Trump to sign DACA bill

Trump to allow 800,000 shitskins to stay

Whelp. It was fun while it lasted

>WASHINGTON — President Trump promised Tuesday to sign what he called a "bill of love" to extend protections to 800,000 immigrants who entered the United States illegally as children — if Congress can work out the details.

Would Hillary have been better? No. This is a major step backwards though. The removal of close to a million shitskins would do wonders to improve demographics for our people in securing a prosperous future.

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What happened to campaign trail Trump?

He lied.

At least this guy realized why he's in office.

What the fuck? This is cucking out to levels I've never thought possible. If this is '4D chess', I sure don't understand it.

& if you do

There is no DACA without the wall, & those fuckers will never agree to the wall. All the while the Sword of Damocles is hanging directly above their heads. Negations will fall through, daca won't get renewed, & the dems will be blames for everything. It's gonna be great to watch.

Stop concern-trolling, he's forcing the dems' hand trying to get them to shut down the gov over illegal immigrants. They will never agree to his demands (wall, end chain migration, end visa lottery etc) in exchange for DACA and he knows it.

There should always be a rider: "You can stay, but you gotta help build the wall."

He can start working on the wall tomorrow if he wants. He doesn't need this complex strategy.

definitely sounds cucky, but he hasn't signed the bill yet. Hopefully it just never gets through Congress, and if it did, Trump would refuse it on account of no wall, or the extended stay period was too long, ect. We'll need to keep a very close eye on this shit.

You folks are going to have to come up with a solution. And if you do, I will sign that solution," Trump told 25 lawmakers in a remarkable, freewheeling negotiation at the White House with reporters in the room.

You are fake news.

He can't do anything immigration related with this congress, why do you think he's pushing everything back til 2018 when the cucks are retiring?

This. I and tens of millions of Americans don't like this and this will show in Nov 2020.

Honestly, how is this a thing? In this age where controlled op. is abound, one should be wary. Man is falliable, and so people should not be dedicated to men, but to ideas and virtues.
The only thing that should matter is whether or not the statement is false, not whether or not it's showing concern.

That begs another question, would you be happy with that tradeoff? A wall for retaining 800,000?

How will trumpcucks try and spin this as a 4D chess move?


The dems will never cave in to his demands because it would be demographic suicide for themselves and ruin the (((plan))) to brown America into oblivion. I don't care about a hypothetical tradeoff that's never happening.

I don't think this thread will be stickied.

well shoot, it's all over

feel free to kill yourselves

Campaign Trump was just a persona to fool the lemmings.

Absolutely fucking not. Amnesty is treason.


Keep being useless, Shareblue

If I'm not mistaken, it's not just the wall. He also wants chain migration ended, all the lotteries shut down, and a couple other things the DNC will absolutely never agree to under any circumstance whatsoever.

I think the majority of Trump's base will support him ONLY if the wall is built. If there's no wall, there's no second term. Signing DACA will alienate most of Holla Forums and those to the right. If he does sign it, then I suppose it's because Cambridge Analytica have told him he can take the hit.

Come on we've been through this twice today. Look at your Soros/Spencer thread

Both of you are jumping to conclusions. This statement of Trump's doesn't warrant anything more than observation.

It's just the dumb fat mouse nigger shareblue [crew]


Shareblue/Sage/report/move on

How am I jumping to conclusions? I'm just calling this fake news based on what Trump actually said and the context under which he said it.

im talking to the "demoralization" folks, but I have autism too so I understand

Not at all, his statements are the top political news in the country right now. They absolutely must be discussed.

Hello astrosurfer. If you want to fit in with Holla Forums, you're going to need to start recommending Holla Forums become assassins.

Sure thing Oliver.
Shy do you look like a fat mouse?


lol what is there to discuss? The fact that he reiterated that he'll grant DACA amnesty in exchange for things the democrats will never give him? That's the same position he's had for months.

Why do you look like an extremely overweight mouse?

Eh, it stopped being fun a long time ago m8.

I'm glad we can finally stop cupping the balls of
Donald "Treagan the Traitor" Trump
Don "Reagan 2.0" Trumpstein
Dahnalt "One Term" Trump

Shareblue confirmed.

Lol you bitches are easy to spot.

Now mods, mandatory anchor whenever you find appropriate

But the wall is pointless if we get DACA.
Fuck's sake, we're gonna be the ones trying to get across the fucking thing as 800,000 balloons into 1.6 million, and then 3.2 million, etc etc etc, augmenting the already-30+-million spic ranks in this nation.

Seems legit faggot.

If he actually signs it, it's over, I will disavow him. Until then, crossing my fingers.

Why do you resemble a giant fat rodent?

You've got nothing at this point and you know it.


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When they realize their demoralization thread failed completely they'll probably get assmad and spam the catalog with Holla Forums threads again.

Why are you so bad at your job, Shareblue?

Checked for yes, really.

I don't give a shit nigger, ain't my thread. If you wanna hide your head in the sand and pretend things are fine, be my guest.
It won't make this kind of Reagan-tier move any less cuckolded.

Maybe this narrative can finally die.

Why do i get the feeling that YOU'RE actually the shill here?

You know guys I've supported and followed Trump for 2 years now but after this thread I'm #withher


You are really desperate shareblue.
It shows.
It's like a bleeding animal (albeit a giant fat mouse) but I can smell you over the internet.

You should be saying you're #WithHitler.

kek you guys are awful at this job




He fucking sold us out

Oh but it is your thread, Shareblue.

Consequences will nevar be the same



He said he would sign any DACA bill that landed on his desk. I am done with him





Spongebob was a shit show full of faggotry m8, and I'm only saying what I believe to be true.
The wall serves no real value, its more about sending a message and having a static gain from this whole thing… But that message, and the gain, are both undermined by 800,000 spics remaining, and it sends another message, which I'm sure you can agree with: Once a cuck, always a cuck.

I'm a Trump voter you dumb shill faggot.

Please tell me this is fake news. He’s signing it in exchange for nothing?

Except he didn't say that and you're poorly lying.






Now this actually righteous commentary.
He didn't say he'd sign ANY bill - he said he'd sign a bill that gave DACA amnesty in exchange for the walll.

say it with me Holla Forums

Your other posts made me smile but when you started on shitting on Spongebob I actually burst out laughing

This is definitely shaky ground, but it's possible he's just posturing, pretending to be cooperating with the opposition. All the while knowing that they'll never agree to his demands so there will be no DACA bill for him to sign. Only time will tell.

That said, the blindly loyal shitposters are fucking obnoxious. Go back to /r/the_Donald, Holla Forums isn't a fan club for anyone except Hitler. There's nothing wrong with using your brain to critically examine things that are going on.


Gave me a giggle as well


You look like a giant overweight rodent.

Explain to me this:
Were you spawned by a mouse?

are you retarded, OP?

What are you implying?
It's hard to discern whether you're suggesting Trump will cuck on all the spics, or that Trump is using this as a mechanism to try to harm the Democucks ala multi-dimensional chess.

Checked for chess and some nice digits m8.

You've saged this thread 17 times without once offering anything close to a counterpoint or a vaguely rational argument. You disgust me.

This is one of those awkward times when a politician signals something dangerous, without acting on it…yet. We'll just have to see when and if the DACA bill passes through Congress. In the meantime, I'd like to see some noise from Trump regarding refugee resettlement, which as I understand it, is still going full steam ahead.



I wish I could believe that but a significant amount of his dick riders will argue that he needs the full 8 years to pass any legislation.
With these spergs every move is a chess move and trump can literally do no wrong.

But why do you look like a giant mouse?

wtf I love White genocide now

Like I said, it's the same position he's had for months. He'll give the democrats DACA amnesty in exchange for things the democrats will never give him. Nothing has changed but Shareblue and (((fake news))) are trying to pretend he'll sign DACA amnesty unconditionally.

I've rarely been more grateful for the filter function.

sage for off topic

That's a fair assessment.
I'd like to be able to believe that Trump was just doing this ala some inter-planar stratego, to entrap the dems because 'they cant compromise!' or something… But I don't believe in any politician that much - not Trump, and not the Dems, who, realizing the precedent that would set AND the value of gaining potentially several million more voters to their demographic, might well 'cuck' on such an issue.
You can always tear down a wall, after all, but its much harder to reverse a demographic trend.


When it inevitably happens, what will the excuse be then?


I can appreciate your commentary in terms of what might be implied by hostile factions, but I am not such a faction - I merely don't have faith in the democrats not to give him this, because I think, when the time comes, they're liable to 'cuck' and give up the wall in exchange for more voters and the precedent of Trump granting amnesty.

800,000 = all 11 million

If it happens, then it'll be over for Trump. But right now we don't know if it will or not, it's completely possible that this is just political posturing. Nothing is inevitable yet except the Day of the Rope

Desperation: the thread.

Enjoy your anchor )

Trump owes every single Angel Mom a justification for this

sounds about right.

SHAREBLUE/REPORT+SAGE, ANONS. come on it is simple

Well, in terms of the precedent set, I can see where you're coming from, I guess?
If the Democrats give Trump the wall in exchange for DACA, they've immediately increased their voter base by like 800,000, and much more in time.
Their base will be super pissed, granted, but their base is easily distracted, and will, in any case, vote for a Democuck (maybe not the ones in power right now, but they're not going to flip Red, thats for sure).
That said, if Trump signs DACA amnesty? He'll lose a great deal of his base support, and he'll have set a precedent that he's willing to make such (bad) deals.

The implication from those defending Trump, I believe, is that Trump is doing this as a trick - make media waves saying he'd sign off on it, in exchange for this other thing (wall, etc), the implication being that the Dems will never give that to Trump, which I obviously find somewhat dubious given the above.

Yeah, that chain migration shill will wreck us.

I didn't even read the article but I made a thread because I AM A FUCKING FAGGOT

You fail as a shill, no bonus for you.Trump is getting a second term whether betas like you want it or not.

What are you implying Cruz Missile?


Seems legit.

e-verify, ending chain migration and the visa lottery system would help

You probably said the same thing before he visited the wall. Once it happens, you'll be angry for a day or two, then he'll tweet out something about some demokike, and you jew-party faggots will be right back on the Trump train.

