Minimum Wage Massacre: Jack In The Box CEO Says "Just Makes Sense" To Replace Workers With Robots

Jack in the Box CEO Leonard Comma told a room full of attendees at a Tuesday conference that the company is considering replacing cashiers with robots as the minimum wage in California rises.

"As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense," said Comma.

The San Diego based fast-food chain says that with California's minimum wage rising to $15 by 2022, automated kiosks and other previously tested technology which was previously failed to pencil out are now economically feasible.

18 states are raising minimum wage in 2018, including California, with the Golden State scheduled to be the first to hit $15.

Meanwhile, McDonald's and Wendy's have been testing automation to reduce labor costs. McDonald's is adding 2,500 kiosks to its stores, while Wendy's unveiled plans last February to install self-ordering kiosks at 1,000 restaurants - 16% of its locations nationwide.

Wendy's chief information officer, David Trimm, said the kiosks are intended to appeal to younger customers and reduce labor costs. Kiosks also allow customers of the fast food giant to circumvent long lines during peak dining hours while increasing kitchen production.

"With government driving up the cost of labor, it's driving down the number of jobs," then Carl's Jr. and Hardee's CEO Andy Puzder told Business Insider in 2016. "You're going to see automation not just in airports and grocery stores, but in restaurants."

And yesterday at CES, Pizza Hut announced a driverless delivery concept vehicle straight out of Demolition Man (the non-US version of the movie).

Who could have seen that coming? As we have noted in the past, minimum wage laws - while advertised under the banner of social justice - do not live up to the claims made by those who tout them. They do not lift low wage earners to a so-called social minimum. Indeed, minimum wage laws imposed at the levels employed in Europe push a considerable number of people into unemployment. And, unless those newly unemployed qualify for government assistance (read: welfare), they will sink below, or further below, the social minimum.

As Nobelist Milton Friedman correctly quipped, A minimum wage law is, in reality, a law that makes it illegal for an employer to hire a person with limited skills.

Despite the piling up mountain of evidence on the harmful "unintended consequences" of artificially high minimum wages, we suspect we already know how this story ends.

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UBI is the end goal I think. Welfare slavery for the goyim, enough to have a shitty apartment and afford basic luxuries such as a phone, internet, TV, games etc. All your devices spying on you, all uploading to a massive AI network that filters out the bad goyim. Military police bots patrol the streets, especially near the elites places of work and residence. It will essentially become a choice of live in the nicer parts if you are able to, but deal with massive surveillance and stress or live in the slums, still under surveillance but less so and a bit more free. Except you will be living among Jamal and Pedro if you go down that route.

Meat will be replaced with soy.


I won't eat fast food around here (if at all, sometimes it's just convenient). It used to be that fast food was a foot in the door to the workforce for high school kids and young adults, but these days, they're staffed with junkies, stoners, drunks, and other failures at life.

Lad, the plan is, by the time it would matter, there won't be a Jamal and Pedro, because we'll all be some foul mixture of what we are, Jamal, and Pedro, and probably some muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker in there too.
The only Whites left will be the traitors living amongst the (((elite))). That's the plan at least.

Good! A robot won't screw up your order the way minimum wage workers are practically guaranteed to.

I think this should be required reading. This is the future (((they))) want, complete with only two choices.
Read through the entire thing when you get a chance, it's pretty well a blueprint for how they're going to roll this shit out.

Sheets, a gas station/market in the Mideast, uses kiosks to order food, for over a decade or so, now.
They do not suffer from lowered employment, as an increase of short-order cooks, often paid more, is needed to suit the increase in orders.

However, as example of the "profit" "lost" by the increase in minimum wage overhead, Sheets' coffe sales cover the overhead cost of their entire payroll.

A true Aryan would never put such shit into their body.
Hamburg steak, frites, and crème glacée can be made from grass-fed, pature-raised beef/dairy and fresh, local, produce.

Don't forget that they want to reduce the population to 500 million. Plenty of servants and workers that serve the ultra-rich and keep them safe.

What is Agenda 21?

You got it backwards, user.
This can be graphed with a straight line.
As hotel costs increase, surveillance decreases.

I always wondered what would happen if full automation was established in a country and its people were all put on government dependency programs, but a government coup happened and instead of the new government putting all its people on welfare it abolished money altogether. I feel like this would be a big "fuck you" to the Rothschilds and their lackeys, but how long would a society be able to survive like this?

Yet they do the opposite by feeding and healing the poor.

It's not that I'm doubting you OP, it's that I would like you to give a source of where these quotes are coming from.

Solution is to clear. A bunch of new land to expand into. We need a new frontier.

The sea or Space.

Africa, just need to clear some wildlife.

Soy will be replaced with meat.

This is Holla Forums user. Just say nigger.

Africa is mine sorry user you can have madagascar


Get rid of those nigger tier jobs.

Europe style minimum wages work due to them actually countering inequality at the long tail of the power distribution in an economy. Countries like US would never even try to do that, it would be very difficult to implement because a lot of things would need to be changed.

Also USA has more drastic levels of IQ inequality. Niggers and Mexicans are not equal. In Europe arabs are like 5-6% of a population and they have the same problem but in USA you have 40-45% of the population being like that so that's a huge issue and you can't have the same type of equality.

Genetic manipulation is probably an end goal. Cut away unwanted traits and mix traits from the brightest humans to get the traits you want in someone. Probably if we go down that route we just plan inequality genetically since humans do not want equality. Similar to the book brave new world, which is more of an accurate depiction of the direction the world is going towards then some of the books written by George Orwell.

Nah most systems in the world are based on infinite growth including infinite population growth. Since you must compete in a global economy for the biggest GDP thus want biggest population growth. Although this is completely stupid, it's the course a lot of countries are on.

You will never defeat the human spirit.

A fair assessment I’d say for there exists not a single indication to the contrary. The slums certainly will be monitored however; the only difference will be that less care will be afforded to slum residents, fight and imbibe all you like in the gutter, but dare display any truly defiant behaviour and you shall be dealt with just as swiftly as those above.

We don’t have long before this future is locked in place. We live on borrowed time more so than any of our ancestors as this could well prove the final fate of man. Horrible stuff, we live in a waking nightmare. The heavens are shaking us by the shoulders and screaming at us rise and change this fate, but as yet we remain still.

Also won't spit (or worse) in your food like most nogs working at fast food do when they have a white customer.

Got to agree with the torfag here.

I’m not sure if this is bait or you have just stumbled in here from reddit, either way I should like you to leave.

My very first job was at Jack in the Box. I was 16. Minimum wage at the time was $3.35 an hour, which is $6.29 in 2018 dollars. I didn't complain. I was working a fucking fry station. I didn't "deserve" a $300k salary. I saved up, bought a used car, graduated high school and got a better fucking job.

I wonder why these dumb leftists never stop and wonder why billionaires are spending millions on leftist protesters to "oppose capitalism".

Jack had touch screen Kiosks in California locations dining rooms over SEVEN YEARS AGO, offering two free Tacos if customers used the machine, instead of the Human Being standing just to the left of the machine.

