Thanks, Doc

Daily reminder that Richard "Implicit" Spencer lets based fashy negroes shower at his apartment.

Really makes you think. Gets those pecans percolating.

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literally no one fucking cares. hes a faggot spook and needs to be removed. end of story. reported.

people on this board are still going to say it's okay because he does so much for the movement

holy fuck unironically kill yourself faggot

was it a negress?

>outing yourself as exactly the kind of (((person))) i'm talking about
Daily dose.

probably a guy since he's a faggot too. you can't really tell with half these pavement apes though.

webm the clip this happens

i didn't record it fammo

then why are you being such a useless nigger? fuck off with this low effort waste of time


Just noticed Tyrone in the background, we have once again memed ideas into existence.

It's probably the hired help. Spencer has a nigger servant he orders around.

Before the stream, a blind item about Spencer fucking a foreign born one hit wonder.

If we can figure out who it is and expose him as a race-mixer, the aut kikes might finally realize that he isn't serious.

You can see the woman's body-type in the second picture. I think it's fairly petite, and looks more Asian than negro. Maybe it's a ladyboy.

Dick dispenser

looks like a brunette trying hard not to be seen on camera to me.

Looks like a spooky ghost.

omgomgomg it's the smoking gun.



Are you fucking retarded? Kill yourself already!


No, people on this board are extremely well aware that Spencer is (((controlled opposition))). We know he's shit. You can stop spamming this thread.

this one really riled up the shills. they even posted their own pro-dickie thread.

Thanks for telling me user. I'll go do nice things to it :^)

have a link m80

No one likes Rickie Dickie and his gay-ass mannerisms. But he is wrecking the Skeptic Community® a new asshole, and everytime he is in a debate, people sperg out. It's like hating Milo; you don't have to approve the person, but his actions are, for the moment, doing more good than harm.

and here come the faggots defending dickie again. did this thread get linked in one of your alt-kike raiding discords?

Did you ever get to learn how to read in public school, faggot? My first sentence clearly shows your affirmation serves only to show how buttmad you are e-celebs are being destroyed and the message of white nationalism is spreading.

Dickie is a Duginist, not pro-white in any regard. Fuck off KIKE.

The skepting community is better than Spencer. They're cancer but unlike him they don't pretend to be white nationalists while selling zionism, sucking israel's dick, and pushing the holohoax lie. Skeptics are cancer but they're honest cancer. Spencer is a lapdog of the jews LARPing as pro-white.


The nigger appears at the time linked and you'll see it move across his room. Richard looks guilty as fuck, too. Busted.

I almost can't believe what I'm watching. He can't believe it, either. Watch his knowing reaction at 03h 08m 49s. This is too much, fam.

I don't like spencer but retarded attacks make OP look stupid as fuck, it's a woman with a cloth draped over her head. Also spencer has had relationships with asian women in the past "before he turned to white nationalism" which he obviously has admitted to.

So more than likely it's a lightskin enough asian woman or a very skinny/petite white girl. Spencer isnt stupid enough to risk donations shekels like that.

Nobody care about ecelebs, especially not dicky spencer.

OP's a faggot but your denial confirms that Spencer is fucking a nigger.

At 03h 08m 40s

That's a nigger.

I had enough of this Spencer faggot. If he wasn't so far away and if I wasnt so demoralized I would blasr his face off with a shotgun.

He's finished and he knows it. Look at that expression on his face.

"…state of affairs."

03h 08m 41s

Pretty beautiful tbh

Wew lad.

Let's not enjoy it TOO much.

The nigger was probably fucking him and (((Nina Byzantina))).

Fuck off, kike. One of the skeptics (the lard-arse faggot with the ginger cat) made a point of instructing that his share of the stream donations go to a "jewish charity". Skeptics are balls-deep in judaism.
Thpencer might be a faggot, and happened to look particularly gay on this stream; but, credit where credit is due, he utterly destroyed Soygon in that debate.

It's too late, user. It was always too late.

lel. No credit for CIAniggers. Spencer will die torn asunder by the tires of Terry's van.

He's does infinitely more harm to White Nationalism than to the "skeptic community".

Nah. Some of us just care about privacy. Not everyone is willing phonepost like a nigger on their naked IP.

