Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testimony

Senator Dianne Feinstein leaks full transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testimony to Senate Judiciary Committee.

Simpson claims he was told the FBI had someone inside Trump’s network providing agents with information, according to a newly released transcript of a congressional interview.

In recent weeks, as the political fights about the Russia investigation and the dossier have intensified, Simpson has urged the committee to release the full transcript of his interview, arguing that Republicans are trying to obscure, rather than reveal, what happened in 2016.

Increasingly, the Democrats and Republicans on the committee are going in different directions — with Grassley moving to investigate matters involving Clinton when she was secretary of state and Feinstein concentrating on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

> I know that this move isn't supposed to help us, but sometimes (((they))) arent as smart as they think.


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It's a muck raking firm.

Q. Sure. To the best of your knowledge, has anyone associated with Fusion GPS ever told clients or prospective clients that the company could find and distribute information or take other actions in order to encourage government agencies to initiate an investigation?

A. The word "associated" is really vague. ….

Msnbc is doing a victory lap

Have they found anything of interest?

Not really, they switched topics to bannon stepping down fairly quick

a year ago we got a massive leak of personal emails from the ?yahoo account of a top ?admiral of the ?NSA or something. It was mostly just newsclippings of russian news, he was apparently sending from work to home, but there was a lot about the magnintsky, and the russian lawyer who had that meeting with Trump Jnr. Despite two days of combing, we found little of interest. I wonder if it could help now….

First off, BUMP
A. Who was killed? pic related
B. How does this hurt POTUS?
C. Why did Jewstein release this testimony IF someone really was killed over it?
D.McCain is such an utter scumbag. He deserves his cancer karma. Pic related

Simpson alluded to connections between and figures associated with organized crime. Right as word is coming out that Mueller is looking to interview the president.

polite sage for double post

I mean does this REALLY hurt him?? idk, i guess i'm done buying everyone's in deep shit till i see it. JADED :(

i don't know if it really hurts him, but it gives the left something to cling on to while their gollums are outed for abusing their power and conspiring against a sitting president.

In the end its testimony from august that wasn't taken under oath, so its not really going to hurt Trump, but like I said, facts don't matter to the left in this country.

Do you have a quote for simpson alluding to this? Are you talking about Will Browder?

I vaguely recall the story of someone connected to Fusion GPS dying in Moscow of all places.

My memory is good:

I just found pic related, looking for more details.


pic related

Q. So the conclusion that you reached, was it informed by the research that you were – your personal conclusion, was it informed by the research that you were conducting?

Q. You mentioned that earlier and I think you made clear a number of times in the course of the day that the specific work on Russian interference and possible ties to the campaign that Mr. Steele was doing was one part of that bigger picture, and I did want to ask you about some of that bigger picture of the work and get a sense from you, if I could, you know, some of the background and findings. In particular one of the things you had mentioned – well, you just mentioned right now as we were speaking the term "illicit activity." What, if any, research did you conduct that gave you any concerns about then Candidate Trump and potential illicit activity?

OKAY THANK YOU. I just can't understand this whole thing I guess? I can't see where this is detrimental to POTUS at all, the MSM is doing victory laps… WHY?
Is this a retarded attempt to show transparency on behalf of the dems? haven't they learned yet that their shit always backfires??

the names that they specifically mention are Felix Sater and Semyon Mogilebich

17 In the early – the very first weekend that I
18 started boning up on Donald Trump, you know, I
19 found various references to him having connections
20 to Italian organized crime and later to a Russian
21 organized crime figure named Felix Sater,
22 S-A-T-E-R. It wasn't hard to find, it wasn't any
23 great achievement, it was in the New York Times,

18 As it happens, Felix Sater was, you know,
19 connected to the same Russian crime family that was
20 at issue in the Prevezon case, which is the
21 dominant Russian crime family in Russia and has a
22 robust U.S. presence and is involved in a lot of
23 crime and criminal activity in the United States
24 and for many years was the – the leader of this
25 family was on the FBI most wanted list and lives
1 openly in Moscow as a fugitive from U.S. law for a
2 very elaborate stock fraud.
3 Q. Who is that individual and family?
4 A. The first name is Semyon, S-E-M-Y-O-N, the
5 last name is Mogilevich, M-O-G-I-L-E-V-I-C-H.
6 Mogilevich is sometimes referred to as the brainy
7 Don because he runs very sophisticated schemes
8 including, according to the FBI, involving natural
9 gas pipelines in Europe, and he's wanted in
10 connection with an elaborate stock fraud called YBM
11 Magnex that was took place in the Philadelphia
12 area.

