Get Out, Now

Holla Forums is a honey pot psychicops shithole.
Leave now.
Holla Forums BO IS A KIKE

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what did he mean by this

And where would you have us go, good shepherd?

this is true.

A real white man finds his own way.


You asked the wrong person.

Just what I thought, you offer nothing but division.

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Into the thrash it goes

Cool, enjoy your weak mind which has been completely demoralized to shit.
Facts will not convince you anyways, even when presented.
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I am going to go build a white society free of kikes with or without you.

Tell more how your honey pot works?

Anyone wanna bet that a completely unrelated, different ID will come in any time now, and agree with OP?

Just waiting till the kikes prema ban me.

But first you need to stop looking like a fat nigger mouse.
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That's, uh, pretty pathetic, my guy.

B-but where else am I to shitpost?


Oliver, you're so gangsta
Name: Lloyd Oliver Willis
Age 39
Occupation: Research Fellow at Media Matters for America
Location: 8515 Flower Avenue
Takoma Park, MD
Phone: 202-492-3175
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]
Usernames:oliverwillis , owillis , OliverWillis1977
Social Media:
Google+: OliverWillis1977


Citation needed.


I have to agree with you user. I've been putting off making a thread about this very matter for a while now.
The only use of this board is news and that's about it. While it isn't the cess pool of Jewish D&C that cuckchan is it does little in the way of spreading our ideology or progressing the movement.
All you do is chase your tail and waste your time with controlled op Antifa idiots that will advance nothing.
While disseminating non-kosher news is important it's the tip of the iceberg in what’s needed. We can achieve those lofty ambitions of taking back control of our cucked states but only with graft, blood sweat and tears.
We need to be making redpill propaganda for the normies online and offline. The message needs to be easy to understand and provocative.
Forming secret societies. For those know little about secret societies the essence of these organizations is to create a rigid and loyal hierarchy. Masonry, the ancient order of the rose and cross, Mormons etc are religious cults at their core. Hitler also created the framework of a secret society in the Nazi party itself.
There are those that believe that a Nazi party that waves swastikas and hails Hitler has any hope in this socio-political climate and unfortunately they are delusional morons that care more to LARP than to tactually achieve results. The nationalists of the 21st century need to adopt new tactics and banners to rally our disillusioned people, it also makes it far harder for the press to slap labels and character assassinate our parties to the normies. So we’ll have to go incognito like commie Obama and ride a middle of road party that has some nationalist policies. Once in power we’ll consolidate power and then implement are true policies. Most normies are too distracted by the bread and circuses so as long as they get there sports games and retail goods we’re all good.


Oh shit nigger, did I call it, or what?

The swastika is a power symbol; representative of the aryan people used for thousands of years. I will continue to use it.
PRfags such as yourself are cucks who hold no firm ground in their ideology, and will bend under pressure from outside groups.

I wonder how much of agents' time and money out of taxpayer's pockets is used to keep a file on me, a careless shitposter.

then where do I go?

I'm going to go back in time and find you as a 6 year old child. then I am going to put you behind the wheel of a semi-truck and tell you to drive it. When you invariably ask me how to drive a big rig with over 9000 gear positions I will laugh at you and tell you a real white man figures it out himself.

Bingo. If you start to cuck for PR, you are lying to yourself and to your people. Become a figure of virtue by always boldly and honourably speaking the truth.
>"For chaos has never been mastered by those without courage, and a world has neverbeen built by cowards. Whoever wishes to go foward, must therefore also burn bridges behind him. Whoever sets out on a great journey, must leave old household goods behind. Whoever strives for what is highest, must turn his back on what is lesser. And to all doubts and questions the new man of the coming great German Reich knows only one answer: I alone will triumph!"

Hello, OP.

You haven't done shit to help anyone, you fucking windbag.

Before you are "institutionalized".

Do you have any alternatives?


All the high quality anons went to the secret chan after the '17 april fools hack. Anybody who is hanging out here exclusively after that is not saavy, brudduh.

Post your face when none of you realized the top quality posts disappeared and you've been posting with the leftover gutter crap for the past half year.

Meanwhile fullchan still serves as a useful sesspit and place to direct and herd undesirables to keep them off the real scent.

Psychic ops? Is this a new tv show? Also I've been here from the start and trust me the alternatives are far worse. Remember masterchan? Literal FBI dragnet for CP. Remember 76Chan? The admin admitted he only invited /int*/ so he could get their IPs and gave control of the domain to someone else to avoid the blame. These are just two of many examples and I could probably write a whole book about how every shilled alternative is 1000x worse than Holla Forums.


You dumb nigger, quality dropped drastically after 2014. By 2017 the board was braindead anyways so I don't knkw what "quality posts" you're talking about.

Your not from here are you?