If you cared about privacy then you wouldn't be using tor

Being this much of a dumb ass should be a crime.

Stop it, my sides can only take so much

It's reasonable to assume tor is secure on a protocol level; there's been no evidence to suggest that it's not. People get busted because they either don't browse securely and get taken down by browser bugs or a side channel data leak; or they slip up, allowing CIAniggers to correlate their on-tor/off-tor behavior. Look into Whonix or Qubes if you want to use tor securely. Anyway, this is well offtopic, and you're still a phoneposting nigger.

No, we're not. He's universally disliked on here.

Well you let me know when you get anons ip.


you guys are a bunch of idiots, have fun wasting time organizing all those clothes

As much as I'd like to armor up and hide from the CIA I just assume they've been watching me for a long time and are bigfans of what I do. I'm kinda worth watching / out for.


Call the Boo Bruddas!


Doesn't his commie wife have black hair? Attack him for being a crypto, not for this stupid shit.

You forgot your sage spook

when will you understand that sage isn't a downboat?

where are all the cianiggers jokes?

Because I’m from 7clams you silly goose

why is alt-kike 'humor' so reddit-tier?

Because you spend to much time on reddit faggot

Yes, but she is rather heavy set. This person is too thin to be his wife and looks much taller than she is (she is quite short). That said, if he is cheating on his wife, that would be something. I'd have a bigger laugh if this turns out to be some black tranny.

You're an alt-right shill.



I’m actually an stonemason and could out lift you in a lifting competition so what does that make you?

more like freemason lmao

HURR more like paidmason durpa do cos I’m paid an wage hurpa poo


This could be far perfect for us. Let Dicky do the heavy lifting and disseminating white nationalism while we collect damning information on him, so when it's finished, we eliminate him through a National Socialist rebuking him.

Dickie isn't WN, you retarded shill.

Only by writing "I'm CIA" on his forehead could that guy be more obvious.

He is 40, spent a lot of time on "education", has no visible occupatiob and rents a house in Arlington, Virginia (what a fucking coincidence, spooks)…

Besides he and his wive's many connections to shills, spooks and international finance and the permanent spotlight the (((media))) has on him. Anyone that unironically supports this cuck has no credibility…

Even taking into account that he is controlled opposition, he was advocating for a white ethno-state in the debate, so for all the viewers, he appeared to be. You need to stop reacting emotionally and think of how to use Dicky to our advantage, you mouth-breather.

You won those dubs, I concede. I am whatever you say I am. I’ll be the, Stronger man and walk away.


Maybe I'm remembering wrong but the person looked much lighter in the actual stream when I watched. Looked like a white female.This could be a shop.

Who gives a fuck? Both the Alt-kike and the Spastic Community are shit.

I bet you're one of those people who think that if a white woman is in the same photo as a nigger then she must be a race-mixer.

I am all kinds of mad. That faggot is truely representing the alt-right controlled oposition, both a clear sellout and gay as fuck as well as betraying his principles on live webshow. That meatbag is only ever good as a biogenerator fuel.

On an unrelated note, got banned from leftypoll for my rabid anarhotranshumanist views

Dickie has niggers in his closet.


who cares


into the thrash it goes

alt-kike shills desperately trying to shut it down.

Well… it would just be rude to send Tyrone home without letting him wash after fucking his Spencer's commie pig wife. You know that's what is going on. That or dicky is doing him. All e-celebs end up being exposed as filthy degenerates.

And you don't think any further than your nose. Kikes' have their pawns, we can have ours. When the time comes, we'll unload the damning evidence on Spencer, esp. the Bush shit. Moreover, we can push people further and further to National Socialism with each stride the faggot makes.

I'm not going to defend Lauren Southern. I'm convinced that she's been blacked. And I genuinely don't know why people promote her.

Off topic: Fem/anons/, men WILL judge you on your sexual history. Ye be warned.

You're jumping to conclusions. Freaks like Southern put aside, most White women don't race-mix. That's what all of the statistics say. White women rarely date outside of their race.
If you genuinely believe that White women are impulsively jumping into bed with niggers then you probably have an unhealthy porn addiction, because that is where that garbage stereotype comes from. You need to understand something here: Porn is NOT real life. Over here, in the real world, the only White women who date niggers are the ones who are seriously desperate, like morbidly obese chicks who are hitting the Wall, and chicks with other serious self-esteem problems. Normal White women don't date niggers. The average White woman would never go out with a monkey.