Help, sure, but we have to address the reality that even without influx our demographics are already fucked to hell.
The pool is already full of Mexican turds, and ceasing the inflow of Meixcan shit into our pool would help, sure, but we need to get rid of the shit that's already there. We need deportations, not DACA amnesty.

The visa thing is also a massive clusterfuck.

Sad, but true.

The dems need a constant influx of beaner filth to tilt the demographics in their favor. DACA spics are already here and they already vote so giving them amnesty wouldn't actually help the democrats much. That's why they're so quick to back off of amnesty when push comes to shove. But if they capitulate on the wall then they're utterly fucked because that cuts off what they actually need, that being said constant influx of beaners.

Earlier today is was reading that many US cities have hotlines you can call to report ongoing or upcoming ICE raids so illegals know to avoid it. I can't believe that kind of shit is allowed. On the bright side, it said the majority of their calls are trolls, either shouting to build the wall, or reporting elaborate fake raids so the people working for the hotline waste time and money trying to confirm it.

and I'm sure Chad fucks your wife and sister because you told him to, right?

Also do any actual anons remember last time drumpf was totally gonna sign daca for the wall? Didn't nancy kikelosi get attacked by beaners, because she dared talk to the lord of the scoops? They're going to virtue signal that the wall is evil and they'll never ever work with dolan turmpf.
also we're nearing the deadline trump originally gave congress to figure out what to do, and surprise, surprise they have absolutely nothing.

It's pretty silly. Amnesty is antithetical to Holla Forums's interests, so we absolutely must call Trump out when he goes against those principles. Yet, every time… the swarm of "MUHSHARE BLUUUUUUUUUUE" idiots arrive. People voted for Trump for his policies, not to join a cult.

Shareblue you are just pathetic at this point. I really feel sorry for you. How can a collective fail so horribly at one task they were hired to do?

I made this very point in a past thread about a tweet trump made about swapping DACA for the wall and stricter immigration laws. dems will never swap an endless sea of future voters for 800,000. Most of which probably live in safe dem states anyway.

Well, the 40 million spics living in the US will have to be removed! Think about it, 50 million central americans are leeching off our country! I assure you, I would personally deport the 60 million salvadorians currently here if no one volunteers.

Shareblue is the best case in point why money can't buy you results.

It's a fucking tragedy tbh

Limiting professional sports to the only American born citizens is also a good start. A lot of mlb players are from the Caribbean and NFL players are from Africa

there are 80 million DACA people, we need to remove them

Now who is the shill here? They have to go back.

user, that's just not true though. They've already got demographic advantage.

DACA spics don't vote m8, unless we're going with the 'voter fraud' angle, in which case I'd say its possible SOME are - but more will, and their offspring will as well.

It doesn't though.
Reminder: The wall is only useful so long as someone is in power who defends it. Get a Dem in power again? Well, those big beautiful doors are wide open, wall no longer serves its purpose.

You see what I'm getting at?
The Dem's already have demographic advantage, the Dems would gain voter base via the DACA amnesty - several million, over time - and the wall is only useful so long as someone is defending it.

Its truly sick user. This sanctuary X shit is also well out of hand. That kinda thing should be treated as treasonous.

Did you just switch ID's to make more shit-tier arguments?
Seems legit 'Chad'.

The 70+ million… They have to go back.
Remember that line? Those were the good ol' days…. Bantzing the journo-thot daughter of a tranny in the comfort of Trump Tower, coupled with strong assurances of deportations inbound.

what are you a cuck or a shill? 80 million illegal immigrants are currently in the US!

If you have legitimate criticism about this story and why it's not proving the whole picture then share them faggot. That's a far more effective tactic then acting like a fucking trumpcuck sperg shill.

While she looked on lovingly like a puppy begging to be adopted.

I will not stop until all 160 spics - legal and illegal - are deported, permanently.

160 million*


>all these (((people))) questioning God Emperor TRUMP
wew lads

I rather they build house. You have no idea how (((inflated))) house values are. Normal couples cannot buy a house to fill it with children… AND NO, PUTTING YOURSELF IN DEBT FOR 30 YEARS INS'T BUYING A HOUSE.

Famous last words of the dying abomination that is America, as it eats itself alive during the Shemitah.

Fuck off Pedro, don't try to cover up the act that 200 million illegal Panamanians are currently in this country!


Jesus Chad, stop being such a cuck. All spics must go.
You keep talking like that, Stacy is gonna go fuck some wetback with synthol muscles.

Lots of chatter about Univision being ecstatic and every spic advocate planning on suing if any of their demands are not met. Good links in this thread about it

Do you have a single satisnack to snack that up?

Housing prices are inflated by the need to avoid niggers, not a lack of housing supply. Legal segregation would make housing unbelievably cheap.

All 300 million spics!

are you fucking retarded?

When was the last time you build a 5 bedroom house with ten thousand dollars?

You know it's very telling that the Mexican government isn't doing everything it can to get those "talented" dreamers back. Can you imagine running a country and 800,000 of your "best and brightest" wanted to live elsewhere? Either Mexico is conducting demographic warfare, or they know these "dreamers" are mostly a worthless burden. In all likelihood, both cases are true.

Well, we have no way of knowing for sure, but I imagine states like California rig something up to allow it. Granting them all citizenship would definitely guarantee many millions more votes.
True, and another reminder: the wall is no defence against immigration from non-central/south american countries. We MUST get rid of the 1965 immigration act, by whatever means necessary. Lutheran churches and other NGO's already bring huge numbers of shitskin refugees in, but even that is nothing compared to the absolute tide of HUMAN SHIT that is going to come out of Apefrica in the next 100 years. Their population is going to fucking double, and millions of them are going to swamp the west unless we create a strong precedent, NOW, of harshly limiting all immigration.

That's a good point. When you look at it that way it does seem strange that Mexico is so angry about the wall and deporting illegals. It's almost like they know they're not sending their best, and they really are pushing for demographic replacement so they can have the greater Mexico that all the Mexican supremacists, like La Raza, want. Seen here

what can it do?

You sound like a woman that is bitter white men (who they stole their kids and houses from) left the country… and now you want to (((GLOBALIST))) tools to force them back to pay (((child support))) or go to (((prison))).

2 story homes are unbelievably cheap compared to a single story home because nobody wants to sleep upstairs until it gets cold it's very comfy

Javanka runs the white house

You can't build a house with ten thousand dollars, not one that meets code anyways.
t. electrician

It's the same fucking song and dance from the past year. The democrats are already getting spit on by their voter base for even entertaining these thoughts. If they vote yes on this, there won't be a democratic party come fall.

How much longer until DACA expires? Wasn't it 6 months from the summer? So it should be any day now.

What the ever loving fuck are you trying to say?

That's what I'm saying, houses should cost a lot less but they are not because they are (((inflated))).

BTW, I hate all (((trades))) because you faggots charge too much. I would love to make my own house but it's not allowed… I wonder (((why))).

At this point i think shareblue has lost all situational awareness. Their threads get called out in first two posts

It wouldn't make a difference if he concedes to Democrats or not, they'll still call him a discriminatory idiot because he's proven to them that it's an effective method of obtaining anything they want. You're pretty silly if you think that they're going to concede with him over the border wall, they won't. Just like making Jerusalem the capital of Israel and the Syrian airstrike didn't make them ignore his anti-immigration policies. They will to continue criticize and he will cuck out again to beg for compromise, obtaining nothing that his voters wanted at the end.

Even liberals realize that their appeal to emotion is bullshit. If liberals cared about losing contributing workers with families, then plenty of them wouldn't have called for the firing of people who were at the #UniteTheRight rally. Remember how they reacted to the "Nazi" who was interviewed at the NYT? They blacklisted and fired him. What they genuinely want is a secure voting base, not contributing brown workers. Yet, liberals play the "oh, you're a heartless christian" card and conservatives fall for that bullshit every time.

Liberals are frequently taking advantage of conservatives because they're aware that they are naive individuals who aren't confident in their faith or decisions they make. Liberals don't want conservative policies, they want liberal ones that wreck society. With a house and senate majority in Congress, he has no excuse. It shouldn't be controversial to state that you want people with first world skills to fix a third world country, and yet, it somehow is. Mexico would still have issues, and the US would be plagued with even more issues.


I know you're dense, but the statements listed in OP were said by Trump verbatim. The meeting was open to the press and you can watch the videos.

18 bl soros monies burning like birch bark


and leave the rest of the country open for failure? it's clear you're a follower and not a leader

Eh. I don't think DACA is a major source of that kind of voter fraud - remember, there's like 30+ million illegals in country at this time.


Whole-heartedly agree.

Vid fucking related.

did anyone saw the 25 lawmakers or was he pointing to the air?

>BTW, I hate all (((trades))) because you faggots charge too much.
Be my guest, start your own and charge less.

It's beautiful.
And remember I ruined you.

I had great lessons with Anons destroyi.g ctr.

Here we are now.
You are a paper tiger. Lol.
Fuck your money son!
You are through.
You remind me of a fighter knocked out so hard he wants to continue fighti.g bloodied dazed and confused.
Are you asking for a coup de grace?
You've cime to ther ight address

Sure, if you wanted World War Three started with Russia then Hillary was a great choice.

It's clear you're a rube.

I'm a youtube guy, not a faggot with a stick up his ass. After spics are deported, you (((trades))) people are next. No wonder I see spics and niggers doing that shit too, all subhuman are cut from the same clothe.

Checked for he's still going.

It seems the Trump regime learned from the election, and hired autistic.


where the fuck am I? Not Holla Forums, at least, I don't think I am.
Also, I get the anti-goon posters using anime, but why are the anti-shariablue people using anime is such quantity? Note, it's just a correlation I see. They appear put down those who question Trump (at all) by labeling them as the boogeyman shareblue (not really scary, but you get the point). All the while, since the origin of imageboard culture is anime, using the most basic element of an imageboard to act as if they belong (or have seniority/authority in a certain sense).

Don't blame the tradesmen, blame the retards who make the """codes""". My sister and brother in law are trying to put in a gas stove in their house, and can't because there isn't 18 inches between the stovetop and the cabinets. Theirs is 17. So the range can't be installed.

new record

Sounds like your problem is with faggot bureaucrats and excess regulation, not the guys that work trades. You're acting like a spoiled child.