Thanks, i just got to that part…

do we have any proven contact between Glenn Simpson and anybody at the FBI, because on pg 295 he says

A. No. I mean, just to reiterate, the only
17 contact that, you know, occurred during this
18 engagement was – at least to my knowledge, was
19 Chris's dealing with the FBI. Other than that, I
20 don't remember having any dealings with the FBI.

I might be mistaking Bruce Ohr for an FBI contact though. If we can prove contact with the FBI hes caught in a lie right there.

Page 89
1 issue all my life and when you're trained in
2 Russian intelligence matters the fundamental
3 problem of your profession is disinformation. It's
4 the number one issue.
5 In any collection of field – you know,
6 information from the field you should assume that
7 there will be possibly some disinformation and
8 that, you know, as a professional who has dedicated
9 my life to this, you know, I am trained to spot
10 possible or likely disinformation. So it's front
11 and center when you gather information in Russia.

He's defending the watersports blackmail accusations.


i don't think she would have leaked it to her own senate page if she wasn't cleared to. The motives behind releasing it are probably correct though.

I should say like quadruple don't.



yea but if she was going to leak it, she would have given it to one of the reports at (((NYT))) or (((WaPo))), not link it directly from her senate page. Thats the only point i'm trying to make. This was an authorized release to coincide with the beginning of the interviews of DOJ and FBI officials involved in the dossier being injected into the intelligence community.

Bannon didn't come in until August, so probably not.

MSNBC still exists? I all but forgot about them.

Popodopolous (sp) is the name I keep seeing??

then what other reason could there be for this?

The entire point of releasing the transcripts is to show the Repubs they can't sweep up damning statements like "someone has already died because of this dossier" under the rug for next election. Also so that it's not a Mormon-like issue of faith where the public just has to go on what the "totally non-biased, would never let their palms be greased" investigators say.

Also, it's just a giant "fuck you" to the republican party, showing the Democratic party can play by the same "well it's not ILLEGAL so, we can do it, even though we know it's unethical and goes against handshake agreements" rulebook they play with.

MAYBE??? I'm legit lost what her purpose is then….

So Fusion GPS had previously worked with both Rinat Akhmetshin (Simpson states that he was ex Russian intelligence) and Natalia Veselnitskaya (Russian Lawyer) who subsequently organised the notorious Trump Tower meeting with Trump Jnr offering dirt on hillary.


Q. Has he ever said anything to you
6 indicating or implying that he had worked for
7 Russian intelligence more specifically?
8 A. Well, as I said, I'm sure that he had
9 mentioned to me maybe back in, you know, the time
10 when I was at the Wall Street Journal that he was
11 in the Soviet military and he had some kind of
12 low-level intelligence position, but I don't
13 remember anything beyond that. He certainly didn't
14 say anything in recent years about having any
15 current connections with Russian intelligence.
16 Q. Has he ever said anything to you
17 indicating or implying that he has contacts or
18 connections with Russian government officials?
19 A. Not that I specifically recall.
20 Q. Do you have reason to believe that he has
21 ties to the Russian government?
22 A. I have reason to wonder whether he has
23 ties to the Russian government, but, you know, in
24 the course of my work for Baker Hostetler the
25 question of whether he had some connection to the
Page 114
1 Russian government wasn't germane really. It just
2 didn't come up. Obviously with the news of this
3 meeting at Trump Tower and the allegations in the
4 media that there's some relationship there I share
5 everyone's interest in the answer to that
6 question.
7 Q. Do you know Natalia Veselnitskaya?
8 A. Yes.
9 Q. When did you first interact with
10 Ms. Veselnitskaya?
11 A. I believe it was sometime in 2014.
12 Q. Has Fusion ever worked with
13 Ms. Veselnitskaya?
14 A. Didn't I just answer that? Yes. I mean,
15 she was the lawyer, the Russian lawyer who retained
16 Baker Hostetler who retained us. So when you say
17 "worked with," I don't know that as a technical
18 meaning, but we interacted with her as part of the
19 Prevezon litigation.
20 Q. Has Fusion ever been paid by her?
21 A. Well, she arranged – as the lawyer for
22 Prevezon she would have arranged for Prevezon to
23 pay Baker Hostetler which paid us. So if that's
24 what your question is, then the answer is yes, but
25 I mean, I don't think the money came from her. It

