Are some Holla Forumsacks succumbing to Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Discussion Thread

I've been noticing a trend on Holla Forums that may or may not be an organic one. Over the past few months, an excessive amount of retarded threads have been popping up with slanted and frankly (((journalistic))) rhetoric being added, either for or against President Donald Trump. In each of these threads, there is presented a false dichotomy by both the thread-makers and the participants:


All discussion therein is derailed for endorsement of one belief or another. Discourse is discouraged through accusations of shilling, or histrionic pearl-clutching by participants in a thread. The end result is the board being shit up by thread after thread of the exact same discussion about the dichotomy I spoke of earlier.

I cannot with good conscience lay all of this at the feet of the legitimate shills who are paid to be here and disrupt things. A good deal of the people doing it are your typical anonymous faggots. I myself have fallen for the ruse, and I'm sure many others have as well. I'm alarmed to see people here devolve their opinions into something dangerously akin to Trump Derangement Syndrome, albeit one that is different in content (but not in context).

So what gives, folks? Are we all really incapable of having genuine discussions about an old man, or is this just the most hardcore astroturfing I've ever witnessed?

I'd be interested to hear what you think

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Short answer: you are correct that this is obviously what Shariablue is trying to do, with "Trump is Hitler!" as an obvious disprovable controlled opposition to try and lead people to the opposite "option". But they're really bad at shilling and nobody is falling for it. You'll notice that threads tend to turn into one faggot with 200 posts desperately trying to convince everyone that Trump is an establishment plant.

Holla Forums's general consensus seems to be correct: Trump is definitely not Hitler, but he's a step in the right direction.


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No doubt it's astroturfing. You also have at least 10 or so groups of shills shilling each other constantly at all times.

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I figured that it was such. I suppose more than anything this was me trying to get a thread going where we could see whether or not there's any "real" people left on here any more. The false dichotomy should be pretty obvious to anyone who's been here for longer than two years.

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So I suppose I should reiterate my point from the last comment:

Are you a real person?

Trump's a useful candidate whose election is to help set the stage for the next Hitler. No more, no less. Sucking his dick like Reddit or saying he's only a tool of ZOG is idiotic because there's evidence to contradict both.


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Yeah, the name was only there 'cause I figured it would elicit a chuckle from folks. Duly noted and name withdrawn.

That said: I think that's a fair assessment, and the only reasonable one. Not to fall into the "I agree with this point ergo this is the correct position", just that it seems far more reasonable than anything the magapedes or the drumpf fags can come up with.

These are strange fucking times to say the least.


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This is what I'm talking about. Any discourse gets immediately derailed based on X, with X usually being some baseless accusation about the one being replied to.

You reek of Shareblue conducting research to see what the ebil nazis think and find out why your efforts have no effect tbh.

Things haven't felt right since charlottesville. Filter the word "shareblue" and a lot of the trash disappears. It's not a complete solution but there seems to be a contingent of faggots who's sole purpose is to spam threads and destroy any semblance of discussion.

Then think that if you want. The point of discussion was whether or not people are turning into histrionic faggots over Trump organically, or if there's some hand-rubbing going on in the background.

Do you think you get payed 9.000$ per month to shitpost and make disruption?

Prize question:
What do you do when an employee who has completely failed their job which you pay 9.000$/month to do and has rendered your whole strategy useless null and void but knows too much to ever elect the side you're being paid from again?

Do you make him sign another NDA? ;)

People can decide that for themselves. Demanding a discussion about it looks a lot like data mining.

Barely 30 posts in and they're already here.

That's a good measure. Kinda like with Rachposter? ImKampfy dropped that schtick when people started filtering him at the mere sight of his collection of pajamaboy pics

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There's no demands outside of a bit of provocation to drive some of the anons hiding in the background (most likely due to confusion at the artificiality of this whole situation) to give their opinion on this. I can see how it might come across that way however. You may be a nigger, but you're promoting discussion and I have to respect that.

This is what I've noticed as well. Nobody really uses the term "shareblue", aside from the shills. It's like they're a few months behind and still think it's relevant.