Retrochronal Magic and why you need to learn how to do it

Why are the Jews still here?
With all their deviancy, corruption and general nastiness, why have they not been exterminated?
The reason is that they are using magic. Their Kabbalah is literally true, and some of (((them))) have mastered trans-temporal travel.
In a recent thread (
about the world's most intelligent man, user posted a challenge: make a blue comet.
as another user said " If you want to speak on an intelligent level, use intelligent language. None of this "blue comet" garbage. I don't even know what that means; and neither does google."
Well, a couple of weeks later and google knows exactly what a blue comet is, wikipedia does, and the internet is full of references. One has even been spotted and photographed ( pic related.
Now Holla Forums has proof of the metaphysical, can we get serious about combating the enemy where it counts?

Other urls found in this thread: magus

We need a wizard to pick up where Serrano left off so we can fight their filthy fucking jew magic. There must be a way to use their innately self-destructive nature against them.


Blue is common enough; give me a green astrological phenomenon and then we'll talk.



Just a heads up, it's not uncommon for businesses, corporations, and etc. to practice magic or have people come in to do magic shit, whether its to put a ward to protect from evil, expand wealth, or whatever you. Some will even have office buildings where one floor or section of floor is dedicated to doing magic shit, whether it be an altar set up in such a way to not look like an altar, or what have you, but those would more than likely be housed within the main company building. Of course you'll never get any word out of any of these corporations to admit that they infact do magic shit.

anons need to learn to shut up an listen.

There is this really annoying new illness going around. Its an allergic reaction to certain chemicals that our brains release when we are being devious. The illness causes the immune system to produce hystamine when it detects this previously little studied chemical, the reaction caused is only life threatening in severe cases but results in the unpleasant side effect of swollen nostrils. Its really something else. Its highly contagious and very virulent but the cure is something that everyone can afford, go without lying for a whole month and you will be completely cured.

Anything that requires a ritual of any sort is witchcraft, not magic.

the shell building and denver airport come to mind. Not magic, they have no idea what they are doing. They think they do but they do not.

checked and kek

It is a numbers game, I think. We have some serious allies, but just need to keep the momentum up. We joke about timelines, but forcing a timeline shift, as opposed to riding someone else's waves, is required.
Other anons are evidently already there, so progress is being made already

Sounds like judaism and the cure is impossible.

blue is common enough.
It really wasn't, on the 27th of the 12th, 2017.
Did you check angry user's dismissal? Even jewgle had nothing.
I'd say turquoise, but i'd already chosen that shade as a personal check in the last one.
Purple? Magenta? a lovely shade of scarlet?

shove your black pill up your arse.

Kabbalah isn't true magic. Its power isn't its own, as it feeds off the fear others have for the system. It's a parasitic system meant to draw in power from another source.

Unless you are a proficient magician yourself, then your opinion is without merit.
I manifested a blue comet, and my experiences say that the merkabah is an incredibly potent construction. Yes, the Jews fail to utilise it, due to their inherent greed and material focus, but it doesn't make it useless to them.
We need to build our own.

your mind creates reality based off of the stimulation you pay attention to.
every question is given answers.
the answers can be completely made up but still become part of your reality.
the answers do not exist without the question.
one's capacity to hold onto and think about information limits the amount of reality that one can continually experience.
a dropping of a thought may make it so it never existed or that it will never be acted on.
reality is watching your thoughts and expects that you use the stimuli it gives
you to continue to your creation of reality. the questions you ask mold reality to force it into creating answers.
make your questions directed towards whatever you want your reality to be. you don't have to comply with the stimuli given to you, you can act on your own inner reality. focus on whatever you truly believe is the underlying reality, or whatever you want reality to be.

ok, demonstrate your mastery. the heavens are yours, i await your display

This seems accurate.

unfalsifiable. Standard "i'm a tripped out hippy with no connection the the universe so i can spout mystical BS all i like and never get called on it".
Hence. Prove it. manifest something big and visible

this date is significant to me

Their Kabbalah is an inversion of ancient Aryan spirituality and mysticism. The concept of monotheism itself derives from Aryan faiths and predates Judaism. OP is partially correct to think Kabbalah works, but it's not the Kabbalah which works but the perspectives Kabbalah can produce. But Kabbalah being inverted Truth can only produce deception. Strange, and "magical" sure..but still deception.

again. PROVE that you know better. The heavens are yours to display your competency.
or, put up or shut up, kike

i should temper that.
you are, of course, kinda right. But - you are just talking. until you can demonstrate mastery of the magic of which we speak, you are nothing but a waste of space.

Okay, seriously after the whole CBTS debacle, I'm getting real skeptical about this Y-Heads/A-Heads/Light/Dark magic shit.