11 Anyway, I saw her the next day in court at
12 this hearing and I'm sure we exchanged greetings,
13 but, as I say, she speaks Russian and I speak
14 English. I think she was with Anatoli and she left
15 afterwards. I know she didn't tell me any other
16 plans she had.
17 Q. So you had dinner the 8th, saw her in
18 court on the 9th; is that correct?
19 A. Yes.
20 Q. And dinner again on the 10th?
21 A. In D.C.
22 Q. Did you see her any other time?
23 A. Not that I recall.
24 Q. Did Fusion play any role assisting
25 Ms. Veselnitskaya during that trip?
Page 133
1 A. Not that I recall.
2 Q. It has widely been reported
3 Ms. Veselnitskaya and Mr. Akhmetshin and others met
4 with Donald Trump, Junior, Paul Manafort, and Jared
5 Kushner on June 9th, 2016. Were you aware of this
6 meeting beforehand?
7 A. No.
8 Q. It didn't come up at the dinner the night
9 before?
10 A. No.
11 Q. When did you first become aware of the
12 meeting?
13 A. Around the time it broke in the New York
14 Times. I was stunned.

thank you for this btw.

I wasn't aware a Republican made this statement

didn't that meeting with Don jr become a farce? he released the emails from say meeting correct?

Yeah, it was organised through email by a British music publicist who told Trump Jnr, that the lawyer had secret dirt on Hillary.

Those emails are what was released.

In the meeting the Russians apparently didnt want to talk about Hillary, they wanted to discuss the Magnitsky act and similar matters which were related to the work they were involved in with Fusion GPS.

(((Rob Goldstone))) music publicist, short step to pornographer if he hasnt already gone that route.

I'm sorry, but he sees Veselnitskaya 3 days in a row in 2 different cities and we are supposed to believe he has no idea why she was there? also a connection needs to be found between Goldstone and Steele. that would confirm the entire meeting was a set up.

who do you work for?



Goldstone is a nothing. He was asked to setup the meeting by Emin Agalarov, son of Aras Agalarov.
Aras Agalarov is an Azerbaijan / russian Multi-billionare previously involved with Trump through a beauty pagent.

He was also mentioned in the Steele Dossier as someone who know the details of the Trumps wild fetishes, see pic related.

Now, I'm wondering, when did the Trump tower meeting come to light? I mean, it happened in June 2016 via the Agarlarov-Goldstone connection, and in September Steele mentions Agarlarov for the first time. Just wondering whether the name Agarlarov was out in relation to Trump, or if Steele was the first to mention it.

By the way, Steele Dossier here… documentcloud.org/documents/3259984-Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.html

It's useful in relation to the interview of Glen Simpson.

double checked.
the meeting came to light in the new york Times in July 2017

work for??? nigga what??

a testing code funtion test

exactly my point, I wasn't aware a Republican had made the statement..

I'll look into that aspect

Jewstein needs to be shot… This must be payback for Dan Bongino ripping a hole in their

So this is more nothing and it's being propped up as something because this will be the basis of any future moves against Trump?

Ok. This will last all of tonight on the media cycle because this is literally nothing.

How does this help the Dems? It just solidifies the fact that Trump’s opposition party was funding foreign propaganda. I know Feinstein is 90 years old, but doesn’t she have handlers that should tell her it’s not a good idea.

So you're just copy pasting this over multiple sites?
Get the fuck out of here!

It hurts them more once the spectacle falls apart. The testimony wasn't under oath. The flaws in his testimony are now open to public critique. Diane kikestein being questioned about this was like watching a zombie trying to dodge questions and avoid being called out on her retaliating. Right now the msm is literally reading pages of it verbatim so they can use it as """""proof"""""" as if it's self-evident.

They're trying desperately to perpetuate the nothingness of this story. Normalfags are so burnt out and bored of the russia investigation. The msm themselves are reminding people with zero irony, "wow diane kikestein was so brave releasing this on the anniversary of the BuzzfeedTM story."

It's a "wow it's fucking nothing," move by the left.

Ok, it's apparent this is a fuck up on Feinsteins part and you're trying to spin this like 4driedel chess.

Hahahaha the DNC Super Pac apparatus must be worse than I thought

I *hiccup* started the
Drinking game
Im so shit faced, im only on the 3rd page!

Just because this guy said something, even though we know he is a paid spy, we are supposed to take it all as 100% proof.
In reality the Democrats hired him/his firm to write dirt on trump
Meanwhile this fat old bitch can just leak shit "she" finds important.
Wheres the outrage at that?

Democrats colluded to sell uranium to russia, and they made millions.
Democrats have social media attack trump, and his supporters during the election, and get caught working with Clinton
Democrats openly admit to paying a foreign ex spy to dig dirt on trump.

There is a recurring theme here, and its whatever is being thrown at Trump, they are guilty of.


Joshua Levi - Simpson Attorney
This is their defense? They have never mentioned about this and now they think that bringing up more bullshit, they can protect their (((sources)))?

