Daily reminder

Daily reminder:

They are killing her off and ending the Apple's right-wing conservative family values.
How do we fix this Holla Forums? How do we stop the show from becoming a liberal shitfest? Can Hasjew be stopped?

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You can’t

Are you from 4cuck? If you're going to immigrate at least follow the board culture of the place your leaving to.

No but seriously there must be something right? You guys are the best at this stuff. Plz enlighten me.

Yeh from cuckchan /mlp/
kk sry be newfag here, I'll gas myself later.


Gas the writers, generation war now. Faust vult.

At least we'll always have season 1, and parts of season 2. The fact this show even continued to be popular after Lauren Faust was thrown out amazes me. Fucking bronies have no taste, they'll take this shit shoveled at them and not give a fuck.

I just don't know, OP. This culture war truly knows no bounds.

So what? Common, be nice about it ;#

wait wtf? i love applejack

Yeah they're removing her. Hasjew said she was too conservative/south and they diden't want a family show to be about right winged politics. Said it was a bad influence for children.

True, the nigger menace is real. (((They))) intend to water down traditional beautiful blonde pone waifu bloodlines with shitskins.
There's only one thing to be done:
Build the wall around the Everfree Forest.
Make Equestria Great Again

Yeah fucking feels like it.

Quit watching effeminate children's cartoons you slack jawed faggot.

i'm googling and cannot find a source. hoping this isn't true? if true a source would be nice

They actually internally referred to her as a hick. They're planning to make her 'urban' from 'the wrong side of town' and voiced by a niggress from SNL.

If that's the case it'd be better than pic related at least.

In addition to this, she is currently voiced by a blonde white woman from Leafistan.

Mmm true. Should have sourced. Ty for doing it. Yeah that "hick" thing seriously fucking got to me. Fucking assholes.


I hope you realize that .gif was made on tumblr. Under 2mb and choppy as fuck and might as well have been a .png since the animation adds nothing to it.

Not the sheboon from Budgetbusters, right? Oh fucking god.

That looks awful enough to be real.

No. I need my fix of cute.

Are you the only non-faggot here?

This board is a joke. I can't believe this was unironically posted here, with people unironically responding to it.

You all need to get out of your parents' house, get a job, stop wasting your life in the digital world, and stop pretending to be NatSoc, it's embarrassing.

That's why one should have super special organic fertilized crop/pol/ack shit table at the farmers market for just for urbanite scum.

You saying that a children show that's going to been seen by millions of kids. Isn't worth turning to our side? Better to leave it left then?

The dumb thing is they already had that character, the punk kid from Not-Jew-York. I can't even remember her name but she had the "Bad Seed" song.
I just don't get the line of thought for removing the character. Do they think Southern little girls don't watch television? Would be offended? Don't take pride in their heritage? Everything else eliminated, it must be a political motive. It was only a matter of time with Has(sidic)bro, they must have really thought that MLP was a dead IP if they let Faust have that much creative freedom to begin with.

No, this one.

No but now I feel gross for having saved it. Don't remember where I got it but I know it wasn't that cesspool.

Seems that way. It's always a disgusting feeling to be reminded grown "men" watch this shit.

You need to stop reacting to stupid shit online. Jesus, how new are you? Do you really think the clown posting images searched from DuckDuckGo is a "real brony" who loves MLP fanart?
Children are the most vulnerable and important part of our society. It's silly to suggest that it isn't worth staying abreast of how they're being influenced.

Honestly, this. Adult men who religiously follow the show are mildly disturbing but harmless, but what media your children are consuming is important to know.

The original show, at least the earlier seasons, included very important lessons, including one Very Special Episode about the evils of communism, and Applejack was an excellent role model for little girls.

Yeah I use it cus its safer ffs. That or ixquick. So what? And yeah i'm a real horsefucker. Been around for 6 years now.

I don't really see what that has to do with anything tho. Tought you guys were into discussing cartoons. Saw a thread not to long ago where ya dissected "Big Mouth" etc.


Exactly this, ty.

Whatever, the point is it's not worth discussing especially when you have far more flagrant assholes on this board spouting real lies and we also all acknowledge that we're surrounded by people who masturbate to anime girls just by the nature of this website and yet that never seems to come up. A thread about the cultural influence of a show that children actually watch isn't going to kill us.

Fucking this. It's a shame about the bronies but faggots are gonna be faggots and I want my daughter to get emotionally invested with a show that teaches her good values. MLP was far superior to other girl trash available like Korra where the main character is a backstabbing powertripping dyke, the live action feet pedoshit made by Disney and Nickelodeon, or Bratz, which is just disgusting to look at and I can't imagine teaches any kind of good values. MLP was hugely popular because it was well written and didn't spit on it's viewers intelligence, which is why children and manchildren both enjoyed it. The fact it didn't promote degenerecy to children I'm fairly certain Korra had NTR in it if the Holla Forums popularity was any indication just helped us further.

Fuck those fucking kikeflix threads. They were 100% created by their marketing.

I've just come to accept I'll never understand you horsefaggots, I didn't get this shit when it started god knows how long ago and I dont get it now.

It's literally just nostalgia, the person who directed this show also worked on a lot of the most popular Cartoon Network cartoons in the mid to late 90s. Furries were furries before this cartoon existed and they just latched on.

I mean sure. But we are allies are we not? When the purge comes around y'all promised to kill us last. What I'm trying to say is… won't you team up with us and help us win our show back? Even if it "doesn't kill you" so to speak?

This is either a hoax or production notes when the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was still in the planning stages.

If real, the reason they're singling out Applejack in these notes is that she was one of only a couple of original MLP series ponies that they were considering bringing back for MLP:FIM.

Ultimately, they decided there was nothing wrong with Applejack being a honest, hardworking country gal from a traditional family.

No… some of us can't function without ponies anymore. I think about ponies everyday.

My nieces watch this show so I'll give some input: if you're so inbred that you haven't thought of at least making a petition to stop any changes from happening then you're as much of a hopeless faggot as your brony persona tells me you are.

This to be honest, if there's no other cited source of what this faggot OP is saying then this thread deserves to die

You're being a little naive, there isn't any winning the show back. This happened before with the whole fan character thing in season 2. I seriously doubt Hasbro is going to make the same mistake again which was listening/pandering to their secondary audience. Remember that the primary audience is little girls and a protest from a bunch of grown men won't work very well. We have to hope that these changes cause less girls to watch it, and even if that happens Hasbro might be politically motivated enough to run it fully into the ground.

Read what I said in my last post, a petition from grown men isn't likely to work because Hasbro has been through a similar situation with this show already.

mlpolne when

Is the show still good? Stopped after season 4

You know exactly why this thread was made you horsefucking poof. Deflect all you want, in the end you're a dumb asshole who fell for a goon ploy to expose manchildren.

We lied.

Why won't pastel horse show just go away already?