WTF Is QResearch: It Appeared 24hrs Ago, Has 10K Posts Total, 1K UIDs & Is The 4th Top Board


All this in less than 24 hours. What the fuck is going on?


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That's quite the effort in just 24 hours.

im sure the timing is just a COHENcidence

I hear it's filled with faggots that got banned on halfchan, but I'm not sure. Just keep an eye on them for now.

Considering (((Roseanne Barr))) is deeply involved, then that links mossad, and that's the game.

What is Qresearch?
How did it get so many posts?
Who made it?
What do they gain?
Do they have any connections with the deep state?
Is it a honeypot for researchers harnessing meme magic?
Hillary Clinton also did "research" for her graduate thesis from university. Find that paper and you will uncover the deep state.


this is now a Qposting thread

Now you know something fishy is going on.

Huh. This place is dead now isn't it? I hope not but we're moving towards that road every day now.

It's been anchored because you have a containment board for this Q shit. Apparently you have three now.

Why is it fishy?
Vagina smells like fish. Hillary Clinton has a vagina.
To kill someone means to sleep with the fishes.
How many did Hillary Clinton kill?
What about the ones we don't know about?
Do you know that Bill fished on Epstein's island?
Globalists live on a globe and globes have water.
Find the fish connection and you will put away Clinton.


Every other Q-related board would have been that active too (or, if anything, more active, considering this one's newer). The only reason they weren't is because they were unlisted boards. I have no idea why this one is listed, considering Q said he wanted it to be somewhat of a secret. Whoever runs that board needs to unlist it.

Dead like the people Hillary killed?
Killed begins with K.
Doesn't it sound like the beginning of "Clinton?"
K means kilograms.
Kilograms like the amount of heroin trafficked from Haiti?
Black people usually vote left but voted for Donald Trump.
Does Donald have anything to do with Clinton losing?
If you find that out you can prevent Hillary from being born and change the future.


Nigga we're talking about why the fuck this board is so popular so quickly. None of us at least I hope are part of the larp.

its like >>>/thestorm/

It's all from the same source guys. The same shills who shilled for Roy Moore. The same ones who say Bannon is /ourguy/. In other words, zionist kikes.

We're in DefCon 0 right now.
I have the nuclear codes.
Assange put it in the bitcoin code as a dead man's switch.
Who is Satoshi?
Is he kawaii?
Why did bitcoin's price rise and fall?
How much does Soros have invested in bitcoin?
Is he buying bitcoin to find the nuclear codes?
What does segwit have to do with it?
Are traps gay?


This blew my fucking mind when I found out about it.
Q LARP cancer probably exploded because it's banned here, cuckchan can't get enough of it, and it's gone mainstream with Facebook boomers and other retards.

Nah even cuckchan has had enough with Q, every thread that they try to make gets shitposted to oblivion.

Q here. I already said
You know who it is?
not the jews


He's gotta go back.

Jesus represented as a fish
Vagina smells like fish
Does Hillary smell like fish?
Does Hillary have a vagina?
Did Jesus have a vagina?
Why do I prefer bumholes?
How is a bumhole different to a vagina?
Up the bum no babies?

+++ Q

We're on the right track.
How does flat earth theory fit in the bunghole?
Are bungholes related to assholes?
Who made up these words?
Is Clinton even real?
Could she be a reptilian?
How can you see when your eyes are fake?


u wot?!

There's been tons of Q boards on Holla Forums though. Infighting ensues and they splinter off.

Traps are not gay! Back in my day the nerds were practice girls for the jocks. I must've gotten creampied by the entire football team before I settled down with my husband. He still thinks they're his.


yeah I know we have IDs faggots have some fun will ya?

But it's always the jews. Every "Q"uestion has the same answer. It is, has always been and will be for a very short time the kikes.

what really grabs my attention is whether or not the whole qanon thing was bullshit the conversations that ensued during the original larpfest lead to some very fucking interesting mathematical theory's being posited. And all the effort being put forth to discredit the entire thing is quite telling in itself. This shit is like a psyop fighting a psyop within a psyop of a psyop.

That's a pretty baadaass ID

Q here.
I never said it was the Jews.
Jews are our friends.
Remember the Holocaust.
It's the globalists.


Paper is flat
Is the earth flat?
Is it really?
Paper is white
Are jews white?
Who did 911?
Not the jews

+++ Q

i have not been a good goy

Back in my day a thing that was inside a thing that was inside another thing was me, pregnant, getting railed by the mailman.


I didn't see the math posts, but that makes me wonder if it's some NSA fags having fun with people.

Or maybe, GCHQ

I forgot, sorry Q, it's a rootless cosmopolitan group that's in charge. Definitely not kikes.

The math is because the niggerfaggots who developed this scam are shitlib mathkike academics.

You solved the puzzle!
You saved the world!
But did you really save the world?
Even if it's flat?
Can you save the world without saving the Jews?
Without the God's chosen there is no world.


does Q sign off with triple plus signs? Pls respond so I can be a master Qposter

Read all of the Q posts in pastebin
What is a pastebin?
A bin, garbage?
Paste is sticky
Shit is sticky
Shit that belongs in the bin?
Why is my formatting fucking terrible?
Am I twelve years old?
The truth is out there

+++ Q

How many lines did I snort?
The same age as someone that also snorted lines
Lines are on a road as markings
Its a marking of the line in the sand
Red lines.
Find out how many grains of sand are in a line?
Would you believe me if I said it was more than 57?
Find the lines, read between them and you will have unlocked fabulous cash prizes.


