The Logan Paul faggotry and doublethink

Note: This isn't an "e-celeb" thread. It's about the doublethink this issue reveals.

So this whole deal with this admittedly disrespectful faggot has spread far and wide, to the point MSM evening news segments are running stories about him. Various "online commentators" have gotten in on the act and are using it (predictably) as a means to run yellow journalism against whites as a group.

Something occurred to me, a point of wider importance, while I was reading about this affair (for the uninformed, this YouTuber posted a video of himself finding a dead body in a Japanese suicide forest), and that's that the same people so outraged about what this idiot did (i.e. millennial social-media addicts) are the same people that will handwave away inordinate amounts of even worst instances of "disrespect towards the native population" when it comes to immigrant behavior, violence and terrorism in Britain and continental Europe.

Mud rapes a white girl? No big deal, it's not all of them. Mud urinates on a church? Shut it down, it's not newsworthy you bigot! Mud murders children with a truck of peace? Let's show the other muds that we're welcoming so that "we win", and so on. Certainly no talk of deportations or what have you.

Basically, there's this bizarre blind spot a lot of millennial liberals have when it comes to Japan. They actually respect Japan a lot, they respect Japan in spite of domestic Japanese politics arguably being to the right of Donald Trump, they respect Japan to the point they'll use the example of a single white idiot as evidence of how badly whites behave in East Asia, in "another person's country" (despite the fact most of us over there long term are hard working expats in the professions: programmers, accountants, pilots etc), they respect Japan in spite of the fact Japan has a 0.1% acceptance rate for refugees. Note that I don't disagree with any of this, Logan Paul is a moron and he probably deserves a lifetime ban from the country.

But if you were to suggest that a non-white person, who has disrespected European culture in a far more pronounced way, ought to be banned, or that this ought to trigger a "conversation" about the behavior of non-white immigrants in Europe, you'd be met from these same people advocating the same for whites in Japan/East Asia with outright hostility.

Why do you think that is? Why do you think liberals have such a blind spot when it comes to Japan? Are they just simply so enamored with the culture that they forgive these transgressions of liberalism, or is it more just a sort of reflexive, unconscious feeling among them that non-whites are not really liberal?

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I have yet to see anyone upset over this whole thing that wasn't some sort of social-signaling jewtube bugman/catlady, or an outright kike.

Look at this creature.
These creatures have become the norm.

Its disgraceful.

The Japanese respect themselves and this is therefore reciprocated.




I think this is the key issue, yeah. It actually reminds me of Thucydides: "For it is generally known that human nature is as made arrogant by consideration, as it is awed by firmness."

I also think the racial element factors in in that liberals have a sort of unconscious ethnocentrism. There's this expectation that others with a white face must conform to liberal values moreso than non-whites. This expectation crosses borders too, the flack that Russia took in enacting a law prohibiting the teaching of homosexualism in schools for example, compared to the relatively muted reaction liberals have towards the MENA region's treatment of homosexuals. Both reactions are based on primal, racialized expectations: Russians are expected to be more like us, MENA people vastly less so.

Yea Op. I was actually saying just this to my kid brother that semi-follows Paul.


Just look at that pic, though. Just look at that dope. Look at his hair. Look at his beady eyes, and his stupid nose and lips. That fucker thinks he's someone.

Pretty sure I read somewhere that this Logan guy is part kike. Looking at his face only confirms this for me.

eceleb thread?

eceleb thread XD

isnt roosh v based guys? hes /ourguy/!

Your Jewdar is working, but needs calibrating.


OP I've been wanting to put those sentiments into words ever since this story went big. I'm not defending the guy at all, but the moment it went viral, I knew the racialized elements of the scenario were going to be played up by the exact same people who seek to downplay racialized animus against whites even when it's completely explicit (eg mass grooming of white girls by browns in the UK). Thank you for putting it into words.

On another note: There's something really off putting and obnoxious about bootlicking liberal weebs of that kind. I can't quite put my finger on it but as much as I like some Japanese media I'm actually intensely suspicious of people who are too Asiaphilic these days. Particularly the female weebs.

The real question is, why isn't he dead yet?

It is also about assertiveness. Progressives also respect the Swiss for example, a very ethnocentric and self-assured people by European standards. The Swiss are able to revoke natural citizenship from non-natives and maintain admiration from the “left”.

Yep, maternal side and some more kikes down the lineage. Which only intrigued me more about this event once I read that. Crazed white guys are world renown for their disrespect toward nonwhites.
But it's likely just a cohencidense.

