What really separates animals from humans?

What really separates animals from humans?
In my opinion? Sapience. Not sentience mind you; a chimpanzee, a whale, a dog is sentient. It's sapience. We're uniquely sapient. The best other animals manage is being able to discern not to growl at it's owner, or using a stick to get tasty ants out of an anthill.
Very low-tier stuff in other words.

So what is proof of sapience? In my opinion, it's the molding of the world around the being in question, brought about by the internal quality of having said sapience. It's some form of self self reliance on that being's part it accomplishes by taming the world around it and being in a unique way apart from it, or some sort of moral code that isn't molded completely based on self interest.
Everything about sapience, a communist is practically the antithesis.

A communist can't take care of himself. Thus he cries for communism so he can leech off the collective. A communist has no real moral code; deep down his true morality is "I can't hack it, give me your shit." A communist can't display art, because a communist can't even keep themselves maintained without the childlike, overwhelming need of others to provide.

A communist is essentially, not a sapient being. Humans are sapient beings. A communist isn't really a human. It is an animal. It is lower than human.

ITT: user has his first philosophy class in school.

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What's with all these communists on Holla Forums now

Animals are capable of been self reliant, in a way better then humans. All humans have over animals is a better concept of the future and been able to use patterns we see now to have a guess at what the future looks like.

Animals arw capable of selfless acts to benefit their in group, normally their family. Thats normally limited to the right here and now.
Humans are capable of been selfless in the here and now to benefit a foreseeable future.


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To be fair they pretty much have the same ethics as the majority of Holla Forums. There's a few of us who genuinely want to instill order and justice, who want to pursue the truth; for many this has morphed into a simple desire to purge degeneracy though. Nothing wrong with that, but its pretty much exactly what these plagues and diseases do. Aids wipes out homos, ebola wipes out nogs and plagues wipe out the unclean.

Pot really does destroy your mind though.

The fact that humans strive to be better than humans. And no, transhumanism isn't the answer.

Do you know anyone that has built the house they live in, the car they drive, have made the clothes they wear or the roads they drive on. How many people do you know that have worked the ground to produce their own food?

How many spiders do you see living in other spider's webs?

I agree with you in theory, but to claim that the human web is only based on the local unit is simple minded. How many spiders work in unison to change factors of the entire planet?


Or the ability to feel empathy. In other words: a soul.

I'm not sure that that's unique to humans. Certainly not something all humans are capable of also.

How so?
If they had a reason and the thought to, i'm sure they could. A poor example, and I don't know the name of the species unfortunately, but I know there's a species of spider that creates a giant web over a tree's canopy, if for whatever reason those spider's decided to plaster not just the one tree, but an entire forest, the could suffocate and cut the undergrowth off from the sun's light. Which would essentially kill the forest, potentially changing the planet.

So Russians aren't human? Finally OP gets something right.

The desire for truth and knowledge

Communists don't pursue truth and knowledge. They just want big brother to take care of them and give them free shit.

Wrong and forced on to give your idea meaning.

Why do you keep bringing up communists, I thought the main point of your thread was about sapience.

They're not human then

so where do negroes fit it this schema?


Nothing. Humans are a type of animal. Biologically, categorically, we don't have anything they don't. We are just the "best" animals. Animals have a vague/instinctual sense of the future, we can picture and plan for it. Animals can communicate roughly, we can communicate extremely complex ideas. Some animals can make and use tools, but nowhere near as well as humans.

As development is exponential, these various advantages in capability have given us far more power than the next-top animal (which would probably be dogs or cats, who have adapted to be symbiotic with us). Thus the communist is subhuman, because they have everything humans do, but in reduced quality, just like animals.

< the definition of a human is something that has sapience - it molds the world around them.
< Apparently somebody never learned that beavers cut down trees, haul them to a remote location, then proceed to construct huge houses and dams using lumber, stones, and packed mud. Thereby radically changing the landscape from a small river to a massive flooded wetland to house a large family.

So when do we give beavers the right to vote? Although, if we're going this route, I will gladly slot niggers into the human level below beavers. Dumb fuckers never even worked up to the level of sticks and stones.

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The superior ability to override instincts separates us from the animals.