Steve Bannon quits Breitbart News

Steve Bannon quits Breitbart News
The move comes amid a furore over remarks he reportedly made about President Donald Trump's son
Ex-Trump strategist Steve Bannon has stepped down from the right-wing Breitbart News organisation where he built his reputation.
The move comes amid a furore over remarks he reportedly made about President Donald Trump's son.
He described a meeting in New York with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential election campaign as "treasonous".
Shills everywhere at a loss, wondering what the fuck narrative they have to push now.

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kike free first post

lel. Well he sure fucked up. Sage because he's irrelevant now.

kike free counter sage

So? I fail to see how this is important

How do you pronounce "sage"?

so strange, it's as if trusting kikes is a losing strategy.

I guess with all that time on his hands he'll be shilling cuckchan and here like crazy. Maybe he owns both chans. Some months back Chuck Johnson and Milo were vying for ownership of cuckchan after Hiroshima offered it for sale but didn't receive a reply, then the issue disappeared. It was always speculated that some moneybags bought into it.

But that's a lie big black taxpayer funded cocks, he was referring to paul manafort.


What the hell happened to this guy? Was he always just a self-promoter that was found out by his own missteps?

Can this kike just die already?

I'm just waiting for Wednesday.

Why would a man disavow someone for what they supposedly said in book that you then went on an shat on as complete work of fiction


For what purpose?

I’m going to sage it now simply because it triggers you.


there are 7 stickies right now so bumping and saging still matters when it comes to thread position on front page
you fucking newfag

It was stickied after I sage'd it, faggot. But what else is there to say? Bannon fucked his own shit up and now that he's stepped down from Kikebart he's officially irrelevant. Am I missing anything?

If you weren't a fucking kike shill, you'd know why, so I'm not telling.

Why would you shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane?
There's a next step to this master plan.

I'm not sure you should bother explaining what he did wrong, it'll only help the shills fit in.

I stand with Trump

I stand with truth.
I stand with my race.
I stand with objectivity.
Go suck cock on reddit. People aren’t your heroes.


Trump is being mind-controlled by CIA with drugs in the water.


Sloppy Steve BTFO

Guys, Kikebart is really important. The people with money, guns, and influence to make the necessary changes in this country–move toward an ethnostate–read there. Many of them are seeing the horrors of corruption and mass immigration now and are approaching full 1488 despite the site's kike leanings.

Whoever has editorial control over the site has awesome power.

Ann Coulter is perfect for the job. She is trustworthy unlike Bannon and accepted by people over there, and she is very hard anti-immigration. Perfect person for the job.

It's very helpful right now to go to Kikebart and leave comments on articles saying Ann Coulter should be drafted as editor in chief. This is really important. The direction Kikebart takes from here makes a huge difference whether this movement succeeds or not.

If you can, please go on Kikebart and put some comments saying to draft Ann. She'd be perfect for the role. Get the boomers who're right on the cusp moved further to the right and harder on race issues. She's the perfect incremental step.

Remember they won't hire anyone who is pure 1488 all the way, but Ann is the PERFECT incremental step for those people, and Kikebart people have to be led one step at a time.

They read the comments. Just post that Ann should be hired.


The reality is often far less interesting than the speculation. Bannon was always in this for himself, in trump he saw enough ideological similarities that he could work with him and trump obviously thought the same of Bannon. Once trump is in the white house and it comes to actually enacting policy, trump (or allies close to trump) seemingly differed on some issues and it strained the working relationship. Bannon clearly had some sort of conversation with Wolff during this period as sort of a "venting" mechanism, maybe he thought it was off the record, maybe in the context of a wide ranging conversation his comments weren't as incendiary as the book quotes suggest. Regardless, the relationship clearly became strained to the point were both parties decided it was best to break from one another. Fast foreword to a week ago when these Bannon comments surface and Breitbart has a massive issue whereby their most recognizable face is now seen by their biggest demographic (trump supporters) as being the presidents enemy. They've clearly decided that for the sake of the website it better to cut ties lest they lose a large portion of their audience.