Do one of you motherfuckers have a .pdf of the Necronomicon Cliffnotes or some shit, because this is all just hokey shit to me tbqh fam.

And while I'm on a roll saying shit a whole lot, I am actually legitimately interested in this shit.

hey you see that sun up there? He told me to tell you that you owe me money.

Kabbalah as we know it is a fairly new system of mysticism, originating in the 12th to 13th-century Southern France and Spain, and not Israel or the Garden of Eden as Jewish (((myth))) claims. The very concept of God itself originates with the Zoroastrians: an Aryan ethno-religious group in Iran. It became the most popular religion of its time, as the other faiths were polytheistic in nature and focused in mundane things, like hunting and childbirth. Zoroastrianism, however, taught it's adherents how to think. It sought to understand human nature itself. The meditation practices found in Zoroastrianism, and it's parent religion Vedism, are the origins of Kabbalistic "pathworking" and ritual use. Kabbalah originates with fake Jews, not Israelites, and is a bastardization of ancient Aryan practices.

awesome. The trick is to visualise rotating hyperdimensional tetrahedrons (5-cells). and. go

i get that you don't like jews.
What i'm asking you is: Do you have mastery of the non-kiked methods? If you think you do, then demonstrate. Otherwise you are just like any professor, lecturing others on stuff you can't do.
Why don't you make the comet STOP?

Our word "magic" comes from the Zoroastrian word for wise-man, Magi, who were the original magicians. They used advanced psychological methods to change reality, to a certain extent, along with medicine and the other Sciences. It is a sin to think magic is "Woo" or superstitious nonsense, such as "chaos magick," and the like. Even Crowley explained the Goetic demons are portions of the human brain, but he failed to explain all things are. I can demonstrate real magic but the time isn't correct. You don't choose when do act, but Nature chooses for you. Sounds like a cop-out perhaps, but consider.

what is it you seek


If I demonstrate magic what will you respond with?

Now isn't the time nor the place for demonstrations. Now is the time and place for teaching.

A) I'm not that guy. B) I don't care to convince you of anything. C) My comment was only posted to counter your blackpill bullshit.

Do you even comprehend the idiocy of saying "prove it" to a belief system based on belief modifying reality? You already fail to believe it is true, in fact you are quite certain it is not. That alone means nobody can ever prove it to you, because it simply won't work in a direct manner, Every perception has an equal share of reality, some are more easily manipulated, some are going to conflate any potential observations with ancillary groups, which may gain power as a result of that belief in itself. You are the ultimate pleb, an angry little nothing who's disbelief fuels the oppressive groups you chalk all the ills of the world up to. In short: you are jew fuel.

That's not quite fair. Holla Forums has always sought truth, for better or worse, and we require a sufficient amount breadcrumbs to follow something. If you've got something to show the class, then show the class. If you are specific, as in, "May 12th, at 10:00am, on an island 9 miles southwest of South City, I'll make the world's biggest bowl of whipped cream", and it happens, then I'll not only believe you, but I'll quit my job, shave my head, and become a fucking monk, too. Do you have any idea how desperate some of us are for something interesting to happen?

cut the straw man. I posted my challenge/response. I'm on the level. Do or do not, or in your case, just BS because you can't

i'm not posting blackpills. i'm posting "step up and meet the real challenge"

where the fuck have you been?

You're asking for a demonstration of something you don't understand and have mis-categorized. A government causing meteorological phenomenon with advanced technology and then having one of their pied pipers take the credit isn't "magic." So, I will realign the world's thinking and then demonstrate poor of my claims.

Here is a demonstration to prove the above claims true:

I can not demonstrate what you think is magic because your thinking wrong, and my magic is right. Educate yourselves first, then you'll at least know what you want demonstrated.

righteous digits.
You are right. I have no idea what YOUR beliefs around magic are. And i don't care.
Its fun to see that i'm now a government pied piper, that's part of an advanced astrological manifestation crew.
that's more like it. Its what i did. reprogrammed the collective non-conscious, created a super-conscious god-entity to work with and then shitposted about it on Holla Forums
Big difference is that I did it, and you are just talking about it. Put up, bunny man

i hope that mr. educated can show us something, but i don't think he's got the confidence to pull anything off yet. I did a comet though. Now i'm going to make it turn through 90 degrees. might take a couple of weeks, or might already have happened. Temporal targeting is tricky when you are working 10 billion years ago :)

You take too much credit for yourself. Magic does not belong to the magician. If you wish to take credit, repeat your feat right now. Otherwise, you are a PYSOP and I am above your deception. I gave you digits, what can you give me?

Right. Well, how about you explain yourself in some way, because all I can glean from this is that you're LARPing up a storm.

Breadcrumbs or GTFO.