I don't know. I'm finding all of this seems a lot more credible than i expected. I didn't realise especially, what a serious person Christopher Steele is. Sure, the main job of spies is lying to people, but the watersports accusation seems a bizarre story to invent.

>This is their defense? They have never mentioned about this and now they think that bringing up more bullshit, they can protect their (((sources)))?


Pretty sure they're talking about this….

15 In the 1990s I was working at the Wall Street
16 Journal and I wrote some of the very first stories
17 about the Chinese government's interference in the
18 1996 presidential election which triggered a
19 massive national security investigation, numerous
20 prosecutions, lots of business for Bob Muse, and a
21 lot of congressional hearings, congressional
22 inquiries. And in that episode it was eventually
23 dug out by congressional investigations that the
24 fundraisers, the Asian fundraisers were Chinese
25 intelligence assets. So there's ample recent
Page 150
1 historical precedent for a foreign government to
2 interfere in American elections in a really big way
3 and for it to be an intelligence operation. So I
4 knew all of that while reading this and digesting
5 it for the first time.


This is part of the goddamn surface strata of Clinton dirt; you have no excuse.

Any word on that deal the State supposedly gave shillary to protect her etc.? There was minor rumblings last week then nada.

I know I heard that tic around here somewhere. Cocksuckers.

Yeah the news being spread over social media is all saying this is bad for Trump and I don't get it. Fusion GPS have been caught making shit up about Russia etc to smear Trump during the election and this somehow going to hurt Trump? WTF?

So its damage control before their actions are about to be revealed?

7 Q. And you said that meeting with the FBI,
8 you said Mr. Steele said he had to go to Rome for
9 this meeting. Do you otherwise know who he met
10 with?
11 A. This gets into the chronology of what I
12 learned when. At some point I learned that he was
13 meeting with the lead FBI guy from Rome. I don't
14 remember when he told me that.
15 Q. And did you have a name associated with
16 who that was?
17 A. Not at that time.
18 Q. You said that he told you of the meeting
19 with the FBI in Rome in mid or late September, that
20 he "gave them a full briefing"?
21 A. A debrief I think is what he probably
22 said, they had debriefed him. I don't remember him
23 articulating the specifics of that. You know, my
24 understanding was that they would have gotten into
25 who his sources were, how he knew certain things,
Page 175
1 and, you know, other details based on their own
2 intelligence. Essentially what he told me was they
3 had other intelligence about this matter from an
4 internal Trump campaign source and that – that
5 they – my understanding was that they believed
6 Chris at this point – that they believed Chris's
7 information might be credible because they had
8 other intelligence that indicated the same thing
9 and one of those pieces of intelligence was a human
10 source from inside the Trump organization.
11 Q. And did you have any understanding then or
12 now as to who that human intelligence source from
13 inside the Trump campaign might have been?
14 MR. LEVY: He's going to decline to answer
15 that question.
16 MS. SAWYER: On what basis?
17 MR. SIMPSON: Security.
18 MR. LEVY: Security.
20 A. We had been really careful – I was really
21 careful throughout this process to not ask a lot of
22 specific sourcing questions. There are some things
23 I know that I just don't feel comfortable sharing
24 because obviously it's been in the news a lot
25 lately that people who get in the way of the
Page 176
1 Russians tend to get hurt.
2 MR. LEVY: And I would just add that there
3 are privileges and obligations that might be
4 implicated in the disclosure of any source related
5 to this matter.
7 Q. Was this individual also a person who had
8 been a source for Mr. Steele, without identifying
9 who that was?
10 A. No.
11 Q. So this was someone independent of
12 Mr. Steele's sources who potentially had
13 information also on the same topics?
14 A. Yes. I mean, I don't think this
15 implicates any of the issues to say I think it was
16 a voluntary source, someone who was concerned about
17 the same concerns we had.
18 MR. DAVIS: I'm having a hard time hearing
19 you. Please speak up.
21 A. It was someone like us who decided to pick
22 up the phone and report something.
23 Q. And your understanding of this, does that
24 come from Mr. Steele or from a different source?
25 A. That comes from Chris, yes.