If he was any kind of smart he should have been like "Hey everyone this is my house nigger! Now get back to kitchen and cook me breakfast before you get the cat of nines!"


He's a jew and you retards deserve everything that's coming for accepting this shit and being so fucking stupid..

No, it isn't if Spencer can disseminate white nationalism to normalfags, and if we simultaneously push more for National Socialism while destroying Spencer's legitimacy and the promotion of one of our own, we'll be even closer to achieving our goals. My point being is the kikes didn't achieve all of this overnight. They didn't boil the frog immediately, I suggest we do the same. In the end, Spencer would get a bullet to the back of the head.

He isn't disseminating WN to normalfags, he's disseminating zionism and Duginism to normalfags and falsely equating it with WN.

The only problem I have with this is Spencer letting his slaves wear tracksuit jackets and yoga pants, wtf?


Yes, according to that stream, unless you can contradict his advocacy of an ethnostate in that stream, and all the actions, he so far has done publicly. HIs less known statements are Duginist and Zionist. You are far too much of a mouth-breather to use an alphabet-stooge to our advantage.


And you're a dumb nigger who is missing the point.

You have no point, you just want us to accept controlled opposition.

So what, hes fucking a negress, or is that a man too?

Probably a trap, knowing dickie.

No, I don't. If I actually read what I wrote, I'm saying we use Spencer temporarily to push normalfags further to National Socialism while infiltrating/promoting a genuine Holla Forumsack who, seeing the opportune moment, destroy Spencer's legitimacy in the eyes of normalfags who, seeing this newcomer, gravitate to him instead, thus ensuring our control. I want Spencer dead as much as you, but that doesn't mean we can't manipulate him to our advantage. Let's use one of the kike's pawns against them, unless there is a genuine alternative.

Theres also the time he said racemixing with certain non-whites is fine.

Nothing I hate more than these poser controlled op faggots are seen from the outside as leaders of white nationalism. You have people like tricky dick and milo being seen as being called nazi's and shit when in reality both are faggots fucking niggers.

At least prior we had strong figureheads that actually stood for something, instead of controlled opposition half measure faggots. These people deserve worse than any enemy for willingly keeping people in the dark.

You're still shilling for spencer acceptance, doesn't matter how you frame it. Sage is not a downboat. Go back to reddit.

Yea except he does the opposite.Its like what Lenin hated the social democrats for. They didnt drive people closer to communism, they drove them away.


Sage. Back to halfchan until you learn how to make a big boy post. Believing this sort of post requires any of our attention. Spencer is a nobody in the movement. I care more about what brand of cigarettes Woes is smoking or what sort of bran flakes Taylor eats to stay regular then this faggot.

it's called cognitive dissonance

National Socialism will not, can not, be achieved without a central figure; no matter how much its tenets are spread if there is no leader or figure to gather and galvanize the masses, then it'll fizz out. I want this not to be a pipe dream, and if it takes using all of the corpses the alt-kike as stepping stones to do it, then I'll fucking do it.

If that's true, then I recant.

You realise this isn't an either/or dichotomy, right? Fact is, regardless of what one thinks of Dickie, there are a whole bunch of skeptics that have been exposed to race-realist arguments now, thanks to that debate; and, further, they saw the guy arguing for race-realism wipe the floor with his opposition. I don't see how this could be perceived as anything other than a victory.

Keep repeating yourself, chaim.

Do you really believe this is all more than a puppet show to keep so-called intellectuals docile?
All of these personalities are fake.


you cant click a link nigger?

I believe that the highest priority right now is to get white people thinking realistically about race.

Literally who?

Who? Why must we have ecelbs, is Trump not enough of a eceleb that we must have more?every eceleb I’ve observed since, let’s say burgers and fries. that everyone obsesses over, figureheads that become past their used by date eventually turns into a shit fight over he said she said bullshit that evolves into infighting . Why can’t it just be ignored, why listen to these people when you know they can be used against the hate machine? Time is running out and nothing is being done about these satanic baby dick sucking pedophile Jews who should of been hunted down and terminated with extreme violence at least a year ago. Why are we not gassing kikes and race warring? oh yeah that’s right , some faggot watching a faggot saw a nigger in a faggot’s closet . If you did not see all this play out the moment you heard of this dick then get the fuck of your keyboards and go outside and start Marching and be useful for once instead of looking at dicks . Get fucked cunts

Which dickie isn't helping accomplish at all. His view is not realistic in the slightest and taking his views to their conclusion leads to zionism.

