Under Pressure, Trump Admin Backs Off Proposal To Cull H1-B1 Foreign Tech Workforce

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(((the business community)))

I was just reading this in another thread when I hit refresh it was deleted.(Astroturf)

But after McClatchy reported over New Year’s weekend that the agency was weighing a specific policy shift that would prevent foreign tech industry workers from keeping their visas longer than six years, the agency reversed course on that proposal.

>“What we can say, however, is that USCIS is not considering a regulatory change that would force H-1B visa holders to leave the United States by changing our interpretation of section 104(c) of AC-21, which provides for H-1B extensions beyond the 6 year limit,” the agency told McClatchy.

Reps. Kevin Yoder, a Kansas Republican, and Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii, sent a letter to Trump, obtained by McClatchy, urging him “not to deport H-1B holders awaiting permanent residency processing.”

Side Note:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned it would be “tremendously bad policy” to tell highly skilled people they are not welcome to stay in the United States.

“Nobody’s happy with it,” said an industry source. “Everyone’s trying to figure out exactly what’s going on and also trying to explain to the administration, if they’re thinking of doing this, it’s a horrible idea and these are the reasons why.”


Cucked the Fuck Out

Big mistake on Trumps part - those pos Corp fat cats aren't the ones voting


Oh, and btw, DAILY REMINDER:

The United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC) is a business-oriented American lobbying group. It is not an agency of the United States government.

The Chamber is the largest lobbying group in the U.S., spending more money than any other lobbying organization on a yearly basis.

fuggin' SHARED


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has posted two billboards in front of the White House which declare America was built by foreign ‘Dreamers,’ not by native-born Americans, who apparently have no place in the billboards or in America’s society.

About to speak about IBM #Dreamers at press event at @USChamber #DACA pic.twitter.com/7g2JzGCyBt
— Christopher Padilla (@ChrisPadilla00) November 15, 2017

I have a weird feeling that McClatchy might be fake news, but what do I know, I'm just some internet nazi basement anime masturbator.

“The implicit message is that immigrants are better than Americans, that Americans are the supporting players, and the immigrants are the stars. It really is kind of the idea that immigrants are somehow magical people, not normal humans with all the strengths and weaknesses and foibles of regulaar people, that they are somehow magical…

Don’t American kids have dreams? [Silicon valley creators] David Packard and Bill Hewlett were not immigrants. Bill Gates wasn’t an immigrant. Tom Watson [founder] of IBM wasn’t an immigrant. Obviously immigration is an important part of America’s story, but it is just one part.”

America is not a “nation of immigrants,” Krikorian said, it is “a nation which includes immigrants.”

The Chamber’s use of ‘dreamers’ to refer to migrants, and the deliberate erasure of 290 million Americans from their own nation and history was posted as business leaders arrived in town November 15 to demand that Congress provide a no-strings amnesty for at least 3 million illegal immigrants, plus million of their foreign relatives, no matter the financial and civic cost to American families and American voters.

The business groups are demanding the extra immigrant workers and employers, even though new data shows that the migrants dubbed ‘dreamers’ by Democrats have college graduation rates that are one-tenth of similar-aged Americans’ college graduation rate.

However, any infusion of new immigrants provides Chamber companies with millions of extra workers to lower wages rates. The immigrants also serve the Chamber as millions of government-dependent customers. For example, Breitbart News estimated that an amnesty for 3 million ‘dreamers’ would require taxpayers to provide $115 billion subsidies via Obamacare to myriad health-care companies.

In practice, the taxpayers’ costs will be far higher because new immigrants can use the nation’s chain-migration law to being in many of their foreign relatives, regardless of their skills, ideology, age or health. For example, the National Academy of Sciences reported in September 2016 that legal and illegal immigrants cost state and local taxpayers $57 billion per year, not counting huge additional federal costs. The same report shows that immigration forces down Americans’ wages down by 5.2 percent, and annually transfers $500 billion in payroll up to employers and investors.

That is all gravy to business groups, which gain from a larger population and national economy, especially if there is no growth in employees’ per-capita salaries.

The billboard was endorsed by the FWD.us group of investors, whose founders include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

fuggin' shared man. I needed my fake news hit, my veins were itchin' so bad



Keep sharin' man. I need that fake news… Don't be holdin' out on me now

Cool bro. Filtered and reported.


Care to elaborate on why it's fake or just continue autistically screeching?


These pajeets work for the fucking state even. Why the fuck can't they work in their own countries?

God I love filters.

I don't get the oil spill one, has there even been a an oil spill since he's taken office? Maybe they're referring to him cutting EPA funding, but the EPA doesn't do shit anyway - if people actually cared about the environment, why would there need to be a government body that monitors it? The environment is common space - everyone has an endemic interest in it's preservation, that's why people recycle. The Government isn't actually saving the day.

Autistic screeching it is then.


Its strange how every time one of the media outlets says Trump may do X Y or Z, a purely coincidental tide of former Drumpf supporters who hate Drumpf now come in and act like it has already been signed into law.


I agree.
Its also strange how every time one of the media outlets posts an article wherein a policy-maker says something like…
… a purely-coincidental tide of Magapedes posting anime girls who deny any legitimacy to the commentary leap to the defense of The God Emperor as though the commentary was equivalent to some CNN thot claiming Trump is into piss-porn or watches gorilla fights 15 hours a day.

The internet is a strange place.


Tip Top Kek


Even if you're legit, from what I can tell, you're just a contrarian with a shitty time preference.

Kikes love immigrants because they want to get as close to slave labor as they possibly can.

I hate Indians more than Jews, here's why:
1.They abuse the fuck out of the H1b system, moving to other countries to get their work visas.
2. In the thousands of years of history and culture kept in India, the Indians are nothing but useless brown street shitters. It's like they have no history at all.
3.They fucking STINK to high heavens. Every fucking one I ever met reeked and they never do anything about it.
4. They're physically weak.
5. They're incredibly stupid. Really, this is a big one because they get their work visas to do educated work that takes jobs away from college grads in tech. Indians can not only not do their job they can not function in daily life. It's harder for them to live in Western Society than it is for niggers. They can figure nothing out, have no knowledge, don't know their own religion, make endless mistakes, and ask questions not to hear answers.
6.They shit on absolutely everyone else despite them being worth less than dirt. They shit on other people in line, they shit on retail workers, they shit on construction workers, they shit on bank tellers, they shit on everyone earning money.
7. About money they never spend a fucking dime in the US aside from spending 600,000 on a car they wreck instantly. Instead they send every fucking dollar back to India with Western Union or some fuckers making anything off of it. They send their tax returns backs to, that's if they pay any taxes at all.

I can keep going and going and going but for fuck sakes it would be ENDLESS. Indians are fucking trash that ruin everything they touch. Same can be said of niggers but coons are kept out of good jobs while Indians get in because of H1b bullshit from HR. Never the less (((congress))) wants more H1bs every fucking year ON TOP OF all the increasing immigration quotas.

Mods are really going to town it seems.
Crush that dissent! Crush it flat!

Pretty much this.
Every one of the jobs these pajeets take is a job that isn't going to a White American. Period. The muds may not do the job as well, but they are willing to be effectively-enslaved to their employer, so long as they don't have to go back to the slums in Mumbai, which can't be said for American Whites.
Thus, those who desire slaves seek to keep the trade alive.


Has anyone noticied what the mods did to the OP?

You can go back to the oven at any time.

What the fuck is going on on Holla Forums right now??