Breitbart is a website and a handful of journalists. It's not a hard thing to make.

user kikebart is salvageable. It's jewish to it's core. It was founded by a turbo-zionist in Israel. Its entire executive structure, its mission statement, its funding is all jewish. By all means try to redpill whoever you can on there but there is no way the business as a whole can be reconciled. The best thing that could happen is a non-kiked website overtakes Breitbart and pulls the rug from under its feet, taking the majority of its base that are lemming on the Israeli issue leaving them with just literal kikes and evangelicucks.
Breitbart has to fucking die, it's converting disaffected whites who are indifferent on jews into ziocucks.

Isn't salvageable* fuck's sake.

Another unimportant thread gets stickied. Mods are fags. Bannon is irrelevant and said he stood behind Trump 100% two days ago. Who cares.

lol get fucked.


So moonman the cuck mod was wrong and he banned all those people who were right about this whole situation? WHAT A SHOCKER

yup, this is what happens when you let jews and turk roaches run anything

If anybody bought the chans, it was Trump’s people or some enemy of Bannon’s, like Mitch McConnell. Especially cuckchan, that place is Boomer Cuck central now. The no -stop shilling against somebody as irrelevant as Bannon makes me suspicious.

Steve Bannon ended up being a slithery backstabbing snake. Disappointing. Everyone around politics is a scumbag.

Hi Ann, I hope you get the job!

Sah gay there user

You narrow-minded fool. No, an new website is not hard to make; but the community built around Brietbart is worth more than the website 1000 times over. The Breitbart community is racially aware and strongly anti-immigration; it must be preserved and steered in the correct direction moving forward.

You mean Trump voters? All it would take is a single tweet from trump and the "breitbart community" would move en masse to a different website.

They really made it unusable a few months back, I always preferred it to the catalog.

I got banned for this post:

It's so funny to watch nupol swirl the drain, despite all the hotpocket's hotpocketeering it's still going down the tubes. Guess what fag, you're the reason it's swirling the drain.

That just proves how easily-swayed Trump’s cult is. They are dangerous. Trump could easily lead them right down the path to neocon hell and they would march to the fires with a smile on their faces. Pathetic.

Trump twees successor to Breitbart, instructing his followers to move there en masse? Unlikely to happen. What's more likely is either the site gets new stewardship that the community embraces, or it dies.

thank you. now go glow in the dark somewhere else you shitposting cianigger

guys make sure to never say anything about god doctor emperor jesus Trump even though he's looking like he's going to sign daca amnesty

remember that making liberals mad is all that counts! MAGA 4D CHESS

You're right, but why would zionist Trump caution his followers from visiting pro-zionist pro-Trump Breitbart?







so strange, it's as if trusting kikes is a losing strategy.






The mods really need to do a better job at culling kikes



This user has a good idea.

You do realize we have ID's here, right cuck?


About damn time.

The cuckchanner cries out in pain as he strikes you.

He might be able to get back into the mix if Trump loses significant support among his base for doing too much neocohenism and not being able to get through his populist policies. Then Bannon would look better. Possibly, Bannon could be the 'steam valve' leader.

Or Bannon could just run the campaign of the "uncomprimised, true America first candidate"

Goys, double down on Kikes masquerading as an American Nationalist movement. Its really important that normies are spoon fed their information from Kikebart… otherwise they might wander off the Mainstream path and actually learn that its not "crazy white people" trying to destroy civilization.

Every time. Kikebart is as cucked as it gets. When the time finally comes to round up the jews, their readers will be the ones guarding synagogues.

protip: trump's (((WALL))) is Kirstjen Nielsen's (((WALL))) which is to say that it is only 700 miles (for a 2200 mile border) of chain link fence to be built over 7-10 years. what a joke.

well according to MSM, Bannon had a problem with Kushner not being zionist enough.

No, Bannon fucked up so hard there's no way for him to recover at this point. He was already on shaky ground after Moore lost due to rigging but after the book debacle he's done. If the quote is true then he's a traitorous asshole with no principals, if it's not true than he's an absolute bumbling retard for not immediately coming out and saying "it's not true". Either way, Trump has branded him a leaker, a blowhard, and a crybaby. Resigning from Breitbart on top of all that is like an admissions saying "yes I'm a weak little faggot bitch". Who on Earth would support him now?

