare.

And here's whats going to happen outside of ShareBlue narrative land


Fuck Drumpf



Trump can use the DHS budget to fund the wall and he can use existing departments/agencies/military to provide the manpower. He could probably use money from other agencies and defense funds as well. It is a matter of national security after all. Building a fucking wall is not something you need approval or even funding for from congress. It would be nice but it's not absolutely required by law.

As far as deporting illegals and ending chain migration goes… the Republican party has a serious vested interest in doing both NOW. They are in full control of the legislative and executive branches right now…

Next time the Dems get power, they will give citizenship to the illegals and gain 10 million+ new voters. The Dems will not lose another election if this happens. They will pump Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, etc. full of third world, imported spics until they turn as blue as Commiefornia.

The Republicans will never win another election if this happens which is why they should not be fucking around. This is a matter of survival for their political party. Every single one of them should be on board because it's game over for their party otherwise. They should just force deportation, ending sanctuary cities and ending chain migration through congress now while they have power. They have the majority. They do not need a single vote from the Dems. Trump will sign it. They don't need to give the Dems a single thing. They do not need to make any deal whatsoever… they just need to grow some balls.

What if they want the democrats to win forever?

trump can jail these judges

see here.

Yeah this issue will make it obvious which ones are actually on the right and which ones are just controlled opposition and RINO globalists.

trump can jail these globalist.

see here.


I voted for Trump canvased my city and got close to 100 people to vote Trump , but I have to say what is today's reality , wall not even started yet , illegal crossing at higher levels then under obumer , i still have faith , we shall see what happens.

But he doesn't and it's not even mentioned by him. Does he even know that? Who the fuck is keeping this info from him? I'll assume Kelly is really keeping all alt news from him. Seems like a crime to withhold pertinent info from the pres when it concerns national security.

Why can't trump deploy the military on the border and use technology such as drones to stop them?

No it won't. These "mass awakenings" that Holla Forumsacks seem to think will happen are nonexistent. The Republican Party has been controlled opposition for the last 50 years. Painfully, obviously so. But dumb white people still constantly fall for their dogwhistling and bait and switch tactics, even though conservatives have been getting BTFO on every single issue since the 1960's.

Next time the Dems get power, they will give citizenship to the illegals and gain 10 million+ new voters. The Dems will not lose another election

He has lots of options which is why this hard focus on how all of this must be part of a fucking deal is suspect.

The Democrats will give up DACA to prevent the wall. They will block the wall by any means necessary, anything to get more invaders into the country. Florida is turning blue in 2020 from the Ricans pouring in after Hurricane Maria, 250,000 already. All that's left to do is turn Texas and a few other holdouts and they will have their permanent leftwing majority to vote in gun control, slavery reparations, preteen tranny strip clubs, etc.


Liars get the stake and the flame, not the rope


stop being a lazy nigger and webm that shit

If you think the Dems would agree to fund the wall when they wouldn't even vote to lower their constituents' taxes, you are fucking insane.

Look no further than the fact that a year has passed and not a single mayor, police sheriff or city councilman has been arrested under USC 1324 for aiding and abetting illegals.

Dems won't agree to it you spastic retard. It allows Trump to blame the Dems for DACA failing. If he did what you said, he'd take all the blame. Think strategically. Jesus, some of you people obviously never graduated the third grade.


He's wants chain migration gone as part of any deal. Learn to read, you nigger.


Bless you Don!
Such a wonderful leader

I'm not seeing much enthusiasm from Republicans for that. Trump can barely get anyone in Congress to speak in defense of the wall project. They don't really want to do it. Nothing's changed since 2015, it's the same cuck party.

Jesus jumped up Christ. Trump promised to end DACA on day 1. Day 1. That's what people voted for, not mealy mouthed blame passing showing what spineless cucks the dems are. You know what the 'blame' Trump would receive for ending DACA and throwing the military on the border to construct the wall is called? Accolades and adulation. Take your waiting game strategy and shove off.

They don't need to agree with it. The military is already funded. We have an Army Corps of Engineers. Shift the fucking money around and build it. Fuck your blame. Blame from who? The people who are getting deported? LOL. Fuck them.