The reason transhumanism and tech in general is filled with kikes isn't because it's kike tech. It's because post WWII they were elevated to a do-no-wrong status and they leveraged it to be on the bleeding edge of every frontier they can get.
Humans are biomachines and otherwise classical computers. We're only beginning to scratch the surface of neuronet research and development. Before the millennials die out you will see a computer out-human humans. Not only will these systems do tasks we find difficult to do (we stand in awe of it if we don't understand how it works, like complex symbolic calculations), they will do better things we find easy but believe a computer is incapable of doing (feeling, creating art and music, perceiving, consciousness, etc).
No Jewish tricks, just that they're first in line because our Judeophilic society handed them their status on a silver platter.

its fucking infuriating arguing with libfags and normies about this. Automation is inevitable and how does importing an army of low iq shitskins fit into this plan? Its hopeless. Often I dream about doing really bad things.

Sure thing, in a society based on making the most money out of as little spent as possible it makes sense. However it's a problem because the people living in the nation lives on the whole deal of doing work for money so that they can buy food and have a roof over their heads. So you screw your own people, however if you're just after making shekels i can understand it.

In a nationalist society, atleast there would be a solution to it so that half the people isn't starving because they are low-wage slaves. You know, racist thoughts like taking care of your own people and whatnot, i don't know but they are stupid if they don't think this will have a backlash to (((them))).

He's not wrong though. The model can't work in multicultural shitholes though.

Here in Sweden it's mostly engineers, mathematicians and whatnot. Seriously, the amount of university-degrees on these places are ridiculous. We are all the losers and they plan to kill us off.

I don't see the problem with that, white youths should be educating themselves rater that witting their time away at a shitty job and I don't trust non-whites to make food.

This would never happen because the establishment works for the Rothschilds, even if Holla Forums's was actually a bunch of nutjobs and kikes weren't hellbent on genociding the goyim.

Not in a (((western civilisation))) which is about to collapse. We're heading towards war user, there's no way they will be able to keep up the facade for too long.

Just read it. The author suggests 2 forms of behavioural sink, the first for muh dik types, the second for Nords, who need a much higher level of computer control to be pacified.

Straightline extrapolation from current circumstances. UBI cannot exist with free movement of people, and the behavioural sink and moral hazard aspects are incompatible with any group within the society that values its continuation. Only bugmen and catladies will co-operate with it. Everyone else will subvert and rip it off.

Madagascar was kike territory, I'm allergic to matzo.

whether we want it or not Africa will become a growing problem in the future, the chinks are already colonizing it at the moment, expect some kind of conflict over resources there in the future.>>11138371

Here's an interesting thought.

Why no implement deflation so that money would go further?

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

They already ajcked up min wage in Canada to 14 bucks an hour. I didn't hear about anyone who was making above min wage getting a raise to account for the increased cost of living. Fuck Canada.


Call me stupid or backwards all you want I don’t like the idea of eating a meal prepared by a robot. It’s different from mass produced packaged crap.

You'd rather eat one with boogers and feces in it made by some shitskin with anti-white propaganda being fed into his every orifice?

This is pure conjecture, but if you were to convince the majority of the population of the dangers of overpopulation, what solution would you put forth? If you frame it in a "racial equality" basis, then the ethical choice is to limit the worlds proportion but maintain the ratios between races. If 1/3 of the worlds population is black, then so too will the remaining population after a cull. Therefore it becomes important to adjust the ratios of human society such that whitey is the smallest minority in the world, and are scattered across the world such that the survivors will rarely if ever meet another white, thus forcing racemixing.

Ontario just "fairly" raised minimum wage from $11.40 to $14.00 over the last year. It's going up to $15.00 next year.

This is a human problem not a technological problem. Whether that technology is used to destroy us or enslave us is inevitable unless there is a radical transformation in the hearts and minds of men. Unfortunately that change requires action and people prefer hope. Hope is the enemy. Hope is violence.


This likely refers to all the states that keep hiking up the minimum wage, but what I find interesting is that this conversation never touches on the problem of the government hyperinflating the cost of living. Idiots keep demanding more money for the same shitty work they provide, but the idea of demanding property prices, rent, taxes, and other parasitic policies and regulations get removed is nowhere near the dominating conversation about how McWagey employees deserve money for nothing.

I'm fine with subhumans being stuck in retail and food service all their lives, since they are the ones that trap themselves there, but I sympathize with the plight of the working poor, since it is not entirely their fault that they can work a 40 hour week and then have their entire paycheck disappear to pay the rent or mortgage.

Oh don't forget about the ridiculous Hydro bill Kikelene dropped on us.
Come to Canada! Get taxed to death.

Take out women of the workforce, double the wages of the males. Then women will have to marry and have children or starve.

And I love how there were (and are) huge protests at a bunch of Tim Horton's locations protesting the lack of benefits now. As if this wasn't expected by anyone with half a brain.
Like seriously, I think these guys are protesting at the wrong location. Just shift over a few hundred meters until you're at Kathleen Wynne's (Ontario' liberal LGBT premier, for burgerclaps) house. THEN you're protests might actually change the situation.

Goddamn, bunch of typos

dubs of common sense.

Would you rather have robots or immigrants?

There's no third option.

Well modern America is just "immigrants AND robots! Fun for the whole family!", so when given a binary option, I'll choose robots.
Even though I personally find immigrants easier to get along with than random-ass white people 90% of the time, for future economic solvency, I'll take the robots.

you fucking dummy we havent even began conquering the earth yet what are you even talking about

we have to kill every single chink/gook too

Conquer what? Empire of dirt? We need to construct something new.




we need to remove all nonwhites from the earth because they are and will always be an inherent threat to our existence (even if they're in a completely different part of the galaxy) until they are extinct.
you and me must be talking about two different things or you're just retarded
how about we secure the existence of our people and a future for white children before "trying something new"
this is a very jewish thing to say

This entirely. There are 123 million women in the labor force. Remove women from the majority of the work force. Suddenly there are a hundred million plus unfilled jobs. Replace as many as we can with automation. Production goes up dramatically. The men in the work force can now take jobs that the robots can't do. With an army of payless robot labor below them companies now have just that much more money that can be used to pay what remaining human labor they have. Now a single earner can support a household.

Competition breeds innovation though. We always will need a foil for the good we do, hence the eternal kike. I'd rather leave some shitskins alive as a natural force to provoke our competition instincts rather than endlessly engaging in brother wars.

you also wont have women going to college anymore except in rare circumstances. highschool will also be of lesser importance to them (surely they will have the option to do finishing school instead), so overall much less marxist indoctrination masquerading as education

and then you say it's to prevent muh brother wars. i though competition was good, idiot

Terry Davis is coming for you.

I would invest in sea city under Antarctica. No one live down there so it's peaceful.

Minimum wage? They don't want to pay you 10 bucks either. Eliminate anyone below the 20 and a half mark, apparently.

Just colonise the africa and have a purge week where the crimes is legal to vent the white people's emotions.

it has failed every single time in history that it has occurred; resulting in the browning (destruction) of whites. and your "purge week" idea is stupid hollywood fantasy shit

anything that doesnt involve the eradication of all nowhites will ultimately lead to white genocide. stop being a faggot

I am not saying to spread the multicultural craps you effing idiot. It let the white people do their war thing on Africa to prevent the brother wars. Any traitors would be kill during the purge week. That mean no more good goyium for the jews.

Did you loose your reading comprehension after torah study? What part of some in my post implies all?

Wonderful trips

I've been renting from family and working at Walmart part time for the last 2 years. At the start of last January, I paid off the last of my student loans and since that time, I managed to save up $6,000 or so. I don't own a car, and aside from rent and a bus pass and food, I have few expenses.

Walmart actually has some pretty decent benefits.