Reported for being a liar

Yeah, Trump's popularity could take a dive because of neocohenism and failing to pass his domestic agenda. Bannon wouldn't ever attack him on the foreign policy stuff other than maybe saying he hasn't done enough for Israel…but he'd attack him on not doing anything on the domestic agenda because of Javanka. Even though it was because of Israel first, Addelson and Singer puppets in the Republican Party that blocked his agenda every step of the way. Bannon could just spin that as Trump's a senile, confused old man that is being manipulated by his liberal administration to not carry out his campaign promises.

Holla Forums once again getting tsundere over their idols.

It all depends on how Trump does in the next couple of years. I think he will do well. I'm supporting him. However, if he takes a popularity nosedive from his base, Bannon gets a lot of political juice from the "I told you so" factor.

Trump's fuckups are totally unforced. His constant failure to keep a consistent message on DACA has caused the few conservatives to lose the moral ground against the "great kids".
He fucked up all 3 of the temporary protected status amnesties all on his own, he didnt need congress for that.
He could have either deported the DACASSHOLES or just waited for the lawsuit against them to proceed and strike down their status.
He could have sent the national guard to the us border and demanded a wall as governor pete wilson did in the 90s, but no. HE fucked up everything totally unforced.


But Bannon is praising the hell out of Trump. There would be no "I told you so factor". In fact if Trump's popularity went to hell it'd make Bannon look bad for sticking by him.

Bannon's a political animal. His public comments have no bearing on what his actual feelings toward Trump are. You think with Bannon's huge ego, he's not simmering with rage right now? You think he's not going to sic Trump's nuts if the oppurtunity arises? Sooo naive, son.

Fake news. The MSM is only telling the truth about Bannon when the stories can be used to re-enforce the fantasy that he's secretly a WN who hates kikes, despite being an arch zionist who dedicated his life to protecting them.

For example, did you know Bannon is a big fan of Evola? Of course he isn't, that whole story was based him saying Putin was inspired by Dugin who was inspired by Evola, but wouldn't it be fashy as fuck if he was?

Just to add: 95% of normies know that Bannon is disgusted by Trump and Javanka and realize he's just damage controlling a wildfire by feigning 100% loyalty to Trump. Yet, you are going to try to take Bannon's comments at face value? Are we trying to analyze the situation here or just waive pom poms and cheerlead?

Oh shit, he's dead.

Truly a sight to behold

More like kosher-wing, am I right?

Which one is it? I have so many filters applied I should be working for Alex Jonestein.

Bannon is irrelevant. This is political theatre to distract you from the fact that Israel's interests are continuing to be served, the jewish grip on US media and politics is unaddressed, and whites continue to be ignored and dispossessed of their heritage and identity.
Two zionists bickering is not fucking relevant to solving the problems facing European man.


Roastie, pls. Women in positions of leadership are a bad move. Lurk more and you'd know this.


She's always ready to bail the second she perceives a shift in political momentum. There's a documented history of this. She's a mainstream whore pundit whose sole mission is selling her scribblings

I'm a retarded nigger, but which son did Bannon talk about? Was it Kushner?

Jr. I think. Hell he's talked about everyone at some point but the issue was the meeting they claim Jr was having set up which was a no go. Hence the treasonous rants.

Anyone who comes out of Navy Intelligence is your enemy. Add Goldman Sachs to the resume and it should be obvious his support here is and always was astroturfed.


Reported for projecting your own autistic hero worship onto others.

Just think Steve, if only you'd sided with your own kind, instead of those wretched sandpeople, their crucified jew and their fake country, none of this would have happened.
But Israel is totally an ally. Sure.

Second link doesn't work.


hmmm the first archive link on that is fucked up too.
Wasn't my edit. I guess we have to verify links more carefully in future edits, lest there be (((typos))).

"z" wasn't the correct case, fixt

"white flight" link in these work.

yea, White Flight link worked in both cases. The more important "GOY, BYE!" link was fucked, oddly enough….