You're a fucking retard extremist who can't realpolitick. Fuck you and your autism for getting anal about Trump making the media and Democrats look retarded and using what he has to create advantages.

Great strength and wisdom lies with this man.
We have memed responsibly.

Now if only he accidentally a nuke on (((eu))) lackeys, i will get into architecture and consider building him a temple

7 more years of winning

I don't care about their kayfabe rivalries. You know what I saw in that room? A bunch of smug, satisfied septuagenarian husks willfully permitting mudhut invaders into the country to make them and their friends richer at the expense of everyone else. And they don't care because they and their children live in gated communities and are global citizens of the world, not Americans.

Extreme levels of shareblue rage detected

I'm guessing Trump is trying to affect the midterms by dragging this out. I think he needs to just get on with it though. No matter how demoralized he gets the dems, they'll whip up enough voters through fraud and #resist campaigns regardless.
How do you feel about Trump?

P-p-pure cohencidence, boyim…

He's free


Blow your fucking brains out.

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The fucker watched that prager university video on the wall and daca, didn't he? They said the same thing: build the wall to control the influx to manageable levels and make the currently working people citizens.

Still seems like a cuckout to me. They've committed a crime and need to be punished for it. Deportation is the only suitable punishment for illegal immigration.

Prager is all jew, all the time. Seems right up Trump's alley.

There are clearly many traitors in the party who are well fucking aware of this. The media helps them of course and the normalfags are a mixed bag anymore at best, so unless real fucking dictator level shit goes down, and that movement WINS and doesn't get fucked and divided up like Germany, then welp, round and round we go.

I see no way to remove the jewish influence from all they have accrued without either a duplicate plan (pool resources, buy their failures, turn them around with a new message and success over generations) or forced removal. No way that is happening without a swamp draining of country shattering proportions in the US. Some smaller European countries have a better shot at still doing something politically and in the street maybe, but I am not sure Trump will even get a second term. Even if so, when we get a Democrat back in office it is going to be a complete wreck if we don't do some serious shit while we have control of so much of the government. I cannot fathom the reason outside treasonous levels of deception that the Republican Party isn't pushing a lot and pushing for a possible convention of states. Maybe even appoint more judges to tilt the bench. Pretty sure that is actually still doable with Congressional support.

Bunch of slack jawed faggots, the Republicans, fuck man it is just sad to watch.

No real downside to that. They are going to kill us at the rate it's going anyway, might as well totally destroy the vessel that keeps israel alive.



is that a lobster po boy?



The Wall will never be completed; will only be built in select areas

OP (faggot) BTFO

literally fuck Drumpf

shareblue is going to start dissapearing one by one.
I wish we would be able to reach out but the people that are paying them are (reasonably so) extremely angry at their performance

You know I told you David was going to get a "heartattack" which he did one week later?
You're going to start dissapearing now.

"Drumpf" is a leftist meme to make fun of Trump for having German heritage. Want to know how I know you're a shill?

Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake.

Think acid barrels, lime, bogs, industrial farms etc etc

You are in immediate danger.

Ha. Fuck that fucking xenophobic immigrant. I'm so snarky. It sounds funny to my grown-up audience. They like the sound. Drumpf. Haha.

And guess what moran? Drump got two scoops. TWO scoops. Want to know how I know you know you know nothing?

t-thanks ju-Gobbels?
yea yea, "anonymous sources

B-b-but user, I thought that ebul Jewesses like Kate were non-kosher and only suitable for vilification?

It's more complicated than that. Trump can't redirect money however he likes. It's given to the agencies by Congress for their purposes. Maybe if it was just a few million, he could do it somehow, but not the billions it takes to build a wall.

David did not meet the clauses specified in the contract. He knows what happened but it was a message to you.
He is responsible for your horrific failure.
Money you are paid…
You think this is a game?
It is dead serious. Try to save yourself

It isn't more complicated than that. If the generals won't do it, fire them or kill them. I don't really care which. He's stalling because he wants amnesty and not just for DACA.