7 Q. One point I'd like to clarify from
8 Ms. Sawyer's questioning. I believe you said that
9 Mr. Steele had told you that the FBI had a source
10 from inside the Trump organization and I believe
11 she referred to a source from inside the Trump
12 campaign. Do you know which is the accurate –
13 MR. LEVY: He's not going to get into the
14 details of that source.
15 MR. DAVIS: I'm not asking for any particular
16 details. It was characterized differently by you
17 and by counsel. I just wanted to make sure.
19 A. I don't know.
20 MR. FOSTER: So you don't know whether it was
21 the organization or the campaign, in other words?
22 MR. SIMPSON: That's correct.
23 MR. FOSTER: Meaning the business versus the
24 campaign.
Page 196
1 Q. And did Mr. Steele tell you that the FBI
2 had relayed this information to him?
3 A. He didn't specifically say that.
4 Q. I'm going to have you take a look at one
5 of the filings –
6 MR. FOSTER: I thought you said earlier that
7 he did say the FBI told him.
8 MR. SIMPSON: I think I was saying we did not
9 have the detailed conversations where he would
10 debrief me on his discussions with the FBI. He
11 would say very generic things like I saw them, they
12 asked me a lot of questions, sounds like they have
13 another source or they have another source. He
14 wouldn't put words in their mouth.

Q. Was Fusion aware of the reports that the
4 FBI considered – let me rephrase. Was Fusion
5 aware that the FBI considered paying Mr. Steele to
6 investigate Mr. Trump and his associates?
7 A. When?
8 Q. At any time.
9 MR. LEVY: When you say "paying," what do you
10 mean by that?
11 MR. DAVIS: Providing money.
12 MR. LEVY: For a fee? Are you talking about
13 reimbursements?
14 MR. DAVIS: Fees or reimbursements in this
15 context.
17 A. We've learned that. We know that now. In
18 fact, it was –
19 MR. LEVY: Learned what?
21 A. Well, we learned – sometime after the
22 election we learned that Chris had discussed
23 working for the FBI on these matters after the
24 election and that that didn't happen.
25 Q. Did Mr. Steele discuss that with you at
Page 215
1 the time?
2 A. He didn't discuss it – I don't remember
3 exactly when he mentioned this to me, but he
4 mentioned to me at some point I think after the
5 election that he had discussed this with them.
6 MR. FOSTER: So prior to news reports to that
7 effect? In other words, you learned it from him
8 not from the news; is that right?
9 MR. LEVY: Wait. You asked two different
10 questions. I'm trying to figure out which one you
11 want him to answer.
12 MR. FOSTER: The last one.
13 MR. LEVY: What was the last one?
14 MR. FOSTER: You learned it from the news and
15 not from him? Are you saying you learned it from
16 him?
17 MR. LEVY: Learned what from him?
18 MR. FOSTER: That he discussed with the FBI
19 having the FBI pay Mr. Steele.
20 MR. SIMPSON: I don't remember.
21 MR. LEVY: The witness is yawning. Let's
22 take a break.
23 MR. MUSE: We will attribute that to fatigue
24 as opposed to the questions.
25 MR. FOSTER: Let's go off the record. It is

"NO, I don't fucking know! If I knew, I wouldn't be sitting here asking you!" I hate when these mealy-mouth fucks say dumb shit like that.

14 At some point a few weeks after the election
15 Chris called me and said that he had received an
16 inquiry from David Kramer, who was a long-time
17 advisor to Senator McCain, and that according to –
18 Kramer told Chris that he had run into Sir Andrew
19 Wood at a security conference in Halifax,
20 Nova Scotia and that Kramer was accompanying
21 Senator McCain to this conference and that the
22 three of them had had an unscheduled or unplanned
23 encounter where the issue of this research was
24 discussed and the essence of it, I guess, was
25 conveyed to Senator McCain and to David Kramer from
Page 220
1 Andrew Wood. I don't remember whether Andrew
2 Wood's name was specifically given to me by
3 Christopher Steele at that time. It was later
4 given to me. It later became an accepted fact that
5 Chris had mentioned him to me. I believe he
6 probably mentioned it.
7 But anyway, he did say someone that he worked
8 with in the past who was a former UK government
9 official with experience in Russia had had this
10 conversation with David Kramer and John McCain and
11 that Senator McCain had followed up on it as to
12 what more there was to know about these
13 allegations, this information.


Seth Rich was way before pee pee gate


Ah so basically, whoever is dirty can use this FBI agent to find info regarding their future law suits?

That's a bit fucked up.

It's so funny how they react when they realise they fucked up.

No I think Feinstein wanted to see things like
I mean it's pot calling the kettle black and pure unproven hearsay(?) but that's enough for the media to squawk with.

But, is Feinstein stupid enough to realise all the other issues brought up in this dossier?

Does anyone have that NYT source?
Also, is that all they found? Nothing else?
Oh and I don't see the evidence being provided either btw.

I think the fact that he's using NYT as evidence shows he's full of shit.

Is this "leak" illegal? Because this evidence sounds awfully privileged to just be leaked all of a sudden.

Here's the problem, what if this is bullshit and it's just another attempt to drive a stake between Trump and the people closest to him in the WH.