Bannon has become known as America's foremost populist among normalfags, and his message, even if kiked, is still preferable to the neo-cohen agenda. He has helped pushed the overton window to the right, especially for the eternal boomer. He should have been dumped eventually, but not while he was still useful. He could have played major role in upcoming midterms. He still may now that he is a free agent and Trump has deniability for his actions, so how he acts in the upcoming months will confirm if the shills are correct about him. Will he go nuclear and start outing pedos and traitors or will he self-aggrandize and cuck for Israel?

From what I gathered Bannon did actually do an interview with that Wolff guy and probably several other journalists as well. He seems to have a nasty habit of talking to the press, even if he truly thinks the exposure would help Trump's agenda (see his Charlie Rose interview where Rose uses every dirty trick to portray him in a bad light). It's almost always a huge mistake to talk the press unless they are 100% confirmed friendly unless you're Trump He also was a major leaker, but given that the White House was still filled with Obama holdovers leaking, his leaks may have been Trump approved or encouraged.

The new narrative r/thecuckold shills are pushing is that Bannon is responsible for losing Alabama, which is blatant gaslighting to hide the fact that the GOPe sabotaged their own candidate by very loudly and very publicly pushing the DNC narrative that Moore was a pedophile. Moore was a meh-tier borderline cuckservative, but at least he was pro-wall and triggered trannies. They did this in order to get rid of Bannon and any chances for populist candidates the run in the midterms, which seems to have worked. However, it is true that Bannon does deserve some blame, since he along with Trump and the GOPe killed Mo Brooks chances for winning the Alabama primary. Brooks had his problems, but he was the closest thing to replacing Sessions in the Senate on immigration. Luther Strange and Doug Jones are virtually interchangeable.

I also believe Trump is actually angry at Bannon for making comments about about his family, but not Don Jr. Hence, not only the apoplectic tweets, but in an official statement by the Press Secretary denouncing him. I believe his real comments were unflattering graphic words about Ivanka and Kushner. Pinning the comments on the Fire and Fury book is just a convenient excuse to publicly purge him while insulating his favorite daughter and jew-in-law from public scrutiny.

It's funny, almost a year ago they were pushing that Bannon was the shadow President and Trump was just his witless pawn.


Bannon is the neo-cohen agenda, just with a faux populist facade. Like a more polished Palin. He's still in tight with Netanyahu and Adelson.

This is so fucking wrong that I hope it's just a troll. You didn't even get the length of the border right, which is just under 2,000 miles.

Where has everyone migrated to now?

Nowhere, anons are going hollow. Some of us are still trying to save this place.

This place is lost, we need to find a new place soon. If we can't even discuss Jews this place has no purpose

I'm sure i'll be banned any second, my other ip was banned recently because i just said in my pic. Seriously banning for asking why no discussion of Jew Bannon? Wtf mods get your shit together. I'll make my own site if I have to, this is rediculous.

How many levels of shill are you on right now?

please do, this place reeks of cuckchan recently

off-topic but lately I've become real tired of this girls with guns stuff. This is, in my opinion, a major source of all of the women's lib, gender bending bullshit. To my knowledge it started with old kike westerns were you see women being chastised for wearing men's clothes and told to wear a proper dress but refusing to do it.

When you think about it, it's actually pretty faggoty and degenerate. It's female cross-dressing. This is where all of the confusion began. Had we simply forced women to stay in their fucking dresses and indulged their inferiority complexes by letting them play the part of men, we wouldn't be dealing with the monsters they have become today.

Not ripping on you personally, user, but maybe the proper response is not to indulge this shit but to treat it as gender bending faggotry. They are not men with tits, their proper role is to wear dresses and raise children.

We need a new effort by men to ridicule women who do this shit.


This is pushed by the same retarded lolberg second amendment fetishists who don't care who has the guns as long as someone does. By that I mean the type you see encouraging niggers and tiny Asian girls to learn to shoot because the second amendment is for all Americans and jerk themselves off over how socially progressive they are.
Apart from /k/ the gun community is strongly influenced by indoctrinated ZOGbots regurgitating their jew masters' agenda.

when did I imply this


You're absolutely right, they've commodified it and turned it into a kind of jaded sexual fetish. That's another issue that's been bothering me lately - the sheer number of men who go around sounding like a fucking walking advertisement for some product or service. It's never "I have a gun", but "I have a Ruger Mk III Hunter with a Leupold FX-2 scope and…"

I mean they sound like they're trying to fucking sell me some shit. It's really sad when I think about it - all of the car forums, computer forums, etc. They all sound like salesmen and they use this shit to status signal instead of demonstrating any real accomplishments of their own. It's the same shit you see with footbaw - living vicariously through a numbered uniform that some criminal nigger is wearing. Instead they live vicariously through their association with mass produced, consumer grade products. Just making observations here.

