Do you guys think this could be a psy op to mentally prepare the normie population for what's to come. Seems like she was hinting at a lot more than people realize during this speech.

What if Oprah was a Trump plant? What if the media made the running for President claims to distract from the content of her actual speech? Trump has always been close friends with Oprah.

It could be He wants to step into the shadow, let oprah do it instead December will show

Probably not, but sometimes I do wonder if all these things really are scripted to give the goyim false hope.



I'm not sure what's going on anymore!

Fuggin hell. forgot my sage.

Welcome to the party, you've finally caught up to the most basic understanding of whats been going on. Congratulations.

Shes a leftist, read her "muh woymn powah" speech and pay careful attention to some of the wording. "YOUR truth" as a prime example here, not THE truth, not truth, "YOUR truth," as in, truth is subjective to the individual and therefore there are no objective truths, there is only personal perspective. Its marxist dogma/propaganda at its most basic level. So no, Trump isnt hoping to "step into the shadows" eventually and "let oprah take over," shes a far leftist or marxist, shes the kind that will celebrate the death of the white races, she will bankrupt the nation giving "free cars" to beaners invading this country, and she'll line up our wives and daughters to be gang raped by mudscum hordes in the name of "muh refugees welcome."

No. She interviewed him once, ages ago, and that was about the total of it. She puts on a good show for her audience, always has, and is never negative or whatever to her guests. He also was not running for office or taking direct political stances on things, and even back then the left and right werent anywhere near as far apart as they are now in views, so even if he was to the right and her to the left, they likely had far more overlap than you'd see between anyone on the right vs anyone on the left today, and that includes the two of them.

I'm sorry but if you think that somehow anything she is saying is "secretly pro Trump" or "pro right wing" then you're a fucking moron, or a shill, or a moronic shill (which all shills are by definition really).

Her "darkest night" shit is very obviously talking about Trump's presidency, her "muh new day is dawning" shit is to rile up the left wing base for the next election, her talk about "uncovering the absolute truth.. blind eye to corruption and injustice," is very obviously her talking about shit going on in hollywood (referenced later) but also trying to put forward this idea that all men are rapists once again (when tied in with the "your truth" bits… oh you had a drink with a guy and had sex and regretted it later? well YOUR TRUTH is that you were raped, therefore he raped you, he is a rapist according to YOUR TRUTH and we need to respect that of course!) and naturally it doesnt only correlate with "race/religion/etc" so don't just look at those icky muslim rape gangs that totally arent real, look at the white man who gets accused of rape and "METOO" it up and lets get HIS ass dealt with while we ignore the grooming gang running rampant because who cares anyway? I mean they're only raping white girls, and they deserve it amirite!?

No i'm sorry, but her speech is pure leftist dogma, and Ivanka cheering it on should tell you all you need to know about it. Its trash, Ivanka is trash, Oprah is trash. It, and they, are all leftist trash that is being setup to once again push leftists into power in various ways and destroy any work that gets done over the next four years towards saving our race or nation.

Fuck you OP for even putting forward this idea, you're a shill, or fucking retarded, and deserve the gas chamber

Something wrong with having an idea that you don't?

There is a combination of different interest groups involved in bringing down Holla Forums.
Shariablue is one such group, but there are other groups who have aimed to bring Holla Forums down for far longer.
The only clue can give is lurk the other boards.

You often get ideas to slit your own throat and try to encourage other people to follow along? Because thats what you're doing here. I have no problem with different lines of thought, but you're trying to conflate very different things, and have ended up painting some picture of Oprah as a trump plant to carry on after him or some shit.. when every reasonable bit of information you can draw points to the opposite being true.

I mean, you're on the level of flat earthers mate, and while I don't hate them, I AM going to call them the fucking retards that they are… which is where you come in

This only a shill would defend a nasty Jewish slut like Ivanka

Ivanka isn't a Jew. A Jew is an ethnic group. She practices the religion of Judaism and has no in group preference for Jews. Only a Bannon shill, like you are, would be making baseless attacks. Also, Bannon just got fired from Breitbart. Alt-Right is dead. No more reason to shill fool.

where did I defend Ivanka?

unless the group is her pussy I take it?

Not you see the (((user))) above you

English isn't your first language I take it.

Is it yours? This thread is full of Shariablue shills defending their fellow tribes women


Isn't Chrissy Teigen a pedophile? Can someone put a bullet in her?

Yesterday intense media speculation about Oprah running for president
Today. trump and ivanka praise Oprah and information surfaces of trump being very complimentary of Oprah in the past on many occasions.
This is your brain on trumpstein. trump needs to tell you what to think and any opinion you might have must be reversed to suit his views.


"Speak YOUR truth"

Because objective truth is just a myth goys, subjective truth is where it's at.

The Roy Moore election was a psy op too. Go watch Doug Jones speech, he talks about the moral arc of justice and how he will have to go across party lines, as an American, in order to push the best bills forward.

You all are truly terrible at this aren't you?

You did nothing but shitpost. Fuck off.

Nice come back.



They are saying all men are rapists and beware you will likely be accused before the end of the month. but nah I'm sure it was actually about how everyone will suddenly get along when Trump accuses some people nobody has ever heard of of being pedos. sure lads.

I’m phone posting so can’t draw the pv required of this post. Take a look at the ‘ok sign”. It’s a good visual example of something a lot of anons have been noticing.

A circle and 3 lines at 30*… if you can bear with me a circle, like the letter Q, is used to symbolize an origin point. 3 lines at 30* is something that is at the root of all of our sacred symbols. It is a depiction of how everything works. How the waves of reality travel and interact with each other and how, if one is wise enough to see it, how that labyrinth of those waves can be traveled with intent. 12345678987654321 etc. this is a serious rabbit hole tread lightly.

Was that graphic supposed to make sense?


What is possible is what we believe to be possible. If what we believe to be possible is all that exists the occurrence of any sort of anomaly which calls what is possible into question means that the impossible is not only possible but also exists, therefor what we believe to be possible exists as an impossibility.

Welcome to the age of paradox, my brethren.

Have you seen her pre-plastic surgery?


Here mother ivana also has a strong kike look. the city both her parents are from (Moravia and Zlin in the Czech Republic) have a deep history of jews. Here maiden Zelnicek also has jewish connotations. This isn't something new, it's long been talked about.



>all (((men))) are rapists

How do you do fellow men?

That's the cocaine talking, user.

That's not the okay sign, it's the owl of Minerva symbol. You'll see lots of the high up celebs do that with their hands and then cover their eyes with it.



Are you retarded? He's rightly attributing that kind rhetoric to Oprah, and anyone with cursory knowledge of her old show knows she panders to these types of sentiments.