I can do all trades by myself, and don't blame (((codes))). I had a fucking plumber want to charge me 25K for connecting the main to the rest of the house (35 ft).

Wew lad.
Checked for more of a Chandler than a Chad.

Thanks for answering my question. At minimum, even if you recoil due to my most (such that you have to filter), you must agree with my first point. Treating Trump as an infalliable god is foolish.
As I stated earlier, you align yourself with ideas and beliefs, not with people. Have you no individuality? Trump does his thing, but why does that stop you the individual from being allowed to not want DACA for x, y, z reasons? You might say "but the democrats will never agree". Fine, lets say they wont and this is masterfully playing both sides, nevertheless, why is the individual not allowed to be against allowing DACA?
At minimum, I beg you answer my last question.


Maybe he had a reason, or maybe he was just a shifty bastard. Either way, shitting on guys who work trades is retarded. How's your cubicle treating you? You like sitting down all day?

build that house if you're so great

Second Term, whether you like it or not.

The state forbids DIY, I guess protecting you (((income))) is more important.

I work part time and live for myself, and I have money to spare! (not married, so literally living the dream)

It's a trap. Send them all back, build a wall. Dem's don't give a shit about messaging anymore, they're just going to strategically cram the necessary number of foreign shitskins (to include 'Ricans) into the districts they need to win.

We've had decades of immigration policy that favors (((Progressives))), it's past time they're heard "NO".
plus, we need to get riotous browns out into the streets burning shit down before midterms. BLM and the like helped weaken the shitlib narrative through 2016

As long as israel gets fed, Trump could careless who is doing the feeding.

I don't think its 250k though, I think its probably much lower. Its possible though.

it's obviously 40 million, haven't you seen the 50 million esoteric immigrants walking in our streets? Our system is clogged with those 60 million ILLEGAL ALIENS from mexico… stop trying to downplay the 70 million illegal mexicans or I will be forced to call you a cuck

Hire a guy to "oversee" your work, I do that all the time, I take care of the permit and papers and you do the work. I show up and make sure it'll pass inspection and we all go on our merry ways. As long as you do it right and I don't have do it myself I'm happy to take a couple hundred bucks at the end of the day and you don't pay a cent in labour. Sounds to me like you gave up or worse, never even tried.

Stacy is disappoint.

If you think the state gives a shit about guys doing manual labor then you need to work one of those jobs for a while to get some perspective. The state has so many dumbfuck regulations so they can charges more fees and fines and keep their kike lawyer friends in work.

No kids, no wife or girlfriend I'm assuming. Hardly living the dream. I'm self employed too but the goal is being able to support a family on the income and being able to raise my kids instead of shipping then off to some kike daycare and public school. Deciding not to have kids so you can have more money and nicer material possessions is jewish as fuck. Don't dedicate yourself to being a consumer and a genetic dead end.

sage for way off topic

they either do it for free or gtfo, I could oversee any work

But we don't want to trade DACA for a wall. What part of that do you sycophants not understand?

I don't see how adding a bunch of "people" to the welfare rolls is going to free up money for israel. If anything that demographic cares much less about israel than the whites they're offsetting/replacing.

Nobody works for free, I'd do it for a case of beer if you were a friend

Don't listen to this fag. Kill a Communist first.

The welfare money just gets recycled back into jew-owned corporations. The people receiving it largely work low-end jobs for jew-owned or chink-owned businesses [warehouses of all stripes, factory farms, etc.]. The purchase jew gasoline. They pay jew rent.

Most importantly, they create downward pressure on wages in general, upward pressure on housing costs, and create a fractured social environment always at odds with itself where the easiest way out is to join the military for security and fight for israel, enforcing the surveillance state against any who resist.

Ideally no. Realistically yes because the wall would cause eternal assblasting.

Hell no. What's the fucking point of the wall if they're already on our side of it?

The "wall" was an esoteric metaphor for national security.

So all you care about is that people who support the other jew controlled party are angry?

I can buy that. I guess it becomes a matter of timelines; because uppity shitskin gibmedat hordes isn't a recipe for long-term sustainability but it might buy enough time to get their robotic replacements online, meanwhile they rid (((themselves))) of the capable opposition. Good reply

and once they've voting citizens they are free to travel to whatever districts (((they))) need to swing.
At the absolute barest of shitty minimums, voting rights for the DACA's should be delayed until well after 2018 or even 2020…
but then we run the risk of the Jewdiciary granting them voting rights before the elections…. So, they still have to go back. No deal.

No, no, no. There is no "barest of minimums". They go, the end. If they don't, start shooting. Stop accepting what is put in front of you. If you just kill your way out of it, things can and will ameliorate.

I think Trump has done well so far, but Jesus fuck he really pussied out here. DACA is unconstitutional, just repeal it!

This. Everything else is shilling because this is obvious to anyone that's followed Trump's methods for more that a minute.

it was repealed

They won't fund it, so no bill.

where do you live?


I don't care about either kike getting into the (((White House))).

New Jersey.

yea, that was my conclusion. There's literally no benefit to granting them amnesty.

Now that I have a job (thanks to him), I will vote for him no matter what.

top cuck

I'm so sorry user

So now I’m confused, there’s so much division going on in the thread I can’t even figure out what’s happening. So Trump is going to keep DACA, in exchange for the wall, but since the Democrats won’t give him the wall, he won’t sign off on DACA and will get the wall anyway and then repeal DACA? So has Trump signed anything yet?

off by 2


DACA will expire. He can do nothing and wait it out. It only delays deportation for two years.

Ending chain migration is more important

All Trump is doing is using the dems' "don't agree with anything Trump wants" against them so he will be able to counter the media and all the sad pictures of muh dreamers leaving. He cannlefit blame the Dems, so Boomer women who voted Trump will be able to push their "feelings" away and turn out in 2018 and 2020. Holy shit this isn't even 4D chess. It's basic shit.

I don’t see why he doesn’t just do that. He could have just waited quietly for it to instead of trying to make a deal of whatever.

Nothing short of retroactive revocation of citizenship from anchor babies and the entire chain of their descendants along with total expulsion of all illegal immigrants [like the 40 million who aren't DACA that could be getting deported right now] will make a difference. Stopping the flow isn't good enough. Demographics must be forcibly reversed.

So now that Trump secured Democrat victory for the next couple of decades by handing them more voters, will the promise of the 2020 dem candidate be to tear down Trump's wall or something else?
Not that it will matter at this point.

Good cop bad cop. Play it up for the cameras. Slaughter the Democrats in 2018 midterms:

In comes merit based immigration and a lot of European ethno nationalists leaving the mudslide countries their old homelands become.

Don't forget.

Tbh this is a great thing for us. Demographic displacement and disenfranchisement of whites is a fucking great thing actually. I'm sure glad I'm still part of the #TRUMPTRAIN!

It means a whole lot of chinks and pajeets like in Australia and Canada you dumb fuck. Those are even harder to get rid of than border hopping mexicans.


No, no, no. No, no, no. Just remove, remove, remove. Get violent and remove them yourself right where you live if the authorities don't do it. Fucking faggot ass niggers like you having the audacity to suggest surrendering Europe – countries far, far Whiter than the US in even the bleakest examples.


But you have cuckolds like this

Just kill him.

A walk through Sydney.

In case you wanted a source that it's based on Canada's migration system, it's a jewgle search away.

This never works. The best he could hope for is for fewer white people to vote against him because he's "not racist", although that will also not work.

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

honestly I always viewed DACA recipient as a bargaining chip, but not in the way most people think.
New statuses can be created, I could totally envision giving some DACA recipients, and by that I mean exclusively those that were brought here when they were UNDERAGE and can be proven.
The beneficial status would permit them to stay in the USA, they would have the choice to agree to it or be deported, but would be subject to income tax, and be legally barred from voting and also barred from any social benefits normal illegals are not allowed to have. Should they want to vote they would have to apply for citizenship like anyone else.Relatives should not be granted any lenience, parents should be deported, and any kids they have should either be considered illegal (end birthright citizenship) or the same special status (not in favor, but ultimately can stomach).

that is the only format I could negotiate for. Still would rather send them all back period. but ya know, lemons and stuff.

Apparently DACA expires in
TWO MONTHS, not two years
so he can begin mass deportations while the spics cry out why the Dems failed them.

just to make sure the core point or my argument is crystal clear.
let them become a dead weight for dems.

Stop right there and fuck off back to The_Donald faggot. We don't worship Trump here. We call out bullshit when we see it. This isn't a fucking political game, this is our birthright our ancestors fought for.



learn to read faggot, I would prefer them be all deported. make me vote for it and I will say exactly that. but I aint President, and we don't live in an ideal world. In the meantime you do with what you have, and if this is just another maneuver from Trump to box dems in a corner with free bait that would be great.

but then I ask you. With the hypothesis of Trump actually considering giving DACA recipients a pass implying this aint anothe r 4D-chess thingy, and that you can't say no, what legal limitations would you realistically want imposed on them. that actually have a chance to be not only agreed upon, but also enforceable. What would you ask for, specifically

Oh well shit, I guess we should just let them be citizens then. I mean, they've literally ~been here~.

I hate reddit so fucking much.

Checks out for /nu/pol!

The fact that the GOP has to bargain and grovel with democrats just to enforce basic law and border security is insane. The fact we have reached this point should be evidence enough that the only way we are going to fix this is by full blown civil war. There is no political solution at this point. Anything Trump does is just delaying the inevitable.

I cant even look at this shit anymore. Ive just decided to focus on building my own family and preparing for the future. Im going to have at least six kids, and I can easily afford to do it. I will raise them right and they will be trained in firearms.

You think again before bitchin over kampfy ever sharegoy.
If i was him.i would.have nuked your thread 10.times by now.
(I still.might)

No he's signing it in exchange for the Democrat's political power on a silver platter. If they work with him on this then all their rhetoric about him being ebil, racist and insane goes down the tubes.

Agreed. It would be nice if we had politicians that fought for the future of our people, but it doesn't seem like we do. So have kids, buy guns, and be ready to do your part.


No you misunderstood. Europe would be taken back swiftly after this process and the world will be in much better shape. You're opting for a slow irrecoverable death of the west.