Dubs of truth!
Targeting the jews is anti-semitism magapedes. We are better than those stupid neo-Nazis. Israel is our best ally.


I stopped paying attention after thread 7, and even then I was just mostly shitposting on the botposter. How have they steered the investigations away from the kikes though? Every time people hunt for truth, there's always the "not-jews" ;-) hiding in plain sight. With this many people, normalfag as they may be, some of them had to have stumbled upon the truth.

Nah I don't know. I read the pastebin of all Q posts a few nights back and found myself underwhelmed. Drops a few abstract "hints" & the entourage spergs out into a fucking mess of omfg q is dolan drump!! and/or idds an ayyleum arddifishel intelligense :-DD it made me both kek and cringe in equal measure.

Checking for "anyone but a redshield"
Why is this thread eating through so many dubs? Kek must be after some sweetass shitposts.

I didn't read it. Too many fake happenings. The shills that are destroying this board are doing a good job without really lifting a finger. Essentially (((they))) led a migration of newfags from T_D and 4fag over here to destroy our culture like they did with Europe.

Mods are overwhelmed and can't ban fast enough. Since newfags are getting banned they're complaining and getting anons riled up and giving old enemies like Holla Forums and Holla Forums a spot to D&C.

I'm just enjoying myself these days.

I'm going over for shitpost

The boomers have made their descent, run you fools.

Interesting. I was watching an interview with Mosley and noticed pic related while strolling through the comments. Archive of his jewtube:

Judging from what's going on it seems to be a concentrated effort to fragment information gathering ability into wild goose chases and hinder communications through D&C. The shills real goal seems to be jamming Holla Forums through noise and confusion.
phoneposting and never learned to crosspost between boards, sue me
What kind of hippy shit is this? They need some esoteric hitlerism at the very least. All is love goys, just love the jews because they're definitely not in charge.

I'll see you there :^D

Well, anyone can look at it and see it's shit. That's soooper suspicious, but not in the way you wish it was. What is suspicious is why kikes are posting disinfo to hatechan thinking that will work. They're probably just going with what works on other Whites.

This makes more sense. Dilution right? Psyop within a psyop within a psyop within a psyop some user said. Inception level jewing so ridiculous you can't even comprehend it only your subconscious. When it clicks your head explodes.

Checking! I've already visited

Shieeeet chegged
Ayo those niggers banned me sitewide
What are shill tactics?
What is ban evasion?
Art of war?
Stare into the abyss?
I don't actually know tbqhwy fam
ϟϟ 卐 ϟϟ

Is I shadow banned yet?

I don't know what's up, they blocked my ip sitewide, but all my posts remained up..
8ch doesn't shadowban, just straight to the executioner's block as far as I know.

How did you faggots get banned so quickly? Mods aren't even there. Posts are up. Rolling in the bread crumbs thread

Looks like they hid it from the list now.

It is possible my paranoia got the better of me. Shit gets screwy & I start yanking cables & throwing petabytes of MLP into the lake.

I thought all the ponyfags were FBI now.

We need go ask Q he has all the answers! Q is God.

I just larp as a ponyfag for the lulz tbqhwy.
i grew up & started watching real horseporn

if its such a larp why do they have 3 full boards of this shit
an manage to get 11k posts in under 24 hours
you telling me there is over 1k people in on this hidden larp
it warrents some digging

I think the first couple Q posts could have been legit, but then it clearly became a larp, cuck had like 500 threads on it.

Agent Q comes from a time before agents had numbers. He can sing a high note that breaks glass. His real name is believed to be Thaddeus.

The correct answer is conehead-jesuit-lizard-hybrids who crawl in through people's ears and take control of their pre-frontal cortex using a combination of sex-magic and beat-boxing.

it's thousands upon thousands of cringe posts

are you implying kike math and kike physics arent kiked?

it was more like 700 iird

Could be them or others testing, getting comfortable with boards?

Like sageing an anchored thread? There's a huge influx of normalfags though, the problem is that they won't be content to stay in their Q ghettos, they will come here eventually once Q is proven to be false.

^ in their minds.


If these newfags would just lurk, maybe their Q movement wouldn't look so sad. I hope that at least some of them will come to realize the truth before it's too late.

the tl;dr is that too many cops are being busted for pedocrimes/prostitute murders and they're desperate for both intel and to muddy the waters

they're freaking the fuck out in western canada as to how and who is giving the FBI all this new intel

But the utter and complete faggotry over there is astounding. It's like a catholic cat lady's luncheon, almost every post ends with praise jebus. It's definitely a controlled op by now, so how can this Q-uestionable pile of newfags be redpilled Q-uickly? I've been dropping the jq in plenty of threads but I'm worried that these useful idiots may never see the truth.

What the fuck, is this place turning into the next social media platform

Social media for antisocial cunts with no identity, i like it

Drop redpills as much as you can. Whatever mossad op is controlling q can be subverted to expose normalfags to truth.

The language of chatter appears to be fags. Is that an AI machine language attempting to appear as a great volume of posters , or could it appear to be a symptom of something else?

{Q user} although cryptic, were trained and clear in language. fags nonfags and other shithole postings appear to be filtering true from fake
is it?

Is English even in your wheelhouse? It's almost like a pajeet train of thought derailed right into a massive shit cushion.