I honestly don't understand what they thought this would accomplish. The founder of Fusion GPS jerking off about his firms reputation should come as a surprise to no one. The guy was never going to shit all over Steele.

The one thing I am starting to believe is that Steele didn't actually fabricate anything, rather he was beholden to his sources that he cultivated when he was stationed in Russia during the early 90s and took whatever they told him as gospel. However a lot has changed in the last 25 years since he was actually in Russia, and the fact that the FSB knows exactly who he was makes it extremely plausible that once he started reaching out to his old Russian contacts, he set off alarm bells with the FSB who began a disinfo campaign against Steele. Steele had a high 6 figure pay day riding on the dossier, so his vetting process was basically non-existent because he probably believed the Dossier would never see the light of day so he haphazardly compiled whatever rumor and innuendo he received and passed it along.

Once the dossier was injected into the US intelligence community is when the real illegality began. Thats of course assuming they weren't already wiretapping Trump at that point.

The one thing, in my opinion, that could really blow up the entire narrative is if evidence could be found of other republican candidates being spied on. I know Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul have alluded to it, but it was memory holed pretty quickly, but if that type of information was to come to light, the left in no way could start claiming they were also russian agents without looking like complete and utter morons (more so than they already do.)

When I wrote that yesterday I wasn't aware that she released it without the consent of Grassley who is the chair, but she is trying to pull the whole (((transparency))) card, when all she is really doing is muddying the waters to increase confusion amongst the normalfags.

Kampfy needs to keep an eye on that IP me thinks.

Unless they're illegal I don't see why the report should even mention them for anything other than """character construction""". Regardless, the fact they're not named smells fucky.

It's purely an attack on character with little to no evidence other than extremely biased testimony.

Who cares?

Trump is a little bitch, he won't do anything about it except maybe whine about it in some tweets.

Jared Kushner runs the White House and he's a Democrat.

I don't think we're ever going to get to the bottom of that. I think it's confidential.

You know, now I think this thread is more important thanks to your post :^)

Or, no I don't fucking know this lie you are selling which is why I'm disagreeing and telling you to fuck off.

Trump only ran because Kushner didn't like the Iran deal.

Ann Coulter and Bannon tried to hijack Trump's Presidency and make it America First but they were pushed out by Kushner who runs the show.

Sure, that's why Trump also ran in the 2000 election. And all the other elections.

It's 2018, are you still "correcting the record"?

But the dossier was full of stuff that originated on halfchan?

if you read the whole dossier, there are only 2 memos that more than likely originated from halfchan. The other 33 pages goes into chaos at the Kremlin and Michael Cohn sneaking into Prague to meet with shady Kremlin characters among other things.

Thanks. I havent read the whole dossier. I will do at some point.

I was only aware of the parts of the dossier that were heavily publicised in the media.
It was quite amusing to see the BBC publishing misinformation invented by 4chan in order to lower the credibility of those spreading it.

its only 35 pages and its all double spaced. Its worth a read. Even in most of the memos the stuff they are alleging isn't even illegal, but they use words like Kompromat constantly to make you feel scared that Trump is being blackmailed.

The dossier has very little which can be verified. Michael Cohen's visits to Prague are one thing which could possibly be verified. As i mentioned above, he is now suing all involved in the dossier, denying that he has *ever* visited Prague or even the czech republic.

and Michael Cohn going to Prague is really one of the only illegal things written in the entirety of the dossier, the fact his presence in Prague hasn't been verified after a year that reinforces my belief its all bullshit.

I mean i have to imagine the alphabets have the technology to check on Cohn's travels during the time period.


Some real estate developer in NY, Chicago and Vegas actually had interactions with MOB-linked fellows. OMG!!

the whole thing is kayfabe, Trump is never going to do anything about Hillary or any of the others.

Kushner runs the White House and he's a Democrat, Dina Powell who is close friends with Huma also has a prominent position in the White House.

Trump is a borderline retard that Kushner uses as a puppet.

Repeating it never makes it true, no matter how hard you shill that corn

Here's a copy of the dossier. documentcloud.org/documents/3259984-Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.html

I keep changing my mind on this one. He certainly acts like a borderline retard a lot of the time. He's either a retard or a genius.

It is true though that he's a successful businessman and reality tv star. These professions have a lot of horrible people in them, but i dont think there are many retards. The presidential election as well, you dont get stupid presidents. They just don't make it.

Sure Trump has done some jewy things, such as pardoning Shlomo Goldstein, but hopefully he can make up for it in other ways.
If the hillary email investigation or the Clinton Foundation investigations go ahead, he'll have made up for it.