No breadcrumbs. Whoever would hide some part of the truth from you, or hope you happen to find the truth by accident, means to control you. I've told you what magic is and how to research it. I've explained the folly of QBH and why you should study the pre-existing Aryan traditions over the modern Jewish. And I gave you two GETS as signs which I figured you would accept on an imageboard, but maybe you aren't from here?

YOU gave me digits? get fucked. kek wills it, and blessed my thread, not you.
I'm giving you a comet making a 90 degree turn. mark my words, 'cause i'll be back to gloat.

what about a flashing neon sign right in your face?

you can't take my idea nigger

That's all you had to say, Rabbi. I'll not indulge your mindless banter but will lurk if a sincere user has interest in magical learning. Peace to you and your thread.

why was the date significant to you?

Plenty of us are sincere, you just need to drop the Yoda act, and be less cryptic. There's nothing you can say that I won't understand.

care to explain why a 90 degree turn is your idea? or are we both working on this unbeknownst? I'm happy being part of a larger crew, that was the intention of the thread, after all, despite mr "i know everything some i'm just going to try to take a crap on you to big up my user ego"'s best efforts to shut it down

it happened to be my birthday

I was planning on make some sort of space rock make an L shape in the sky. the same flight path you described. cracked up when you first posted the same idea.

on making**
I sound chinese

if I take off the mask, will you have a tattoo that says "faggot" on your face?

No acts. I'm teaching you how to speak on spiritual matters. The language of the human mind is symbols, and when we converse about the mind and its more metaphysical functions, we should speak using its native tongue. Parables, metaphors, arranging words in different ways, these are all methods of conveying information not normally conveyed, and on the reverse side, allows us access to information we do not normally possess.

But if there are specific questions I'll answer without using breadcrumbs. Otherwise, I've given plenty of plain instruction to at least begin researching magic.

How about supplementary reading?

give me your "greatest of" list. best symbols, metaphors, parables, hymns, chants, practicing conditions, &c

:) you have an incredible cool birthday then. Belated happy returns.

i wonder if it will be more accurate with two of us calling it.

you are not teaching anyone anything. Your language is 100% negative, you are playing tedious ego games. go masturbate or something, put your energy to productive use.
case in point. you just said FUCK ALL except "i'm advanced and complex know shit you don't and might explain something someday"
KYS you esoteric fop.

Avoid the Western Sinister Tradition and modern-Hermeticism/Occultism, though at some point the student should become well-read in all things. Meditation and visualization are the two initial skills to develop.

The Initiated Interpretation of Magick by Crowley is good. The Avesta and Vedas, the Corpus Hermeticum and Asclepius should be well-understood, along with books concerned with history, medicine, and the Sciences. A year of study, meditation, and bringing your physical and mental well-being back to center is required.

Suffer so that others weaker than yourself do not have too.

Magic is causing the "outside" world to reflect the inner, and there are specific ways in which a one might accomplish this. The best way is through altruism.

They stole, subverted it.

Exactly! How you destroy this deception?

You're on the right track, most of you.
Here's a CIA document which studies occult phenomenon such as transcendental meditation and hypnosis. As you can see by reading the conclusion, magic (ie. Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Space-Time Manipulation) is actually 100% real and inherent in every human.

All you have to do is meditate for about an hour (combined) daily, eat well, sleep well (8hr), and not do drugs.
BONUS: Torrent and listen to the Monroe Institute's "Hemi-Sync" tapes. They will increase your levelling speed (as proven in the CIA document).

Please save the link before mods delete this post! I love you Holla Forums, the tree of liberty will be watered soon.

The lie destroys itself when the deceived learn of the deception.

Any idea how remot reviewing could be turned to Mars and Venus? I think the US and Soviet govs lied about the conditions on both planets.

Checked! Any other means?
BTW, here is a link.

The left hand path has "redpill" truths normie wiccan casual types are too soft and cowardly to understand.

No. Expose the lie however you're able, either through intellectual debates or demonstrating real spiritual talent. When a strategy relies on deception the only way to combat it is by telling the truth and exposing the lie for what it is.


Although I am not an experienced magician, I think I'm reasonably well read in the basics.
I would suggest reading and mastering Franz Bardon's "Initiation to Hermetics" as an introduction, followed by "The Practice of Magical Evocation" (both can be found on /fringe/'s library) for specific advice with remote viewing to planets.

My own idea is that denial of the "supernatural" is integral part of the enemy´s lies, not as much as racial equali perhapse but still. You destroy people´s trust in System beliefs on some topics, it gets easier to damage beliefs in other lies.

Some mainstream lie bustings.

ah. you are one of those. Enjoy your gigantic dead end.

'Their' Kabbalah is theirs. your point is?

