What is wrong with white women?

What is wrong with white women?


As a white man this video sent me into a state of shock. How did we get to this point?

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You'll never be white, kike.

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Is that the best youve got??

Holla Forums really is retarded

What a story, mark.


t. Alberto Barbosa.

Also this is what social programming does.


While I think it's disgusting that she licks jamals balls in her own timid and programmed naivety, I think OP had a half valid thread, but it's more worthy for cuckchan quality wise.

Simple, they tossed their values out the window and decided to exploit the legal system to their advantage at the expense of their families and children. As someone who came from a horribly fucked up family I saw mother's use their kids to ruin their exes all the fucking time. Whats amazing is these whores are now getting assaulted by kebab left and right in addition to knocking out bastards and still act like tight 18 year olds. It's going to take shit the level of what Europe saw before the crusades to make it stop.

I've always suspected half the reason why kebab attacks are so vicious, white men don't give a shit anymore and I say why should they? Only an idiot thinks you can show an adult the way, personal responsibility is a 2 way street.

Well use Linux then faggot. Problem solved.

It's a two year old video of some random paid skank and a fringe kangnigger. It's not worthy of anything.

As I thought. Good propaganda though? If we want to be devilish that is.

Do you need help holding all that cope?

ARe you from that mgtow website lookism?

Geez Moisheblatt I guess that the totally legit 23 & me that was posted that has no visible name and could be anyones is totally 100% evidence. Even if you were white you would still be posting demoralization shill nonsense and should still kys.

There are hundreds of millions of white women. One white woman acts crazy so we are supposed to shit on all of them? Please lurk infinite years before posting next time

I don't feel like raising my blood pressure by watching. Just tell me, on a scale of 1-10 how degenerate is OP's link?

You’re simply rationalizing now.

Would you ever see a Latina or black girl doing this to a white man? Why this that?

Yes you can and you would you filthy nigger. Have you never used the internet before? YouTube is filled with vids of nigs nogging. Hell, the pavement apes set up a whole website, Worldstar hip hop, that is notorious for it's chimp out footage.

Most knuckle dragging nigger monkeys live in mud huts and are too backwards to afford phones + internet, so there is always the technology barrier that prevents these cannibal spear chuckers from posting things online

Yes that's nice, kike. Tell more about how totally white you totally are.

Is this some pitiful niggerspeak attempt to sound clever?

feminism. but the video is irrelevant. a gook or nigger female would do more for 10$

Speaking of gooks aren't the gook whores of Thailand and southeast Asia notorious for child prostitution and shooting ping pong balls from their sideways vaginas?

Found your real one.

Ping pong balls get stuck because they are so squinty. They use marbles or super bouncy balls in ladyboy town.

Well op IS a jew so let that guide your judgement.

Because a white man keeps that shit to the home/bedroom?

Actually yes, firsthand during my younger degenerate days.

You're still a kike in spirit, no matter who's stolen genetic test results you post.