God Emperor Trump will visit gun-loving Switzerland for World Economic Forum

President Trump will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland later this month, the White House confirmed to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

“The president welcomes opportunities to advance his America First agenda with world leaders," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. "At this year’s World Economic Forum, the president looks forward to promoting his policies to strengthen American businesses, American industries, and American workers.”

Making the Swiss-Anglo gun alliance great again, Trump will become the first sitting president to travel to Davos for the ritzy gathering since Bill Clinton went in 2000.


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How do I marry a Swiss woman as an American without moving there?

Have lots and lots of money , be tall handsome blonde and fun. Travel , be jovial , woo and wow your future waifu

Isn't that the event where the entire witches' coven congregates? Zuckerkike, Soros, Brin and all other influential shekel-sniffers?
If anything, rubbing shoulders with these cunts would only decrease Trump's prestige.
Forgive me for not holding my breath.



Come to Slovenija Don. We

This thread is shariablue falseflagging. Don't take the bait.

this meme needs to die. and it's such common knowledge i don't need to explain why.

you don't want to. they look like they got hit with the south german ugly stick.

The interesting part is (hopefully) going to be another 1-hour speech.

Xi Jinping in 2017


Switzerland is jewed to hell and should probably be nuked.


You almost had me.

"He was always more moderate than he was given credit for," an administration official told me Tuesday. "On almost everything, with few exceptions, he is willing to deal."

"The main thing about the wall is you don't have to have a wall for all three thousand miles. You can have sections. It doesn't take that much."

All of that comes at a time when the president is being increasingly embraced by members of the the Republican establishment — even Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker , who once publicly doubted Trump's stability and competence, stood smiling behind the president Monday in Tennessee as he signed an order on rural broadband access, happily accepting the president's pen as a keepsake.

On infrastructure, the president's biggest problem will be House conservatives. The White House has already held conversations with the conservative Republican Study Committee and Freedom Caucus to persuade conservatives to support infrastructure spending that they might otherwise see as Obama-style government stimulus spending.

Part of the pitch will be developing ways to say the infrastructure spending pays for itself, including by streamlining requirements for construction projects, and developing a dynamic score for the final package that takes into account expected economic growth.

But there's a lot still to be determined, including what the technical details will be, how much detail the White House wants to release, and how much the Trump teams wants to leave up to the congressional committees to fill in the blanks.


He'll fit right in.


Do they look like this?
Because I'm fine with this.
It turns out that most of the women of my family turn into pic related.

God Emperor Trump goes to Davos.

Gives speech, telling world he is starting trade war with China. Kills NAFTA in same speech. Tells England and the EU they are shit.

Walks off stage, leaves immediately. Somehow does not get JFK'd


tfw I love pajeet now.

Checked and Guided by Kek

Switzerland is getting attacked so fucking hard by the european media because the jews just hate that the Swiss weren't duped by the immigration hoax and were smart enough to not take in mass amounts of refugees. Their media hate machine is working on overtime to slander Switzerland, just like the troll who started this thread.

Im six foot with blonde hair and blue eyes, in shape and will be working as a medical technician in the military before going through whats called MECP to become a Medical Doctor. Think thats enough?

Also I speak conversational high German. Swiss German and Bayernische German are still abit difficult for me to understand though.


literally commit suicide


You mean German.

Bringing back the Swiss-American alliance (was there one? who cares) and making the 90's Great Again! Alpine niggers will no longer be neutral in this fight.

The proverbial Swiss German tale of pre WWII

I hope you fucking die, r/the_donal scum

I sure hope he has some kind of protection against CERN

Swiss German is slightly different that German found in Germany. I find it hard to read in some cases. This also goes for the Baguette and Spaghetti speak there too.

The absolute madman




Was there when Clintons came to Davos. Saw her lard ass first hand, waddling past me, only few inches away from where I was working. Worked for the railway company there, who by coincidence is now one of the few railways worldwide that has, since few years a anime mascot. The anime mascots name is the same as the name of my still in use smartphone. This quantumkeks my mind. Worked also few meters from the todays Marine one parking slot at the lake.
If questions about Davos, feel free to ask.

No thanks D&C Kike.

Trump's no Hitler - But he is Kek's Chosen.


박근혜 대통령의 섹스슬레이브, 정홍원 총리를 구속 수사하라!!!
마주보는 박근혜와 정홍원 얼굴>
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아들은 병역면제 시키고 대검찰청 검사까지 만든 한반도에서 신과 맞먹는 한국형 엘리트 신흥 호족 계급.
정홍원이 죄수복 못입히면 니 자식 새끼들은 평생 미개하게 영원한 노예 계층 예약 완료다.

정홍원 미꾸라지 합체

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"Implying Kek is a Jew!

I've been waiting a long time for this, Moishe.

Seems like Kek agrees, too bad for you Jew!!!