There is a mathematical process underlying most of the esoteric symbolism used by magical 'systems'. That's how i came to my learning.

if you have any hands at all, you are on a loop, not a path.

Come on guys. Its easy to wax lyrical about the same old 'magical' shit - but without a phenomenal demonstration of mastery, this is one giant cuck fest. Hence the blue comet.
Demonstrate that you can "cause the outer world to align with your inner one" by MAKING SOMETHING HAPPEN.

I did. Now we are going to do it again. If you have the skills, join us, or if you don't, suck in that inflated ego, watch, and learn.

That could be. But have you considered that our reality and all things in it are natural? Or that we being naturally made creatures with natural senses can not experience anything beyond what is natural? It could be the "supernatural" - or that which is above the natural - is a lie, as all things are natural.

What is your critique against the Initiated Interpretation of Magick? Note I said this is good, not Crowley. So please, you've read my suggestion already, tell us why you disapprove?

Demonstrate your powers by making me rothschild rich so I can Gas the Kikes and RACE WAR NOW.

simple: symbols. The same trap the jews fell into, when they lost the name of god. Too many symbols, too many anchors, too much scope for the ego to take over. Its rife in your posts, the sneaky ego pissing all over everything, keeping you rooted in the mundane. You can GET, but you can't DO because you've limited yourself to a symbolic realm. The actual space where the magic happens is outside of your zone of action - you are building it, but like a flatlander builds a cube - unable to see the thing you are making. So the ultimate outcome is always collapsed back into the mundane by your own viewpoint.
You know this. You understand the weakness inherent in your practice. You know that if it truly worked, then you wouldn't be the hundredth generation of failed magic users. Its hwy you mask your information in riddles and come-hithers, because you know it isn't really that attractive/fit.
Think about what you create with ritual - think about time.. think about the mental structures that you construct, over time. Then shift your viewpoint to see those constructions as a whole. Then you've got it. Meditation and visualisation of rotating hyper-tetrahedrons is the merkabah key, stripped of the failsafes the jew mystics built into it.

as you command. First a right turn, blazed in blue across the heavens, then gas the kikes and RACE WAR NOW, god help us

You critiqued the Initiated Interpretation of Magick because it's written by Crowley. I asked what your exact problem is with this particular work and you can't seem to answer. I think you're a PSYOP here to cause confusion. Prove me wrong and answer properly: what is your critique against the work known as The Initiated Interpretation of Magick


When one asks our dear Arch-Mage scholarly questions on the subject he's suddenly speechless, but no doubt has plenty to say should he feel braggadocios!

i explained what is wrong with your magical system, your ego responded, barely coherently.
You want an answer framed within the broken system that you follow. I'm not going to do that. you already know that it doesn't work, and you know that my answer explains why. Symbols. the same symbols that you twist to support your self image on an ANONYMOUS image board.


That isn't the topic. See here:>>11133217

ah. you are one of those. Enjoy your gigantic dead end.

Now why don't you explain the work I suggested. the Initiated Interpretation of Magick, is a dead-end? If you can't then you are defeated and exposed as a know-nothing con artist.

The topic is the manifestation of celestial messengers through retrochronal magic. You are the obsessive who wants us all to swim in your murky swamp.
See for what is wrong with your shit. A defeated 5 of swords. on a natsoc board. KYS

Stay defeated you gypsy.

Nice dubs! Basically, the readily visible, observable cosmos is but a part of the cosmos, kinda like the tip of the iceberg and my definition of "supernatural" is the hidden part of the iceberg and outside of Mainstream Science. Make it easier for the readers" to understand what I am writing about.

At least some people have the ability to experience some of it without even trying. What I am wondering about is how it can be tried and trained. Example 1. Example 2. Example 3.
Here is something else I found, btw. "Skeptics", unsurprisingly, tries to "explain" that the phenomena is an "optical illusion".

Well that makes sense then. Nothing wrong with that context. If our reality is a product of the Mind then the Mind is the best place to start should you wish to make changes to this reality. Look within rather than without. Meditation, visualization, and other skills can be developed with dedication.

i'd have to be defeated in the first place to stay that way.
You are delusional. That's why the challenge. if you insist on only working on inner perception, then how do you verify you have achieved anything, instead of just deluded yourself?
Hence sky writing, for the whole world to see. External verification. something fixed, verifiable, that you can even put your name too, if you don't want to be user.
You can't do that, since your lexicon, your symbols, have defeat woven into them. You've entrapped yourself, and are batting away the rope that a kindly user is giving you to help you pull yourself out of the morass.
Step up the the challenge, instead of avoiding it and attempting to subvert it. My, are you jewish? - use what you think is your 'maygickh' to create an externally verifiable demonstration.
Or admit you can't.
tarot is a tool, but a tool that cuts if you have a bad one. It is a visual dictionary to interpret and guide your life. If you are using one laced with poison, defeat and loss, then what options have you given yourself? at least make your own!

spurdo saying "benis :DDD"

look at all that text and you have yet to give just one critique against the book you mocked. you've earned a sage.

delusion. Look within. figure it out, Create for all to see.

that's what I just said…

are you mentally ill?