Tick tock



Tucker is a member of the deep state. His job is to lure the Right into indefensible positions.

Donald "Pro Amnesty" Trump
Donald "Pump the Dump" Trump
Donald "Make America Wait Again" Trump

Your despair and utter helplesness are hilarious

That's literal CIA LOL.

i do it for israel

You are completely burned down, guy.
Put yourself in your employer's shoes:
Not only are you completely ineffective but you managed to slaughter the whole operation to a point where potentially more competent successors are doomed to fail.

It is really hilarious.
But your employers aren't laughing

^ literal CIA

Meanwhile Don and Holla Forums



In what fucking alternate universe is even considering amnesty for 600,000 shitskins king nigger illegally shipped into the country ==SHILLS BTFO!! xxdd!!==????
The Absolute State Of This Board
Fucking half chan is better than this faggotry.

What about pic related faggot? How do you defend this? Hint: you cant unless your a kike.



Hey look, it's another shill using a picture of hitler claiming to care about the quality of this board. Shouldn't you be spamming cuckold porn on 4chan you filthy kike? You aren't an oldfag and you don't post here

trump is a dirty fucking jew lover.

The only reason I ever defended him was to show you pathetic americans that democracy is the crutch of the White man. Free yourselves from your own tyranny.

How many VPN's do you have Issac you filthy heeb

Uh huh, yea im defiantly a shill, great work rabbi detective shlomo shecklestein.
The State Of This Board

What is cognitive dissidence for 500 sheckles alex?

5 different IP's all saying the same DRUMPF A JEW garbage as per usual. Filtered and reported. See you tomorrow Shlomo

He's CIA.

We must suck trumps cock at all cost!!
Spotted from a mile away. Post an obscure Adolf meme. Or you just outed yourself.

The mods ban anyone who calls them out, even if they're naming the jew at the same time. Not calling the mods jews, mind you, or saying they're in any way related to jews. But anyone who contradicts the mods in any capacity, even if they're exposing jews simultaneously, gets banned beyond the capacity for rule 3.

Our patience has it's limits.

He's spent the last few months sucking Isreal's cock. War pigging for the kikes in Iran. No mass deportations and now amnesty.

I didn't vote for Ted Cruz for a reason.


What's with this brain dead blind loyalty?

Have boomers overtaken this board?

Its almost like your work wont allow you to have an evil raysis nazi or merchant meme folder huh

I win! You're CIA.

Oops! That's a ban for you! Trump is not a jewish shill!

Gee i wonder who is in control of 8ch and this board huh?

Post Adolf. Or is there some reason you cant? Huh?

Post him.

You don't seem to comprehend what's happening here. Maybe you should reread the rules of the board and visit /sudo/ to see how Holla Forums's moderation works.


Basically this.
Not to sound like a 4d chess fag, but this is obviously a deliberate move to force dems into a lose-lose ultimatum. They only have two options: Either they capitulate and kneecap their future careers and agenda, or they filibuster and lose a major piece of their base both through deportation and through the disillusion of the many staunch liberals all while further advancing their (accurate) appearance as useless obstructionists.

And it's important to note there's no affirming the consequent in Trump's argument. Trump is telling them if they want to keep DACA, they have to give him the wall. That doesn't mean the wall must come with DACA. The wall is coming, DACA or no DACA. This just gives them the opportunity to either cut their losses and look like jackasses for it, or to lose everything while appearing less personally responsible. Either dems lose seats, or dems lose voters.

If they were smart or if they actually believed what they pretend to stand for, they would pick option 1. I also think Trump understands them well enough to know that the retards are going to pick option 2 anyways.

Fucking dipshit.

Come on nigger im waiting. Post Adolfs and tell me how Trump is going to save the whit race by amnestying 600,000 spics.

It will be the first time in history that ZOG will lose.

He already won.
Are you retarded?

In what way would they loose dipshit?
-one year down, pic related
Uh huh, im holding my breath

I hope he shitwrecks isreal in the golan heights.

Name a single other even where ZOG has lost other than Rome glassing Jerusalem in 70.

Double Twos
Let us meme our future in to existence.

^ encouraging people to take no precautions
< totally not CIA

Its cianiggers, drown in semen faggot
Holy fuck did they outsource you fucks to some pajeet hell hole? Even kikes try harder than this. Holy shit.

You're implying a lot of implications their friend.
They're already here retard. If they couldn't out vote trump the first time, then they're not going to magically be able next time around, especially if the influx of new spics is staunched while current deportation trends remain stable. Furthermore you seem to imply that the current finite number of burrito niggers are more more of a danger to whites than the near infinite flood coming across the border. Of course the best course of action is to have neither the current burrito niggers nor the future burrito niggers, but that's not a realistic option in today's overton window. The only way to correct that is by shifting that window and you do that by destroying the force pushing it the other way i.e. the dems.

This was a move to cauterize a head of the hydra. Finite beaners can be dealt with later. Unseating jews/communists from their positions of power is far more important now. You can't remove beaner without first removing jews/communists.

Shouldn't you be busy waiting for the second coming of Hitler?

Isn't modern japan like this too? They're so "conservative" they hate powerful leaders?


Alarm bells should be going off that this is even talked about.

^ CIA.

Not so. DACA was not an issue Trump ran on. This is a false history, and an op against White needs - the wall being a fundamental need. Anyone who has had a rat problem knows the first task is to shut the goddamn door, then you catch them and humanely release them far far away.

mine's better faggot

bull fucking shit



and you're still CIA

you never did post any adolfs, why is that? huh?

Disproportionate reactions are the tell of your kind, the CIA. You're so transparent. I laugh smugly and sip my beverage. Soon the CIA will be crossed out of the budget by the legislature. Nao wat?

post adolf faggot


Gas yourself if you're ok with nearly a million taco skins staying in America.

Where oh where do you think you are nigger? No compromise! No capitulation! You do not win wars by making deals with or appeasing your enemies. If Trump lets 800,000 beeners stay thats 800,000 too many! I'm holding him to his promises and so should everyone else.

There's no reason for a deal, demofucks aren't needed, hello republican majority congress.

except you cant

who are you saying is a shill? faggots sucking trumps dick or anons naming the jew?

Your hatred for everyone who is here, your innate disregard is so incredibly obvious. You're CIA, for now, and later to be "an employee at the discredited and disbanded agency".

< attacking Trump

Fuck yourself, spic whoremonger.

Where the fuck do you think you are?
fuck off back to where you came from and give bannon a reach around while your at it.

Fuck off.

Lets hope he becomes the first president to BUILD a wall.

You're using a script to post, Mr. CIA.

key word there


The CIA is very active in this area. They conduct crime syndicates running throughout the border, and their operatives are far and wide sowing whatever seeds may achieve divisions which produce in White people an inability to achieve the wall.

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Der Mauerleben



Thank fucking god some of you faggots are still around, this board is so kiked its mind blowing.


you seriously need to fuck off back to where you came from

Dubs & vault 8, 9, an X drop after Assange lands.

So say the plan is to amnestie these spics, how fucked are we? Are the deportation numbers still way down or have they picked up finally?

so bot then huh?

350 times in the last 1800 years, MINIMUM. Fuck off with your demoralization.

DACA equals genocide, you fucking retard. You don't belong here if you don't understand that.
Fuck off, faggot.

Can't hide now faggot.

1/3 of mexico is living in the u.s. now, let that sink in. And if you look at it objectively with cianiggers running the cocaine and drug wars, mexico looks to have been deliberately destabilised to force a migrant crisis, just like with the syrian "refugees" with a added bonus of making niggers nig nog in the citys.

lol i broke you

Hello newfriend

ok, lel, jfc

This is what we should be expecting. I'm a Trump fan, but this deal is trading present for future.

We will need to demand he show his hand if the Democrats accept the deal and blow them the fuck out of the water with the 800k with no options. 800k with no options changes nothing. 800k with options to 10 million others changes everything.