Of course we don’t even know what was said. It was probably something like “DonJr was naive to meet with that Russian because Dems will call it treason.”

He said Ivanka was dumb as a brick or something close to that. That's according to (((Wolf))) though. Not sure if Bannon denied saying that.

Spot on analysis.

this chan is the suck chan

the issue is the fucking jews’ control over EVERYTHING.

And the Rebellion against ZOG.

Bannon's/Kikebart's foreign policy is actually more aggressively pro-Israel than neocohen globalist kikes like Bill Krystal. Bannon's domestic policy is much better though. Pick your poison, I guess.

These are the empty bugmen devoid of any spirit or higher goal or aspiration than to consume. Offering them a vision of something better is one of our most important goals.

It isn't more or less. It is the same. It's just kikes like Kristol now they are burnt and poison to a certain subset of the party and electorate at large and so new faces are cycled in. Trump and everyone involved with him is PNAC. He is "Which Path to Persia?". He just needs to be a pretend vessel to soak up jew hatred to establish bonafides.

Ohhhhh yes, user. The Alt Right is a very big part of Trump's voter base. And powerful. Very powerful. Yes, yes, yes. The Alt Right is so big, and enormous, and immense - SO IMMENSE (omg you don't even know) - that the alleged main publication of the Alt Right just axed a top Alt Right leader like an expendable intern.

No, Sloppy Steve fucked himself and the Alt Right in ways probably only Steve knows when he isn't stewing in impotent cuck rage. Sloppy Steve, like the rest of the Alt Right, is an opportunist who is only in it for the money. And I'm glad the President cracked a clean one across their jaw.

Agreed, I don't think it would be a bad thing for women to know how to use a gun, in case she is home with the kids while the husband is at work and niggers try to break in.. But girls larping as special forces.. i've always found that to be one tier lower than all the 120 pound jewesses with more fat on their arms than muscle that single handledly destroy multiple 180 pound navy seal dudes in full body Armour and with rifles.

the second amendment, as with citizenship, and all other rights, should be for whites only.

Well this is what putting materialism above all things gets you.. As a burger, I will say I have a number of guns that I love, but as far as material things go, loving a gun isn't so bad, at least it can kill niggers. Hell of alot more useful than most the shit consumers buy.

Don't get me wrong, user, I'm not saying it's bad to have a gun by any means. It's this materialistic obsession that concerns me. It's like said - bugmen.

For them it's not about having a gun to protect their own lives, the lives of their own people, their families, or their posterity - it's about having a Gun Brand X™ to secure their access to Brand Y™ and Brand Z™ and they are not concerned about any of the rest. Some nigger killing a white person? Don't care, just wait until they come for me or try to steal my Brand X Convertible with a engine, then I'll stop them.

It's as if their entire existence is predicated on the single-minded pursuit of protecting shit that will be discarded or sold after they die. Nothing else concerns them, and when they pass they will leave behind a legacy of having done nothing at all of any importance with little reason for them to even be remembered.

You didn't, jews are very defensive.

さげ, duh

You're right but ridicule doesn't work. Ridicule=attention. Guns are the ultimate leveller though. A 10 year old gigaboo in Africa can use a gun.

What we should be doing is making all men learn physical combat, HEMA, or some other form, and make that a requirement of status. Currently, men are being raised to about 20% of their martial potential…and that's why there's gender confusion.

Seems DACA Don and his boss (((Jared Kushner))) were always triggered by having the far right on their team so now he's doing a purge as he pivots to Neoliberalism/Neoconservatism.

This was obviously coming as soon as Mnuchin was given a position.