We need to think about jews before we think about race tbh, without people that threaten zionist hegemony they will always keep us down.

All I want is National Socialism, the execution of all nonwhites, and a revival of religion for whites, and I'd use all the Machiavellian tricks to achieve. All I want is for us to make progress towards that goal by any means necessary. So am I asking you for once to reply genuinely what you think we should be doing to advance these ideas/this future.

It's probably his mother.

what link cunt?

Nice LARP leftyfag

A good step would be to become leaders that aren't effeminate zionists with connections to the CIA.

Don't follow a leader who's subversive - intentionally so. His end goal is pro-Israel, not pro-White. Find, or become a leader that is.

He's not an e-celeb, CIA-user.


Looks like his wife to me. Her black hair is just covering her head

As Guy Fieri says, "just guys being guys".

Learn to embed newfag

Can you use makeapp on that "woman"?

learn to use a mouse nigger

Whatever he is , your wrists go limp whenever you hear his name, Dick. You fucking poo pushing poofta faggot cunt

There is a time and a place for everything. For many people, if you go too hard on the jewish angle too soon, they will simply write you off before listening to anything else that is said. I wasn't redpilled overnight, and, truthfully, I'd be concerned about the levelheadedness and stability of anyone that was: those that can be convinced of a new ideology in an instant tend to be fickle, and can be just as easily convinced of a new ideology that comes along. The process of becoming redpilled is gradual, and getting people to think about race is the first step.

Ok. And thank you.

video related.


why do you put woman in quotations?

< thumbnail

Go back

If that's how you interpreted what I wrote, you're a deadset moron. I won't bother to reply to you any further.

Stop shilling for spencer acceptance, torcuck

It's just a shit stirrer.

Hell, it may be Spencer himself.

Not saying Spencer isnt a cunt. But that's a woman. Thread closed

Checked those sexy fucking digits

Yes. Go back

a black one.

That's not convincing. I'm not convinced that's a woman. It sure looks like a homo.

lol at this dead board that is dying more each day while the alt-right gains more members each day

you cucks are irrelevant brain dead virgin retards that will never do anything with your life, kys.

Anyone thats had their dick anywhere other then in the palm of their own hand can recognize the anatomy of a female. Nice shill

Not gonna lie. I'd crush his wifes puss

The true question is who the fuck cares?

If we're so irrelevant why are you here?

and look how much those losers achieved to this day, USA is getting less non-white each year.

i'm here to laugh at you

No you're here to shill for your phony movement so your jew-loving leaders can get more d'nation money. Fuck off.


Isn't he supposed to have a fucking wife, so not only is he a racemixing faggot but he's an adulterer too? Jesus, dicky needs his head opened up

Yes. To anyone that is not a retard fat neckbeard virgin, I want to remind you that the last "american nazi" that these cucks from here say was not controlled opposition, that guy was killed by a mentally ill nazi like the ones from this board.

If you want to do something real, if you are not mentally ill, feel free to join alt-right on the social media platforms.

Start here:

That is his wife dipshit. Shes got her hair flipped towards the camera. If you ever were lucky enough to trick a woman into touching your peepee for more then a minute and she takes a shower at your place, you'd recognize that she has her black hair flipped towards the camera as she dries it.
Nice try shill

Stop shilling the nazi shit. Not all of us are natsoc and don't appreciate you co-opting the identitarian movement. If you're not a shill. You sure look like one right now.

Fuck off, kike.

you'll call everyone who calls the alt-kike's phony bullshit out a shill.


Wow what the fuck is this post, are you defending dicky? Newsflash faggot, this isn't a safe space for alt lite cia assets, I don't give a fuck about anything Spencer related other than revealing his true intentions and the hypocrisy he engages in. If that's his wife then great, if it isn't then adultery and racemixing that he's engaging in are disgusting. Trying to cast aspersions upon my sex life based on a single post chastising this faggot is a bonafide shill/woman/faggot tactic and you should honestly just kill yourself.

Ah the satanic dubs of the eternal trickster.

Your shilling is the worst I've seen in a long while

Enoch is a literal Jew with a nigger brother, go fellate a gun faggot

ive been tripping balls for 18+ hours and even I can tell dickie put his dickie in a niggie

Read the thread Degenerate

I would have taken you seriously if you wouldn't have posted mike "The Serbian Croatian Norwegian" peinovich's twitter.

This is the last I'll respond to you, shill. If you want to support dicky"homosexuality is the last bastion of implicit whiteness" go right ahead, just do it elsewhere because we don't condone that utterly cancerous faggot here. Go back to the trsboards or cernovichs twitter, when the time comes where you actually meet people who care about the preservation of our people and our future you're going to be killed, plain and simple. 14 words aren't a larp they are a way of life and faggots like you are an enemy, and a threat that won't be tolerated.


We're in agreement on the crushing of spencer's wife's puss. But you're still an alt-right shill faggot.


You obviously missed the comment I posted calling Spencer a cunt and that he's literally a nobody in the movement. Maybe read next time before you go (You) crazy in your responses

You know what, I lied, one last question for you. Do you think the holocaust happened?

note how we have little dickie with his pet niggress in the background of his video live stream proof of degeneracy yet an anonymous post about somebody tripping over balls is labeled as degeneracy

There's no proof it's even a nigger, though. Look at the pic with colours inverted . In the frame that people are claiming is proof-of-nigger, she's clearly got a piece of black clothing covering her head. This thread is fucking retarded.

I'm not even going to bother responding to specific posts here. This is what happens with a combination of Leftypol shills and Anons that can't contain themselves. Played right into their hands. I'd expect this from halfchan. But here… Sad. Get your shit together Anons and calm the fuck down

Only because I needed a giggle

Don’t tell me how to feel, user. Besides, I’m always calm, even when I’m angry.
Take it easy~

what are you on about m8?

The person behind Tricky Sododicky looks smaller and thinner than this entity.

Also, is it a fact that Nina Byzantina, or whatever her name is, is actually Dickie's wife? I've heard the claim, but I haven't seen sufficient proof.


This pic, moron: . There's a piece of black clothing draped from the hanging rail; she's hiding her head behind it.

Can I just say, This whole thread reminds me of women gossiping about worthless shit about another woman and it’s really fucking gay. I’m going to quote something I read that is related.

thats my post and my pic, I inverted it and they are the exact same still frame

Right, so you see how the cloth is draped from the hanging rail in the closet, over her head? She's holding the blanket/towel out front in her right hand. It's easy to make out once you've seen the inverted pic.

tell me another one rabbi

I’ve only ever heard Jews use the word moron so flippantly

You're both fucking morons. And only jews capitalise jew.

You’re nicked Jew

I rest my case.

Politics aside. Shills keeping this thread alive.
Anyone not recognizing this as his wife is a shill and should be ignored

mods are pozzed what else is new


Ok I’m the Jew and you’re white. I should probably just let you all know I was at war with niggertiters since Holla Forumsday, I was calling 4chums niggertits before everyone was calling it cuck Chan. You need to consult your elders and update your tactics cos You have been shlomo’d

If you had stopped before that you would have won.

Whatever you say, moshe.

The only winning move is not to play.

Moshi moshi Jew Desu


but just think of all the publicity this is getting for him

it's kind of creepy the way she enters and keeps her self hidden the whole time

Why are you defending the niggers?

The controlled opposition narrative doesn't make any sense. You can think he is a hypocrite or a faggot, but controlled opposition is lizard people levels of retarded.

How do you figure?

I watched the video in slow motion and don't see a guilty look or any sort of reaction. What the fuck are you talking about?

Spencer has driven more people to white nationalism than away from it, and far more people to white nationalism than you have.

So I guess the "kike shill" is really incompetent.

She did it on purpose.

Thats not his wife

Date time it and send it to his wife.

He's busted

We pretending he's not obvious controlled opposition?

lmao stay retarded, faggots

Rockwell didn't have the internet user

it might cheer you up

top lad and pretty based. glad we have such good people on our side.