Logan Paul is jewish, something that needs to be pointed out very loudly. Funnily enough the chinks I talk to all thought he was white and he is even damaging white reputation among groups outside of Japan.

You're right to be, they are essentially motivated by all the same things mudsharks are (self-loathing, deracination, lack of a group identity of their own etc). Alt-lite chicks who like to think having an Asian boyfriend is any better than having a Black one are actually worse, since their self-hatred has crystallized them into being some sort of white minstrel.

It's infuriating how much less Jewish he makes himself look outside of this image.

You shouldn't feel apologetic though, the same Asian Americans who foist those feelings of guilt onto you feel nothing but suppressed joy when Chinese espionage guts the US and other Western countries.

They elected a kike president not even Sweden is that cucked hell the nearest the US has ever gotten is a Jewish first daughter

Why are we discussing a jew without the mention of oven brands, rope materials, or hydrofluoric acid injections? Fuck off with your eceleb faggotry.

I don't feel guilty but many asians hold whites in high regard (perhaps second to themselves, but still) and if we gain nigger status in their eyes the genocide will go even more smoothly. Lotta second-gen yellow people are on our side.

Only people who wear those necklaces were abused as a child.

It's not necessarily abuse in the physical or even intentional sense. When you see this type of girl (assuming it isn't some sort of female hormone pumped boy) they generally fall into one of two brackets, but they are like they are due to parenting. Either they came from a broken home, or they were spoiled and treated as an equal/ friend rather than parented, which often involves your child disliking you for periods whilst they get used to, or understand the rules. So weak parenting. Much of their parenting has been done by jewish proxy tv, net, skool. This is why it has chosen to take the cattle nose ring, and not just one. It's why it's shaved the eyebrows off and drew them back on because (((prettier))). It's why it choses genderless attire because it is open to be led by either sex. This is full jewish zogbot zombie sleeper agent. NPC.
At its current stage the specimen pictured is a sub-slut wanting domination, verging on abuse. However it is simply an empty vessel waiting to be molded as you wish, if you wish, but would require constant attention and refreshing of the programming. It's a fucking shame is what it is.

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On the other hand, this board is already infested with meaningless USSA threads, but lets make it better okay?

Yes, he is a mischling

No they're not. They are only pretending and biding their time. The minute you remind them they are not white and that race-mixing is not allowed, they will show their fangs. I'm rather tired of all these civic nationalists.

TD and their cucknationalism needs to go. Civic nationalism is globalism.webm

I completely disagree. I think he would've gotten the same reaction if it had happened in any other country. In fact if it had happened in a poor brown country I'd bet they would've pulled the "white devil" card.
About this Paul logan guy, what he did was wrong because he tried to make money out of a dead guy, but the media, and youtubers that cry about it are doing exactly the same, they capitalize the controversy, write about the poor nip and make money out of him.

Same thing happened when pewdiepie said nigger. It's just for virtue signalling/making cash.

At this stage of the game unless you were selling jew world order buttplugs why would you advertise on youtube? how is there still cash to pay these whores?

The one thing that pisses me off about it is they're on this faggot's case for getting views off suicide, but that's exactly what they're doing themselves with "MY TAKE ON LOGAN PAUL SITUATION" video #2393

This reminds me of the CNN cannibalism show. Embarrassing to America and the West, and normalizing degeneracy. But maybe it'll prepare people for legal public executions.

This guy is a crypto Jew. This whole thing was a psyops to make Whites look bad by Jews and sabotage Aryan and Japanese relations.

That actually makes sense.

Japan is a case study in the hypocrisy of liberals. It is (by their standards) one of the most blatantly racist, xenophobic countries in the world, with a dark history of its own, and yet it always gets a pass. It is literally just because they're not white, in other words application of the same racism the liberals decry so much.

It shows how much is virtue signalling and groupthink, and how little they actually think these things through and apply their ideals universally.

Once on a normie forum, a guy posted the same sort of thing. "Why do Japanese get away with not taking in refugees." People literally called him racist, and made every excuse possible for the Japanese. Stuff the Japanese never even said themselves, yet it's being offered to excuse whatever they might be seen to be doing wrong. It's a weird, twisted way of thinking that makes no sense at all. That's what we've become.

Meh, not really. At least, not when it comes down to where their allegiances ultimately lie.

It has to have some effect since they keep pouring money into Google.


if you can't figure this is the very definition of a deliberate media circle jerk I don't know what to tell you

media faggot does some unPC thing, then PC media outrages, then unPC media defends or sells out

meanwhile the jew didn't have to actually find out what was going on in the world or had something to distract them from reporting the news. The media circle jerk is a layup the jew is going to pull every time because it's the easiest, laziest optionfor them. either call out that it's a circle jerk or ignore it but otherwise don't waste my fucking time. He did it on purpose, the whole thing is on purpose you retards.