> concern shilling about less than 800k spics
> not focusing on the 40 million esoteric immigrants currently in the country

> hurr durr durr we don't need a wall
You sound like a Mexican or a failure of a husband on child support/alimony! Either you cannot cross the border, make mexico better or pay your wife what you owe!

Underrated post.

letting in close to another million legally is suicide. period. this cannot be a compromise.

welp is this another bot?

romania uses daca as a word, so after filtering those
DACA was mentioned only 265 times during trumps ENTIRE 1.6 year run
considering that Holla Forums became the most active board during that time, I find it highly suspect that the focus has now shifted AWAY from the 20 million illegal immigrants, to a measly lump of beans that Holla Forums never cared about

if you dont then 20 million continue to wreak havoc. period



What about the 40 million esoteric immigrants? You're going to ignore them?

not spic, didn't catch it. drown in semen faggot.

Nope, no compromise, no concessions, just build the fucking wall and deport. deport. deport.

Still a bad deal.

They aren't though, we've been over this - a wall is only useful so long as the people manning it are legit. A wall with a Democratically-controlled government is meaningless.

See above.
Its not. Their base doesn't pay enough attention or have strong enough principles to care enough to not vote Democrat as a result of them accepting the wall and keeping the DACA niggers.

Who cares about conservatism?
I'm a Nationalist, not a conservative.

I clearly missed it, whats this about tucker carlson?

Ann is a tritor, she's always the first to "quit" on Trump. She should have married and had at least 5 children because her "insight" isn't even that special; most people here are more eloquent and redpilled than her (and she has a foot in the grave)


That's not an argument.

Also not an argument.


Also not an argument.
DACA is not a viable exchange based on what is on the table.
Tightened border security is temporary - it changes with the people overseeing it.
The wall is of variable value - its efficacy changes with the people overseeing it.
'Ending' chain migration is a joke - you're talking about piece of legislation, which can always be changed later.

Keeping the DACA scum and 5-6 million spics they will generate just through reproduction, not to mention the precedent that would set and the message it would send, is not a viable exchange for any of these utterly-transitory matters. Period.

dude, chill

still wont say spics,
get the fuck out.

Not saying beaners

Wonder how many virginities he has taken. Any estimates?

please just kill yourself now

Posted this in another thread, going to post it again here:

>But Trump? His dog is fucking dead.

- the Dems can get by with the muds they've got, so it won't destroy their advantage in the best-case-scenario wherein they're actually held to the deal
- the Dems, once in power, can ignore or change whatever legislation is passed to impose greater border security and end chain migration
- the Dems, once in power, can simply not man the border wall, or man it with troops who've been instructed not to carry out their duty of its defense
- the Republicans, even if in power, will never be able to rescind DACA amnesty once granted, and their ability to stay in power will be inhibited because those people will all vote Democrat

You told me six months ago that there would NEVER even be a wall. Awwww, what happened to that?

Seriously where did they find you faggots at? Are you a chinese click farm? Fuck did jim drop every single last shekel into ladyboys already? its only been two years since he sold out.

well where the fuck is it? huh?

No loop holes, or no deal. This was made very clear at the open negotiations yesterday. I hope you didn't spend too long writing that drivel.

Pretty good analysis, especially if you compared them to the 40 million esoteric immigrants.

u just dont seem real at this point.

This, we're winning… slowly but surely.

We're going to win.

user, that's not how our government works. At all. What do you mean 'no loop holes'?
Its legislation for fuck's sake!

How are you going to end chain migration? How are you going to increase border security? How are you going to enforce a defense of the wall?
You can't. That's the point.

But once you let those fucking spics stay? You'll never get rid of them - though the opposition can employ legislation to get all the things that Trump is demanding removed, the Republicans will never, ever, ever successfully get rid of the DACA people (not that they're likely to even try, mind you…).

So its a shit deal - the offer of something permanent, while requesting a bunch of things that are temporary.

It's 800k vs 40,000k

if this dumb coalburning whore can figure it out then its not rocket science.

Wat? Explain yourself.
In any case: Its 800k NOW. That 800k will immediately vote Democrat. Its another - at an average of 2 children per spic - 1.6 million, and then - again, 2 children per spic - another 3.2 million. Etc etc.

I'm inclined to agree, but your style of commentary makes you seem rather ridiculous.

Oh, AND!, you will not "end chain migration" via legislation - because legislation can be changed. The fucking Constitution has been amended for mongrels much akin to these in the past, and you think THIS shit can't be rescinded?
Get the fuck outta here.

Any legislation passed - for example, legislation "ending chain migration", or "increasing border security", or "enforcing defense of the border wall" - can be rescinded. Period. And will be, if only for the message it sends, just like Trump went after Obamacare to send a message.

This is fucking obvious.

stating the obvious is ridiculous huh?

Which is why the republican presidency, and congress majority in the house and senate SHOULD BE IN LOCK STEP shitting all over the plan to fuck america from the inside out. 4 years to reverse this bullshit and a year into it and nothing is done.
(also fuck off reddit)

Wasn't he supposed to get Mexico into a deal to pay for it?

Did everyone forget that amidst all the deep-throating this board's been doing for this guy?

A president who did this would earn my respect and admiration even if he was toting for Israel on the off hours.
Trump won't do this, though. Why?
…All of you know why

Another of his promises was to act under the advisement of legal and political thinkers/tacticians who knew what they were doing.
Either he forgot that, too, or the people he chose are stupid since THIS LAW SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY ACTED UPON

Someone tweet this out to the president. I don't have Twitter or FB because I don't raid.

Let me check again:
No, you're right. He's not signing it - he's stating the possibility DACA will be signed if it has a wall on the southern border

So yeah, he's not signing it yet. You got them on that one.

Now how about he exercise the law instead of capitulating any ground to the Fagorats

Fuck off reddit, you don't even know what im talking about when I say that do you?


Seriously what the fuck happened to this board?



We have IDs faggot
I hear you the first time. Don't get why you wouldn't want to share this information

What are you running your mouth about? When did I even reply to you?

We have grown so strong you can't stop us anymore.

No, no, just the capitalized red-text and such, you know?
… You don't actually think the Republicans are on your side, do you? Hahahah, of course not. They don't want to win. They want to get paid to lose 'gracefully'.
Its to be expected. Just wait for the economic downturn my man. That's when things will get interesting.
I'll pass the message along when I see him.

IIRC, the answer was that, or simply start taxing remittances or whatever its called when the spics send our money back to their wretched kin.

Heavy influx of shilling from all sides. Seems we got some shitposters' attention as well. This 'esoteric' shit and such, stands out like a sore thumb.

Yet another faggot who needs to fuck off back to t_d

O' take it in the ass like a champ brock never could stop hate chan, so the second meaning of "you can't stop us anymore" would imply that the board is totally subverted by jews one the "other" side.

Oh, ok so you were just being a lazy nigger with that spacing over there. Sorry.

And you wonder why logh is eternally never released in region 1.


you seem to have missed a couple of things.
let me spell it out for you.
we elected the president of the United States
we run things now

who is "we"?
post rare Adolfs to confirm your not a jew.

2. choices:
get with us
or get ran the fuck over.



Really sad that USA is getting ass-raped by the federal reserve bank to the point where they're in third world conditions yet keeping out illegals with a ridiculous wall is the main concern. As mentioned in this post Trump could literally begin the wall already using his existing powers not that it would help. There are already too many Mexicans in USA and short of physically removing them they are there to stay. Look at Australia and New Zealand getting chink'd and poo'd and you'll see that even a giant ocean isn't enough to stop third worlders and non-whites flooding in without the political will to stop it. That's not just because of politicians but because of mass media brainwashing people into thinking its racist to want your own nation to be a nation of your people. USA has had blacks and Mexicans for so long that its become part of your cultural identity and it would be very hard to go back on that now. Best case scenario you can save a handful of the best states and work from there to make a new federation without the shit tier states. Most of Southern USA is Mexican clay taken via conquest anyway.

I know all the TRUMP shills are not going to like this but whatever. He's better than Hillary at least you guys are right about that.


into the thrash you go Pablo



Wall without deporting all illegal muds means nothing. To be honest, without deporting vast majority of non whites it's meaningles.





So? That's no excuse not to build one.

So you think Trump is going to have the wall built and then all the Border guards are going to look the other way while it is crossed by millions of spics?

Hitlerdubs show us one of the ways to survive the kiketastrophy.

My loyalty to the Emperor is as strong as my hatred for the foul Xenos!

This. If DACA goes through, we're fucked.

Trump can literally order the military to build it with current military budget and bypass Congress entirely.

Unless I remember incorrectly it took Hitler about 2 years to stabilize and his powerbase. Exactly how muchdo you expect from Trump within the incredibly more ZOGGED US and in less time than that?

Whatever 'he' is, he is retarded and will get the rope.

2 years on and the kikes who hold this board hostage are still openly shilling for ZOG pretending turbozionist cuck Trump isn't a jewish hoax

Das Mauerleben

All of the ones he wanted.


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Kys retard.

Any political action beyond killing every jew and shitskin on the planet is "meaningless" by your meaasure. Classic kike tactic of portraying an issue as binary and trying to force a short time preference. We'll deport the illegals and gas the kikes, one at a time.

Ya gotta cut the fantasies. The reality is that
In some places so many that 30% of the city's labor is illegals.

And therefore it shall not yield to overnight solutions.

DACA for full wall funding is not a stupid approach.

Without the wall you have no idea how bad immigration will get (from many places, not just South America. Already, there have been huge spikes in Chinese and Pakis coming through, and it won't get lower).

The Republicans are as much to blame for this situation as anyone. They stood by, did nothing, and the situation just got worse and worse.

It won't be fixed overnight, and that's a fact.

You say you want to deport these people. How will that work out? Millions deported, and then they get to Mexico, and they have no idea how to survive there… what happens next? It's stupid, because suddenly everyone would have even MORE sympathy for them, and then even more would come, and on and on.

The way to solve this is to build the wall, and raise the minimum wage to a point where unskilled laborers can't find work (Germany does this). And also by reducing social services (Germany doesn't do this), and greasing the skids to Canada (Hungary does similar).

Don't republicans still have majorities in Senate and House? Why the fuck are we even talking to these beaner loving cucks? Any deal that lets beaners stay is more votes for dems.

Obama's look is that of someone with a secret. We now know some of it. Obama was worse than Nixon. The lulz will keep coming, my brothers. Soon we will have more info, I believe, on how he misused the IRS.

No other sizes of this image found.

Disregard, I'm retarded.


Old image?

The way you try to somehow turn it into a win for kikes everytime you lose is beyond entertaining. Sometimes i think that maybe shills shouldn't get the rope but be chained into a room with a PC and keep shitposting. I wonder how you will try to turn it around when the gassing happens?


Not at all true. They are basic tribalists who see someone has a vagina or has same race as them and vote. They would not even know their preferred party built a wall and wouldn't care as they are too busy working minimum wage slave jobs or doing drugs while on welfare and never ever pay attention to politics.

This. We don't have to compromise. Fuck DACA.

Dear President Trump,

re DACA:

You are dallying with the reason for our coming civil war. Literally, very literally. If you shoot down DACA, there will merely be a lot of MSM noise until "Democrats…" can mount another way to introduce more third-world people into the U.S., but if you allow DACA - there will be civil war. Literally. This is it, President Trump, this is the Nation-splitting issue of our era: immigration. Stop it now, and we keep our country. Allow this to go forward, even one single more step, even just by passing DACA, and it's civil war. Absolutely literally !

I don't know how to get through to you about this. I don't know who you are listening to over there, but whoever it is should tell you just how very close we are to civil war already. Our Nation is on a knife's edge, and if you don't strictly enforce the immigration law, it's over. That's it, no more America.

This is what you are dangling in front of those corrupt "Democrats…", trying to make a deal. Stand for compassion in life for all people, most certainly, but don't fall for the highly manipulative superficial false humanism of the Left. Stop this now, Now more than ever, or else we all suffer.

xxx xxx

Isn't that what you dumb ass faggots keep trying to tell us the border patrol had been doing under Obama?

