Google Employees are literally ANTIFA -

Google Employees are literally ANTIFA - No oversight & controls a GLOBAL information stream +much more

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bump and requesting .png or .jpg as i can't view pdf

That link will open in a webpage.

Archive everything thing, show every connection and try to get Google labeled as a terrorist supporting company. Even if only in the public consciousness.

Duh. Antifa have been operating in the states for years, embedding themselves into corporate ranks, rising up them, giving preferential hires to other antifa members, etc.
They were just in sleep mode until now.

and yet we are still winning

per my research since atleast 1860

You're giving antifa way too much credit. Jewgle is a kiked company that's been working with the ADL since 2008, there's no need for anyone to infiltrate it. This is just a case of liberal hipsters latching onto a new fad.

They're just a clique of unrepentant trannies and sodomites who spontaneously joined it to look tough in front of conservatives. Nothing more than a "FUCK YOU MOM, FUCK YOU DAD".

Quantify that?

Literally defunded and deplatformed.

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Antifa? You're focusing on the fact that they're ANTIFA? How can you be so sidetracked by something as trivial as that when we're fighting literal DRAGONS!? Dragons that also happen to be large, ornate architecture.

Something interesting happened over the last two weeks. It may make sense because I did not god-tier my opsec with a 'gallery' account I created on Google in the event intel would hire from that vector. Reading this it makes more sense now. The strange thing which happened was one time last week when I was doing $ACTIVITY in my driveway some darker-complexion hispanic or black person with a hoodie was walking up and down into my driveway from the sidewalk with his phone out and acting like he was texting, talking, or otherwise using his device. Interesting thing is he was completely unphased by my presence as if he thought he had a right to be there, and even gave me some mean-mug looks like he owned the place. I just assumed it was your typical street-dweller and that he must have been getting picked up for a ride and his mamma hit him too much growing up or something.

Things get weirder a few nights ago when I get picked up by a bro to hit the arcade and some other hooded twit was doing the same thing at my driveway. It was dark by this time so I could not ascertain his identity (I assumed it was the same guy, and figured probably a local with a habit of getting picked up on the corner). This time he had a razor-like scooter and was standing out at the sidewalk when my bro pulled in. I get into the car and we turn around to pull out and all of the sudden this hooded twit starts walking up the passenger side of the driveway like he owns the place. Suddenly he's up close (within 10 feet) on my side and I can see this one is white and this one has the look of murder as we pass by him. He turns around and starts approaching from behind, but stops short of the rear light at about the 5 o'clock position and just stands there while we're stuck waiting for traffic. My buddy doesn't think much of it but because I'm darknet savvy I'm sitting there thinking similarly dressed character with same behavior pattern happened last week, this one looks more psychopathic than the last, and he's probably about to hit the new car with his scooter like it's a bat. Traffic cleared and we pulled out from there. I phoned back home to let them know some knuckle-dragger was fucking around out front but he had gone within a minute after pulling away.

I don't assume at the moment that vector I laid was discovered. What's more likely is my behaviors were monitored by ad services on Android phones. I encountered this phenomenon when looking up something completely unrelated to something else I had just spoken about being something to have. Because I'm savvy about what I install on the PC, the only vector I do not control that my speech could have been extricated by was Android devices. I don't know how long it's been happening for me because that particular instance I had forgotten about my uBlock Origin being disabled. Seeing the item as all of the top-3 results on Alibaba threw me for a loop.

Anyway, point of this blogpost is I'm probably a paranoid nut but still keep your opsec top notchIn the event I'm either blackbagged or bodybagged: good bye my friends shitposting with y'all has been tubular!


The fuck is that supposed to mean? We never had funding to begin with and our platform has always been the boogeyman spaces of the internet and yet more and more plebs are waking up every fucking day. Look back 5 years ago and tell me we haven't been gaining ground at an astounding rate with no real opposition.

I hope the person who identifies as an expansive ornate building checks their privilege they might be oppressing mud huts.

might not be just you. Ive been having some very wierd coincidences myself. Found a dollar bill in my car's console with a strange note on it, seemingly for someone else but the more I looked at it I could see it was a slightly encrypted message using angles as the encryption, i.e. following the correct angle allows you to transcribe the intended message.. like the masons/cia have been known to do after decrypting, it is addressed to me, by name, and with details that would require a moderately intense level of digging. what I havent decided is whether its a "job offer" or a threat

I've always wanted to identify as a dragon made of consummate Vs that burninates both the countryside and the peasants. My therapist said to just call myself an arsonist.

The Long March Through The Institutions is real.



Also for fuck's sake stop using it. Android, Gmail, Docs, Drive, Youtube, all of it.


I like where this is going.

Agreed. It should go without saying but the flood of newfags ceases not.