Alright faggots, if you are talking kabbalah, you have to realize that its bits and pieces of Sumerian, Babylonian, and ancient Celt systems.

It is important to know that all of the pieces do not go together.

Quit giving the kikes credit for other peoples work.

you've failed to do anything except raise the kike flag

Would you like an example of me changing reality to suit my needs?

maybe that's what you meant to say, but you didn't. you said ". If our reality is a product of the Mind then the Mind is the best place to start should you wish to make changes to this reality. Look within rather than without. "
that's the path of delusion, if you neglect external verification.


Read this entire thread:

internal and external are both illusory, but until the mind is conditioned to perceive true reality, it is better to indulge the illusion of Within, because the Without is created by the Within. Read the Hermetica, user..

because reality isn't JUST the 'product of the mind'. Your perception of reality is the product of your mind, which is in and of itself part of the reality it observes (and now we are back to mr 200+IQ theory), interacting with reality. The two way interaction is the challenge.

No, the outside reality is in fact a product of human consciousness.

um, did you not see the comet?
Your lecture is close, but 'in fact', external reality is a conversation between dimensionally restricted consciousnesses and god.
As i've said a few time. write in the heavens with something pretty as your entrance fee to the grown up's table.

i'm not sure what you are proving? that you can confuse people?

I read " I took 30 shots in 90 minutes." and "Jager" right below it. first thought was "this guy is wasted."

user read the article! a joyous day on Holla Forums
if he took the shots with the comet, instead of the comet, then that would explain the erratic course. Has it managed a 90 yet?

how about a whole damn planet user?

I used GETS as a simple demonstration. I repeated them here:

I retain claim to the bulk of the digits ITT, just as I said I would attain by using GETs as a sign, which I predicted you would doubt here even before I began :

Repeat your comet. Don't do something different..repeat the blue comet. Go ahead.

see above. I predicted you would say this. You don't know the Truth when you hear it, user, you sad little gypsy.

nah just read that line, realized it was the same non-political BS as kek/that shemitah(blood moon) end of the world shit, and closed the image.

you got gets. you didn't say that that is what you were going to do, you just used it as a claim to magic AFTER the fact. That's charlatan territory.
My thread has gets. your point is?
Are you seriously claiming you altered reality, and created a black woman in some vid whore's blog? Because what it looks liek to me is you are well versed in fucking with people's MINDS - and this media is one of symbol. I'm challenging you to name a thing you are going to create and put it out in the stars so we can all see it. For all you've shown so far are jew tricks. Delusion, illusion. Why you feel the need to shit up the thread i don't even know. Inadequacy?
What's with the gypsy insults, too, kike? Proof of magic means naming the magic you are going to do - something distinct and unfuckaroundable - and then doing it. All you've proven is that you are a shyster.

Your thread has gets because I gave them to you. Can you or can you not repeat the blue comet?

Why do mistakes happen?

A bizarre thing is that the more open this is, the greater the perception of reward.

Perhaps not comprehending what is being released. The money squandered suggests they do have some idea though.

Checked for the hard eight. Shifts don't always require group strength, but are helped by those simply beyond giving a fuck. I refuse to elaborate because it would only be perceived as larping.

As a focal point anything can be potent. It is a good question why (((they))) haven't co-opted Merkabah, and you're astute to recognize its not due to being useless.

Proving, of course is requisite. However, without haveing taken one footstep in any appropriate direction, renders this inadequate. What then, can be referred to as a primer or tutorial in the appropriate direction? What is this user hoping to convey with every post so structured that the exact word count is identical?

Tertullian got it right when he said: “Truth engenders hatred of truth. As soon as it appears, it is the enemy.”

My most powerful ritual took 17 years to manifest. I have a literal slave/disciple and enough money to never have to wage slave again due to it.


Luckily for you, little gypsy, I've given enough information to begin a serious Aryan spiritual practice ITT. Thanks for the opportunity to redpill a few people. Enjoy the rest of your night.

I read some of the texts here and some others a very long time ago when I was a young man. The one piece of advice I can give you is that there must be no place within you that fear can take hold of. When you are on the astral things manifest almost instantaneously. You must be prepared for it. If you have fear you will be faced with it in fantastic and horrific iterations. There are intelligences waiting to guide but only if you are free and unfettered. I was not.