We also get either a 15m break, or 15m break / 30m lunch, or two 15m breaks and 1h lunch; lunches being unpaid and breaks being paid.

Because the stock prices are in USD, and the USD:CDN exchange rate isn't directly affected by Ontario's minimum wage, it is beneficial for me to dump as much of my paycheck into Walmart until it stabilizes. Right now, the stock is worth an all time high at just over $100, likely because of Trump's economy tricks.

$5 says there's anti-protest laws in Canada or Ontario, for a private resident/public office. Wouldn't surprise me at this point because why the fuck not.

I'll break this down for you. The reason they keep hiring people is they don't want gangs of whites. Gangs of whites could disrupt the entire Earth.

nice dubs

one subhuman is too many subhumans. two is even worse. you also suggested leaving kikes around because they're actually good for us

your pilpul is weak
irrelevant. every single jew will be killed by the time whites actually get settled with anything

So you want to reduce the white population instead of the shitskins? We are supposed to increase the white population, not reduce them. I didn't say don't genocide non-white people so eff off.

There are no more lands to flee to and found a new society, this time the Aryan must take and hold.

are you quoting the point that was said by you as if it is something that i myself believe? basically arguing with yourself
i've stated that genocide of all nonwhites is absolutely mandatory and there is no way to pussyfoot around this issue. this has been my main stance throughout these posts
good idea. this newfag-tier debate is shitting up the thread. i'll filter you

Don't be silly. The purpose of a castle is only to appear to have the intention of holding a place. The true purpose of the castle is to flee out the secret sally port. One finds vengeance, when it is advantageous to do so. Presently, vengeance is found in the shutting down of immigration programs. There will always be means to avenge.

the cook is still going to a (brown) human, its just the order taker/cashier that's being replaced by a robot.

You implied that I don't want the niggers to be killed off which make no sense. White people can't into peace for very long time so they need the punchbags and Africa is the best punchbags for them to punch it without triggering the brother wars. The white population is shrinking so we do not want to lose more white people. Why is it hard for you to understand?

I think they already developed the auto cookerbots so the brown people will lose their jobs later.

It's only a matter of time.

(Which is the real reason why kikes & RINO don't want a hike in the minimum wage)

Yup the humanity will be obsolete one day.

You don’t need to do “bad things.” Just nurture frogs. The frogs will do the “bad things” if that is for the best.

All this minimum wage talk is nonsense anyway. The real problem is affirmative action.

I rather liked Charles Stross' sci-fi in my naïve teens, about a decade ago. I was surprised to find out he was Jewish in that image (had to check, and sure enough, he admitted to being Jewish in a panel and at least his grand-parent was Jewish), but had I been aware of the JQ when I was reading his works, it would have been immediately obvious. IIRC, his main characters were rootless cosmopolitans, sexual deviants, gender was immaterial detail and you could just sleeve yourself into another body, Religion of Cuck™ was hailed as the religion of the future (for the white goyim, of course), one character had algorithmic businesses, spawning nonsense patents and selling themselves in a chain shell-game, producing nothing of value. IIRC, pedophilia and meaningless gore and mutilation (because you could always just restore your body from the last time you saved your mind-dump if you died or were dismembered) were also featured, but I don't think it was very prominent.

The UBI push is coming HARD in Europe right now. The (((usual suspects))) are messianicly proclaiming it to be the end of poverty and inequality of all sorts.

….aaaaand the jewish lolberg narrative comes out.

Minimum wage hikes are good for the very reason that it induces capital investment. period

Hayek supported the Negative Income tax and so did Nixon, fgt

Funny, I just finished reading this. I wanted to like it but as you said he really shoehorns in his political leanings. Adding to the list:
I wish we had more scifi writers that weren't faggots.

I think they're afraid no one will want to contribute to the future old white minority's pensions (2040+). UBI will guarantee some income for them but it will be introduced earlier (2020 - 2030) and the excuse will be MUH POOR IMMIGRANTS need UBI.

Global report.



Did you read The Glass Bees?

No fucking shit you nigger.

Nigger, real Aryans go to where the cold lives if they want to rebuild or get away

and here we are at the bottom of a $20T hole.

SciFi has been teeming with poz since its inception. Overwhelmingly filled with kikes and marxist utopianist filth.

Someone shilled me on /lit/
Accelerando. Is the other stuff even worth going through?

Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch friend. Lotta good authors out there among the filth.

What? The Glass Bees is written by Anarcho Fascist Ernst Junger

Today only the person who no longer believes in a happy ending, only he who has consciously renounced it, is able to live. A happy century does not exist; but there are moments of happiness, and there is freedom in the moment.

That's the plan but the plan falls apart without blue collar white to maintain that infrastructure and the plan won't even happen without white collar whites on board to create the infrastructure in the first place. I'm confident that this is the planned future and that the planned future is impossible without our expressed permission. The trick is ensuring we don't support the plan let ng enough for it to clear the hurdle where the input of white collar whites is no longer needed.

Yeah I still enjoy the genre.

Automated kiosks are a cunt to use, customers don't like using them and it takes 3x as long to order something, change ingredients on a burger etc.

A chain will lose more money from forcing people to use kiosks as they would from employing a person on minimum wage. Even the supermarket self-serve checkouts haven't worked that well because people steal a lot of stuff and people with large shops get angry as fuck when they have to wait for the one available manned checkout.

I swear Holla Forums gets dumber every day.

Corporations replace workers with robots and here you are celebrating it. You say 'get a better job', but does it occur to you that the changes in economic policies made by the elites have changed the economy to produce fewer and fewer well-paying jobs and more shit-tier jobs like these service jobs? And then when people try to get employers to actually pay decent wages, they take them away?

You have to see the big picture. It's not about one shitty job vs one good job. It's about the whole composition of jobs within the economy. Do you want an economy of many decent-paying jobs? Or do you want an economy with many shit-jobs and a few jobs that make you fantastically wealthy for largely insignificant work. With your boomerisms you play right into the elite's hands and at this point, after decades of wage stagnation, offshoring, and labor devaluation, it should be obvious that if you want laboring people to have a dignified life, you are going to have to force corporations to provide decent-paying work.

I think one of the pleasures liberals have is to get served by niggers without being called a racist.

color me surprised

Wrong, this change opens up thousands of jobs in skilled labor (kiosk construction/maintenance).
That's like being upset because milkmen, town criers and horse & buggy drivers are out of work.

This. Wage growth entails the demand for workers exceeding the supply of available workers. Remove large sections of the economy (manufacturing, retail), encourage automation (Information technology obsession/push), and increase the pool of workers (mass immigration, feminism) and it's no surprise to any logical human being that wages are stagnating or falling.

I'm really intrigued by this concept, please expand. How does setting a mandatory minimum price for labor induce capital investment? I'm a small business owner, I calculate an employee provides me with about $12 of value an hour and the minimum wage is raised to $15 an hour. I'm not going to be able to employ that person any more because the legal minimum I can pay them is higher than the value of the work they can provide my business, so I fire them. I would still like to hire that person and pay them for their labor, but I am legally unable to do so whilst remaining profitable. I have also lost the value being supplied to my business so I'm worse off too. How does this lead to economic benefits, either for the business or the place subjected to the law?

people love the ordering kiosks at wawa. i don't see how it's any more of a pain than ordering takeout online. and it's much better than having to talk to the baboons behind the counter that they've already replaced humans with

I knew I saved this for a reason!

