Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump's Private DMs to DOJ


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Don't say anything on communication networks owned by someone else you aren't comfortable with them using against you. It's not complicated. I find it hard to believe there is anything of any real significance there to begin with.

Was going to post this myself eventually.

Do you expect those cucks to be ready to have a legal battle on behalf of others?

What you say will last for a moment.
What you write will last forever.
t. Stover's Law


This needs a sticky


fake, that was the reaction of a senator not trump.

Lists of leftist techies need to be compiled and circulated for reasons.

Every faggot in the video did the same shit as her.

It's cunts misusing their mothering abilities for manipulation. I've noticed this with women who make higher or lower pitch hum sounds to affirm or not something another person is saying. I fucking hate sound making niggerbrain cunts. They're the reason why men's clubs exist.

Whoreskank flirts with guy, leads him around by his dick. News at 11.

Infosec is full of these faggots.
Where are all the conservatives in tech?

I don't know what happened over the last 2 decades. Back then everyone in tech was conservative at least in that they supported freedom of speech and info. Something has changed dramatically. I don't know if it's being drunk with power or wealth, or if a critical mass of techies were compromised for having cp, but whatever it is they must be ended because the leftist mind virus has no cure, their souls are gone and only death remains for them.

Trump refused to use email at all and only started using twitter when it was apparent what a useful tool it was. I guarantee that the content of his dm's as well as these idiots spending time pouring over them and trying to analyze them in a way to fabricate any sort of evidence against him will amount to pure fucking comedy.

the kikes happened. They started buying up every halfway profitable company and then either gutted it or took a giant shit on what they had been collectively working on for all those years or instituted policies that made the quality workers look for other pastures.

They also used vaguely worded and described patents to put a stop to the US internet innovation lead. Shitter, Faceblack, Jewgle, all of these sites would have been replaced by now if a decade ago fear of lawsuit for """IP""" wasn't sewn into the tech community.

yea.. thats like the "patent for a qwerty keyboard gui for use on touch screen phones". patents need to be gutted.

Or 1 click checkout, fucking Bezos the nigger from the Cherry street rape crew.

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Gender quotas fueling the creation of large HR departments that take offense to conservative men and ideas, finding weasel ways to eject from or stagnate inside the company those men, probably.

Sure but that's the corporate world which we always knew were pants sniffing faggot slaves. The real power in tech was never the corporate world, it was the anons penetrating those corporations.

@ayurchenko1 DOOM BUMP

Companies raising wages left and right due to tax reform
Companies handing out bonuses left and right due to tax reform
Stock market pushing highs like never before seen
Consumer confidence the highest its been in years
Small business confidence the highest its been in years
Home ownership at an all time high
Almost 70% feel the economy is "excellent"
GPD growing the most it has in years
Unemployment at it's lowest in years
Companies reinvesting in America

What a weird downfall….

Trump records every conversation he has to tape, do they think he would be retarded enough to talk about sensitive information on a fugging social network site? Do they think he is as stupid as Hillary?
Let them do it, and watch everyone pull out of Twitter while we laugh at its demise.

The (((ones))) making the complaint are obviously just trying to short-circuit the ability of Donald Trump, history's greatest shitposter till now, to use his best platform thus far. As far as the data itself, meh. Teflon-Don Principle; nothing sticks to Donald Trump.

At 1:06 the guy says
Very interesting. I wonder if he means they can see whenever you preview a photo from your computer/phone without uploading. This is a crazy OPSEC issue if this is true.
Unless he means when you upload a photo but decide not to publish it/make it your profile photo and replace it with another one.

I also love how Project Veritas keeps using these shiksa's to do these undercover ops. The betas sing like canaries at the bat of an eyelash. Oldest trick in the book.

That's enough for an entire generation of snowflakes to rise through the ranks or start their own startups. Jake Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg aren't in the same age group as the tech leaders of two decades ago. Completely different group of people from the dot com boom.

Old school guys like the Brendan Eich (co-founder of Mozilla and inventor of Javascript) have literally been kicked out of the same space they helped create. The dude was kicked off the Mozilla board for being against gay marriage. Let that sink in.

The entire tech industry has been overrun by jews, trannies and marxists.