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I've never seen thread like this on Holla Forums so here we go.

Do you preppare for some kind of economic breakdown, lack of power including utter blackout or another threads? I suppouse most of us are preppers even if you don't think about yourself this way. I'm trying to be preppered for lack of food or water even if i've a lot of this kind of stuff every day of my life. It's obvious there is so many dependends in modern world and we should predict this. For example if there is no power in some areas the pumps on the petrol stations can't work so you have no fuel. If there is no energy the sewage pumping station also don't work, so you can imagine how precious the clean water will be. I think we should start to collect knowladge about such things like treating water by wodden or activated carbon. Know the nearest water containers like rivers, lakes and even the little ponds on your neighbourhood and learn how to recognize contaminated and clear ones. I'm not going to describe you cases when shalters and stock of food saved peopele's life becouse everyone of us can name some but i would like to simply ask what's your attitude to such (in normies thinking) insane ideas like preppering. I read many books in my native language and also in english (like "nuclear war survival skills" i want you to read) As we all know there is no such a preppeared country as United States and i'm not talking about skills based on how to survive on the desert on fucking jungle but about private shalters, stock of food, water and guns. We can see what was happened during crisis in Florida, when people thread to each other by guns becouse of fuel and blocked ways. Even Yuri Bezmenov in his interview from 1983 rised this issue. I want to ask - what are you doing to be preppeared and what do you think aboute this idea?

There is one of most importent books in this subject.


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I don't mind a good prep thread, but maybe not here. Depends if the mods spare your thread though, I suppose.

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There are a lot of preppers currently raiding Holla Forums. But not the kind you're thinking of.

So what kind? I would like to know how do you preppare. I've stock of food, water, soap, and everything what is precious in time of crisis including fire lighters, alkohol (also as a fuel to can-cooker) and ciggarettes for trade.

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This sort of thread definitely belongs on Holla Forums you kike but the op has obvious ulterior motives

What's your first language?

Also, I was personally involved in years of backpacking, camping, and have been in some natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey. What I think is best is getting a gun, learning how to use it, and take some wilderness survival courses and read books on the subject. Hoarding supplies isn't efficient as there could be chances you have to leave them behind. Learn the skills to live without and you won't worry about this ever again.

It belongs in qtddtot.

there are better places for this subject
not that it wouldn't be a good discussion, but there are too many (((eyes)) ) on this place

You're looking in the wrong place: >>>/k/509170 For some reason, the mods here don't like prepping as much as they don't like to admit that Q is legit.

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Yes, economical and cultural collapse will happen almost simultaneously all over the west through a big chain reaction. The only question is when and what will trigger it, but I give it max 3 years. Probably less.

I am already storing food, having chickens, bee stock, running ducks, storing plantseeds, several fruit-trees, gun, oven that is heated with wood, medical tools and some more.

What I still need is a secondary well that I will be able to use without electricity and ideally a solar field or two.

The kind who keep bulls.

You'd best break out the rods and get to digging. By the way for any user's who might not know. Yes, divining rods do work.

This was a good piece from an earlier thread. Gonna start a lighter stockpile (those fuckers are cash when shit hits fans apparently)

Buy more guns, in different caliber's if your trading with other people there will be no large supplies of one kind of ammo.

Save your dryer lint as well, it's great tinder and worth it's weight in gold if shtf.

Also extra cable ties for selling this cunt

Not a murrican. Have multiple small groundwater bubbles beneath my property. It's essentially just 1500-2000 bucks to get it drilled and the hand-working pump to it. Plus something I need to figure out how to make it save from freezing. Probably building a small hut that is isolated. Maybe some that I can put away during the rest of the year.

Eurocuck doesn't allow easy gun access. The one I have is already unlicenced and illegal and unused. Cost me 1,2k for that combo. It's easy to get a used one that is already registered, but completely unused and past the law is tricky. Feelsbadman

I'm interested in using reinforced concrete walls. Any idea on how much that would cost?

I know an illegal mexican kid that loves to make bubbles.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

I see getting prepared for the worst cases as a hobby of sorts I haven't been able to reach yet.
The bad thing about preparing for a worst-case-scenario is it generates fear and uncertainty, which again fuels the distrust between people and generates more frictions, furthering the process towards social breakdown.

I as being a European who have lived in a quiet and wealthy area recon most gun owners on this board to be the prime examples of freedom loving patriots, who will and have to fight for their independence from the encroaching government. There still exist gun freaks who got nothing to talk about other than guns and muh freedums who don't contribute to the stabilization of the community, as they generate fear around them.

I aim to become independent from the system. As much a possible and in its own time. Being urbanized is making me a rat in the race, which I don't like one bit, as it's a man versus man game that drives people against each other.

People went mad in droves and the amount of bomb shelters built in the cold war are staggering and horrifying to tune into. Everything needs to be done in moderation. It's not like I haven't though about it. And at some point I perhaps should build a basement or dig one out myself if I deemed it worth my time, but there are more important matters at hand for me to overcome currently, as living though a nuclear winter is a hell of a achievement to overcome. Literally.

There simply is no need for me to get any guns either, too. As things are now. If people increasingly began speculating in getting guns the vibe would change and so would the game, and getting a gun at that point would be more or less needed to function in whatever level of society that could operate. And even if it got close to the point of being a reasonable thing, the most dangerous thing in a world of need is having too much. Staying below the radar is perhaps the most important thing to do.

Just applying yourself and improving your situation is enough for me to feel 'secure'. I don't got a car, I don't got a job, but I am improving my situation one day at the time, and my gut feeling is improving, even as things outside are getting dimmer, exactly because I prove myself to be capable of adaption.

Enjoy everything. Can you endure the pain you will see past the suffering. Don't get disheartened and a path appears again. To be able to trust others makes it easier to have faith, too. As long you don't make other people's problems yours, you can improve your own situation. Having a good stack of food and water nearby to last through the winter is very comforting, but doing so out of fear might break you too, because, when you decide you can feel secure, then?
Looking at it the other way - if you had everything, what could you then do to improve your situation? It's like the point of resting - is to be able to work. The point of work - is to be able to rest. Everything in moderation.

I meditate a lot and find parts of my self I needed to heal. When I find peace and the means to love my self enough to mend the wounds I feel used in a way that physical labor wouldn't come near to. Earning your fill is becoming much more a fundamental part of life when you realize you're not just a metallic bucket head, and you being to enjoy the hard parts in a way, too. Menial work doesn't seem worthless if you let go of the things that isn't vibrating well in your core, and seeking the strength to turn away from the bad vibes you gain firmness and a resolve to find better pastures, too.

It's a process. Don't react on the fear, but follow your heart and resolve to improve your life through the the means towards the same end - which is peace and love. Godspeed, user.

You should see about getting a reloading kit then. And buy a good bow.

you shouldnt be preparing for the things in this world, but the things in the next

get close to God and follow His commandments and accept Jesus into your life and read the bible

Romans 12:2King James Version (KJV)
2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

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