Keep parroting that tasty Oligarch Propaganda you absolute fucking dimwit.

It's not like massive amounts of unemployed people depress wages.
It's not like the last time mass labor redundancy allowed to proceed apace, the average worker wasn't plunged into 80-hr workweek, low-wage hell.
It's not like the last fucking 40 years of 'it frees up labor for better jobs :)' globalization propaganda hasn't seen high-paying jobs in value transformation sectors (manufacturing) of the economy get replaced by low-paying jobs in zero value-added sectors (service).

OK it opens up thousands of high skill jobs but how many does it remove? And when we already have a tech labor shortage do you imagine they'll raise wages or import more Pajeet and Chang on special visas? Automation in a multicultural "society" has different effects than a homogeneous protectionist one.

Replacing workers with robots because it increases productivity, lowers costs, and provides a better service? Good thing, history is a testament to using capital goods and increasingly sophisticated technology to save time and make difficult work easier. Being forced to do all of the above even when it's not economically efficient due to a minimum wage law artificially restricting who businesses can hire? Bad thing, very bad thing. Minimum wage laws fuck people with low skills the hardest and results in a level of employment below what businesses and workers would mutually want it to be.
Especially in the context of a completely fucked economic system with (((Central Banks))) destroying the value of savings and (((Commercial Banks))) working closely with (((Liberal Democracies))) to fuck wageslaves as hard as possible.

Nothing is becoming more efficient, customers are simply being convinced to do unpaid labour. It's actually less efficient because someone who has been on registers for several years will be far, far quicker at their job (specialisation) than some tech-illiterate Boomer who's going to have to get assistance anyway.

In other news, it looks like Walmart stock fell just below $100 closing today; some of the financials mentioned it's basically peaked because the company is falling back to its old habits.
This is great because I can grab a bunch of stock cheap when it drops again, and wait for the next spike

You're brain has been absolutely fried by neoliberal propaganda. You're a lost cause and will likely go to your grave cheering as Commercial Banks strip-mine the economy of all productive assets, and bellyaching about the Central Banks devaluing savings accounts (who fucking cares about savings accounts when you're paid shit and spend half of everything on rent / mortgage ?) . But for the benefit of the readers of the thread:

Using capital goods to improve the techniques of production and thus increase output is a good thing. Using machines to improve agricultural output so that, for example, more workers can be freed up for industrial purposes will result in an overall greater economic output.

What we are witnessing is NOT THAT. What we are witnessing is the automation of processes PURELY for the reason of reducing labor costs. There is no increased output that results from this. Replacing service workers with robots does not magically increase the amount of food or make food cheaper in any significant way. What it does is reduce the required labor cost to produce the exact same output, NOT increase output. The result of radically decreasing the demand for labor while providing no parallel increase in tangible output is a massive devaluation of labor and no increase in prospects for economic growth. IN FACT, this entails a decrease in the prospects for economic growth because you've decreased the capacity of the domestic market to purchase the economy's produce, which in turn means lower profit margins, lower investment in tangible production, and the long slow death of the American dream that WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN EXPERIENCING FOR DECADES due to labor devaluations. But we've got credit cards for that, right?

[And it goes without saying that all of this concedes the ridiculous assertion that for every service job destroyed an equal amount in 'kiosk maintenance' will pop up. This is untrue for the obvious reason that businesses would not make the transition to automation if the labor costs would remain the same, but shifted from service workers to maintenance workers. ]

Holla Forums please kick out the lolbergs…

It keeps the prices from going higher due to the increase of the minimum wage.

Or if you know all about this, you could invest for future profit.


Could you just put away what you think you know for one second and try to understand some bigger ideas than boilerplate LibertyEconomics®?

The whole point of society is that people work better together than separately. Until recently, this meant that a company could increase its profits by hiring people, so a given qualified employee would bring a certain amount of utility to the company. By imposing an arbitrary minimum wage, governments interfere with this basic mechanism by requiring that a prospective employee bring an arbitrary amount of utility. This creates an environment of artificial scarcity, where a company's profits which could once support many workers at a natural pay scale, can now only support a few at the artificially-imposed wage (and hopefully remain productive). The immediate consequence is that new employees must demonstrate their necessity to earn the privilege of employment, which incentivizes nepotism in even the most modest professions. So you end up with people falling into one of three categories: the unemployed, the overworked and the nepotistic class, with most people being made unhappy for no good reason.

The thing I always hear about automation is
Fast food joints make up a pretty small portion of the people working in California; there are about 27,000 fast food joints in California and each one employs around 4 people that can have their jobs replaced.
That's only 108,000 people, less than one percent of California's entire workforce.
They're making mountains out of molehills. Jobs being sent overseas caused an order of magnitude more unemployment than this, where's all the panic over that?

Automation is not limited to fast food workers.

That's not his point though

And what determines the natural pay scale? That has mysteriously been declining at the behest of market forces for decades? You have no idea what you're talking about. The privilege of employment? You're a tool.

Even if it's just Fast Food Workers, 108,000 people immediately getting dumped into the pool of unemployed workers will have a massive deflationary effect on the schedule of wages. Entry-level jobs will be devalued and positions that are proximate to entry-level will also be devalued. High supply of available workers means zero bargaining power for workers and thus low wages and shit conditions. It's called the Reserve Army of Labor, look it up.


Only if your job can be done by a guy so unproductive and unskilled he gets fired by McDonalds
It didn't get automated, in fact in many cases it got de-automated and just done by Chinese or Mexicans. There's a huge difference between automating production and importing goods from a different country

A quick search indicates 3.7 million fast food employees nationwide. But I do think they will be mostly replaced with robots eventually. Not that I believe that's necessarily good but it's probably inevitable.

A natural payscale is what emerges when employees and employers are free to negotiate the price of labor without interference, and my usage of 'privilege of employment' was sardonic but I guess it went over your head. Try harder next time!

I literally criticized Commercial Banks working with Liberal Democratic states in order to enrich themselves at the expense of the tax paying public in my very short post. You're arguing against a strawman.
Not just savings accounts, any savings. Any money that you've managed to accrue has its value fiercely eroded by the inflation which is a direct result of the (((Federal Reserve's))) psychotic monetary policy and fabrication of dollars. They're also partly why real wages have stagnated because those fabricated dollars are spent by kike investment bankers and commercial entities first before filtering through to ordinary workers, by which time the value of those dollars has been eroded by inflation. Mortgages are pure kikery owing in part to fractional reserve banking, meaning there is almost no risk to these financial institutions to engage in usurious practices, and what little risk remains is essentially INSURED by the implicit promise of bailouts at taxpayers' expense thanks to their kike friends in the aforementioned Liberal Democratic government. Dismissing central banking kikes like Greenspan and Bernanke role in the absolute clusterfuck of economic pain currently being experienced leads me to believe you're not arguing in good faith and are actually shilling.
The increasing automation in agriculture and the increasing automation seen during the industrial revolution reduced the demand for labor in particular sectors and increased productivity. Increasing automation in fast food outlets reduces the demand for labor and increases productivity. Instead of having a bottleneck of five members of staff you can parallelize serving customers using many more machines than would be economically practical were they staff—which is exactly why businesses are doing so, it's not voodoo. Minimize costs, maximize output. What I argued in my post was that due to the myopic minimum wage law businesses are being FORCED to take this step rather than doing so when it is economically efficient. Who suffers? The workers laid off and the unemployed with skills in low demand who can't provide the value necessary to justify being paid the minimum wage. It's the same principle kikes want to flood Western countries with shitskins, to increase the supply of labor and thus lower the cost resulting in whites being undercut by a slave caste.
Lowering costs and introducing capital goods does not decrease economic growth, historically the complete reverse is true. Ideally we'd want machines that could run themselves entirely and perform every necessary task automatically to sustain our lives freeing us up to do more interesting things than menial labor. What DOES hurt economic growth and what DOES increase unemployment are California's minimum wage laws that have the complete opposite effect than intended, as we are witnessing play out in Marxist utopias across the planet.