Sessions has started revoking citizenship from naturalized citizens.
twincities.com/2017/11/06/feds-seek-to-revoke-us-citizenship-of-4-minnesota-somalis/ For lying about chain immigration relationships.
washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jan/9/first-denaturalization-occurs-under-dojs-operation/ For reapplying to stay after he'd been ordered to leave.
washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jan/2/us-naturalized-citizen-fraud-target-justice-depart/ After 17 years in jail, for being a terrorist.
foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/21/doj-moves-to-strip-citizenship-for-immigrant-child-sex-abusers.html For mexican child rapists.

Apparently there will be thousands having citizenship revoked then deported. Try to tell me that doesnt make you happy.

Feinstein releasing the whole testimony signals that they are losing their shit. The ethics of doing that make absolutely no sense beyond allowing others to coordinate their testimony. Which means whatever is going on is hitting some pretty high levels.
I think the whole pedo illuminatti is floating in the toilet and our golden haired Commander in Chief has his hand on the handle.

u serious?
that'd certainly be worth a view
link plz

First, bump.
Should want to die before they start questioning him to preserve his faggot 'legacy.'

And, who are these people researching for on >>>/thestorm/ ,
>>>/greatawakening/ and
>>>/cbts/ ???
Q lol

My uncle had done business with the mob - nobody cares and he is fine.

Isn't releasing classified information a federal offense?
I don't know. Just call me stupid.

oh shit - I forgot -
the question arose in my head earlier while I was cooking that besides the obvious (Clinton Foundation) what other financial ties does Feinstein have that would be protected or ignored by releasing this information?



Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

multiple sites??
the fuck are you blathering about?


I'm extremely aware of this, but what do /we/ do?

money talks, I'd lie my ass off too for the right price desu

IDK how I feel about this and whether I actually believe it or not, but someone on half chan said their dad is an Ohio Senator and said Pizzagate shit is about to break wide open? I tend not to be a believer in LARP's, but given the sealed indictments, this "damage control", the EO signed by POTUS a week or so ago, something ugly is on the horizon that's for sure.

check. also I'm 100% positive Jack Posobiec (((former CIA))) tweeted today that there definitely was no "insider" in the Trump campaign.

check. karma's a CUNT


She is a commie cunt, I don't think she gives a fuck seriously

it was voluntary testimony, not under oath so not illegal, just bad practice.


mic drop….

I'm going with genius, remember, you don't show your potential enemies your hand.. in his case, it's his intelligence.

yes. however, this was voluntary, no one was under oath.

that would be a great lead to investigate


by whom though?

GTFO shill

He actually didn't run. He was vying to be a third-party presidential candidate, but dropped out.

The "golden Shower" story, where Trump supposedly had hookers urinate on a bed that he was told Obama had slept in, originated on halfchan.
It was a joke, sent to some "journalist" and titled to have come from an anonymous Russian source, just to see if the guy would printi it in an editorial.
He didn't print it in any editorial, but gave it to security agents, don't know which. It was obvious tripe, so it got filed & forgotten. Clearly it surfaced when Steele was digging for dirt and not bothering to verify anything. Steele sent it along as something the Russians could blackmail Trump with if he became president.

None of the players involved seem to know it was a troll on halfchan, just done for the lulz.

Yeah this was like, more than a year ago. It was supposed to be found and sold (I guess) to the libtards. It was never an insult to Trump. Just trying to help.

Sorry, i don't have a link. Can't even remember his name. We digested it here for a week or so and couldnt find anything too usefull. It was around 7Gb of emails. As i said, mostly links to newspaper articles on russia, and some emails from academics talking about russion corruption, politics, links to the US, etc. I brought it up hoping that someone would still have a copy.

This is an article on it.

>check. also I'm 100% positive Jack Posobiec (((former CIA))) tweeted today that there definitely was no "insider" in the Trump campaign.
Fusion is now saying that the FBI source was the Australian diplomat who reported concerns after talking to Papadopolous. If that's true, it destroys the narrative of an insider talking to the fbi.

I love this story, but don't recall ever seeing an archive link proving that the watersports story came from before the Dossier release. Maybe someone on 4chan has it, but fuck going there.

Regardless whether or not steele knew it was bullshit.. the fact remains that it was posted as a green text story on Holla Forums atleast 6 months before it the peepeepoopoo story came out

I hope it wasn't the dossier author. I remember he posted here around the same time as these cuckchan threads and posted screenshots of the original piss post that he passed on to Wilson. Rick's son has a documented piss fetish maybe that rang a bell in old pervy Rick's pants implying and he held on to it.



user #zNaYmBg5 please check in

I want to believe that the story was a 4chan hoax, but the earliest mentions of it i can find are november 2016. At this stage, Fusion GPS and friends have been shopping the stories around for months. The pissgate dossier was dated 20th June 2016. I'd really like to see an archive of someone mentioning making the hoax before June 2016. These later screenshots arent really evidence at all.