It was coming before he ever ran. Trump's campaign was a response from the slimiest uber kikes in the country like the Adelsons and Pritzkers over Obama not being quite enough a neocon for their liking. These complex shill campaigns trying to paint Trump as this swamp drainer working for the military to root out corruption and the whole kike media being "against him" because he's going to expose pedophiles and all of this shit is 100% kayfabe.

You're probably right.
I can't tell if it is a paid shill campaign or if people actually believe it.


There are people who believe it, certainly. They believe it because of the coordinated shilling campaign in every corner of the net.

Steve Bannon has successfully cemented his place in history as both a moron (pushing Moore), and a piece of shit.
Fuck him. His 15 minutes of fame are up.

This is white people scrambling for a surrogate identity - ANY identity - because their natural, racial identity has been refused them. It's actually one of the most insidious ways in which we've been jewed; in that, stripping our people of racial identity has been enormously profitable for corporations that want to sell you shit. For many whites, identifying with their favourite product, or brand, or sportsball team, or sexual-deviant minority, or whatever, is all they have left. Really fucking sad.

Bannon is so tough, he's giving a free pass to the author who helped ruin him, and was on his knees begging like a bitch for his master, President Donald J. Trump, to take him back. Trump is playing a game of 4D chess, but Bannon is playing multiple 4D chess games at the same time! He's a Grade-A, Triple-S MMA superstar, that good ol' Bannon.

This coupled with if bannon wasn't lying americans are fucked. Seems unlikely bannon is the type to risk everything for nothing?

Neither of you are as smart as you think you are, and you should have realized this months ago during the "muh airfield" bullshit.

The post above while in half-assed mockery, is actually what all the mods and their paid jewish trolls post on here, and have done every day for the last 2 years.

Anyone against Holla Forums promoting neocon kikes is rounded on, harassed, mass reported then later banned by Imkampfy [HotpocketX]

Yet every day we get anons here still speaking with these same kikes posting their same pro-isreali,pro-ZOG shit pretending they aren't kikes

The worst thing about gun ownership is that it actually pacifies people, puts them at ease. Moreso, gun ownership should mean a certain implicit understanding that, since you have the capability of solving problems in your neighbourhood yet do not apply it, you become part of the problem. I've yet to really see any reports of patriotic Americans using their funs for any real gain, aside from perhaps a few home defenses which still lead to being jailed for hurting or killing a protected class.

This works:
The Z in the previous links was uppercase when it should be lowercase. Case matters after the archive.*/ part.

Hey, Bannon…
You can talk to the Russians about things. It's ok.
Especially in a country where we have freedom of speech…the state does not control who you talk to.

If you're going to make statements about "treason," then you'd damn well better have evidence of classified information being divulged, and it's very clear none of that occurred.

Watch what you say, words mean things.

Checked! Just sage by default.

< Is triggered by a picture of a woman w/ a rifle.
This is why r9k must be rejected.

Checked! Just sage by default.

< Is triggered by a picture of a woman w/ a rifle.
< Its all cuz no wimmenz dresses!
Very sad, this is why r9k must be rejected.

Three years, buffalo queer.

you forgot

The precise reason why Holla Forums has been poisonous jewish shit shit Bannon bought the chanboards to turn them into unpaid propaganda arms for israel

*since Bannon bought the chan boards…

Indoor range.
Even if not, she's posing for a picture.
See above
So what? It's a pussy 9mm.
How do you know she doesn't have cotton in her ears? That's what I do, works fine.

In any case, she's probably just a model, posing for a picture, not shooting anything. Hell, for all I know, the P90 might be a stage prop, or the bullets inactive.
Take it down a notch.


Step One - Alt Right says Kushner/Ivanka are the real Presidents.
Step Two - Liberals say the President is mentally crippled.
Step Three - ???
Step Four - "The President is mentally crippled, and Kushner/Ivanka are the real Presidents."

I can see the Trump haters trying to make another Ronald Reagan in this way. I don't know how they'll do it, but they're so predictable that I don't see how they won't do it.

I think the issue is that whoever you kikes who hijacked Holla Forums work for, you've used this board to shill for ZOG.

Most thought it was Kushner who pays your checks, but with the recent activity of MODS shitting themselves when Bannon got out-kiked by King-Kike trump, the mods went into damage limitation overdrive to defend ZOG-Bannon.