Confirmed not to work in tech. Lots and lots of white kids can take these jobs while they're still in school or fresh out. But what's worse is that a good many of these jobs are irrelevant and can be eliminated. The fact still remains that Indians set companies back, they never help them. Indians take up the time of other employees because the other employees, be they white, black, asian, hispanic, kike, etc, has to go back and fucking fix everything every fucking time for every street shitting pajeet.

correlation is correlation. I bet there are two types of anime posters: those who post it ocassionally because it fits, and those who use it in an attempt to seem legit in the realm of imageboards (using it as some sort of trump card).
Since what he states is true, I wonder if there is a discord or forum somewhere where people decided to shill Trump (or rather, not allow any discussion of possible faults), and decided to use anime to fit in.
Since animeposting of this form mainly started during the election cycle, it could even be a formal group (or it could just be redditfags. After all, to a redditfag, there is karma/authority, so a redditfag wouldn't believe all posts are "equal", but rather that posting with anime gives him a higher "karma"/authority).

Thanks for the input, Tormuldist.

Hahaha, no faggot. You can go back to your cuckshed forum anytime.

Because Congress serves the shekel-grubbers and the shekel-grubbers goals here are two-fold: 1. Dilute the American population with mudpeople, and 2. Maintain the supply of slaves until such time as the American population is diluted sufficiently that they're majority mud and ready for enslavement.

100% true and fucking hilarious. My fix is in, no need to sick bigger cock tonight.

Consider that their religion teaches that they will rule over all other people, then consider how poorly they dare treat their workers even while under the protection of the law.
Sholom Rubashkin is a prime example; agents reported conditions at Agriprocessors were like something out of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.

Perchance, are there any pajeets working for the site?
Nice catch with the original, btw.

I'm not sure, but, it feels like some kind of tactic to distract us from something.(shariablue)

You are just retarded. There's no mockery, fun or bantz detectable in your posts, just retard tier shilling for the ZOG emperor.(>shill doesn't realize he ''is'' the joke)

hautewheels must've gotten a 4-stroke for Christmas

Its pretty obvious m8. Jews are slavers. They've always been slavers. Their worldview allows them to justify being slavers to themselves.
Its what their whole thing is about.

Thing is, Whites are difficult to enslave, and they've not had as much success as they'd like, so they eventually just threw up their hands and decided to try to exterminate them instead.

this is how niggery your mods are(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing#Techniques)

You can repeat "Trump is ZOG, Trump works for jews, Trump is a jew, etc etc etc" 1000 times (you shills already have) and you haven't changed a single mind with your posts. Whoever is paying you to post this shit is wasting a fuckton of money paying you to sit in a room and type the same shit all day.

Took long enough to create a thread. Only mentioned it hourse ago.

Imagine being so powerful you just tweet banter and hundereds of talentless hacks scramble to make a witty response.

I think you're mostly upset that your threads keep getting accurately identified as shilling. Also take better caps faggot

What in the fuck are you doing mods. By denying angles you weaken positions. If Trump is to be defended, which I assume it's your job to do. Then fucking with things like this only shows you aren't capable of doing so and no idea how to properly defend something. Criticism is NECESSARY if counter-arguments are to be formed. INSTEAD, YOU JUST TURNED THE FUCKING THREAD INTO A GIANT SHITFIGHT BECAUSE YOU'RE ON A PETTY LITTLE POWER-TRIP.


You’re new here, huh.

New as they come.

The entire "position" is btfo by 'if'.
Instead of arguing it, the shills are treating a hypothetical as a definite, so they're being banned.


Is it ‘if we get the wall.’ Is he just going to concede on everything else for a stupid wall? Wall won’t mean shit when our country is already stolen from us from inside.

Bit rash on my part, quick to temper. Apologies.

Jesus fuck, let us have some fun too. We like tossing kikes into ovens. Post the edit but leave their bullshit which we can tear apart and fuck them with.

To be fair there is a lot of /meta/ crap being spammed here.
To be fairer, there is a lot of /meta/ crap being spammed here because the mods are being cunts.
How about both of you knock it the fuck off?
Polite sage for off topic.

No sweat. We're at about meta level 4 or 5 in shitposting here. I always stick to bare metal but you know how kikes get.

If the shills weren't fucked with as hard as they are, they'd drown us in noise.

What is trump getting for this and will it be hoodwinked like Reagan? What the quid pro quo?