You guys need to seige the phone lines and mailboxes with calls and letters in opposition to DACA. Generate outrage and make it clear this shit will not fly no matter what comes with the bill.

Really makes me think.

You mind telling me how the left's rhetoric about him being an evil racist falling apart matters? People who are on the left stick their heads in the sand, so regardless of the facts (which are already obvious), he would still be seen that way in their eyes.
tl;dr muh PR

Kill yourself

Cool and how do you plan to mass remove them? Be realistic here. You're ass mad that things aren't instant 88 o'clock but what can you seriously propose? It took ~60-80 years to get to this mess and its going to take a while to get out of it without things crashing and burning first. Stop being so high time preferance, or give us something to work with.

Get the fuck out of here. If you really believe that, you deserve to be euthanized. Leftists have no relationship with reason, truth, consistency, honor, or basic reality. They have no standards. Nothing you do or say is going to stop them from pursuing their agenda. Especially not by handing them more power.

but that's the exact opposite of what's going on right now. What are imageboards, elections, ads, memes, propaganda? They're all political games
Until RWDS start killing kikes in the street, all of this is just bullshit political games.
So either put up or shut up, faggot.

You can hope for that, but it's not realistic. It would take at least two generations and a completely revamped education system. The Jew media would need to be reigned in. This is all not going to happen in an amount of time, if even remotely possible, that would beat the current birth rates. Sometimes you have to pull back and consolidate to win a war.

Start deporting illegals NOW. There's 30-50 gone. What you are is a shill. Filtered.

I'm not saying that shouldn't happen. Pay attention, faggot. The long game needs to be considered.

pathetic concern trolling.

Get rid of all illegals. End all immigration period. End minority small business loans. Revoke illegitimate citizenship granted to anchor babies and the descendants of anchor babies. You've already solved a huge portion of the problem right fucking there. With your new found cleansed nation, you start to work on all the rest. Firebomb their homes, firebomb their businesses, assassinate college professors and local educators who aren't White.

Here's What I pulled from the Kikebart Article, which they pulled from JewSA Today
That fucking kills it for the dems right there. Those few things, A wall, an end to Chain Migration, and increased border security will fucking end it for their Spic hoards. And as far as I know Trump hasn't signed shit.

Illgeals have been deported and afe being deported as we speak. Not only that but more are straight up leaving. This takes time, everything takes time. It took years for nazi germany to herd their undesirables into camps and that was with full control. We are still fighting for power in our countries so to expect better with less is plain dumb. By all means be mad and agitate, make calls, write letters and inform people, but dont get up those you're working with for things not going the way ypu want at the rate you want. Chill.

I wonder.if shareblue, and the very scum.of the earth relentlessly attacking Trump realize this:

He is your only waranty of safety.The thread keeping you safe from.the wrath you rightfully deserve. If it were not for him you'd be killed by now.
So keep on actively trying to undermine him.


You should be fucking thanking every Deity in your fucking deseased database right now.
Because you won't like the alternative.

if Trump wants to save the white race then we'll support him, if he doesn't then fuck him, it's that simple.. this thread is about words, if his signature goes on an amnesty bill then he's no better than any other politician

and all Trump has to do is delay for two months and DACA expires anyway.
Don't forget the National Voter ID system he wants and his referral of the voter fraud case to the DHS.

The people who are against us define themselves by being against us. They would sooner kill themselves than stop attacking whites. There's no reasoning or debating with them, they're a bunch of psychopaths who just have to be killed on sight.

You're treating the shills like they're sentient, cognizant or human. They're none of that, they're pestilence, vermin, rot and decay given flesh.

To any true Holla Forumsacks who still think this guy is putting your interests first, wake the fuck up. Giving away DACA is the death knell.


Those are goals not methods dipshit.
Now those are methods, but questionable in effectiveness. I'm not going to tell you not to do or suggest those things, but it is unreasonable to demand that of your peers. They will result in partyvaning and its useless to just throw people away on things without any guarantees.

You will fucking rot away while everything you hold dear dies around you.


4Dchesscucks BTFO(ban evasion)

What fucking hell you are about to experience.
Push Trump.
He is the only thing keeping you safe.
Do you fucking think you're in control?
Bash the fash amiriet
You have no fucking idea how far things have changed on how thin ice you are…

This is an English-speaking website.

The 'wall' is now only going to be one third of the border so pretty much just symbolic. But of course this blow hard cunt will praise himself for it. Fucking nigger Obama was deporting more spics than Trump. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Jew cunts are still raping this country.(Astroturf)

Deporting DACA beneficiaries is political suicide. The key is using them as a bargaining chip to END CHAIN MIGRATION and BUILD THE WALL. So, you can deport the so-called dreamers, but without these two things, they will come back and bring 5 million of their relatives when they do.

Fucking hell. I really don't want to cry about mods
but heavy handed moderation is going to kill this board. OP just posted quotes from the article. If people take issue with the article then let that get sorted out in the posts, don't act like a fucking sperg and edit the OP to cringe level proportions and start going spastic on anons in the posts by banning them. You suck trumps dick we get it, stop trying to force others to do the same.

Are the mods CIA niggers or do they secretly love Israel? Wtf is an (AstroTurf) ban? So if you don't engage in one side of their FBI engineered Jewish discussion and say that Trump is based you get banned? Hahaha.. saying that everything [including the Orange One] is Jewish and that modern civilization is filled with slime from top to bottom = astroturfing? It's all Jewish and hard reset is the only option. Stop trying to force us to shill for Le Based Orange Controlled Opposition Man. If he fucks up [which he has] I'm against him.

Inb4 kek and chess or whatever(Astroturf)



That's right, here you have to earn your 10 cents a post.

Has anyone noticied what the mods did to the OP?

It's an improvement.

Continue to make these posts, user. Mods are fags and this is a more proof of it.

If you live in lala-land maybe. If the Turk running this place gets to encourage fantasies over the deportation of 200,000 Salvadorans simply because they may lose citizenship (and ignoring that at least 800,000 beaners already have no citizenship and are nonetheless legally protected from deportation), there's nothing wrong with the opposite extreme in proclaiming that the end is nigh and Trump will finish betraying every campaign promise that didn't put Israel first, since the kiked boomer is well on his way to doing that.(Astroturf)

the not-so-subtle way for you glow in the darks to say "just go star the race war guy, we'll all join you we promise!"


Honestly, I don't think Trump will end up signing a DACA amnesty, but this is getting ridiculous.

and the midterms, tbh a civil war might've been preferable

are you underage by any chance?

It's ridiculous that the kikes and shareblue just don't slit their own throats and be done with this whole retarded business. They don't even enjoy their own fucking lives! Why on earth are they prolonging them?!

This. Fourth Reich now or within the next 10 years is absolutely necessary.

yeah, they're too mentally retarded to make their own thread, they honestly think people care what they think


but shills aren't people

What about based jews?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I just came to this realization.
Imagine you are in an submarine 5000m below sea level
Or space. Pressurized vessel.
What you leftist degenerates are doing is driving a nail gun against it's haul.
You're all going to fucking die a fucking horrible death.

you know you are

i will take great pleasure granting you your wish



It's all theater to say he tried. Both sides have intractable positions.

You should have just let us have Trump.
You didn't
You couldn't
And're going to pay.a horrible price

They're psychopathic nihilists, you may as well be pissing into the wind. The best way to fuck with them is to make fun of them, they hate that.

I am not joking. We are not joking.
I will rip out your larynx

I have just realized the inevitable. We will have to murder them.all.

Things have drastically changed.
We hold the power

Thank you for ushering in your death

They've bailed on the thread now that they've lost control of it. Just chill out and enjoy the ride.

They are complaining about Holla Forums on Holla Forums
why is this a thing now?


because Holla Forums is a goon board. Zerosugar (Holla Forums BO) is a goon. It's effectively their outpost on Holla Forums now that the Holla Forums shit is dead.


But that's not true user.
Again: These measures are only as valid as the people defending them.
A wall is only good if people work to keep those on the other side, on the other side.
An end to chain migration? HAH! You can't legislate such a thing into perpetuity!
Same with border security!

Everything named there is only a hindrance to the Dems so long as someone is in power who utilizes them.

A wall is meaningless if the person in power opens up the doors within that wall. A legislative move to block chain migration is only valuable until its rescinded. Increased border security is only valid so long as its enacted and upheld by decree.

Its like you faggots think a Republican of even Trump's calibre - which could be better, if I'm being honest - is still in power.
You think Jeb is going to defend the border wall? You think Jeb is going to maintain the inhibition to chain migration? You think Jeb is going to uphold tightened security measures?
Fuck no!
Nevermind a fucking she-nog or whatever the fuck the Dems run to appeal to the muddied hordes they've brought in and cultivated.

DACA, on the other hand? Well, you give those spics amnesty, guess what you just did?
You fed the fucking raccoons.
And when you feed the fuck raccoons, guess what happens?
More raccoons show up.

Its literally the exact same fucking thing that Reagan did, and once ol' Ronny fed the raccoons, they just kept coming - because they KNOW that there's a chance they might get fed, because you've set the precedent by feeding them.
And that's all that really matters here.

DACA is non-negotiable - if amnesty is given, this country is fucked, nevermind Trump's political aspirations.

And as far as I know Trump hasn't signed shit.

When is he going to make anime real?

Holla Forums has been flooded with braindead, dickriding redditors who believe Holla Forums is a civnat board that offers blind and unequivocal support for Trump. Any time a true Holla Forumsack criticizes Trump, questions his zionist agenda, or points out his jewish supremacist actions these newfag retards spam reactions images of anime they've never watched, parrot 'muh shareblue' like they're having an aneurysm, and become exceedingly triggered that pro-white, anti-zionist NatSocs are shitting on the behavior of their precious neo-con puppet.
The tide is turning though, and either oldfags are returning or these fucking dipshits are coming to their senses after seeing the disgusting levels of philosemitism coming from the administration.

It's > 40 million.

Okay, let's assume I buy this narrative.

This is how I picture it.

Trump has a dog. This dog is equivalent to refusal to grant DACA amnesty.
The Dems have a garden. This garden is the equivalent of support of spic scum and their resultant demographic advantage.