Not a lolberg, a NatSoc who understands the need for individual responsibility and performance, non-Marxist economic policies, and freedom from the jewish cancer of Central Banking

Yes, but not all of those jobs are replaceable and I was only talking about California.
It's hard to replace a cook or a janitor with a robot, currently only cashiers are being replaced.
There are robot cooks, but they're actually less cost-effective than people.

Corporate (((big wigs))) will look for every opportunity available to absolutely fuck the little people over if it means they can save a few bucks on overhead. Wrecking the economy just means they get a bigger slice of the pie at the end of the day.

For fuck's sake, what do you think caused the housing bubble in 2007? Goldman Sachs ADMITTED that it defrauded investors by actively selling toxic assets to investors, then betting against their clients' interests. They settled a lawsuit with the Department of Justice to the tune of $5 billion, which is about 2 weeks of profit.

If you don't think McDonalds, Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box, or Wendy's is above crashing the employment market to stash a few extra dollars in their coffers, think again. All of these simultaneous pushes for higher minimum wage, automation of entry-level jobs, and UBI are not a coincidence.

Once again, you're missing the larger point.

Answer me this: does the existence of a position in the economy depend on A) the existence of a worker with the skills required? or B) the employer's demand for such a worker.

The answer is B.

So then the question is: what determines an employer's demand for such workers? The answer to that question is much more complicated than the answer's you're likely to get in this thread. But rest assured the answer is NOT some dunce like this>>11139642 telling you you don't provide enough value to the economy while hundreds of thousands of other people like you, who work, earn a wage, and therefore provide value, get laid off.

nice one fuckstick

The transition from agriculture to industry was enabled by the increase in worker-productivity enabled by capital-intensive production, reduction of labor costs was a consequence of that. And "Savers" are literally making unprecedented amounts of money on the stock market right now. And have been for the past 10 years.

You understand nothing.

I'm not trying to be mean but you need to reach a deeper understanding of economics and finance than what you're going to find here. The "NatSocs" here are all ex-libertarians who switched because it was too embarrassing to remain in that state. Thus they've carried over with them all the baggage from that school of thought. Please try to expand your intellectual horizons a bit.

I agree with everything you're saying but I think you're a bit confused. Carl's Jr. is not pushing for minimum wage.

Sounds like a dystopian 80s movie

Carl's Jr. is openly discussing partially or fully automated restaurants, and directly linking them to rising minimum wage. Not all of these companies are pushing everything at the same time; it would be stupid for me to think they're all on the same agenda. However, it isn't hard to see where this is all going, and all the pieces fit together just fine.

Yes the pieces fit together but in something like a Hegelian Dialectic, not in a unilateral move. Automation is a natural response from the business class and will continue to be unless we force them to spend more on workers. The alternative is the downward spiral of low wages / unemployment -> low sales -> low profits -> low investment -> shrunken economy -> low wages / unemployment… and so on. Which we have been living our entire lives already.

Yes, agreed.
I wouldn't call those savers, they are being forced to invest in the stock market and other speculative ventures because saving is not an economically viable strategy due to 1. the extreme inflation experienced over the last century and 2. artificially low interest rates caused by kikes like Bernanke. The stock market is a bubble inflated by the GFC-era monetary policy and is not sustainable.
Recommend me a book with your vision of economic understanding and I'll gladly read it.
I was never a lolberg, the NAP can suck my dick.

Money not spent is money saved. And people aren't 'forced' into the stock market, they're enticed by the prospect of State-Guaranteed Financial Returns until infinity. The government has already made it clear that they WILL NOT allow asset prices to fall under any circumstance. Like you say, look at the Federal Reserve's policy. The take-away is this: if you have money 'saved' (not spent), you put it in an index fund and make money with Zero-Risk.

It depends on what you want. If you wish to attain a deep understanding of economic systems, then it's Robert Heilbronner's Worldly Philosophers and work your way to Steve Keen. If you wish to get a quick answer from a Man on a Mission, read Michael Hudson's Killing the Host or just listen to some of his lectures. I appreciate you humoring my bad temper and I wish you luck if you're actually serious about this, thanks for hearing me out I'm going to bed.

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll dig them out.

I mean, I agree with you to a degree, but the alternative we are quickly coming to?

With reasonably low taxes, low immigration-based employment, and a reasonably low minimum wage that ONLY scales with inflation, more money will go into the pockets of more people, which raises sales because a larger base of people have more disposable income to spend on luxuries. A strong economy depends on the little people having access to resources and money.

You're right, automation will be the end result for a lot of jobs, but it results in a lot of pain because people in these positions are not thinking far enough ahead to actually understand the repercussions of pushing for these kinds of things. They simply plan out short-term money gain and figure that they can spend a few bucks to fix any PR problems they run into.

i want the kiosk
and i want the food to be handed over in a way that doesnt require any human interaction either
eat my tendies in peace from humies

I’ve never played Deus Ex but thought about it. I never knew how much red pill they drop in it.

Maybe they'll actuall start cleaning that pigsty.

If only more Aryans knew about the evils of the kiked out food industry including the most devastating which is sugar. Ketones are what our body should run on and literally puts you in a mental and physical state superior to 99% of the people around you just by doing it.

this is why everyone hates you

you literally have no idea how economics works


Deus Ex predicted everything. Play it. Aliens, be they from space or another time, are real.

Thats not a counterargument. McDonalds cashiers are not capable of competing with certain sectors of the economy. Cars that are incapable of driving do not lower the value or demand for cars that do. Sure, their employment effects the economy as a whole and has repercussions (mcd's guy loses job so can't buy luxury product so sales reduce and luxury product producer lays off employees etc) but your case rests on the assumption that this labour saving transition will effect society entirely opposite to all other labour saving technologies ever created and that there is no possible sector of jobs that could exist that doesn't currently.

From another point of view, the industrial revolution was only possible because 95% of the population was fired.

Putting money into an investment of any kind is spending it, in the same way buying a tool to help you work is spending it.

A few things.

One: as I've already said, the reduction in labor costs that occurred in previous eras was a consequence of the implementation of productivity-boosting capital goods which made the existing supply of labor specific to agriculture redundant. If you tried to make the economy grow in that situation by simply "reducing labor costs" the result would be starvation, not economic growth. Kiosks do nothing to improve productivity. All they do is replace labor at lower cost.

Two: During the industrial revolution, the migration of workers was from agriculture to industry, which is to say, from relatively low-value-added work to relatively high-value-added work. The reason workers were paid such shit wages was that they had zero bargaining power at the time of this transition. But the transition to industry ultimately enabled industrial workers to demand high wages because of the high-value-added nature of their work. Since the 2nd Great Migration of workers from Industry to Service, we now have workers moving from relatively high-value-added work to relatively low-value-added work. That is the trend. People are not leaving industry for better jobs. They're being fired from industry and pushed in to worse jobs. There's no evidence to believe that there will be Anything::Industry as Industry::Agriculture, in terms of leaps in value-added. Industry is the peak of human activity and the migration to Service is a retrogression.