Excuse me but the front line against shills has been Holla Forums. Not the fucking board owners, not the fucking site owner, not the fucking kikes selling your data, and definitely not a babysitter.
Spam is one thing. Shit talking asshole lefties that are in need of a good dry fucking is another.


Enjoy the ban. kek


Your job's dealing with the skinwalkers, not brock's basement nerds.


Finally he's doing something I voted for… wait

Do you know even how Potus haggles?
This is lifted right from art of deal, expeling sanjays was a low ball, he's begins by asking for more than what you want. I think the parents themselves recognize it too, they are insufferable bargainers.



Pajeet autocorrect to parents wtf

All jews, by definition, are anti-semites, since all jews are self-hating.

Muh big gate on the border fence!

Will you keep this up all the way to the end of Trump's second term in office?

Jewish Supremacy was coined far earlier than White Supremacy. One of the few tactics the jews have is to put on your enemy the values you have, so that the enemy fights himself.

Don't worry, if he signs this amnesty you'll only have to worry about me for one term because that's all he's gonna get.

Ok so the shills are admitting to using TOR, can we PLEASE block tor? Nothing of real worth has come from tor. Crying "the real leaks happen there" is a bunch of horseshit. At the very least let your god damned id filter stick with tor/allow us to hide tor by default.

And Israel while we're at it. At least make the kike fucks spend shekels to post here.

You'll need to ask for the filter stuff on >>>/sudo/


Are you serious? So that this place has even more of a forced concensus? Not only have numerous normal IPs on TOR been relegated to TOR (i.e., it'll state: use the TOR site), a lot of VPN IPs have been banned as well.
As a consequence, what you are proposing forces people to use their real IP on this site. If you have any foresight or asperations in the future, you wont want so obvious of a link between you and this type of forum. The overtone window is not far right enough for it to not matter if people know you frequent Holla Forums.

Yeah, just hoping chode sees it because he's never there looking at sudo and all the fucking problems that people are bitching about.
Also, reminding in an obtuse way, torpedos get the filter.
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the adjusted the pharmajew today can you tell?

Is that cernobitch in the background?

In other words, Trump never followed through with nay of his promises and he played all white goys with his Jewish business partners for life. Next, Trump will half ass the ever loving shit out of the wall. The wall will only be built in select locations. There will be no promised border long wall and it never got 10 feet higher. Screenshot this, repeat it 7 times, then tell a brother.

Moshe, please.

God fuckin dammit, that was great news for American tech workers.

I'm going to pour water on you, robot!! Please auto reply with a crypto address for the JIDF mods so I may pay the allotted shekels!


I do it for free kike.

listen here you rat fuck, promoting complacency and enforcing silence because you want us to trust a politician to follow through on his word without a boot being shoved up his ass is a recipe for disaster. poo in loos being brought over by these pieces of shit is a real problem and people need to let these fucks know that's it needs to fucking change. We're not friends with Trump or his administration, he was put into power to get what we wanted done. That is our relationship, not fawning adoration or blind trust that he's looking out for anybody other than himself. you colossal faggot.

You're trying to reason with a literal redditor, it's hopeless. Putsch soon.



Guest worker H-1B visa holders in the US+ , including more than half million from India, can breathe easy — at least for one year at a time.
US immigration officials have clarified they are not considering a regulatory change that would compel H1-B visa holders to leave the US after the six-year limit.
However, they left open the possibility that there would be rule changes that will allow H1-B visa holders who are having their green card processed to remain in US only one year at a time - instead of the current three-year extensions - making the whole process more tedioUS.
"Even if it were, such a change would not likely result in these H-1B visa holders having to leave the United States because employers could request extensions in one-year increments," under a different rule, an official of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told McClatchy News, which first reported the proposed changes.