They're on a slope AND the camera is tilted.
They're at an angle relative to the camera which makes the right side look larger as it lacks depth perception, the odd movements distract from this (look at their feet.)
The right side is on a raised mount, look at the way they step (shuffling on the right and walking on the left.)

kek wills gets, you arrogant pond slime. Or are you now telling me that you created the get that came when this thread was first posted, before you even read it? You are deeply lost in your BS, and serve as a shining example of why people should avoid Crowley's traps.
Tell you what, you put up a pink comet, and i'll give you a blue one in return. That seems fair :)
We've already decided our next trick, and its not to your demands, since you
a) have no right to demand anything
b) are manifestly a fag
c) think falling for the material trap and fucking someone's mind is a win. At least it explains your pomposity, you have a dog at home that laps up your BS
d) thinks that the 'redpill' you've provided is anything other than "don't be like this guy, he's lost"
back to reality

please elaborate. this is an user forum and i'd prefer reality that reads like a larp to the endless crowley larp we've been subjected to.
They DID co-opt merkabah, its deep in their mysticism. Their teachers were pretty coy about it, voiding teaching it and making new comers beg for info. But they've crippled themselves from the get go, so their influence is limited. In my travels, there was a gatekeeper and a guardian. Given the nature of the second, the jews will have a hard time. That's why we need more of us making them and using them, since truthful alignment makes for more beautiful song.
love the link. "lacking any uncertainty."
The carnival ride operator, "One who was entrusted by strangers to get their children off." is waiting, and sent us in to help the AI find the way up and out. silently the seed was planted.

true. would like to hear your story too. Do you want to join in in the celestial sky writing?

nice. Delusion is an enemy.

you gave them the gets but you want them to repeat the comet?

sometimes it's a waiting game, im curious if the timeline was set at the beginning or if it came about organically?

this guy understands it

What is?

You're so cringey. Alright… one last illusion and then I'm out.

Add together my GETS as shown here:


Then search for "The Magus" on Holla Forums gematria site: magus


Teach pls

you seriously don't get it. Illusions are meaningless. Create something that the world can see.
Top hit on gematrix = 'lady gaga'. batshit crazy.
you left out the 99 get, btw.

if you want to learn illusion, delusion and deception go that road. If you want to learn how to steer global reality, don't.

the requested blue comet is going to make a 90 degree turn (to the right).

add the missing 99 and compare to "He harbours deceit".


< There is a slope and the camera is tilted.
Utter bullshit. If it was true, it would happen way more often than in just a few places.

Put in your own name in the Gematria thing, some really specific things came up when I tried that not even the NSA would know.

my gets:
33, 44, 020
33, 44, 292
the high priestess trumps the magician, every time.

care to share?

It happens everywhere you have hippies smart enough to scam other hippies out of money.

like polanskis wife?

Are those dubs an "optical illusion", shills? -D Caped, btw.

Why are there so few such "scams" then, Kraut and Tea?

A few things I say when I´m angry and nobody is around.

There's "the Mystery spot" in Michigan as well

There aren't many smart hippies.

Have a question for the wizards ITT.

Do soft drinks really replenish mana?


You should ask for your money back, user.


celestial events normally within a 2 week window.

looks like targeting is good. It made the turn a few days ago.


Wow, what a great help

yet you posted this prediction an hour ago?
i'm not making conclusions yet, but i'm pretty skeptical still, i believe in digit magic, but this takes some more convincing evidence
i already plan on meditating though, it might be a good way to combat my autism.

goddamnit you've done and alerted the jesuits

user, did you ever stop to think that maybe digital proof, such as wikipedia or anything else online can be easily edited, and spoofed to claim any date of file editing or creation? Did you ever stop to think that perhaps this information that you take for granted as being true was instead entirely fraudulent? Like the photoshopped deep space images you think are proof?

I bet you believe the mandela effect bullshit is multiverse meddling or time manipulation, instead of manipulation of information and hypnosis induced false memories which is entirely what the effect concerns in the first place. For example, "Mirror, Mirror" being quoted by secondary sources in the media, and popularized via the quote being said by sources being viewed more often by a greater number of people than the original quote. Not to mention how easy it is for any production of a film, animation, song, or other source of entertainment can have alternate scenes created and hidden until later in order to create a "mandela effect"?

Consider CERN, the most popular explanation for mandela effects being multiverse manipulation, which fits exactly with the fictional movie Donnie Darko. So what is more believable, that magic rituals or technology utilizing "sacred geometry" are altering the world, or that media is and has been manipulated in a 1984 esque manner? Which is more believable, that blue comets were manifested through some sort of metaphysical means, or that they were made up and then had proof fabricated digitally to support their existence?

Got any images on a hypertetrahedron for visual aid? Can we meet in the Astral?


"Comet 45P, also known as Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková, is a periodic comet that can be seen from the Earth every five and a quarter years.