There is a pecking order. Liberals lost their fucking minds because of blackface in the Gaki no Tsukai special recently aired.

So all this faggot did was go into a forest known for suicide, make a fake suicide video and thats it?

He somehow pissed off people and youtube? One of those comments was pretty spot on though. If youtube did care they wouldnt of left it trending for the amount of time that they did.

This shit is just retarded. Its just a bunch of wailing that does absolutely nothing. Its distraction media.

Jesus christ, not even the japs care. If you're unironically offended by this you need to kys.

He went to a forest, found a dead body hanging from a tree. Filmed it like it was straight from liveleak while cracking jokes and uploaded it to youtube.

maybe I'm just an edgelord faggot (or maybe I'm jaded from all the suicide vids I've seen on LL) but when I actually watched the video it came across as pretty tame to me. Distasteful, but not worthy of some concerted demonstration of outrage. Seems like a chance for yt faggots to jump in on some 'mental-health' bandwagon.

The dead dude chose to do it in a public place, why get mad that his body ended up on camera?

Oh so it was an ACTUAL dead body. Well thats a bit different.

>He pretended he was white, built up a following (((somehow))). He went to a forest, found a dead body hanging from a tree. Filmed it like it was straight from liveleak while cracking jokes and uploaded it to youtube. And then collected a load of shekels for a psyop well executed.


>>He pretended he was white, built up a following (((somehow))). He went on twitch and live streamed himself calling someone a nigger. And then collected a load of shekels for a psyop well executed.

>>He pretended he was white, built up a following (((somehow))). He organized an event where jews were filmed doing nazi salutes. And then collected a load of shekels for a psyop well executed.

And repeat ad infinitum.

Based! Roosh is /ourguy/, fellow White people, there is nothing wrong with race-mixing as long as men does it and the resulting spawn isn´t raised by those single mothers that wont give it to guys like me. Embrace /r9k/, Pol, I promise you won't bitterly regret it.

Woodchipper of Justice.

My personal thoughts, I think he's a Jew pretending to be white and smearing the image of white people in foreign places. His whole shtick seems manufactured and so does his (((popularity))).


< Either they came from a broken home, or they were spoiled and treated as an equal/ friend rather than parented,
Bullshit cuckservative excuses. They don´t need that to be faggots. The lack of natural selection is the problem.

When I lived in Japan this guy is nowhere near close to any of the retards that I have seen there. You should see a group of English teachers hanging out at an izakaya or an onsen; that is something that would make you wonder why Japanese weren't already implementing 尊王攘夷 (Sonou Joui: reverse the emperor, expel the barbarians).
I barely associated with these kinds of people, though I did have a friend that was a teacher, who I met through at the local pachinko parlor, and I would hang out with him and his co-workers from time to time. They are the worst fucking people you can imagine: super liberal, trying to impose Western politics and standards on the Japanese as far as homosexuality (already plenty of faggots in Japan), transgenderism (there is a whole nightlife scene revolving around transvestite pubs) and multiculturaism (honestly it's better when the Japanese, the masters of "cultural appropriation" take something from another culture and make it better) and most of them are either losers at home or even worse otaku that watch anime, and use it as their guide to Japan and the Japanese.
They preach to everyone how "the Japanese are" and "the Japanese don't do that" or "that's not really Japanese" or "I'm more Japanese than you" and get offended if you don't do what they think that Japanese do - one the best was the one time I went to a snack bar with them they threw a fucking fit when I sung Imperial Japanese songs, with other customers nonetheless, like link related. Meanwhile I was working in a Japanese company being one of three foreign workers at the company, dated Japanese women and had only Japanese friends, shit even my friend who was a yakuza invited me to carry the mikoshi around the town during the summer festival. And if I did something that was "not Japanese", as those faggots would call it, most of my friends gave zero, yes ZERO, shits about it.
Goddamn I fucking hate people like this. Again it's people that have probably done much worse this guy, or are jealous that he even went there, that are projecting so hard you could put up a screen and have a week long non-stop film festival.

The solution is simple though, unless you are visiting Japan for business or pleasure, stay the fuck out.

I wouldn´t call them people.

I wouldn´t call them people. The non-Japanese degenerates, I mean.