Either way you kikes have shit up pol, and it's impossible to ignore, even a handicapped autistic child from America can see all you kikes do here is promote neocon kikes


You miss the point. The kikes who hijacked Holla Forums are allowed by the site owner to continue operating, even after being proven to be who we know they are, and through official channels, no less. You're butchering the wrong pig. The SO must be taken down himself.

They don't, though. They masquerade as "patriotic Americans". This is the thing, patriotism is a Jew concept, nationalism is a white concept. We need to wake them up on the truth of (((patriotism))) including their dead neighbor's son who did his duty to Israel in a foreign land.

This. Patriotism was an artifical concept created in the 19th century in order to alienate the people from their own groups, instead making them vowing allegiance to the abstract entity of the "country".
Patriotism is cancer and it needs to die.

This Twitter account is a Troll. His name isn't Steven, it is Stephen

This post just got unstickied!
Must be some big news coming up, possibly just to make room for the new sticky about an upcoming political campaign for new leading light of the aut-right RabbiLipshitz for Holla Forums to be railroaded into cheering on…

Bannon should know that that book was intended to cause this in the first place..

So what's the story here then, is Steve Bannon /ourguy/ still or has he now fallen down the rankings and back to being the same jew propagandist kike-alike he always was.

He wasn't ever white nationalist. He's civic nationalist. I still do appreciate learning of the book The Fourth Turning from his interviews. If you're unfamiliar, check it out. It's about the cycles of history, and according to the book we are in the fourth and last phase of the cycle and approaching what they call the Crisis. Amazing book.
But yeah, not sure why Steve Bannon would state that son Trump was treasonous to a known slanderous jew writing a book.

Breitbart News has gone downhill since Obama had Andrew assassinated anyway.

user, there's also a breitbart link in OP, probably added in a mod edit, not that it matters since your post is after the edit. Don't be a faggot.

From what i see, (((wolff)))'s book misinterprets bannon's quotes and lies. now, this faggot shouldn't have given him any interviews in the first place. Giving an interview to an journalist with a clear anti-trump agenda. why would u keep around a person that goes and talks to people who are surely going to distort the interview to push a damaging narrative? How many people knew of this interview? why wasn't trump notified on this before the book was even released? Trump refuses to speak to fake news reporters and journalists but this dude just goes ahead and talks to them and not only does that but also manages to fuck it up by getting "quoted" shitting on trump and his family. he fucked up, on purpose or not, he fucked up.

Jews are just in for the money and power/influence, right now "pro-trump" sites are getting more popular, news sites like breitbart have more and earlier access to white house sources because they don't shit on him and predicted the elections right. I think it could have been nothing more than a business relationship if anything where both parties benefited from each other. To me, bannon strikes me as taking a shot for the team (his team being breitbart and israel, not trump) breitbart would rather can bannon than lose it's influence in the current culture war. posing as a conservative site with the trump seal of approval they are in a better position to sell their pro-israel agenda to the herds of goys who may think breitbart is true news all the times. after all lies are harder to discern when you mix them with half-truths and make them come from someone claiming to be your greatest ally.

A good way of knowing if he was /ourguy/ or anything first we have to know what he's going to do now that he left, who is going to take the position he vacated in breitbart and what changes it will bring to the news site.

Don't they, though?

They don't yet realize we'll kill them all.

t. 102 IQ pleb


The question is valid when you consider that all the other turbozionists are /ourguys/ still judging from the stickies and open harassment of anyone not cheering on these turbozionists here.

Perhaps there should be a updated guide here on which jewish fraud is /ourguy/ and which jewish fraud we pretend is totally different to our favoured fashy jewish frauds and thus we are against them…

Educate yourself.

So what's the deal then, Bannon /ourguy/ or is he now officially Sloppy Steve?

op is CIA. observe carefully. There is a subliminal message designed with the goal in mind to make WN minds have the message implanted of suicide. Their goal is to actually kill white people. is this not a most exceptional case exposed?! Shine the light on them! There are many posts of the kind, suicide implanted in a little coherent plausibly pro-white (but, again, incoherent, like it was made by AI, not quite a thought), or anti- WN, as op's message is. Behold, the CIA itself! Here, attempting to kill you: