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Anti-slide bump

Good he can clean up the fucking indians we are getting STUCK WITH
God damnit STILL can't make a thread because chodemonkey has the catalog fucked up
Trump is walking it back if anyone cares to make a thread.

Polite sage for obvious reasons

Get rid of the fucking beaners pls Uncle Joe

samefaggot got commit sudoku


Fuck off you pessimistic cunt


Good news. Let the least cucked man win!

Take those black pills and shove them up your ass.

Know how I know you're a jew?

This is gedtting slid yo!


Caught a bit of Goy Beck's shit fiesta today on the radio. He was apoplectic about this.

SO McCucks seat is not up for grabs?
>AZ gets a clean sweep and a wall to boot

YFW Trump has the work visa holders make the wall then deport them when it's done. He did say Mexico will pay for the wall.

Sounds too good to be true, because how old is he? because damn.

He was brave enough to state that king nigger's birth certificate is a fraud. He has earned our support in the meme war.

86, I think.

I meme for Arpaio to live untill a hundred without his mental faculties degrading and Soros and the other Kike bankers dying, but this is just too good to be true, and I'm waiting for him to make a video statement about his run.

I like Joe a lot, but damn he’s old. I wish him luck. Our Senate needs more people like him who will support Trump’s agenda

he literally announced he was in favor of amnesty in the article in which he announced his run:
“I have a far-out plan, which may look stupid,” he said. “When they come to your attention that they’re here illegally, these young people, deport them back to Mexico — or whatever — and then try to put them on a fast track to come back into the United States legally with special permits. What’s wrong with that?"

They are criminals 100% need to go back!

This pisses me off so much. How the fuck are you supposed to enforce immigration laws if you’re not allowed to target the people breaking the laws?

Not to mention his "crime" was enforcing laws a judge legislating from the bench did not like.

It's like you can't into bait n switch.


I'm apoplectic about your unrecognized Hitler dubs

kinda tired of this bullshit tbh

What's the deal here ? Trump is too much of a swamp creature to fuck up Obama so he instead decides to let Arpaigo into an apex criminal organisation instead where he can insider trade and hob knob for the rest of his life ?

Either fuck off with this shilling bullshit or actually start draining. Stop using Anons like toilet paper. Get the fuck off the internet if you you're just going to be a greedy backstabbing jew


This tbh. Even if he hadn't, his many other pro-human achievements deserves merit in their own right.

Getting Arpaio into Senate = draining the swamp.

What did you think draining the swamp meant?

You've hit the nail on the head user. The actual Legislative and Executive branches allowing these Judicial traitors to get away with this shit is the base cause of The Great Experiment's ultimate failure. If they had been constrained to their proper scope of authority during the country's history we'd be in a far, far better condition now instead of racing off the edge of the cliff straight into the abyss as is the actual case now.

Time for more vote-rigging like (((they))) did to Roy Moore.
Cap this post, you know damn well it's going to happen again.

Capp the shit yourself you lazy fuck. Also,

Yes, it was so simple even you understood it.

Cuckchan is shilling hard against Sheriff Joe and shilling hard in favor of some cunt named McSally.

That’s how you know that Joe is the right candidate.

I fully expect Mitch McConnell and Fox News to call Arpaio a pedo for a month straight prior to Election Day.

Hate to break it to you user but this particular govt has been a failure for atleast a century now, and some seriously weird shit tied to pizzagate and the vatican is beginning to come out. Stuff like the Vatican, The City of London, and the Supreme courts being part of an ancient cult of child rape and sacrifice to moloch and weird speculative shit like the english spoken in the courts is really an alternate language called Dog Latin with compltetely different grammatical rules with two exact sentances in both languages having completely differing meanings, as a way to trap the unwary.
Weird balls out, was this concieved drunk as fuck on meth shit that makes wearing tinfoil clothes look reasonable, and its beginning to look real the deeper we dig…..

Shame the image is just insane ramblings, because the inversion (perversion) of the natural hierarchy by judaism is a nice representation.


Oh god, the libcuck butthurt from him alone seeing this guy get elected would make it worth it. I'm all for this.

Spoiler alert:

All your votes are for Jews.

Much as I'd love the salt from putting Arpaio into the Senate, are we sure he'll win? Could Ward be a better choice?
The thrice-damned kikes will lie no matter what, so I don't care about how clean their pasts are. The best we can do is make the kike smears hurt the (((media's))) credibility. So who is best for that?

Fuck this guy, hes 85 years old lost an election as an incumbent. He's gonna be another Roy Moore and going to lose another seat to a Democrat if he actually wins the primary. Kelli Ward should get the nomination.