I don't know about all that, but I noticed some very very fishy calls on my phone after phoneposting like a dumbass over at the halfchan and here during the election. something is up and they are using something against us so stay alert, bros

Git Orfox + Orbot and git gud fagit!
No excuse not to Tor 'round these parts m8!

Why must the idiotic make themselves into their own strawmen?

a while ago there were concerns raised about a foxacid type attack to inject 'illegal material' onto target computers. Would seem like something they would impotently try to go ahead with during their final pre-,mass round up temper tantrum

I think what we're seeing is a lot of lefties who were already in the terminal stages of ideological cancer jumping on something which their dumb facebook friends told them was part of the large anti-Trump movement. I sincerely doubt many of these google employees are taking to the streets to demonstrate their revolutionary ideals by knocking over trash cans… However… Antifa is certifiably and unquestionably a terrorist organization. Waving around their flag, displaying their symbols, and supporting them, even if only in spirit, is no different than pinning an ISIS flag to your wall and acting like it's no big deal. This sort of thing should be outlawed by every code of conduct and employment agreement on the fucking planet.


commies have top tier opsec

fix it or kys


reddit will get people doing nearly anything on their website for their imaginary points… girls spreading all their holes, people giving away freebies, all sorts of cuck shit

holy fug

Laugh at leftists everyone.

You stupid breh. Antifa dont have the brain power to do that, if they did they'd be us.

Checked. Its sad isnt it?

Pathetic losers on that site.

The trash can costume shows a level of self awareness I'm not used to seeing in socialists.

If they mask themselves, then they're free game. Can't be charged with hate crimes too.

You have to think 7 steps ahead when it comes to others fucking with you.

If they were faithful communists, then they wouldn't be a part of the LGBT+ identity to begin with. Marx, Engels, and Stalin were opposed to it. Although Lenin legalized it, he thought that celebrating those identities were bourgeois; an action that should be kept in the bedroom.

However, you're correct about them being hypocrites. They complain about the system not helping the poor, but they don't take measures to help the poor. Instead, they buy a lot of geek shit and go to expensive conventions.

So google will have some openings soon?

Yet you can lose your job over conservative views.

Yet we are still winning.

Hello Goygle shill

disregard that I suck cocks

I actually meant that as encouraging, but reading it again it doesn't look so good.
polite sage


Lel. Like pottery.

I don't remember discord ever having a layout like that before.

This is some shadowrun shit.

Thats why I'm working on becoming a decker/rigger
Currently acquiring parts to build drones

That's because it's Slack, not discord.

I bet they call it a team building exercise. The fucks probably write it off too.


Hell throw a pillow case over their head when you beat them and they can take the hate crime charge.

I'll just leave this here… I attached an image showing what these Google employees are doing for Antifa… If you look into this list, which was compiled last August, you will find the most hardcore Antifa supporters. People are coordinating between Microsoft, IBM Watson, Google, and dozens of top Universities, in order to subvert scientific development (ironically) for the cause of "social justice" (in their own words… sick!)

XLSX list of Google Employees who were following Antifa as of last August, 2017…

Mar Pages Singapore

Myles Borins New York, NY

JennyKatt Texas, USA

Rogue Google HR Mountain View, CA, USA


Not_PaulRevere New York, USA

Amy Wright London

Christian Williams San Francisco, CA

Sam Morales ☭🏴🌹 New York, NY

Dicky Brucks Oakland, CA

✨🌷YURI APPROVED 🌷✨ [email protected]

Niamh McIntyre London, England

Channing Ritter Brooklyn, NY

Anna Hyclak NYC & beyond

Kim Burchett Ⓔ Berlin, Germany

Meredith Whittaker NYC, NY

🇳🇱 Marco 🇺🇸 🎸🎮 Milpitas, CA

Jason Barrett Prado San Francisco, CA

Can't stop the signal.


This hurts to read. Because they are coming after my field and something I understand well. No, algorithms are not "prejudiced" and in many ways are much fairer than humans. E.g. humans discriminate pretty strongly against unattractive people or socially awkward people. Algorithms don't.

They are making the world tangibly worse, by getting these new technologies banned. Remember when you had to be an old friend of the banker to get a loan. And the interest rate was really high? Better predictions of loan defaults makes everyone involved better off. And the economy as a whole. And this is true for many other areas.

But sadly, factors that correlate with loan defaults just happen to strongly correlate with niggers. Your algorithm has learned wrongfacts. It must be shut down. If white people stop massively subsidizing the niggers, well all kinds of bad things will happen. Maybe we won't have another housing crisis. The horror!

Wow an actual thread, I can't believe my fucking eyes. This is probably what the shills are getting so worked up about.

Not sure whether you've ever read about Trofim Lysenko, but he was the fraud who took over the Soviet Academy of Sciences under Stalin. This is no different.