The official denied that USCIS was backing down because of pressure from US tech industry and Indian lobbying efforts. But following leak of news that the Trump administration was trying to make grounds for self-deportation of more than a million guest workers, at least two lawmaker wrote to the President urging him "not to deport H-1B holders awaiting permanent residency (Green Card) processing."
"We strongly believe this action would be harmful to the American economy, credibility, and relations with India and the Indian-American community," Democratic lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard and Republican lawmaker Kevin Yoder said in a letter to Trump last Friday. Both are members of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans.
Trump himself, according to one account in Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury, understands the needs of the US tech industry and is sympathetic their H1-B visa needs. But his White House minions from the conservative, nativist plank of the party have hyped up the threat of misuse of the visa to argue for killing the H1-b visa, or at least making the rules so tight and the costs so prohibitive that it becomes unviable for tech firms to hire H1-B.

'With current wait times, the H-1B is no longer a path to a life in the US'
Even migrating the whole process from the current three-year extension to a year-on-year renewal will mean addition paperwork and costs.
The two Trump administration boffins who are reported to have worked on changing the rules are Stephen Miller, Trump's senior advisor for policy and Francis Cissna, the current director of the USCIS. They were previously on the staff of Senators Jeff Sessions and Charles Grassley respectively, both lawmakers having made fervent legislative efforts to squish H-1B visas.
While the USCIS clarification today provides some relief to H-1B green card processees, the additional paperwork that will come with tightening the regulations, and knowing there are immigration hardliners who are always looking to shut down the door on foreign workers and immigration, will test their nerves and finances.

Fuck these faggots decreasing my salary.

Hindus, cancerous kiked out filth who need to be killed to the last man. Kill them all.

It's not about your salary anymore. Hindus are a kiked out complement to the judaized fifth column in this country. Fuck Trump.

Every thread about Trump now is like posting a Garrison cartoon and asking for the original.

That’s what I get for working off thumbnails.

If this is your attitude then why don't you just stick to posting on /r/the_donald? 24/7 trump dick sucking and literally even the smallest critical comment is deleted instantly. Why do you need to come and post here if this is your thought process?

Also the worst thing you could do would be to hire an American if your aim is to produce clunky back doored tech designed to spy on Americans and introduce a New World Order with jews at the top. Obviously they are going to have to use poo in loos. They have no western moral structure, it's all about caste and therefore money. They are honorary jews.

Did his daughter whine?

So he didn't even want to touch the H-2A (majority of which are spics working agriculture and getting their entire family to live temporary and any child they shit out is a defunct American). The H-2B which are mostly tech workers who got imported from all over the world who bring their families under H-4 visas and naturalize rapidly if not shit out a anchor turd which fast steps their naturalization even further. Or the H-3 (sign up for military and become a citizen after x amounts of years on duty) a.k.a ROME 2.0 workers. kek. What a absolute shitshow, all because of 'muh economy', yet the liberals pushing their cancerous min-wage hike which has caused a economic shrinkage is a-okay. Even that new migration policy that kike created would still grandfather in ANY relative the current workforce of visas have and naturalize them all as Americans.

Now would have been the time to reverse migration and mass import Europeans who get stopped at the visa procedure, including me because my + net tax benefit to America is not good enough because i'm white, yet the illiterate streetshitter with high propensity towards crime who will never contribute taxation to the state gets a red carpet rolled out for them, a free plane ride and full temp housing and placement in sanctuary cities with mass government expenditure in the form of subsidization. Socialism in full effect, just not for the American people itself.

Nothings changed, just another kike with a varying opinion.

Mods changing the OP of threads about this subject.

He may have got something out of the deal. Sending all those visas back would be a shock to many companies. There are more strategic things on the list. Their status is not permanent anyhow.

Stopped reading there.
Honestly, Shariablue, I'm going to give you some excellent shill advice because I'm feeling good today, and your constant fuck ups are stale - Stop posting the article with 100% accuracy, because everyone here already knows to automatically disregard speculative language. Make shit up. Make it sound like it's already a done deal. You'll capture lazy niggers who don't read the whole article for sure.

In the end, you'll still be found out like the minimum wage, basement dwelling virgin who never goes out for a drink or a girl that you are, but it'll take more effort to do so. Your boss might even give you a promotion for such an amazing idea.

Eat shit and die