Whites always hold other whites to a higher standard. Even white liberals do this, unknowingly perpetuating the notion that races are different, some being superior.


isn't interesting how these people are so willing to leave an exquisite electronic record of all their anti-white activities? Do they even consider the fact that perhaps in the future, things might be very different and it might one day become more legally and socially acceptable for whites to act on what is blatant, racially motivated violence against them?

Logan isn't white, he's a practicing Ashkenazi jew.

"Somebody´s feeeelings could have been huuuurt? Teh luuurvin famelee could have seeeen thiiiis! Muh respekh! Muh respeeeekh!"
T. LeCuckoldNormieFaggot.

See? This is why The Edge is something to aspire to, to shield your soul against such poz.

Screencaps are too easy to fake, tho. There needs to be a serious, reliable archiving effort to deal with them trying to delete their internet history.

Youtube is just another data-mining arm of Alphabet, user. It hasn't made a profit in years.

No you don't see downs syndrome victims with the cattle ring. This thing is (((krafted))) over years.

he isn't.
he is 1/16 jew though I believe.

I saw it when I first looked at him.
regardless of whatever, the guy is a fucking dumb faggot


The dead body isn't even the part that matters in this whole debacle. The rest of his Japan trip was far worse. Throwing object at pedestrians. Jumping onto moving cars. Throwing stuff at moving cars. Yelling at passersby. Creating disruptions basically everywhere he went.

Guy deserves the rope just for pure jackassery in a foreign nation. Every tourist should be an ambassador.

He kind of is. This is how the international jew believes he can behave everywhere.

It's not a "blind spot", it's not "double standards", this is a war and they are the enemy who seek to destroy you utterly and totally. They are radical, rational hostile forces.

These liberals don't hate him over this mess because of some deep respect for the Japanese. They identify with the man who killed himself, and feel personally attacked when they see someone get mocked well into the afterlife, because everything, at all times, must be about them.

A little off topic rant here, if anyone is friends with these types on FB you know all about their whiny navel-gazing posts where they talk at length about their depression or anxiety, because FUCK self-improvement or making an honest effort to move out of that negative mindset, you don't get to throw pity parties for attention, they don't know how to get likes for being normal, or to move past being dependent on likes and attention in the first place.

It's humiliating, knowing that I used to be one of those self-obsessed whiny liberals.

The fact that our enemies will point out this white (Jew?) asshole's stupidity while giving minority migrant invader's crimes a pass, or ignore them, is simply a fact of life. Our enemies hate whites, just accept that and find ways to neutralize the enemy, period.

This does NOT mean we give Logan Paul a pass. Part of being white is to demand a certain level of education, civility and social decorum from your own kind, otherwise, what separates you from the lesser races?
I admit, we have been remiss in this, in the past few decades, but we need to rekindle it, if we are to achieve our true potential as a race.
We ARE better than the rest, we need to act like it, and we need to admonish those of our own that make fools of themselves.

Do you see Jewish organizations admonishing Weinstein? Of course not.
Do you want to be like Jews?

As hard as it is to believe, I think most normalfags still cannot into adblock.

The Paul brothers are absolute niggers who deserve the rope but I don't think showing millions of kids a corpse is a bad thing. It has been proven that people act more 'rightwing' when confronted with death.
Displays of death should be renormalized in society and every white should constantly reminded that you can and will die (and that the only surefire way to reach immortality is to have a minimum of two kids.

Good to know the one drop rule still holds true, this guy is filled with the same urge to destroy as all kikes.

It's also the cringiest shit. We all went through that phase when you're 13 and obsessed with Jackass, but most of us move on.

on this video his Jewish manager [this is hollywod after all] tries to strong arm him into virtue signaling for jews. his first reaction when he says "this is a hanuka gift" is
"First of all, I am not jewish. let's start by that." straight up making some antisemitic reaction of someone who doesn't want it.

but after getting a 20K gift he is bribed into saying he is jewish by association of his manager. basically he is aware he is being paid to sponsor the kikes and he is fine probably because he is a entertainer and that is how entertiners make money.

either way do your research you guys make Holla Forums look like a joke when you get you shit wrong and scream it to the skies.

fuck weeabos are worse than anything. just go fuck yourself weeb cuck

this weeabo wanna talk about whites

2724 Landon Rd
Shaker Heights, OH 44122-2008
(216) 450-1704 - Landline
(216) 752-1564 - Landline


does anyone have all the questions for trs infographic

It's filled with turks and albanos.

if you've ever travelled internationally, you'll see Israelis acting just like this. once they get out of the Israeli army they travel for a year or so and act exactly like Logan Paul did in this video. Zero respect for any other culture besides their own

who is that?