When a society is operating against the natural order, natural science will invariably reveal this. A super-religious creationist society will eventually be told about evolution, and then it has to decide whether to change its policy or to change its science. A flat-earth society will, if free inquiry is allowed, eventually figure out the globe. A communist society must, sooner or later, confront the economic failures of collectivist Marxism. This is inevitable.

It is also inevitable that sick and dying societies pile up one hysterical lie after another to stay stable as long as they can. A sick parakeet will hide its illness until the day it drops dead. A human body going into shock starts with an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, as the body overcompensates for its injury. In time, though, the budgie does actually die; the body does decompensate as the BP and heart rate plunge. In the end, there's no hiding from reality.

Forbidden truths in the modern West are, in no particular order:
1) Religious claims are factually incorrect, though atheism is not a replacement.
2) Religion of Cuck™ is a threat, as a philosophy, and it can only be overcome with a forced conversion effort that leaves no mosque standing.
3) All men are not created equal. Thomas Jefferson was bullshitting when he wrote those words, and Enlightenment philosophy has about run its course. The liberal habit of thought has now led to the near-enslavement of white men, who must work and pay taxes so that the biggest losers in the world can eat without doing anything productive.
4) Those losers can be sorted according to race.
5) Women are not qualified for liberty, nor do they really want it, and must have a man to guide them.
6) The bad guys won both World Wars.

Try saying any of those things during a political campaign. People who personally agree with every single point will nevertheless crucify you in the media, if only to prove how not-bad they are. To cure these ills and get back on track – to Make America Great Again, if you will – we need only tell the truth. But the powerful cannot have it, because each of those truths is so subversive, it amounts to treason and insurrection.

Past a certain point, there's no walking back on this. If no powerful person or group is even allowed to discuss the real problems we have, then either those problems fester and kill us, or we rise in blood-soaked revolt and set history on a new track. The new government will be free of the baggage that the old one had Jews, and so it will be free to deal honestly with these issues. In time, it will make compromises and start piling up forbidden truths of its own. These will be fairly easy to fix in the beginning, but as time goes on, vested interests will resist reality harder and harder, and look where we are again, ad infinitum.

As a software engineer who knows exactly the type of dossiers Google has on all of us, I can honestly say this is a frightening revelation. I've begun to severely ostracize, and openly argue with, everyone I know who identifies as "marxist" or spews hatred about Trump. I think powerlevels must be engaged before the black bloc tactic becomes culturally vogue in America. We may have to become brutal; the alternative is a tyranny more absolute than anything ever imagined.

I can't believe people still believe this fiction. Life does not spring forth from inanimate objects. It's a fairy tale derived from the theory that humans are the highest order beings in existence, and is as more anthropocentric and cultic than any creationist story.

Well, I'm glad you got the main point. And more glad you could demonstrate it.

Your post is generally ok, but you chose the two worst examples you could have chosen. After all, planarism as well as creationism are outsider positions, heavily ridiculed and supressed by the establishment.

Archive everything, spread this shit. The usual drill.

Can we purge the actual retards from Holla Forums? Religicucks are responsible for basically every problem we have. You can't be redpilled if you believe "god created all races equally" and other shit.

aaaand why should anyone outside shitlib communities give a fuck if antifa work for google? just use startpage for your internet searches dum dum



Job offer

Leftists are in many tech news sites spreading their ideology, today "The wired" has this article on the frontpage and it basically says that helping antifa is the right thing to do and hate speech is not free speech and "nazis" should be silenced but "we don't aproove of violence".
Here is the article in the frontpage of a "tech news site"

second article is "Why Cloudflare Let an Extremist Stronghold Burn". So much of a tech news site huh?

In "Engadget" they close the comments in all articles that are remotely political because they have a very big leftist bias and are writen by antifa sympatizers. When comments were open, there was at least one people always breaking their narrative and they probably despised that.

Nice dubs
>The new government will be free of the baggage that the old one had Jews, and so it will be free to deal honestly with these issues.


Well alphabet is 75% owned by the cia.

Literal alphabet soup front company.

This is why christcucks don't belong in the 4th reich. You had your chance to prevent the onslaught of communism through our institutions decades ago. During McCarthy, then Reagan. You squandered it, and now sound like a bunch of tards who can't into biology.

No, evolution is not a conspiracy. It is a well-modeled science which is so painfully accurate that we now use it as a cornerstone of modern programming a la genetic algorithms. That you continue to hold out against it is just embarrassing. To the point that you discredit the movement.

If link in OP's post goes dark. PDF doc is loaded up over @ >>>/rolo/

What ya doin Rabbi?

Friendly reminder, Any and all religious talk finding its way into threads not pertaining to religion are slide threads and same fag shills. Ignore slides, filter slides

>doesn't know the chink 'long march' is just an elaborate media hoax made by great granddaddy rothschild with his bff comrade mao inspired from 'the march' by gandhi, whose friends with fucking (((albert einstein))).


If laws existed Google would be charged under RICO statutes for organized crime and terrorism.