Rj Z nrj xfzex kf Jk Zmvj

Z dvk r dre nzky jvmve nzmvj

Vmvip nzwv yru jvmve jrtbj

Vmvip jrtb yru jvmve trkj

Vmvip trk yru jvmve bzkkvej

Bzkkvej, trkj, jrtbj, nzmvj

Yfn drep nviv xfzex kf Jk Zmvj?

we are watching you Q

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its in unbreakable RSA64 you couldnt even try to break it its 10 layers deep

What does this mean?
Did I piss off Microsoft support?
How come you can speak Hindi and not English?
Do you truly worship toilets?
What kind of magical properties do they have?
How juicy are your curry shits?
If we find out how juicy they are we can stop the rootless cosmopolitans not the Jews


23 folds

Simple cipher.

Z = I

J = vowel, possibly e

That should bias everything else to pull this apart.

re-arrange long paper clips

Q user is just another TRS psyop. When real anons decide to fight back come find me.

It says, "Hitler did nothing" wrong in several ancient languages.

Get the fuck out. Stay the fuck out.


R = vowel, possibly a

J = consonant, possibly m

23 letters in the alphabet
23 alphabets in Hindi
23 Hindu secret agents stopped an Afghani terrorist attack on their prized curry crops in 1995.
That was 23 years ago
In 23 days Kim Jong Un(?) will start a nuclear Holocaust which will lead to World War 4.
It will be so bad we will skip WW3.
Find the curry and horde your bitcoins. They will be more valuable than water in that situation.

+++ Q


I deciphered, "He lives".


The government never recorded DefCon1.
Our entire curry imports were at stake in 1995.
Bill Clinton started eating curry to make his semen more potent and delicious for cum addict Monica (((Lewinsky))).
When the president found out he wouldn't be eating his daily curry because of the Afghanis he threw a shit fit.
US policy forbade us to invade a country without a false flag first so we used our proxy Hindi agents to stop the terrorist attack and get Bill his curry.
There was only one survivor in the bad guy's side.
His name?
Osama Bin Laden.
He wanted potent semen and a rancid stench for his new 9 year old harem.
Thus Bin Laden swore revenge and masterminded 9/11.

+++ Q

Commit suicide.


CultState here

This is a Cartesian Shift/ROT-9 cipher that decodes to:

Here be proofs

Not even in a slide thread that's destined to be bumplocked?

Meant Caeserian

That's not a proof. That's the result.

St. Ives is a person or a place?
The man with 7 wives is Muslim
Isn't it haram to have more than 4 wives?
Why did the wives have 7 sacks?
Why did they put 1 cat and 7 kittens in each sack?
Don't Muslims like cats instead of dogs?
Were they allergic to cats?
How did they even find so many cats?
Do they live near an alley?
Did they breed them?
They can rape goats but can they rape cats?
Is it halal?
Did the prophet mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker rape cats or just children?

You know what pisses me off? I keep hearing about Q user only to see some cryptic BS posted.

If you want to do this correctly, look at FBI user or Senate user.

Romw will rebirth


Can this Q halfchan larp become permabanned?

i was already banned earlier for >>>11136095

i mean shit my cover is blown

Dubs confirmed your cover was shit.

We have now ascended into autistic screeching. Thank you Q. God bless you!


Reported for ban evasion.

You can't be a big man when you don't know what's going on faggot. You get banned for making stupid ban reports but I'm sure you knew that right oldfag?

Is this the roleplay thread?

Erotic roleplay because I just ravaged bb0015 like the good little cumslut he is.


This entire thread is Jewish CIA nigger horseshit designed to waste your time.

Watch as they reply to one another it's a beautiful thing, watching them do this for a few shekels a day