That user had a twitter which is suspended. After yesterday's Veritas vid it seems any twitter employee would have been able to access his info. That's where the investigators need to look if they want this theory to go away, get the history of @trsprudence and who at the office accessed the account and who suspended it. I doubt Mueller will bother but maybe one of Trump's personal lawyers can get that info. NSA pls help if there's any honest patriots left in your org.

His posts have the ring of truth user.

Here is an archive of his tweet where he says he has contacted a lawyer. archive.fo/ntLqJ
Someone comments

Maybe (((they))) thought if they got rid of the proof that their Russia story was a hoax then Trump could be "destroyed". There is a history of this sort of thing.

Also you should read the links I provided rather than just the dates.

The only claim I found with your dates was a Rick Wilson quote.

The pissgate memo is dated 20th June 2016. If we want to believe it was based on a hoax, should we want something dated well before that?


This shows that Dem Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid knew of the memos before the end of August.

Simpson's testimony is full of discussions about how part of his role is to anonymously brief reporters. I think it's safe to say that in the last few months of the election campaign he was fully authorised to talk Trump/Russia Kompromat . I just checked Google trends. There's a massive spike in searches for the word from 9-15th Oct 2016. Where did that come from?

Oleg Erovinkin, fmr KGB general later it's successor, FGB.

I still want that user to check in.

This is getting slid the fuck off our half retarded brotherchan.

You mind telling me what you preceive as the geneology diagram and who the cuck is in the relationship?

Get some sleep faggots. If this actually comes out, we are going to be busy.


She had to make sure that everyone got the story straight.

She later blamed a cold. Her powers of reasoning are so compromised when she has a sniffle that she leaks law enforcement records. How bad does it have to be that *that's* the bullshit story they go with?

Somebody threatened her maybe?

While Simpson almost certainly seeks to put his company in the best light possible, this looks like Fusion GPS may have been a patsy. I'm not sure they're /ourpatsy/ either…

Generally, the Democrats seemed interested in Trump. The Republicans were more interested in Sergei Magnitsky. Look up the Magnitsky Act. He stood up to the Russian swamp and they murdered him in prison for it.


Page 47: Bill/William Browder turned up in the Panama papers. Digging on this might be interesting.
Page 102: more talk of Prevezon and Baker Hostetler
Page 106: (lines 9-17) Browder REALLY doesn't like subpoenas. Any anons able to get that video? Could be a lulzy mp4.
Page 120: Browder seems to have abandoned US citizenship to get out of taxes.
Page 206: Simpson seems to deny that Fusion GPS ever provided the "dossier" to any media.
Page 212: Steele's company did not believe that Fusion GPS had ever disclosed the "dossier", period.
Page 218: The "dossier" was given to "a senior United Kingdom government national security official acting in his official capacity"!
Page 262-264: more talk of Browder and his shell companies
Page 271: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anons infiltrated Steele's little HUMINT network!
Page 288: Simpson has busted his fair share of Democrat swamp rats.


Page 89: Simpson notes the problem of disinformation and claims he's trained to spot it. He should have expected us, then.
Page 140: The incorrect form of the dossier is intentional. Steele's business used that form precisely to indicate that their work is not from any government.
Page 145: (lines 14-23) The "dossier" is actually a collection of field memos, from various sources, with unknown credibility. This ain't what the Democrats wanted to hear!
Page 151: (line 12) A Chinese operation to swing the 1996 election to Clinton… Think maybe we had dueling foreign interference? Russians pushing Trump and THE FUCKING CHINESE COMMUNIST FILTH pushing Hillary? China and Russia ain't on the greatest of terms, what with China wanting some Russian clay… think Hillary's promise of WAR WITH RUSSIA may have come from Beijing?
Page 152: A Russian oligarch, banned from the USA, has meetings with Songbird McCain. Manafort is also a swamp rat. Burn him too.
Page 160-166: Steele apparently believed that Trump might be being blackmailed by the FSB.
Page 166: WHO THE FUCK DID STEELE TALK TO?!?!?!? That PDF is fixed-width type. We know the exact length of the redacted text. "An official named [24 characters redacted]." on lines 23-24. On line 22, 18 characters are redacted. Line number "23" is redacted (morons!) along with 32 characters at the start of that line. WHO FITS?
Page 170: Looks like Trump was playing the Russians too.
Page 177: 9 characters redacted; someone in Rome connected to the FBI
Page 257: Simpson claims that the connection between Fusion GPS and Russia is fake news produced by Browder.