It's like there was a massive amount of white suicides after the 2008 crisis that went unreported to protect America's status and Rothschild sold towns and cities to foreign countries who keep dumping their losers here. I wonder what the Deep State world map looks like.

Didn't Trump win a majority and isn't the senate or whatever all republicans? This is as powerful as the right has ever been in American history and they are still acting like they have to appease and grovel to the left.

The wall is just a symbol. It must be built as a symbol. The illegals will easily get over the wall though, mostly just by flying over and overstaying. We need to create a group of people whose job it is to remove the fucking muds and who are allowed to go ahead and do this. Everyone's got their hands tied behind their backs sitting around unable to do shit. I think a civil war is ultimately the only way to solve this problem, Trump was supposed to buy us time, but I don't think he can even do that. It's a shame because I wanted to see computers advance more and to play a lot of dank games and buy a virtual reality headset, but that's all probably going to have to be given up, in favour of cleansing our lands of shitskins and reclaiming our women and property.

Uhhh just kill those who sympathize with them, simple.

Yeah because Germany isn't totally fucked. If you make them unable to find work, they willstill prefer sitting around jobless than going back to the shithole they came from.

If things are ever to get better then this is an inevitability.

yup, they act as if they are doing something wrong by opposing leftism.

Do you remember when obama and the dems had full control over congress and did jack shit? Politicians don't want any of the partisan shit they market to their constituents, they just want to craft an illusion of fighting for them against the enemy on the other side of the isle, while they collude with said enemy to pass the actually important shit unanimously. It's a con

I swear this is copypasta

what was your first clue?

At this point I'm inclined to believe Stone that Kelly is blocking Trump's acces to alternative news sources. He said Bannon loaded the WH with globalists, Trump trusted him. Trump is clearly a delegator and for some reason assumes everyone in the WH wants MAGA. What a tool.

Or maybe he is a fucking stupid dementia boomer.

okay paul redpill me on trumpf is he a kike or just stupdi?

Or MAGA was a campaign slogan and Trump
Really? They put him in timeout and he doesn't have access to the internet? Right. Alternatively, MAGA was a slogan to get elected and now Trump is only doing what he needs to get reelected.

Reading through this thread from where I left off yesterday its a disgrace. Shills shilling shills.

Yeap, demographics are already at a tipping point… feels bad

It's a goddamn paradise for the poors you dipshit. You can buy a nice 5 bedroom house for 20K in a nice neighborhood full of white expats and middle class spics. Look online it's all there. Poorer old whites go down there to live like kings on disability or social security because you can live in upper middle class standards and easily afford rent, food, taxis everywhere unlike here. I rented a whole mansion in the hills of a historic mountain town for $200 per month and was surrounded by nice neighbors.

Mexico has socialized medicine so no insurance needed, just walk in with your spic ID and you're golden. Foreigners aren't allowed to use their medical insurance system but it's so cheap they pay cash. Get new dentures made by a spic Dr. educated in America for less than $200 as opposed to $2-5000, dental implants for dirt cheap, any type of surgery for a few thousand rather than a quarter million.

There are thousand of ads for these places in fucking english because everyone does it. 5 star plastic surgery center for your hag wife? Cheap as fuck compared to here, with all amenities included while you relax in their beachfront property with full room service for a couple thousand tops.

Spics with perfect english but no skills will easily get work in the tourist industry which still exists and thrives despite cartel shit. The spic government offered special deals and loans to returning citizens to give them a head start owning a business or buying a house.

user c'mon, we gave him the benefit of the doubt all through the campaign because we were hyped and knew that Hillary must not win, so we believed. Coulter is right, read her recent column.

Trump generalizes too broadly about people, our men in blue, our hard-working billionaires, those poor DACA kids. he delegates too much and trusts the wrong people while shutting out his supporters. Kelly is a GENERAL so Trump thinks he's fucking god's gift. We also have to consider that they might be drugging him tbh.