Trump says, "I'll kill my dog, but ONLY if you dig up your garden, sprinkle salt on the soil, and sign a piece of paper saying you'll never grow a garden ever again".

The narrative being pushed by the above Anons suggests, "They'll never go for that! They love their garden! They need their garden! They'll never agree to it!".

Now, here's the rub:
First of all, they don't need the garden - they've already got enough vegetables to last the year (ie Dems have enough non-Whites in-country to secure demographic advantage).
Second of all, the trade is not equivalent - the implication is that the trade, Trump's dead dog for the Dem's dug-up and salted garden, is equivalent… But its not.

In theory, the Dems can re-plant their garden, they can bring in new soil to replace the salted soil, and they can ignore the piece of paper they signed saying they'd never do so.
But Trump? His dog is fucking dead.

So, Trump trading his dog for their garden isn't a good trade, because they can get back what they offered, while he cannot. And that's the score with this DACA thing:
- the Dems can get by with the muds they've got, so it won't destroy their advantage in the best-case-scenario wherein they're actually held to the deal
- the Dems, once in power, can ignore or change whatever legislation is passed to impose greater border security and end chain migration
- the Dems, once in power, can simply not man the border wall, or man it with troops who've been instructed not to carry out their duty of its defense
- the Republicans, even if in power, will never be able to rescind DACA amnesty once granted, and their ability to stay in power will be inhibited because those people will all vote Democrat

Its a bad trade, because one side is offering something they cannot come back from, while the other is offering something they can easily come back from once they're in power.

Why the fuck is this still a thread? if? really? FFS you're better than this mods.

If you only had eyes to see.

I guess I should have clarified something…

The implication in the second user's post was that its all theater, and that their positions are intractable - that means they can't change their positions, for those of you in Rio Linda - and that's the real question.

Because the Democrat's position IS NOT intractable. They can get by without their garden in the short term, and they can re-create their garden later, when in power (something this trade would help them achieve).
Trump's position BETTER be intractable, for this very reason - the narrative suggests that Trump is making it seem like he's open to this, while in reality he isn't and thinks the Dems aren't either given his restrictions, hence the offer that he 'knows' they will not take…

… But the implication is that the Dems have no reason or ability to take this offer, and that's faulty. Because they have reason and ability to do so - and it won't even hurt them all that much, espescially in the long-term.

It then becomes a matter of question as to whether or not Trump is actually open to such a deal, and that seems to be the real item of question at this stage.
The Democrats would be FOOLS not to accept this deal… But, its possible they are indeed that foolish.
Trump, on the other hand, would have to be a complete fucking idiot to accept such a deal… And he'll look like something of an idiot (in the eyes of some…) anyway if the Dems DO come back to him and say "We accept your deal", whereupon he refuses it.

Good post, repeal Hart-Celler, deport Christcucks.

I cant wait til these dominos are given a nudge its going to be glorious

Good analogy. Nice post.

WEBM here: >>11135950
Don't bump that thread, I thought I was posting here but I made a new thread.

link and vid are same thing.


duely knotted

The only question that should be asked is: why should we trust the Dems to follow through? They’ve already reneged on a deal with Regean.

Eh. At this point I'd say even the majority of Holla Forumsacks are naive to that.

You're still limited to hypotheticals and game theory, and you're counting on having as much insight as the people currently playing the game. Trump has a habit of flipping the table.

It's like a forest full of deadfall and it hasn't rained in months. All it will take is a spark.

This is you faggots' fault. We wouldn't be in this situation had Roy Moore been elected, but you wanted Pedowood to burn so bad that you cucked to feminists and told everyone to listen and believe.

Now the Democrats are getting a new bloc of voters because their parents succesfully broke the law.

Really, congratulations.

unlikely. Specifically the "two-phase" legislative solution just screams "Reagan amnesty" to me.

In what capacity?


I agree with everything in this post. That’s why these midterms are so important. We need large Republican turnout and to take firm control of Senate. Then Trump doesn’t need to compromise.

Get out.


In that they aren't aware that it's significantly higher than even 30m.
11m has been pushed for over 25 years of my remembered life.
11m is probably the "legal" spic immigrants. The illegals is, as has been pointed out, 40m+.

wasn't the (((official))) number 11 million for fucking ever? lol

Yes. See;

Fair enough.
That said, I wouldn't say I'm 'counting on' having as much insight as the players. Quite the opposite - I'm assuming I don't, because if I did, I'd know with some degree of certainty how certain variable factors are most-liable to play out.
I'm going on the basis of what we can see, knowing there's things we can't see, and trying to avoid a definitive requirement in that capacity where able.

He also has a habit of siding with globalist jewish interests… I'm just saying man…


Not an argument.

I don't think we're going to make it to the mid-terms before this issue gets handled. They want to get this over and done with ASAP, because the closer they get to the election in November, the harder its going to be to memory-hole aspects that both sides will want covered up and forgotten.

Trump is a moron. He was once our moron, but now I think he's basically doing what his son-in-law tells him as filtered through his daughter batting her lashes and pouting to him.(

I don't know about all that, but I do think his ear is no longer held by the people, if it ever was.
He's aligning himself with interests that I simply cannot support, and his intelligence really isn't a matter of concern in that capacity, at least from where I'm sitting.

The next 3-6 months will be very interesting, as I suspect we're going to find out in that time exactly what sort of president, and what sort of man, Donald Trump actually is.
My main hope is that I don't regret my vote last November.

Stop being obtuse. I agree that Trump has had to compromise and throw the GOPe a bone or two (increased military budget, donor tax cuts) and that is disappointing. But Trump, himself, still verbally supports RAISE and the Wall. He hasn’t faltered on this.

Also, Trump even supported Roy Moore at the end of the day. It’s really up to the people to send people to the Senate who support Trump’s agenda. And that is what our main goal should be this year.

Do we even know who we’re going to support in each race? These are the sort things we should be trying to figure out. Black pills are not going to solve any of our problems.


the crazy shit about this whole thing, is ONE gay nigger with a pen (illegally) created this situation and the now the "fix" is to permanently skew voter demographics to favor the Dems, with fucking bipartisan support no less!

If it wasn't so fucking criminal, I'd say "well played"

& if he deports those people & enacts voter I.D. reform entirely dependent on that wall getting built? Then what? The democrats are in a no win situation. It's like asking your kid "Do you want to eat your vegetables before or after you do your homework?". No matter the outcome, Trump gets what he wants. I believe it's called a double bind.

Ditching TPP, ditching ISIS in Syria and the half dozen other major moves he has made doesn't seem like "siding with globalist jewish interests" to me.

Of variable worth.

user, the people are rather stupid, and easily distracted. And the Jew plays both sides of the shekel.
If you don't realize as much, you're being rather obtuse.

Doubtful. I tried to get a mid-terms thread going awhile back, but nobody was interested.
In any case, I mean…. What do you think you're going to find, user?
Don't you understand at this point that people who get into power don't have to do anything of the things they said they'd do once they are IN power? I mean, talk about obtuse… And that's the rub, really: Everyone of these politicians is a shitbird.

All of them… Well, like 99%, at least. Shitbirds.
They're ruled by the shekel, they serve the shekel, because the American political system REQUIRES such behavior through the requirements, mechanical and meta, of having a large number of shekels in your bank in order to pursue a campaign effectively.

You can talk about 'blackpills' all day, but frankly m8, at this point, I'm inclined to say the real redpill is realizing that this whole fucking system is corrupt to the core, is corrupt CONCEPTUALLY, was designed that way by intent, and is now demonstrable of that intent.
IOW, I don't think its 'blackpilling' to say, outright, that there is no political solution to the issues facing our people - and that the real 'blackpill' is internalizing the requirement for this system to be maintained and the belief that this system will deliver anything but more of the same, over and over and over again, until collapse.

That said, by all means, make up a mid-terms thread. Do some research on the candidates on offer.
I'll bet you a pretty penny there isn't a fucking one in the gang that isn't either a libshit shitshow or a GOP ZOGbot marching to the AIPAC minstrel's tune. Because that's what American politics is, because those are the only people who will be given the shekels to pursue a campaign at all, nevermind effectively.


The fat lady hasn't sung yet, so ill refrain from bashing trump.

He better not fucking give 800k illegals rights, it would flip texas, floirda, hell maybe even iowa blue.
Then what?

this mentality is retarded. IF we dont attack and bash the RINOs how will they ever be made to know that they shouldnt fuck us like this? what good is it when we dont show up to re-elect them AFTER they have fucked this country terminally in the demographic manner?

Just look at who raises the most shekels, and you find the biggest sell outs.
A few at the bottom might help, but they are the minority in congress, and are quicklt shot down by the ring leaders.

Deports what people? The 10's of millions of illegals, most of whom don't vote? Surely you're not implying Trump is going to deport the people given amnesty under Reagan, are you? Because that's who I'm talking about as goes the "Dems have enough Whites in-country to secure demographic advantage".

And how can Trump enact voter I.D. reform dependent on the wall being built? Like, what do you mean by that? I'm not even sure what narrative you're trying to push here.

Was good… But potentially temporary.
Pretty sure the Russians just got attacked by 13 combat drones the other day, so I don't know that you can make that claim in a meaningful sense at this point.
Protip: ISIS was never meant to take over the country. They were meant to fragment it. They were an Israeli-Saudi-US venture to fragment Syria, degrade its infrastructure, drive its people into Europe, etc etc… But it was not meant to take over the country.
I feel I have to remind you that the war in Syria did not START with ISIS - it started with 'revolution'. ISIS was just brought in when the rebolushun failed.
And now? Now Syria is a mess, the Kurds want their own land, Israeli is acting dirctly against Syria, and there's a 'rebolushun' starting in Iran…. Just sayin'.

Well, you'd have to list them specifically, because I've seen plenty of moves that DO look like that to men, and if you deny as much, well… I dunno what to tell you man. We disagree I guess.

Yeah, pretty much. The real irksome bit of it is how its all emotional manipulation,
type shit.
Emotional manipulation on this scale is basically what the jews have made themselves on at this point, so it shouldn't be surprising, but god damn if I'm not still surprised everytime I see White people ready to bend over backwards to cuck themselves because some kikes made some emotionally-driven argument.

Fair enough.
Pretty true.