Kelli ward is the real candidate this is meant to push out.

Well unlike Alabama, Arizona does have Voter ID. So he has a fighting chance. Still its kind of a cucked state as evidenced by McCain squatting there for decades.

if you examine it carefully you can see the point being made at the core, particularly in the wording comparison.
The creator is trying to convey that there are no hard definitives in the judaic system barring MUST, no freedom, no trust in mans word or authority (low trust society), and no definitive ownership of property. everything is relative.

Its hard to really explain it articulately but I can see what it is pointing to.

he's said stuff and done stuff that would make him seem like a good candidate

but that may be the point, look what happened with Roy Moore, whatever you think, he probably won that election, but did that matter ? I'm not sure what's best to try and beat these cheats but they _will_steal it from this guy guaranteed and with Trump's approval, just like last time.

dubs tell of truth & swamp draining by Uncle Joe.


He will win.

I got theses from this heavily autistic guy that made his living trolling the hell out of the court system and getting huge settlements out of the courts with insane fucking shit like Pleading the fifth to every question asked of him even what he had for breakfast and even his fucking name.
See comic related.

Good lad, but really autistic indeed. What's with the figures used? Did he win the court case?

He won, multiple times. All of these are from his attempts at making a kids show. He isn't blunt enough with his underlying messages, though.

Alabama does have Voter ID.


My guess is that you have no idea about Legal ethics and how to deal with ethical dillemmas.

And our system is a common law, not "Judaic" system. A "judaic" system would have the temple rabbis as number one.
Actually… that depends on the sect of judaism. The non orthodox jews still believe in the God=one aspect. The orthodox jews discourage the Kabbalah entirely.

woops I derped the spoiler… fugg.

Yes, Arpaio winning the nom would mean the cucks (GOPe and "moderate" Repubs who like mestizo slave labor) would throw the election and shill for the Democrat candidate again.

Shhh, don't spoil the ending!

I think Judaic was a Freudian slip on his part

sheriff joe is an embarrassment to america. i like that he fucked over spics, but not that it was to the detriment of the constitution. you have to draw the line somewhere and that cocksucker definitely crossed it

What Constitution? The only time they use it is to trot it out and further twist and desecrate a portion for their use. Otherwise its disregarded in favor of Sanhedrin rulings.

You forgot


user, here we weaponize the 'tism.

First you were Libertarians. Then you were Nazis. Now you're Neocons.

Congrats, Holla Forums, you've achieved the absolute height of hypocrisy.

I'm sorry, user. You have extreme autism. It's terminal. Please kill yourself immediately.

Ready for another rigged election with (((conveniently))) destroyed votes and forcibly canceled recounts that every single mainstream and alternative media outlet including infowars will stop talking about a couple days after the fact?

Hi newfag, where the fuck do you think you are? That OC is now saved.

Democracy is always looking for a savior. Man behind the curtain. He may be big on border control, and have evidence against Obama, but the same amount of abuse is going around.

Sheriff Joe is extremely popular in Arizona. The deep state has more openly obviated their corruption overr Sheriff Joe than almost any other domestic issue. And since they have to double-down, they will continue to make themselves more and more obvious whenever Arapaio's legitimate political position comes up.

Beyond just memes, how can we volunteer for this good man's campaign?


When that illiterate old fuck gets his Boomer buddies together, one of them realizes they know a Millennial that knows how to computer, and said Millennial directs them to a web design computer, they'll have a campaign website up. And when that happens, they'll have a Contact Us page, or at least a phone number/email address. Send them a simple message along the lines of "hurr durr I'm an evil bigot and hate Mexicans, how can I help Joe Arpaio commit hate crimes against minorities" or the fuck ever it is you stormderps fantasize about these days, and wait for a response. Add something about "durrrr I'm looking to volunteer in my community, something something grassroots outreach, gibs me dem signs 2 put up in muh yard and on the side of the road" and you'll be all set.

t. Democratic campaigner that knows your shitty fascist sheriff is going to get BTFO easily, just like Goy Moore did

Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild should run against him. Jonathan eats babies in burritos

>Bumpfing a shill thread with an image of fymyle oppression and antisemitism

agitating the deep state until they try to pull a coup so a counter revolution can start DoTR

Sheriff joe btfo

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

Godspeed based mestizo Arpaio!

Trump has three years left unless he decides to delay/nix the wall. Even if he does make deals for a second term, POTUS Burrito Nigger will send things into free fall with a quickness. Best thing to do is look for people to lead a civil war when traitor Trump declares war against some foreign country to give Goldman Sachs control of their resources.

Forgot to add "the inevitable".

I thought he was a muslim sympathizer. Even if he's not, I'm racist.