Bouvet Island

We had some svalbard threads last year. Perhaps this "natsoc colonization" type stuff is out of many people's minds at this point, but I thought I would suggest the most remote island on earth: Bouvet Island. It's supposed to be a dependency of Norway (i.e. can be given to another party without breaking the Norwegian constitution), but it is apparently completely uninhabited and free of structures except some automated weather station. Seeing as it is uninhabited, remote and that there is nothing to defend, it's unlikely that anyone would do anything if a settlement appeared there.
Unlike mainland Antarctica, it is possible to actually survive there given enough preparation, since the temperature apparently hovers around 0 deg. C at most parts of the year, and some fish and mushrooms exist there. It is not a part of the Antarctic treaty bullshit, so fishing would not incur the wrath of the treaty countries. Sounds way better than Svalbard to me.

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Right, so we can found a society of freezing peasant fishermen with no agricultural, energy or materials independence whatsoever, risk our lives every day to catch and subsist solely on fish, and watch the ZOG conquer the world from afar. Great plan.

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It's always a good idea to have a number of people who hold our ideology in a physically protected place. Just in case the jews win. They won't, but it's always a good idea to have a backup plan.

Pitcairn Island is far better.

You're a fucking idiot. That whole island could be destroyed by one frigate's missiles. And there is no realistic way of supporting, yknow, actual human life on it.

I think it'll come back pretty soon as an idea. ATM people are hyped about the ethnostate and American WN but once they start realizing that it's a pipe dream, we'll begin to see some serious ideas come forward.

It'll probably need some wealthy visionary/industrialist/prophet to give it a kickstart financially and to lay down some guidelines to keep people from infighting. Also the difficulty of a start-up project will keep away the hollywood nazis and other shit-tier whiggers.

Why the fuck are we having this thread? SAGE SAGE SAGE.

There are something like 50 inbred, mongrel filth that will have to be removed. This will definitely attract attention from the (((UK))) and they will send military.

and who's going to send a frigate 5000+ km just to blow up a settlement of a few hundred people. It is protected in part by its remoteness. It serves as a "base" for further colonization of the remote southern islands.
That's why this thread exists. White people are only the master race from surviving in adverse conditions. If I already knew that everything would be easy, I would be trying to go there already.

You didn't sage properly. Maybe you should try again? :^)

Literally anyone, at any time. The world wouldn't even notice. Maybe you'd be ignored for 50 years. Maybe you wouldn't. "Lol it'll be fine guys let's just hope they leave us alone" is not a security policy. If the ZOG conquered the world, they could EASILY come and kill you just for the sake of it.

Ok, explain to me how you think a society could survive live a reasonable life independently for the long term (centuries) on an island with literally no resources except rock and fish.

There are fumaroles and significant geological activity (source:, since the island was formed by volcanic means. Geothermal energy is a distinct possibility, apart from wind energy which I'm sure is abundant since there are not many obstructions.
As for sustenance, obviously the water would come from the glacier which covers most of the island. Fish, seaweed and fungi would provide food. Unfortunately, there are no significant metal resources, which means that weapons, machines and would need to be brought. The lack of metal and wood is probably the biggest problem, and if anything would be the major cause of failure of the "civilization".
As for defense: it's apparently difficult to land a ship on anywhere except one point, so the only big problem is aerial attack (or missiles, as you point out). Bunkers made out of stone, or holes in the ground maybe, idk.

People don't get it.

You could give the non-whites a billion Paradise planets & give whites a hoth planet,and the non-whites would still demand to live on the hoth planet.

You don't get it. It would be very difficult to survive, and the reward would be living in a freezing wasteland in the middle of the ocean in constant fear of seeing a battleship appear on the horizon. That's not winning.

Temperature is 0 deg. C throughout the entire year. If you call that freezing you must be a shitskin of some type. Given preparation, living in 0 deg. C is easy. Essential resources (energy, food, water) are present.
As I said, fortifications can be built - the Fuhrerbunker was essentially a glorified hole in the ground, and that was for living in for extended periods of time. Contrary to that, it's highly unlikely anyone would bother to attack unless the zog actually wins. Once they do, military will be operated by incompetent nogs and faggots.
It's not. It's a backup plan in case we LOSE and also an interesting side project for anyone interested.

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It's deeply impractical my dude. There's all of nothing on that island, and unless you're willing to figure out stone age survival techniques then you're going to run into some serious trouble once your tools break down. Better to do like the Amish and get a farm somewhere you won't die so easy.

0c ain't so bad when you got calories going into your body, but it bites shit if you're starving mate.

You might as well worry about an asteroid. Nobody's going to give a shit about the place since it will 50-100 years before it can even start amassing serious weaponry.
It'll be tough but wtf else are people doing with their life right now? playing vidya and jerking off watching youtube vids. In comparison, going on fishing missions, getting drunk at night/and or reading a book is about as good as life gets anyway.

Still though, you'd think there'd be better options than hoth island.

Ok if by "preparation" you mean a few million dollars for digging and building machinery, a small geothermal/wind plant, glasshouses and soil, building materials, ships, fishing and farming equipment, temporary housing whilst the underground fortress that can withstand bunker busters launched from ships is somehow built, and all other tools and supplies needed to set everything up. You can't just live on fish. And I for one will not live somewhere that nothing grows.

Not to mention the small logistical feat of landing all of that at least 5000km from the nearest port.

They'll just row there in a little boat using the power of wishful thinking.

Whu do you guys always want a remote island to maroon yourselfs on?
Why not hide out in the rainforest or somthing and expand from there?

Instead of picking the most shitty island in existence which is a national nature reserve of Norway and will cause a legit viking uprising to protect it, why not do like the remnants of the south-american Aryan civilization did?

Find a big ass shallow lake. Create tiny artificial island. Expand continiously. Endless watersupply, endless foodsupply, good protection against prying eyes. Solid expansion-possibilities.
Large parts of Sweden, Norway and Canada are unpopulated, and it's not like the former has any border or government agencies with any capabilities left anyway.

Also, technology for a farm without soil is pretty amazing, so one does not even need to use the "aztec" method of creating farmland from the lakes.

Check out /namibia/, we are working on a colony in British Columbia. Essentially, loads of towns were abandoned in the 1950s and now sit nearly abandoned. We found a few that are temperate and on the coastline, so they can be supplies by sea but can't be invaded.

thankyou user
/namibia/ is great