Three: I sincerely hope you are lying to yourself when you say that buying shares in an index fund is the same as spending money on capital goods. The difference should be so self-evident and it should be so obvious that the former is synonymous with "Saving" that any attempt to explain it otherwise could only be interpreted as deliberate intellectual dishonesty in the interest of scoring points in a debate.

What more do you need? May as well just make shit free. Dafuq?

Except when you factor in the general creep that happens. A bit further on you are replacing waitstaff at sit-downs, the bellhops are replaced with roombas pulling radio flyers, etc. look at what happened with automotive manufacturing not even counting the same shit happening at the plants they went offshore with. A couple employees maintaining robots means more profit.

Also, aside from having a cook make and stock the thing, we're pretty much going back to what kikes already did to cut out earners.

there's totally no way to fuck with the machines
holy shit it will get so fucking funny

The real idea of the slums would be to let them go feral on purpose by constantly agitating them to riot. That in turn makes streets unsafe to travel beyond what that AI system schedules for you or opts to bring the goods/services to you instead. It also makes it unsafe to use anything other than self-driving vehicles which can be designed to withstand attacks and plow through mobs (as you don't need windows for them, only shielded sensors which can self-clean). As for home security, well, that will be managed by mass surveillance systems to allow for police to respond to threats with drones immediately; or not if you're undesirable and said mob is indirectly being guided to fuck you up. You can see how useful it is to manipulate slum riots to justify certain (((solutions.)))

Restricting or manipulating how certain people travel through manufactured events is also crucial to their goals. Their real endgame is to create utter dependency on the system or become a tool of it unwillingly.

Make Burgers Great Again

Rumor has it Assange is free.


way to think critically there.

Da, komrade doesn't know rationing. kek

Here in Poland our government wants to ban Sunday shopping so big chain stores already began to introduce automated vending machines here and there. I don't know what to think of it really.

really not too confusing if you think about it

If you have the money to make a capital investment, but you don’t, because you can hire people for cheap… that’s when raising the min wage induces capital investment.

People hate machine offered food.
Thats why people will rather prefer to order at a sleazy food stall than grab food from a vending machine.

Those machines are used mostly in metro and train stations, they were not made specially for market.

The ban is done on sunday to promote national small business. Who buys more than a beer on sunday anyway?

People prefer whatever is shilled. People have no personal preferences in the current year.

People don’t like to buy from vending machines because the food is always stale, unless it's “food” meant to have a long shelf life like chips or candy bars.

Sunday shopping ban is only a band-aid solution. The real root of the problem are foreign companies not paying taxes in Poland anymore. Big chain stores can easily gobble up small businesses precisely because they can offer very low prices.

And a lot of the products sold are made in Germany. And worse quality than what is made to be sold to Italy or France.

Literally mega city one or whatever that building from Dredd was called


EU gutted our industry and forced us to sell everything that isn't nailed down to foreign companies.

This is why you don't give capitalists power to make decisions on hiring and firing.

Watch me open a fucking hot dog stand next to a "cooked meal dispensing" machine and see who wins out, even with the eternal normie.

Yeah, I should have added "cooked food".

Who would want to eat vending machine fries with mayo versus served by a human.

Maybe at first, but you know the inevitable step is to stop the needlessly expensive smoke and mirror robot arm when the machine could just be even more automated.
Conveyor belts and everything.

Then who?

You wouldn't be allowed to have the hot dog stand near the machine. And the seller at the hot dog stand would be a dirty illegal most likely.

Would make more sense to automate the entire kitchen behind the scenes and present a few human supervisors and automated cashiers by the counters. The people still oversee the kitchen and fetch the food to keep a human touch present in the process. That would alleviate the trust problem while reducing labor costs as less people are required per store. I think the cooked food vending machines are more useful to extend coverage of a service in lower demand areas, rather than replacing stores.

Sure hope those digits confirm. He'll need a big, permanent security detail if so.

/saltleft/, pls. commies out tbh.

You guys aren't wrong, but nothing short of the meltdown will change the entrenchment of feminism in the West now. It will end just as it did in the days of old, but it won't be accomplished politically, just as it wasn't then.


i have faith in kalki

this makes europe into nothing more than a daycare for adults. it discourages men and incourages degeneracy and subhumanity


Sounds like project bluebeam more like it. With all the talk of disclosure coming out recently and an absolute took like Delonge being the guy they chose to head this operations all screams of psyop to me.

The big question is. Can I or can I not continue to be a neet?

If they remove employment, then technically, no.

/r/ing that animation about the future. There was this lady narrating and unironically being super happy about self driving cars, food credits, and an all-ruling supercomputer.

Has to be a joint decision between employers and prospective-employees, but without Government support like labor laws, low-unemployment, and compulsion / incentive to hire, the employers have overwhelming dominance in bargaining power.

There's no other way. Low skilled workers will become obsolete in the future.

There must either be some kind of virus released to kill half of the population that won't be needed or a new world war where to send that population to fight each other

Did Goy Runner accurately predict the future?

Exactly this, you're not creating anything to your people. Instead being a serviceman is being a glorified slave, you live to serve other people. We have a whole generation of men being forced to serve other people like housemaids.

Sounds exactly what happened in Sweden.

I wonder if it's just a (((coincidence)))?

How can you call the lifegiver, our mother earth just dirt? Without the earth we wouldn't exist. It gives us life and it keeps us in a safe-haven on this planet where no outside forces has yet to kill us. It's only what is going on between different races that has been our plight, the demons walking the earth.

And you have to realise just how special this is, we still haven't found any sort of indication that there exist such a planet like our mother earth. She is truly unique as far as we know. Giving us life, a sentient life where we can actively create for her to enjoy. Or destroy her and that's the free will which is also the difference between good and bad.

People really are starting to take this life for granted. You're given something truly unique and special. So stop calling the only thing really keeping you alive, just dirt. It's not.

Which is why nits all have to be removed.

The biggest problem is that there is no actual fucking contract between corporations and the state towards the people. What we have is states and corporation run by traitors and enemies seeking to destroy our societies and become wealthier while doing so.

Not only was it because of women entering the workforce that we have shitpay nowadays. It's also because of inflation, where they are raising prices on everything but still keeping wages low. Exactly how is a person supposed to accumulate 200 000 for a house to raise a family in? And that's a small house, barely perfect at all, mass-produced with shitty materials and shoddy work by immigrants.

We're being fucked in the ass and even some here buys into that shit, the bread and circuses of the (((economy))). We don't own nothing and if you want to "own" something useful, better sell your eternal soul to the bank.

And i would like to continue to add the whole

You do fucking realise that it's a band-aid solution only mean't to be working for a few couple of lucky ones. It's a game with an ever decreasing chance of winning, while (((they))) sell of our resources, claim them and tell us how dirty and poor we are. We're being robbed by one enemy while they flood us with another.

And we can talk about jobs here and there, but really, most jobs in the western world produce fucking nothing of value. And it's manufactured this way. We have become highly dependent on international deals, something (((they))) of course controls. It says itself, that shipping materials and the importing them back from half across the world, isn't supposed to be cheaper than producing it yourself. We're being jewed out of a meaningful existance and i'm fucking pissed about it.

So should you be.