*"Dems have enough non-Whites to secure…"

I didnt say i was gonna NOT voice my opinion.
I call/email regularly to my retards in congress.
If only more people would

The mods are doing the job of pointing out an extremely important word you Sharejews are intentionally omitting.

Emotional rhetoric is used at women.
Voting mothers, to pull at their heart strings and imagine some RIPPING
their babies out of their hands.
We need to meme the dead kids, murdered by these illegals. To counter the propaganda.

ITT: People who are either not paying attention or (more likely) demoralizing shills attempting to D&C. Anyone who's watched how Trump does things, or read Art of the Deal, or read the Dilbert Merchant's examinations of Trump's tactics, knows that Trump consistently plans things so that he has multiple ways to win and no real way to lose.

Most likely outcome: the dems refuse to compromise, because any bill that Trump will accept will also fund The Wall, end the diversity lottery, and implement many other measures that will help prevent white genocide. Trump then gets to shake his head, say "I TRIED to pass immigration reform and give amnesty to all these wonderful people, but the DEMOCRATS wouldn't let me! SHAME! All you Hispanics better not vote democrat!"

OR: the dems compromise, and Trump gives 800,000 illegals citizenship in exchange for a total stop to illegal immigration from Mexico. The Democrats' base destroy themselves because their horrible racist monster leaders WORKED WITH and COMPROMISED with racist evil Drumpfh rather than fighting him. Trump laughs and builds wall. All 800,000 illegals end up in jail for the other crimes they inevitably commit and are punished by catapult.

Not really - anyone with a brain realizes this is all hypothetical spitballing, because Trump hasn't actually DONE anything yet.

The question at this point is what he's going to do.
The only narrative that really explains what we're seeing at this point in any sensible way is the one I addressed here:

The question isn't really "What will happen IF Trump signs DACA", the question at this point is "What will Trump do IF the Democrats accept his deal?".
There's been a lot of effort put forth to suggest the Dems CAN'T accept his deal, and that's faulty - they can. Thus it becomes a question of whether or not Trump can accept the deal he's offered them.
If he can't, awesome. If he can…. If if if if if, indeed.

That wasn't the point user… The point was voter fraud in the context of the DACA people.
I don't think most of the DACA people are voting, I don't think even a significant proportion of them are voting.
I think its the myriad illegals, 10's of millions deep, who are voting. Illegally.
Its possible you misunderstood, but in the event you did not, that was a very disingenuous comment you made.

Full-on fucking damage control mode.
Reminder that if when Trump signs whatever bill DACA ends up being shoved into, nu/pol/ will defend him and the Turkroach mods will ban anyone who thinks it isn't 1488D underwater backgammon.(astroturf)

Come on, it’s their entire families as well. We’re looking at 10s of millions.
Trump is cucking hard. He’s been cracking for the last year and ‘’’NO ONE’’’ has been putting pressure on him. He’s a centrist at heart. He only played the nationalist crowd for votes. If DACA gets through, we won’t see another republican win ever.
This isn’t 4D chess. This is a boomer who is being manipulated by kikes and doesn’t feel the fire under his feet which was ‘’’OUR JOB’’’

Eh, emotional rhetoric is used on men as well user, especially older men who have children themselves.
Women really shouldn't be voting, because of exactly this sort of shit. For fuck's sake, several days per month they break down and cry over Folger's commercials and shit, and everyone knows it - yet suggest maaaaaaaaaaaaybe they're too emotional to be making judgements in the context of politics, wherein emotional manipulation is going to be used regardless of who or what is involved, and suddenly you're a shitbag anti-woman virgin or some shit.


Assuming an average of 2 children per spic, you're looking at like 6.4 million by the fourth generation. AND their families, as you say.

You can't. Feed. The. Fucking. Raccoons.
Not even once.
Not even a little bit.
You can't fucking do it, and not expect more raccoons to show up.
And like the emotional thot who foolishly welcomes a raccoon into her home because 'aw hes so cute!', the results will be nothing but blood, disease and regret.

wtf i hate drumfph now

You didn't say a single thing in this post that hasn't already been said and addressed in detail.

assuming that's a srs estimate on you're part, it's safe to assume you know little of the mestizo beanshit culture tbh

Trump may win, but he’s not a Nazi. See the problem? A win for trump isn’t a win for us.

True, I just wanted to summarize for the people who aren't paying attention. You may notice there are a lot of them.

Nobody thinks Trump is a Nazi except the far left. Trump is nothing more than a step in the right direction.

Whatever you think of Trump himself, the reversal of America's demographic shift, not to mention moving the overton window, are victories worth celebrating.

I have to go into detail, because the breadth of offense in this post is truly awe-inspiring.


And they'll still vote Democrat. Overwhelmingly. 50-70%+.

Temporary measures are the best that can be achieved in that capacity.
About as likely as Hispanics suddenly voting Red.

You didn't even read this thread, because EVERY SINGLE POINT you attempted to make has already been addressed and shown to be largely bullshit.

I was aiming for a low estimate rather than a high estimate.

You seem to be one of them, given you didn't read the thread.

Yeah, what else is new.
It could be worse.

from what it sounds like trump can just keep moving the goalpost mo matter what they agree to do. hence.

he's gone back on things before, he could just be using the press as misdirection. since his opponents aren't above outright lying, why should he? thats basically politics in a nutshell. he could be forcing them to give into a DACA bill so broken and toothless that it won't be useful for what they want but at least it helps them save face. going to be very interesting. this could make or break his presidency and change his odds for reelection in 2020 (and i'm sure he knows that.)

okie doke.

5th column federal judges are up to their shenanigans again.

What the hell? The OP was just quotes that Trump made directly in his hour long press event today. They are completely true, and now the mod has trashed it with if if if if bullshit.
Look at all the bans they're handing out too!

In theory, yes, he could. Its exceedingly unlikely though, because there'd be some serious blow-back.
Can't you just see it, on every newsheet, on every normalfag media outlet: "Lyin' Trump"

I have no idea what you're trying to say here user. It really seems like you're just pushing a narrative of "He's just playing around you guiz", and I see no reason to make that assumption at this time.

You don't have to convince me - you have to convince the normalfags m8. And if these Democucks come back to him and say "We accept the offer" and he says "Actually, nah", well, good luck with that.

… What? user, the offer on the table is [this pile of shit Trump wants, none of which is a long-term solution] in exchange for what the Dems want, [a long-term solution to DACA (and a set precedent)]. I'm confused as to what you're trying to say here.

Indeed. (Likewise.)

Oh god lad… Why?

Here we go again….

Its been that way for quite some time user. The mods are bought or something, I dunno, I don't really care either as its already been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're really awful people, regardless of their in/competence as moderators of this forum.


I guess I wasn't too active last month, and I have not noticed due to happenstance of posting on the same side as the mods.

These illegals are strong, hardworking and willing to serve Israel goyim, we can't get rid of them!

Jeb! approved too!

I'm sure a future Democrat or Neocon government won't just blanket grant them all citizenship. I'm sure amnesty won't bite white America in the ass like it has every single time before. No, this time, it will be different and the race traitors and kikes will fulfill their end of the bargain.

N-no goy! No there is still hope in the the two party (((liberal democratic))) system—ahem I mean republican system, maybe next time you'll be able to vote Hitler into power! You just haven't got lucky with the right candidate yet!

they already do that, it doesn't matter what he does they will find a way to spin it. so what's the point of making (((them))) happy? they can never be satisfied. he knows that, and he can just tweet out a BS response to get them kavchting and wash his hands of it.

Obama has the power to put it in place, but no other President has the power to remove it. What a fucking mess.

Yeah, but this might be another leftist poison pill. The SC won’t put up with bench legislation. They will strike this down pretty easily, meaning neither Trump nor Congress has to take responsibility for it.


The irony. It is thick.


That's not an argument here user, because while its true, its also very obtuse - it is true, they do do such things no matter what he does… but when he does something ESPECIALLY blatant, they jump all over it.
You're being disingenuous if you're actually going to claim "the media attacks Trump no matter what he does, so his actions don't have any effect upon the degree of functional effect of those attacks".

>so what's the point of making (((them))) happy? they can never be satisfied.
It has nothing to do with (((them))) being happy user, it has to do with the public.
See above.
As you say, (((they))) will never be happy - but the public can be happy, or unhappy, and the media's ability to effect that state is dependent on certain factors. One of those factors is the nature of Trump's actions upon which they are attacking him.
Rescinding this deal, after the Democrats had accepted it? Thats the sort of action they'd jump all over, and likely be quite-successful with, especially given the current geo-political climate.

Again, disingenuous, obtuse. He would have a much harder time washing his hands of this than, say, the accusations as regards the gorilla channel or the piss-prostitutes.
You have to know as much.

You'd think that GOPe meme would've died already.
or maybe it has, and that's why all the cuckservative moderates are "retiring"? Crashing this Grand Old Party with no survivors

Let's ban all oldfag anons who attack the idea of a NatSoc board supporting and making excuses for a zionist extremist, who's now amenable to allowing nearly a million illegal spics to stay, breed, rape, murder and undermine white interests. That'll show them the truth of our position heh.


You would think, but some people just won't let go of the belief that these creatures are human.

Spics aren't human, they're basically fucking Aztecs with small amounts of nigger and European admixture. They're wretched.
But, they can be reliable in some regards, much like the niggers - and one of those areas is their voting habits.

You will never get spics - or niggers - to come out in support of a republican candidate, unless that candidate is such a massive cuckold that he might as well have been labled a democrat.
Spics - like niggers - vote the way they do, not because of any beliefs they hold or any knowledge they possess, but because the person who put them on the bus to the ballot boxes told them to vote that way.

Gas yourself.

Is there really anyone not aware of the nature of the mods at this point? Pointing it out just seems like preaching to the choir at this point.

That'd be like a second Christmas

his detractors will never be happy (ever). his supporters would be fine if pulled out at last second. they won't care if he lied. and if he's acuseedd of lying, as I said he could just tweet out an insult to pelosi or whoever and add some bs answer like "sorry guys, negotiations fell through" and it won't matter. if the press squawking at him mattered in the way you say it does, he would never have become president in the first place.

The real question is: how much more humiliation will Trump cucks take before they finally realise that some new york jew loving liberal is not the next fuhrer?

