Race and money

I made a multi-million dollar company and fucked some kikes in the process!

Ten years ago, I started a company and I would go to offices to do maintenance. Where I live, minorities were not treated very kind (lol) and it was easy getting the good contracts. Fast forward 2 years and I made my first 100K; because of the job, I had to hire people and I would pay them a fraction of what I was getting. Needless to say I only hired white people.

As time passed, I got to know my workers more and more, and my business grew. I started to expand and started on focusing on getting other people to work for me. I can go more into detail, but this country really hates men.

Good for you OP point of thread?

What's the purpose of this thread?

That is really cool, user. You should blog it.

Okay. Congratulations?

First, I wanted to give guidance on anons that are either young or do not have a lot of money. Second, I wanted to give redpills on the industry. And third, I wanted to give white pills.

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I can provide you proof, but only once and I won't dox myself.

I make a bucketload of money in tech. I’m the whitest kid you know. Anyways, kikes suck baby dick and with these four easy steps you can be just like me!: insert valuable advice here


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Don't get us wrong user. While I'm sure everyone here is happy that an user managed to find success by starting a business to the benefit of our people, this thread is pretty much a blogpost and serves no purpose other than to slide other threads and offers no room for discussion. With different formatting it could have easily been a decent uplifting thread but this is honestly just low effort.

So when that might be? Which company, where?
Any user who is aware of biz world go here >>>/biz/
I fail to see how this thread is useful to those who are imageboard inclined

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Put some effort into your OP and you will get all the (You)'s you want. Stop putting your ego ahead of board quality.

Depends on your business, if you don't have one, I can give you advice on how to start (wait for my next post).

In my case, I had a service company. After getting redpilled on the anti-male environment, I changed my hiring practices. I now hire men that are on child support OR here esoterically. I try to keep my company small so as to not get SJWs attentions. All the accounting is done by me, and my wife does the paperworks at home. I really try to keep her at home with the kids, because only cucks are retarded enough to let their women go outside without them.

I'm trying to start a (very) small business, got any general advice?

Might as well share some advice, OP. Good for you, but you're just bragging essentially. Which means a thread died for your blogpost.


First, (don't have to be specific) where do you live?

For example, if you live in the coasts, you're kinda fugged. It's pretty cut throat the business there and the real estate is pretty high. If you live more inland, then you're better off, but state laws determine your success. My business is in Texas and Oklahoma, so it's literally 25 (might be 50) dollars to make a company… and you're set.

Second, what sort of business are you trying to create? I do have some connections in other industries, so you can be helped if you need partners.

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fuck it, ill bite. What are some good business ideas user? I know "hurr know your market and what is needed in your area." but I struggle to come up with quality ideas that i feel will make money. I have a pretty good job as a machinist right now and i really do enjoy my job, but i wouldnt mind making more shekels and being my own boss as well as helping other white anons. So any advice you can give us is appreciated

Yes, I'm somewhat on the West coast… just go an extra 5000km past the coast, i.e. England.


TL;DR: Service.
I've been in my industry 10 years and managed to make connections in others; I can tell you that service business models pose the least risk (if you're not buying equipment first). The client aspect can be solved with good outreach (most money and energy goes there at first), but it works better if you have established businesses helping you out.

In your case (machinist), you have three hard options:
1) go through the "white collar" channels and get to an interview for someone hiring. [I understand you MAY have a lack of formal education or trouble getting in, just like I did.]
2) get someone you know in a factory or company to hire you or help getting you hired, again this is going to be a pain because you need the connections or build them
3) kinda the hardest, but if none of the other two worked, there is a lot to be gained without much risk… create a business and try to market yourself.
Again, I feel like I want to apologize because I know the field of your expertise, and it's very hard to be your own boss… I knew a few people that managed to do it, but all of them ended back in a factory (though with better pay)

Well go right ahead. I would appreciate

Actually, you can use fake emails (mail.com) for communication until you can ascertain how trustworthy the parties are. I've been trying to work a solution with some of my potential new workers (NEETs though someone else).

Working with hikki/NEETs is kinda hard, not because of the "verification" process, but because of the time it takes to get everything together. Again though, that something other companies do, as I just stick to getting men in child support or those who are esoteric immigrants.

ouch… don't do that. I recommend going to texas.


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Nice work, user. Started in a similar time frame and now on the verge of big $ stuff too in my own niche, working at the highest levels internationally in this business. Most of you will have seen my work before.
Almost all customers are white and the closest co-workers are white and red pilled.

To other anons who want to know how, you have to sacrifice. This sort of shit makes university paper chasing look easy. You must be prepared to have no social life for few years, work whenever necessary and be dedicated to the level you are to 1488. Sometimes working for free a little gets you very far with the right people. I can hear you saying cost is too high..
A little sacrifice for a lot of future winning is all I'm saying.
If things go as well this year as expected I can retire in a few years and focus solely on making a family and the end/pol/ life.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor user and I wish the rest of you anons great success.
Push through the shit times and follow your dreams. You will make it if you are resourceful, adaptable, networkable and crafty.

I think what stops a lot of anons from starting their own business is a lack of knowledge of the essential basics, such as what and how to file, necessities, like insurance and bonding, forming a corporation, staying right with the IRS, and so on.
I don't have personal experience in the matter, as I'm quite gainfully employed, however, perhaps you could cover that.

If nothing else, it still looks good on a resume, even if your business ultimately failed.
Also, a majority of the non-business degree managers/supervisors I've had were previously self-employed.