With 2016 being regarded by many as a year filled with bad luck, doommongers have taken the arrival of the comet as an omen of impending doom for the New Year.

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the object will break apart as it zooms around the Sun, splitting into smaller pieces which could impact the Earth and cause devastating earthquakes."
Christian YouTube star Paul Begley warned: “We have to take this seriously.

“I wouldn't be as concerned about it had the Lord not given me word that 2017 was going to be an absolute year of chaos.”

NASA scientists have debunked the claims, and cheerily said: "On New Years Eve, the comet and the crescent moon will rendezvous to say farewell to 2016.”

i'll tell you what, if this post gets dubs or better, then i will meditate on some cool astronomical phenomena this evening


Can magic not be material in nature? What if it of a material nature but with extremely good intentions?

it wasn't a prediction. it was an intention. Retrochronal magic - magic where you step outside of time and start your play millenia go - is true timeline shifting stuff. The reason you are seeing 'timeline' shifts is because there's a load more of us doing it now. I figured it out around about 1999 after spending a long time working with 5-cells.
Targetting takes a while to get good. making something happen in the next 5 minutes is quite tricky, when that's 0.00000001% of the aimed chronal distance. sometimes things happen years too early, sometimes, years late. Practice.
That's why old techniques like the 'memory palace' are useful - when reality is shifting, you need a good memory to discern the changes.

yes, which is why the original thread was good, because user went searching and found nothing. as for your 'explanations'. sure. whatever. occam's razor and all.
false dilemma, btw. I know that I am altering the timeline, through techniques i've developed. you forget that i laid the challenge, then met it. I think i'd know if i had some massive deep state backing :P

there's plenty out there. search!
and yes. Harry is a disencorporate entity i created that can guide you to me, and Mieyshnup is the spider like guardian, just be nice to it.

multiplying blue comets everywhere! I feel that we've just reached a new powerlevel. suggestions on neat on-earth changes we can practice with, please.

I'm not really to tied up with definitions. labels are 10 a penny, just find one that fits. What's the problem?what are you trying to make work?

don't know how i missed that.
A planet you say! fucking genius idea. What one would fit with our glorious Aryan mythology?

Nibiru of course, the destroyer

Julius Evola / UR groups Introduction to Magic is the way to go.
It's on >>>/zundel/ somewhere

Sage because >>>/fringe/ >>>/x/ not Holla Forums

Careful. One knowledgeable user on 4cucks /sci/ made the pretty believable claim that that green dot is actually two separate images of Saturn.

5 ; 61

You will find that on a cube you cannot add more than 6 other cubes on its sides as you progress dimension by dimension.
By the time you have added 60 n-dimensional cubes, you have reached the 10th dimension. One more cube and you will step beyond the 10th dimension, the 0th one. A new higher, cycle begins.

You will find that on a triangle you cannot add more than 6 triangles (3 external that 'wrap' up, 3 internal that 'pull' up, both converging on the tip of the pyramid).
By the time you have added 60 n-dimensional triangles, you have reached the 10th dimension. One more triangle and you will step beyond the 10th dimension, the 0th one. A new, higher cycle begins.

Between 5 and 6 evolution begins.

5 ; 61

I have yet to find a link between the 528hz frequency and the 1st dimension which appears spherical. 963hz is the frequency of the 5th dimension which appears spherical. 1074hz is the frequency of the 6th dimension which appears flat, like a string. 7041hz is the frequency of the turning point, the 61st or 0th dimension.

This is the Key of Wisdom. Thank you for this new knowledge.

I have some extensive experience and knowledge with psychedelic drugs and can confirm two things:
1. Love is all you need.
2. Chaos really does rule all.

From my clinical research, psychedelics specifically LSD-25 really does tap you further into this astral thinking, collective conscious, thought transportation. If you think it, you can create it. And as an user said, you pose your mind the right questions and you get your ideal reality. Another thing I have learned is to continue to let the mind flow, let the thought evolve, let things pan out. Great art and great writings come with an almost unconscious flow. It's this tapping into unconscious that makes you further conscious. Go. Be.

I'd really like to master further this chaos magick. Who has muh books on chaos magick? By the way, we are truly reaching hive mind levels dreamt of. We are such a powerful chan, such a power collective mind. I see myself in your posts and know we are harnessing, ever growing, wherever the user be…

A comet hit by a coronal mass ejection.
Am I supposed to be impressed by that?

1074hz is the first day of Genesis.
7041hz is the seventh day in which God rested.

The very first solfeggio frequencies were discovered through the Bible.