The video continues and he turns around and shakes his hand.

Kike rats btfo

He was being ironic you fucking kike, which is why he was banned.

believing that anyone outside of feminist cucks and antifa goons actually posted trump hitler memes unironically.

Now, there you're underestimating Trump's base in terms of their cuckoldry. You're also not addressing the millions upon millions of people that are still largely 'meh' on Trump, who neither ardently support him nor aggressively oppose him. And they will not be so forgiving as you seem to believe Trump's base would be.
You can keep saying it, but as I already explained, its not true.
Hardly m8 - if his opponent wasn't as shit as we both know she was, he could have most-certainly been tanked. Trump's support was as-much due to the fact that everyone who supported him fucking bitterly hated that old cunt as it was due to their actually supporting Trump.

You're not making any new arguments, you're just repeating the same ones over and over again, so there's really nowhere else to go with this conversation.

Now you're being really disingenuous.

Considering virtually every thread remotely critical of POTUS's zionism is spammed with mongoloid newfags crying shareblue, I'd say not.

Liar, this place was fucking full of it. Constantly.

I agree, you should stop. at this point he loses nothing by being called a liar (he's been called far worse) by the (((left))) or the (((center))) or even the (((neocons))). and by next month the lugenpresse will be on to next manufactured faux pas (five scoops, over feeding dolphins etcetera.)

so, you can't tell the difference between shitposting and actual banter? good job on outing yourself you autistic kikes.

and just like clockwork, lefty/pol/ shows up to reeeeeee when its cover is blown.

I reported this old landscaping business that I used to work for they employed 60 undocumented immigrants and ICE still hasn't done anything About it

lite a fire under their asses and list a few other illegal things they "might" be up to. they can pay off one or two (((inspectors))) but not all of them.

B-based! I-I was just pretending to be retarded, shariablue BTFO!

Illegal*, and ICE is massively undermanned and underfunded for the sheer scale of the operation they should be undertaking. Tens of millions of illegals to be deported. ICE should be several times its current size to deal with the scale of the problem.



you already fucked up, only the most retarded shills would go with the.

honestly you could have done better then to pull out that old useless "fracture point" didn't work then, won't work now.

FYI, here's how easy it is to register to vote in California:

You don't need any ID to vote.

Not the nightmare I was expecting. It would be better to declare martial law and burn down all fast food restaurants though. I hope the Democrats don't pass this and push Trump over the edge.

Why do I Spam? I dunno.

Why would Holla Forums ban my love?

Why are you ignoring the spam, I warn you cause I'm autistic?

Jew networking


Negro networking


Taco Networking


Rice Networking


Sandi Networking


Paki Networking



Po Networking



Remove my penis

Censorship in my asshole, lick it very good.













































































































































There is a war against my mommy. It's time to start raping her.


But who do you shoot?

The worst part of this is that the mods are even more autistic than you for wordfiltering your entire post. Change ONE letter and you can bypass it.

hopefully somebody gets that federally regulated Voter I.D. system off the ground.

It's also worth noting that despite Mexicans in the Northern part of the country being far more involved in the drug trade, and helping people jump the border, most of the people jumping the border are darker than your average Castizo.

This isn't what I meant with just filter the faggot, mods.

And yet they won't do the same for all the other shitty copy and pastes going around the threads. Probably because the mods are behind them in the first place.

They will probably be barred, but not their children. Also, in California it's pretty easy for them to register and vote, even if barred. All they have to do is click a checkbox saying they're US citizens.

I think Trump needs to build a border wall around California instead of Mexico.

A wall of fire, perhaps

Deport them ALL.

NO exceptions.

Assassinate Trump, CIAniggers


What are the numbers for the elimination of the "temporary" orders from years ago that Trumps going against? 200k from Salvador + whatever Haitians + others?

Why the fuck would you include imageboards you donkey? You fucker, you don't have the whole U.S population surfing this board, or any other imageboard. Most of us here are on the fringe. The normies wouldn't even be able to stomach the front page of this board.
How bout you fuck off first faggot.

How many more times does this need to be pointed out to you >80IQ subhumans?

There is no DACA without full funding for the Wall
Kike Dems will never agree to the wall
Therefore, DACA will never happen, but we're still going forward with the wall

This plan hasn't changed.





Except for the fact that Trump genuinely wants DACA passed because they are based hardworking immigrants.
I guess you're right, it takes greater than 80 IQ not to be a chesscuck.

Is this halfcuck? This is the most obvious kiked thread I've seen, yet it's still getting bumped nearly 400 posts later. OP couldn't be anymore of a faggot, the only thing he got right was the archive.

Did you think of that up yourself, or did you get that off of Blebbit? Spics like you are the first to get the bullet

Lol ass ravaged kike. Gonna be hilarious when you lose, again, and fail to learn from your mistakes, again.

Could there be enough hoops in a DACA deal to neutralize it?
Like… no errors in any tax filings, full history of employment, min. earnings over the last X years, no criminal records (incl. misdemeanors), set level of debt, etc.
Or am I just too naive?


oh fuck

You're not fooling anyone. You lashing out in mindless rage is a product of your severe dissonance in pretending to be NatSoc and anti-jewish whilst supporting a jew-owned turbo-zionist. It's better you face the truth sooner rather than later.

Watching the opening of the daca meetings where trump sat in, the dems in the room immediately signaled that they were going to make this a shitshow and implied that the R border security reforms weren't even on the table.

They're planting their heels wherever they can, which means they're still getting paid.


There would have to be a majority of people in that room who actually want that, which is unlikely. They're playing it close to the chest, so it's impossible to know.


Becareful what you claim in a foolish attempt to force people to not question or investigate an individual.
If those tweets need not be sincere, why should the more recent ones be? By your own statement, his tweets could be mere pandering to what is asked of him (or rather, expected of him) at the time.

If he signs it he's done for

looks like its out of his hands now.

If he signs it there will still be desperate faggots on here defending it.

did you read the post I referenced? The reason I state what I do is because I know how PR works. Just as that was pandering/PR for its time, how can one say "yes, have faith, he's doing it for you" now, when it could still just be PR. The man is charismatic and a politician, so many things he says fall solely under PR.

he's been pretty clear he won't actually sign anything that doesn't fund the wall and kill chain migration, which the left can't abide by. Seems to me like he's covering his bases so he can throw his hands up and say "hey I tried, but the democrats refused" come march, but maybe I'm too optimistic

But, wasn't it unconstitutional to begin with? How can you put an injuction on something that you didn't consider legal?
Why am I even asking?

what's left to sign at this point? looks like the libtard "community" completely lost faith in pelosi and the rest of her beta cucks.

guess its just going a surprise then. you'll never how something's about to go until all the cards are dealt. let's wait and see. @U@

let's hope so.

Yeah that's what his twitter says

Given the massive rise in shill shitposting, not to mention the weird shit going on with Holla Forums, I feel like I can practically hear echoes of their conversation. In Discord channels across the net, countless commie goons, CTR paid shills, wannabe hackers, goons, and other faggots, stopping their conversation about which dragon dildo to gape their asshole with to scream in an typo-riddled panic that they need to jump on this one. This time, they tell themselves, they'll really demoralize Holla Forums and those alt-right nazis shitlords! They can't lose! If they just scream about it enough, and raise enough of a tantrum, they're sure that they'll convince us that Trump has finally gone too far, and we'll all just give up and stop winning this culture war that's driving commie faggots and degenerate shitters to suicide.

It's inconvenient, at worst, but only a matter of time before all of this emotional hyper-stimulation drives them into another depressive episode as the endorphin rush they got from feeling like they finally have a chance to win at something slips through their fingers again.

The constitution is meaningless parchment in a post-modern judaized state. Jew lawyers, jew judges and a jewed SCOTUS mean the judicial branch serves the interests of a hostile ethnic cabal.

yeah, we get hit farly hard with shills and lefty/pol/ tranys on the daily. but this thread and others are getting absolutely bombarded. something's definitely rattled the (((hive)))

DACA scum are not only spics. This fellow will soon be on full benefits and the new owner of a free 7/11 store.

Lmao transparent kike.

The "chess" theory here is that he's deliberately angering his base in order to make them flood their representatives with rage letters, whilst manipulating the dems into a situation where their radicals are emboldened to demand ever more extreme beaner privileges only to turn on the DNC when it ultimately collapses in no deal. He's done similar fake-outs before so there's reason to hope this is true, but yeah it's worrying how far he's going with the apparent cucking this time.

The redditor in his natural habitat, post-election Holla Forums. He is capable of little more than shrieking vociferously, sage-ing, crudely attempting to adopt Holla Forums's terminology and failing miserably at doing so. He worships a kike puppet and has the temerity to call others kike, a truly tragic creature.

will the Holla Forums tranny faggot pls go?

it's funny as fuck to me to know that there is a paid team of people sitting in an office somewhere typing out these "TRUMP IS A ZIONIST" posts with the exact same text and images in everyone. These people are being PAID to do this. What a sad life that is

Trump is literally a zionist though (how can you even dispute this?). You're on a NatSoc board in denial defending him and his jewish interests.

tbh it seems like an easy enough job. I just couldn't live with being hated by everyone I work for. Then again leftists aren't mentally capable of such introspection or reflective thought so I doubt that bothers them.

That and the kikes probably pay them minimum wage while the cuck drones think they're in a "lucrative tech job"

(((11ac2b))) I'm not going to reply to you Shlomo I don't want you to get another 50 cents from your master but know you haven't changed a single persons mind and we all laugh at you.

holy shit there he is now

it's a sad existence, to be sure, but it's fucking ridiculous that such a job could exist. Can you imagine

The absolute state of Holla Forums, I guess the kiked mods and the pig farmer got their shekels and their wish.
You need to gag harder by the way, I think you missed bit of Don's circumcised dick.

Fuck, I cannot fathom being this blisteringly fucking stupid.

Lmao typical ass blasted kike.


There's no need to fathom, you are in fact far more stupid.

(11136919) I'm not giving you your (You) either you fuck. Nice job picking up some of our propaganda, but you're not camoflauging the way you want to. Please, fuck off.

(11136924) holy shit, Holla Forums. I didn't know "no u" was unironically a debate winner on your board.

