Israel create new propaganda department

The kikes have created a new propaganda department aimed at spreading positive "awareness" about the jew stat. And I shit you not, the group is called Kella Shlomo.

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And will probably consist of three kikes with down's syndrome shitposting from inside a utility closet while the ex-generals and UN ambassador take 99.9999999% of the shekels for themselves and do no work whatsoever.

Is that hebrew for "Trump administration"?

I wonder how effectively we can counter this propaganda on a budget of WE DO IT FOR FREE.

mein sides



I'm starting to think they're just rackets designed to milk government money at this point. Jews jewing jews and all that.

Kill all shlomos

Imagine being so repulsive that you have to sink millions into persuading people online not to hate you and still fail miserably

What's JIDF then?


Checked for fucking Shlomo is real.




FFS that's like a rapper going by just Nigger. Will they get paranoid every time they're called out as Shlomo now?

absolutely top tier kek

JIDF vitiate

i know we like to be elitist and all but we really should warn cripplechan and reddit about this.
they will be hit the hardest

shlomo is a common jew name

Good, good..


thats for non-israeli nationals that want to make a quick buck at the expense of their dignity and humanity

If they are anti-muslims, then there could be some cooperation.

Like we've ever forgotten your MO on here




Looks like JIDF just got an upgrade, "let's just say no no to the Shlomo" will come in handy soon I think.


An important takeaway from this, is just how anally devastated the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement makes these kikes. This means we should be pushing it even harder. Muh poor Palestinians, and comparisons to Apartheid in South Africa are good avenues to make the left more anti-Israel. Open borders for Israel as well as them chemically castrating Somali Jews also work pretty good.


Anti Israeli-Diaper-Force bump


solomon. if I'm not mistaken it means peace maker

Anyone that uses the term Judeo Christian already sets me off.

Posting anything pic related draws them like a bug zapper.

What shall we call the Goy propaganda department equivalent"



checked - topical digits!

can someone please tldr me on the scofield conspiracy


Not as fast as mentioning chabad.

I don't get it…

either im retarded or your joke is

with ya




links in pic related to topic


please dont, Reddit intelligence service


Meanwhile, the EU wants to form a standing Army, while simultaneously importing millions of young, fighting age, haters of indigenous European into the nation, making their taste buds ripe with a voracious appetite for European stuff, then offering them all if they don the uniform. HOORAY!

So they're just making the JIDF official?

Got a kek out of me, but you still missed the first post there, Chaim.

UK is utter fucking trash in that respect among the anglo's. Hitler was right they have this delusional superiority complex of the greatness that the British Empire once had completely oblivious to reality. Even Americans aren't this bad and usually it only happens when we mistake them for being mestizo or arab.

They did the same thing with the Poles after Brexit. While I get other European immigrants are a problem they aren't even by far the biggest, unless Albanian, then fuck them in the ass.

It is interesting to imagine that they believe they're ready to outsmart the common plebe when they've had their asses handed to them hourly by the Holla Forumsite individuals within the consortium here.