They just took all the conspiracy-stuff floating around on the internet in the late 90's and put it in a game.

This user gets it

This I can confirm. My ancestors built this country from the ground up and I can't get a job after graduating college because I am always a second class citizen due to mass 3rd world migration and anti-white hiring laws.



Triggered leftycuck, truth hurts.

Reported. Commit suicide, yid.

And this is where you're wrong. These people are literally sitting at the same table. "Competition" only exists to gaslight the workforce (and customers).

I'm sorry to put it in these terms, but you guys just have absolutely no clue. First, Marx hated jews probably as much as Hitler did. Second, literally NOTHING he wrote about has anything to do with the 'Cultural Marxist' movement of today. He only wrote about economic theory. It's very likely that the SJWs screaming his name have never read him and would probably disavow him if they knew his thoughts on Jews and Women. Thirdly, you are up to your neck in jewish dogshit usurer ideology (Friedman, Mises, etc.) and every day you ask for seconds. Please for the love of god, for one second, stop thinking you know everything, stop thinking that you know what I think and start reading some books. Good place to start is the birth of Capitalism in Protestant England, where peasants were literally kicked off their land by jew-collaborators (it was Cromwell after all who welcomed the jews back into england) and herded into the factories. Read about the Enclosure Acts. Understand that Labor Markets are inherently function to the benefit of employers, at least without some set of rules to balance things in their favor. Either do that or remain silent on topics on which you have no actual knowledge. Shitposts don't count.

Economical Marxism compared to the current Cultural Marxism (+neoliberal economics aka globalism) is not that bad, but it does not matter now. Jews plays both sides to be in control in case the alternative wins over the current established system. The jew was always the main enemy with SJW whites and non-white thugs as his foot soldiers.

Exactly, so you have to rise above the dichotomy provided to you (Free Market Econ vs. Anti-White Identity Politics) and go somewhere outside of their game. To choose is to lose, don't play the game. Go deeper into history and theory and find the truth somewhere in there, not on a "Based Homo OWNS fat SJW dyke asking for $15/hr at her SNOWFLAKE job" yt channel.

Truth doesn't matter. It's about a final solution and a final alternative. The only thing that could fix anything right now is to wait for the collapse of the current system and in the chaos generated kill all jews and remove from the gene pool every white SJW.

Marx came from a LINE of rabbis. The vast majority of the Bolsheviks were jews. Other rabbis have said Judaism is communism.
His critique has some valid points. His solutions are shit. Because he was a rabbinical fuck, he made sure his argument was biased in favour of the solutions he wanted, ie. Communism.


All true

What are his solutions? He doesn't propose any. If you read Capital, what he says is that Capitalism will produce its own demise and logical successor. He doesn't propose economic reforms. That said, one could use the critique he provides as a context for economic reforms.

"What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. […] The Jew has emancipated himself in a Jewish manner, not only because he has acquired financial power, but also because, through him and also apart from him, money has become a world power and the practical Jewish spirit has become the practical spirit of the Christian nations. The Jews have emancipated themselves insofar as the Christians have become Jews. " - Karl Marx

We are not going to get along. You and what you say are suffer from poverty of foundation, mechanics, and business. What you effectively advocate for is communism, or invasive artificial enhancements to trade. But you won't realize that you yourself are the cause for the very need for such protections. That is to say, you want more of yours at each iteration; you specify not ending madness, but adding new madness to excuse yourself from the consequence of your old madness coming back due on your head.

I'm not sure many anons can see through you. Without actual mightful business and industrial ownership experience, most cannot see your words for the communist-like artifice that hides behind admittedly well-written and well-sounding phrases such as "kiosks do nothing to improve productivity."

For all intents and purposes, your words remind me of boomer-like hippies, union advocates, and failed failures such as Leo Gerard. This post is only meant to provide alternative testament to the 16 posts of yours so far: specifically, a counter testament.

Totality is absent, the lack of foundations leads to mathematics without application (ie consistent constructs in absence of a "based" base). Your statements do capture feelz, and attitudes towards the poverty of ownership service hell causes, so they sound much better as sound-bites than your use of them. For instance is the above quote, which I agree with in principal/general. But the applied math of how you intend to use it is contrary to ownership and wealth. Based on your linguistic math, you could just as easily state any arbitrary detached indicator from white 1940-1970 America "is the peak of human activity and the migration to" any otherwise equally detached from Asian-by-name or African-by-name indicator is a retrogression – which it is, of course, but that side-steps the core rank-first causality behind the sound-bite, as well as why those who hear/read the sound-bite will agree with it. Theft by misappropriation, by any other name; IE your intent is a well-spoken slight of hand magic trick.

Its not as if Leo Gerard is wrong, but rather he suffers from Leo Gerard Syndrome: Some correct, the rest incorrect, much left incomplete, and confabulation connecting the face of a clock instead of the understanding of the gears and works behind the face.

May anons find this, and at least go look for themselves.

Is English your first language? Because very little of what you've written here makes sense. Furthermore what do I "effectively advocate for" again? Because if you're equivocating Communism with the economic reforms necessary to re-create a high-wage economy, then, congrats, you've just exposed yourself as either an ignoramus a 1st Class Shill for Financial Oligarchy.

Can't agree more. Jews and niggers alike hate nature, because they cannot grasp the magnanimous gift it is. This is why they utilize petrochemicals as pesticides to destroy our soil, allow trash to be dumped into our oceans, and turn beautiful countryside into concrete jungles.

Leo. Gerard. Syndrome.

When you (1) advocate Bernie Sanders democratic reforms as "economic," (2) all to "re-create a high-wage economy," (3) only to have your own members walk up to you and say they're voting for Trump. Because (4) you're actually full of shit, then, now, and every moment in between. (5) And you don't realize you're fighting the effect of your own actions – your own shadow – coming right back at you, and thus (6) advocate to fuck things up more. (7) And to make it all worse, you gloss over it all with sound-bites and statements that are always sounds-right, yet always off target, off context, off mechanics, off demographics, off historical time period, off relevance, and just plain off.

I'm sure anons can find some way of saying it better. Failure to understand the clock work is the gears behind it and the total system, not the clock face. IE poverty of self-experience of ownership in business, instead seeing only "that the system shall provide and every person deserves xyz." (Incidentally, just like Marx).

Jews and SJWs want to genocide whites.

Na, let's not defend ourselves, let the cancer survive so it comes back later again.

You know what the problem with WW2 was? It's that the nazis did not want to kill jews, they wanted to move them to Israel. Look what happened next.

Be specific and make a point, but don't keep rambling like this because you're not saying anything clear. I don't know that you think I think. I voted for Trump. I'm not particularly "pro" or "against" minimum wage laws.

The point I'm trying to make is that, when workers try to gain a better deal for themselves, against the incessant class warfare that has gone so far as to jeopardize our society's ability to reproduce itself, and the response of the business class is to Veto this petition by simply removing the position, the response of Holla Forums should not be one of Celebration.

Then again, why am I even responding to you when you link to fucking peak-boomerism sites. Muh Big Labor, Progressives, Totalitarianism, etc. Do you listen to Rush as well? What's your job man?

I can't support murdering people for their ideology, sorry.

Killing the Jews would not have won them the war.

Kill yourself before we do, marxist rat.