I don't think it's leftypol I think it's a paid organization like Shareblue or CTR. leftypol just spams cuckold porn then fucks off after sperging out these guys are here day in and day out posting the same shit over and over and over


Lmfao dumb kike

why don't you know how to properly quote a post?

all the same, it's important not to feed the kikes their (You)s they so greedily crave

read above

This used to be a NatSoc board before you subhuman kike rats crawled in to dickride the G-d Emperor. It will be again.

Holy shit, learn to fucking use a term besides NatSoc. Your circumcision is showing.

He is too triggered to respond like a man. These ledditors get butthurt someone is criticizing their messiah so they resort to infantile tactics of filtering, improperly quoting, and generally acting like newfags.

Learn to do something other than gargle zionist semen.

you first, kike.

Thread cleaned up pretty nicely when you filter the coordinated "no (you)s" totally-not-CADRE-shills brigade.

Here are some tactics I've obeserved that have been used by shills lately and this thread is a good example

1. Claim that Holla Forums never liked Trump and that you're a TRUE oldfag who remembers Holla Forums being a National Socialist board (It still is)
3. Talk about how you've been on this board for years and how you are angry that the people who like Trump who have been here for literally years are all paid shills (like yourself)

this thread is absolute shit, made by your kike shareblue masters you fuck. Though, I suppose that's why it looks cleaned up to you.

this though

There's also the classics like
Another thing I've noticed is that they're lazy faggots, so they never type out full sentences, so their shitty posts are filled with garbage shorthands, shit like "tbh, b/c, t_D, NS" instead of proper, human words.

I've also said this before, but anyone advocating 100% serious, 100% of the time is obviously a shill, or a normalfag who came here due to the mass media reporting on us. The point of this armenian church building forum never was to JUST save the white race. It was to save the white race, and have fun while doing it. The fun is the whole reason we've been so successful so far.

How to win against 5 billion spic democrats:

Official thread theme song

Checked. Election year was FUN. We had moonman, RWDS songs, memes created every minute on the minute.
It has become stagnant politically in the world relative to the US (at least things we ourselves can affect), with happenings not really happening, and thus bombardment by shills more concentrated. This is the calm time, when the boards are less active, and rats try to get in and change how the integral motivations of this board function.
Have fun while saving our people, save our people while having fun.

Nothing is being saved though, the momentum is dying. Low energy faggots call anyone who doesn't just shitpost on Holla Forums "controlled opposition".


Yes, he’s letting the cucks agree to any daca bill they want to. Apparently, this is what he gave up in order to get the tax cut bill through.

This is politics now, not the trail anymore. With a near 50:50 senate, the president can't just do what he wants. Look at ACA last year.

DACA Don's first year was a disgrace because he let his daughter and jew husband run the show.

His support base is collapsing and he'll blame anyone but himself.


Hotpocket Edit: Clarified OP.
Post last edited at 01/10/18 (Wed) 02:03:53




Clearly a photo of Bolt playing draughts user. (Both black bishops on black squares)
Though the poster is certainly too dumb to realise.

As Trump said “everyone [who’s a politician] wants DACA.” But the neocons still want to horse trade for the betrayal of their voters, so a deal isn’t guaranteed. Trump is trying to be helpful by suggesting they attempt to shift all the heat for the legislation onto him. What a guy.

I think the real issue, if the dems EVER worked with Trump, would be trust.
Remember how leftyfaggots already believe in a grand (and now Trumpian) conspiracy against them?
It would not be difficult to fuel their paranoia and make them believe that the Democucks stabbed them in the back and are finally submitting to Donald 'muh evil Overlord' Trump. They would obvisouly never vote republican but they might still NOT vote.
Furthermore back in the day I remember a massive desire among the bernouts to form a new party ideally under Bernie 'just CUCK my shit up' Sanders and I am certain that sentiment is still around somewhat. If we meme this right we could have the dems be ripped apart from the inside by their own voterbase.

DACA is literal cuckoldry in the same sense as the cuckoo bird. Third world invaders (the cuckoos) have surreptitiously laid their eggs (DREAMers) in our fucking nest, pushed out our own children (crime rates, welfare usage, cultural dilution) and they are now being raised by us as if they are our own.

Let's forget about using cuck as a simple insult, this is actual cuckoldry. If Trump does this, from that point forward I will forever refer to him as "Donald Cuck" and we'll probably have to escalate our plans for RWDS because I can't take any more of this fucking bullshit.

MODS = gods

checked and kulz


nice skills brah. you managed to make 14 posts all whilst sucking trump and the mods dicks. takes talent.


hajji animu unironically skeeves me out. Fucking cancerous

Hey Shareblue, you mad? Hail Trump. Hail Victory.

Mods changing the OP of threads about this subject.

Go ahead an ban me kikey, I'm fucking sick of this shit. Fuck you and what you did to Holla Forums


Shill thread flooded with shills, what a revelation


Hey shills, do tell who do you vote for now? You bitch and moan about Trump but fail to offer alternatives


also checking those digits

Chance still has a chance of being alive in 2020, when he turns 79. His chance of surviving an 8 year presidency are lower. I mean I know he didn't work for half his life apart from being a member of the communist party, but the odds don't look great.

I am certain that whatever form of Necromancy they're using with clinton will work just as well for bernie. ;^)

OP being a kike

kikebart got BTFO



It starts to seem to be entirely in our favor for the Democrats to win and depose Trump going forward, not because the Democrats are any good but because this seems to be the only way to teach White Americans that there is no political option or method available and that the 2nd Amendment is now the only political power that holds any sway at all.

DON is fucking playing you like a fiddle

share this bitch


Joke's on you. I don't pay any attention to the media, even when the President tweets an endorsement for a particular show. Primary sources or bust, and there are many primary sources.

If they shut down the lotteries, we'll return to 1950's immigration standards.
You're right, the dem's will never accept the deal.
He's just setting them up to take the fall for the end of DACA.
And afterward, he'll be working to end all the other immigration nonsense, anyway.

If he gets the deal, we win…if he doesn't, we still win, just piecemeal.

And this is just "phase one" of the negotiations. Phase two is the comprehensive immigration reform, in other words the President's 71 Point Immigration Program released last year. But before phase two can happen, and this had been said many many times, Liberals first need to give up what they don't want to give up the most and have crippled negotiating power when they enter phase two. I don't think I see a deal happening.

Republican U.S. Representative Issa of California to retire
prepare yourselves, anons. shit storms on the horizon

Hate to break it to you but unless you are referring to violent action there won't be anyone "better" to vote for than Trump. I have some hope that he is just forcing the Dems. If this is true, he's trying to completely demolish Democrats as a political force for a long time – if they continue to be this obstructionist after Trump made such overtures it isn't going to be very good. Even mainstream shitters are praising the televised meeting, it is going to be difficult for Dems to deflect blame in the eyes of the public even with MSM covering their ass if they don't pass something. Having said all that, I'm not a fucking optimist when it comes to politics and I expect Trump to genuinely compromise here. About 700k illegals is fucking bad, but if we actually get an end to anchor babies and a wall, those DACA spics won't even matter in the job market within 2 years. It would still be the best thing to happen to this nation in 50 years. I just fear for any families that might be culturally enriched along the way.

Nah fuck that, I want that job. Not some fucking squat goblin beamer filth. Think of the glory of having built America's border wall, a mile a day for six years.

Fucking lol.

Why don't shareblue shills bump thread unfavorable to Trump, if they really were a problem.

It's far more probable to me that you are one of Kushner's shill army, out to monopolize Holla Forums for Trump.

You know Ann is right.


How many levels of chesscucks are we on, presently?

Fucking hell, there goes my favorite vodka.

I just drink cheap, Polish vodka I can't remember ever seeing an ad for.

No they aren’t. Not only do two story homes cost more to build; they are less energy efficient plus they have way more plumbing problems down the road.

Me too, but from any I've tested Absolut had the best taste for its price range, one that I can also afford. Any other recommendations?
Yea I don't know why that's so either. I mean there are some top notch Polish exports, like Belvedere and Zubrowka. Belvedere is extremely well known in my country, while Zubrowka is quite a niche and expensive drink.

I usually just get the 1.75L bottle of this for $20 or even $17 if it's on sale.

Noice. Are you an alcoholic or do you actually like it? :^)

Just get some Stolichnaya. I don't know if it's kiked but it tastes decent and is reasonably priced.

I acquired a taste for it when I was getting my engineering degree and money was tight. I'm trying to cut down on the booze though I'd rather be spending that money on ammo

Good idea, will try out.

If you prep for SHTF, stocking on booze isn't necessarily out of the question either.



Hooktube embed is the White House Official Stream of the event (Live as of this moment)

Translation: White genocide may proceed as planned as long as there are some temporary slabs of concrete put into place that the Democrat president in 2020 can have a Reagan/Gorbachev moment over.


I wish people would stop sharing this graphic, because the "I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it." is a fake quote.

The rest of it is real though, but throwing in a fake quote just allows people to say all of it is a lie.

Someone probably has a gun to his head.

It was a boring conference. Most people there saw it as an opportunity to get a free 15 second campaign ad in there or brown nose. By the time Feinstein started blabbering it was easy to tune out and just nod politely. I think that's all that happened. The only interesting part was Trump's comment on the possible usefulness of earmarks in improving communication in D.C.

I don't think Trump will cuck on this issue, though I do expect a compromise. People need to remember that Trump does have a soft spot, he's not like what the media claims he is. That said, I think regardless what Trump does, it seems people should act as if Trump will cuck, so that his voter base can put as much pressure as possible for him not to do it ever under any circumstances.



He did this same shit last September, there was even a hashtag #AmnestyDon maybe it needs reviving. I think he's hoping his base gets bored and looks away. I checked normie MAGA twitter and the big tweeters aren't falling for it.

There's a shit ton of this faggot openly saying the same shit on YT. Also you're going back no matter what Jose, your free ride is over. Make mexico great again kek.

Apparently /ourkike/ is the only one preventing GOP and Trump from selling out. Never trust a kike, but I'm starting to think he's a true believer and therefor useful for our purposes for the time being.

That is an issue, the wall needs to be made fast or it wont happen at all and I cannot see much in the way of clauses that prevent cucking out of the wall.