Possible Color Revolution: Black Edition

It started with the Golden Globes, and now Democrats are planning to wear black to the SOTU.

For those who missed what happened at the Golden Globes:
#TimesUp: #MeToo Coming to a Workplace Near You

Aren't these the same hypocrites that applauded Polanski after he raped a 13 year old? That kike streep especially pisses me off.

What the fuck happened to purple?

Usurped by non royalty


Nigger is the new Black this year
Sodomite Parisians predict that gibs will be all the rage at the world's most fashionable venues.
So, same as usual then?

It was too connected to Clinton, so it never took off. Nobody likes her, except boomer women.

Nobody fucking cares what these stupid nigger, muslim, illegal beaner loving cunts wear, or say. Everybody already knows they use shitskins and their pussy pass as a means to winning elections and are just hypocritical opportunists.

I guess they'll be appropriately dressed for their own career funerals though.

Yup. And what are we supposed to do? Suddenly mourn with them? Who the fuck died and why the fuck do we care?

Literally nobody cares about cunts

It passed out at a 9/11 memorial and shat itself.

Well, technically a lot of men do. Cunts are meant for fucking. Nobody cares what a cunt has to say may be a bit more appropriate.

This is basically women making their move knowing they will get by unimpeded because those that would speak up against them will instead complain about niggers. They're wearing black to flaunt in your face that men will not do anything about it.

Why would we complain about niggers when we're discussing whores and jews?

Black is the color of mourning, perhaps they're edging closer toward acceptance?

They did the same thing last year, only it was white instead of black. It ended up backfiring by making them much more noticeable to the viewing audience when they were being asshurt brats by refusing to clap at certain points or flat out making faces and giving thumbs downs.

I am always more than willing to encourage a healthy bit of paranoia, but I think this color revolution shit is one of the few things people read too much into (I don’t even think the Ukraine or Arab Spring protests used any kind of color signifiers if I recall correctly, though I could be wrong) when there’s a much simpler explanation right in front of them. Women are vapid, self absorbed thots who will never pass up an opportunity to attention whore. Their power is implicit and drawn from social dynamics. They signal their social status as well as communicate through fashion as it hits both these marks. Of importance to this case specifically, they also have a much greater interest in categorizing colors into different autistic subsets and put more importance on color compared to men. Thus, the ultimate favorite political power move of any woman will involve wearing a nice outfit that everyone will see them in, preferably with a herd of their fellow harpy girlfriends all at the same time for validation and to reinforce their social capital. Dedicated hashtags are optional but massive social media hugboxing is always mandatory.

tl;dr- Thots gonna thot, don’t waste your time.


will anyone even notice? dressing in black is pretty normal.

None of this fucking means anything. How can they revolt when they're the ones with every single ounce of power? Holy fucking shit, you retards. Stop falling for this kikery and start actually killing them. MAKE THEM FUCKING AFRAID.


Look, the back of a hand is one thing.

Just fuck your literacy up, right?

Yes, I honestly don't know many celebrity names, but one of the main ones that was bitching at the golden globes, also made a statement of support of (((Polanski))) after he drugged and anally raped a young boy.

Your words kike, not mine. English not your first? The subject is the bitches flying their colors. Kill who? Kill women. Really?

mgtow is not and has never been welcome here

I feel bad for the men in that picture. I can't imagine being surrounded by that many power tripping middle aged women.

Not same user, but I believe he meant vapid Hollywood dykes, and female politicians. I could be wrong, I am as confused as you are about what he was saying.

No shit which is why I'm not advocating what that kike is, nigger. Need me to read it back for you?

Which is why he needs to clarify and not get defensive over sperging like a kike getting clipped.

They want to use celebrities acting in unison with a symbol to signal to the broader public that a shift in public opinion is happening (it isn't). I.E. they want to try and manufacture a shift in public opinion using a handful of people who live in a bubble.

So we need to attack this by causing a distraction which taints the message they are trying to send by transforming it into our own message (hijack their signal and cause them to reject their operation or sully it). Think of the safety pin fiasco in which we were able to associate safety pins with gay sex culture, for example.

Another way would be to create a countersignal of our own which gets bigger media coverage and overshadows their "protest." Operation Helios is a start but is bad propaganda. Good propaganda is simple, and doesn't aid our enemies against us. IOTBW encapsulated this perfectly because it forces our enemies to make our arguments for us, while boosting morale for us, and it is simple as a message. Pasting race realism posters around only feeds the left because they just need to call us racist and the opportunity is lost. Normies won't gain any sense of awareness from it. We need a simple message which is on its surface impossible to disagree with without sounding batshit insane, but at the same time makes the left feel under attack and hence irrational in their counterattack.

There was the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, The Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and the Lotus Revolution in Egypt.

Mhmm. Reported.

I hope black Israelite takes off. Kikes vs nigkikes sounds hilarious

Lol hi FBI

Times up.

I guess it was only a matter of time.

I quite honestly do not get what the fuck anything is anymore. I have no idea what's happening at all.

It's yet another superficial way for the left to jerk itself off. These people are narcissistic and self-absorbed. I get the impression that most of the left hasn't ever suffered or had to work a day in their lives if they think these public displays of faux piety actually have any effect.

We are just flooded with shills and feds today jesus. It's like I'm back on cuckchan

What a bunch of hypocrites and liars. The same people who raped your cunts in exchange for fame and fortune is the ones hosting these events.

Who are they trying to fool? Nobody cares about Hollywood anymore.

That’s the point. It will delay the reaction of the Secret Service when they pull out their firearms. Really the SS should force them to attend naked.


Technically they still have a week. Still, it does sound more like inner-party civil war rather than outsiders versus insiders, nationalists versus globalists.

… maybe they've become jaded and completely nihilistic.
Took their fucking time.

And those that are dirty and in the mix of all those dirty celebs.


Our entire culture and laws goes against giving women what they need by calling them out on their bullshit and putting them in their place. But the feminine drive to start more and more shit with their men sees this as more and more of a failure, and cries out ever louder to be silenced. But it will never come, because we're too busy assuming women have moral agency and taking their words at face value. Only a return to patriarchy, both culturally and legally, will end this mess. Unfortunately, the biggest patriarchy is mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckeranism.


It all started in Alabama with muh nigger female saved USA.

Their strategy for the next elections is to get the single female vote.

Yep, can't see how that will backfire.

What is the meaning of the image of (((Kushner))) with a schwarze sonne behind his head?

Steve Bannon hated him because he's anti zionist and there's a lot of things that people don't know about him Including his power level.

all i see is a slide thread

Its been this way for two months now. The kikes think if they flood the board enough, we won't be able to have any meaningful shitposting.

Why black? What could it symbolize?

The purple didn't take?

Men are going to be wearing suits by default so everyone is going to look like they're in on this bit of virtue signaling.