Which do you hate more? Marxism or the Jews?

makes sense, if liberals really cared about the poor they would decrease or eliminate the minimum wage, now they will all go jobless

Walmart Abruptly Closing Dozens Of Sam's Club Stores, Firing Thousands On Same Day It Raised Minimum Wages

Wal-Mart was quick to make a media splash with the news that it was raising the starting hourly wages to $11/hour, expanding employee benefits and offering worker bonuses of up to $1000 in response to the Trump tax cuts; it was far more covert, however, with the news that on the very same day it was also closing hundreds of Sam's Club stores nationwide and laying off thousands of workers according to numerous media reports.

Jessica Buckner, an audit team lead at a Sam's Club location in Anchorage, told local TV station KTVA that all Alaska stores are closing as part of a larger downsizing across the U.S. "From what I heard, there's over 260 stores that have been closed down," she said according to CBS News.

The wholesale clubs' official closure date is Jan. 26, Buckner said.

Shortly after, the company issued a statement, stating that the number of stores for closure is somewhat lower, at 63, if still a sizable number. That compares with a total of five wholesale club stores the company has closed since fiscal 2013, securities filings show.

Ten to 12 of the closed stores could be converted to e-commerce facilities, the spokesperson said. The news is consistent with Sam's Club's ongoing plans to optimize its stores to fulfill more online orders and keep pace with internet retailers such as Boxed.

The closures also affect stores in New Jersey, upstate New York, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. In some locations, per social media, people showed up to work only to be told that their location was closing, with nearly no advance notice.

The chain, which competes with Costco , has more than 650 locations employing more than 100,000 people, with an average of 175 employees per store, according to the company.

No formal announcement was posted Thursday morning by Sam's Club, but the company acknowledged the closures on Twitter with a general statement.

Just until they dexide to kill the rich.
This is why you american "fascits" will never win, you shit on the poor and the workers as much as you shit on everyone else.
Liberals and commies aren't your problem to get in power. You are nothing but a new wave of neocons and (((trump))) is teaching that to everyone


Muhrica, land of the extreme rich and the extreme poor. The next crash is going to be last one.


this post is interesting because nothing in my post was fascist
it would be reasonable to assume everyone here is in fact fascist because this is a defunct esoteric hitler worship forum so I will forgive you that but eliminating minimum wage is not a fascist idea at all
but this
I sincerly have no idea what you are talking about and would like to point out that national socialism originally started as a populist movement against the rich powerful jews and the corrupt wiemar government

Fuck yeah, I can't wait for our stock to tank so I can buy it cheap

Only some types of positions are regulated with minimum wage here in Norway. And as far as I understand it does not actually covers fast food like mcdonalds and so. They have it for the proper restaurant and catering industry, but that does not include fast food joints.
Believe it or not though, working at mcdonalds is actually not that bad here. It's mostly teenagers that work there on the side.
These got minimum wage.

Democracy is an outdated system unsuited for the modern state, due to its extreme propensity for corruption in the face media, malleability by those profiting off the corruption (the system is made so that no one person helds too much power and can be relatively easily replaced. Ergo even if you managed to get someone uncorruptable into a position of power by some miracle, he would be both powerless and soon to be replaced. The original idea to prevent tyranny by limiting the power of tyrants got twisted into its opposite, preventing the end of tyranny by limiting the powers of any would-be reformers), and worst of all, the total absense of any sort of personal responsibility or even a guarantee of having a personal stake in any of this. In such a system, it is no surprise that the population gets treated as a mere source of revenue to be squeezed dry, kept in only just as much comfort as to prevent a revolt (comfort for which they also pay, naturally). In this way, the citizens of USA aren't that much better than early modern peasants – they may be able to move around more, but at the cost of being constantly surveilled, taxed for anything and everything, as well as having the government fuck up their communities freely and easily with nigs and spics. Contrary to what the media say, the peasant had no less influence on the doing of his nation than the modern american – that is, neither had any. Only where the power structure was clearly codified by the law in the olden days, each peasant knowing he belongs to his lord, who in turn belongs to his king, nowadays the power structure tries its best to stay hidden, the law trying to fool the gullible into thinking that the men in power are those in the congress.

Things have gotten to the point where there is barely any system in the world WORSE than US "democracy" – the only ones that come to mind are other "democracies" like in Germany or Sweden, and third world shitholes (but there it may be more about being shitholes full of shitskins, rather than the system of governance).

He wrote this because Americans take market prices as dictated by their oligopolistic corporate overlords as the Word of God and they will likely never understand that prices in such an environment are, to a large extent, arbitrary and defined by policy as much as by scarcity. They'll never understand until no one has any money except for banks and large land-owners and even then they'll still probably blame "Marxism" as they toil endlessly just to pay interest and rent.

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I wonder what his opinion will be when someone gets inside the system and starts getting free food from jack in the box.

What the "it just makes sense" Todd Howard of Jack in the Box isn't calculating the future costs of repairing and continual maintenance, especially when niggers are involved and are going to be fucking with everything. They think they aren't being watched or seen by someone standing directly in fucking front of them, they're practically guaranteed to chimp and bash up shit in the front, and ook about it while trashing other shit in the same store.

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On that note , I want to see the Cyberpunk 2077 take on what is waiting for us in the future
Looks like we either end up with Fallout or Cyberpunk anyway(maybe XCOM)

Canada doesn't have a minimum wage, that is purely a provincial matter. Ontario, the most communist province, the California of Canada, upped their minimum wage to $14.

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I felt like the glass bees was half a book. Like Junger started writing it and just decided to stop without finishing it.

Automation is great news; if we can move to an economic system that actually accounts for it.
One of my biggest gripes with modern political thought is that so much weight is given to economics, that economic theories become their own political ideologies. Economic systems are tools to accomplish specific material goals on a societal level, and nothing more. Real political thought is determining what the goals of society should be, and then using economics to outline a general plan. We cling to an economic system that worked well under a certain set of conditions as those conditions begin to change.

The welfare state socialists would have us all living in block apartments smoking weed and doing fuck all every day, so long as we're obedient and docile.
The lolbertarians would have us sucking jew cock for rent money in our dillapidated hovels.

Increasingly, modern society is becoming a dehumanizing and humiliating spectacle. Neither camp can truly provide what is needed for a good life. To work and contribute to society, and then have something to show for it, is the sort of economic justice needed for a society to continue to function. Even if everything were fully automated, and we could sit on our asses all day and consume, it would destroy the dignity of the person.

National Socialism provided some answers; in that it tied social welfare to productive work. You weren't just given shit, you were required to work. This would help alleviate the dual problems of an underemployed young workforce and a collapsing infastructure system (seriously, the roads in my city aren't even drive-able anymore) But even this would need to be updated to a modern economy.
I like the ideas of some of the American populists, ideas like distributism and such have a strong appeal to me. With how utterly terrible the current mass-production of food is, I like the idea of automating industry and services as much as possible, and allowing people to farm small plots and raise their own animals for food. Bring people back to the land, back to nature, back to a more traditional way of living. I feel like cities themselves have this corrupting effect on people that is hard to avoid. Now that industry can be automated, now that most 'office work' can be done from home, I see no real reason not to have more people leaving the cities to rot.

UBI is just welfare neetdom in dingy apartments. 'Muh ancap" is the same thing but wagecucking at increasingly stupid, pointless and humiliating 'service' jobs.

Hey how about we get the kikes to stop inflating our money supply and taxing the shit out of us and our small businesses so that we don't need to keep raising the costs of things and you can live just fine on $5/hour so a mandatory minimum wage isn't necessary. Has anybody considered that before?