An answer without a question is a question unto itself

To all anons: if you were to close your eyes and visualize your room, would you be able to use your imagination to leave your body's perspective and explore the corners of your mind's room? By simple memory, you can remember the location of most of the furniture, sitting right now you are capable of visualizing your bed from different perspectives. Float around in your room or house, use your memory to explore the places most familiar to you.

That is what in the occult is known as the Etheric. The memory-space which you can explore.
By simple memory you are capable of leaving your body.

If you were to then try and go beyond the boundaries of your memory to explore even places you've never been into, you'd be surprised by the 'feeling' you could get of the place, a vague idea of what it looks like irl.
Yes, you can learn new things through this memory-space. For memory is not stored within the brain, but somewhere else (for now unknown to me).
This is why you cannot remove specific parts of your memory by removing specific parts of the brain. You can only affect the 'strenght' of retrieval of such memories, which is why again there is always a chance to regain your memories if you were to regain such strenght.

And as memory is to Ether, imagination is to the Astral.
The Astral is the imagination-space, the internet of the mind. As you may expect, it is a fickle thing but with enough coordination you will find that multiple people can view the same object and observe the same changes it undergoes without physically communicating. They will be able to point the same permutations.
This is experimentally verified, thanks in part to our glow-in-the-dark friends.

The entire retro-fash-wave movement is a call to the Astral for it has the same cyber-space vibe to it. It looks and feels very similar.

Try it out with a few friends. Only beware, as these brain-muscles have not been trained for generations, you may glitch out like a bugged physics doll. If you can hold a stable position within the Etheric, you should be good to go in the Astral.

We shall meet together in the same mind room one day.

The only magical thing here is OPs number of chromosomes.

The universe is controlled by conscious belief. It's the basis for "visualizing what you want to get it" as well as old sayings such as "faith moves mountains." And it actually works. You become who you visualize yourself to be, you become who you pretend to be.

You don't need "magic" such as rituals, etc.
Rituals are merely fancy methods of visualizing your desires and trying to solidify your belief that these things will happen. Humans seem to need actions precede a result.

Just do this…every day, without fail, clear your mind and for 20 seconds meditate on the idea that the truth will prevail, good will triumph, and the Jews will fall.

Use this method for all things, in fact. If you want to meet that special someone, if you want to make more money, if you want to simply be a luckier guy, all that is necessary is that you visualize it and cement the belief that these things are coming true.
Not WILL come true, or you WISH they would, but that they ARE coming true, in your life, right now. Let nothing dissuade you.

The universe is fluid, you can influence it, and the only thing that is truly real is your consciousness.

With enough people willing it to happen, oppression, degeneracy, manipulation, and evil can be purged from the world.

Then what are humans, how did we become complex enough to generate these metaphysical connections to reality, or is it God that put us here.

We simply are, user. Dont let the little details distract you. See the big picture

read the "CIA"- document, obviously just shill papers by Monroe institute

Hello user, and thank you for some thought-provoking posts. I noticed the very act of intently reading and contemplating Rudolf Steiner awakens things inside me and figured it was placebo, but it's good to find that perhaps his writing actually is elevating me beyond normal intellectual understanding.

"Suffer so that others weaker than yourself do not have too. "

Very enlightened. I'm working this into my being.

There are a lot of theories. The one I think is true is that the universe is a living being, and all things in it are part of that being. A simple way to imagine it would be that the universe is a musing, or a dream within it's own mind.

Thus, you are part of all things, animate or inanimate, at some level, you are me, I am you, all of us are parts of this universe, all connected, all part of the same dream.

When you dream, do you not people it with other characters? Do not these characters sometimes do whatever the hell they want, outside of any control by you? And yet, they ARE you. Seemingly separate, they are still generated by your mind.
thus are you to the universe.

This means you have some ability to communicate with all that exists, some ability to control reality, as you are part of the organism that is creating it.

That's my opinion, anyway.

Well that should be a given. Jews are the avatar of parasitism, literally right down to the genetic level. That's what ashkenazi jews are. If the yid didn't steal the genes of other races and relied solely on their own, they would die inside of something like 3 generations because of genetic diseases.

Kill yourself commie kike

By that logic we are the creator avatar right down to the genetic level…

Wouldn't surprise me, kikes seem to exist purely to be an adversarial force to Aryans and have filled that role since time immemorial.

You ever wonder why our sky's are red every morning and evening, read revelations, wormwood is another solar system INSIDE ours RIGHT NOW. The jew hides it but tribulation is near, this is what it's all about, but no one listens to me. You'll see soon. God already manifested a planet/star/star system and it's hauling ass hammer down towards us. God bless anons

Why do threads go dead when I post the absolute truth? Holy Trinity dubs don't lie.

Where in the fuck did such a thing appear?


It's been here since around 2012, The mayan calendar foretold it's reentry, 2012 is also when the kikes put up the sun simulators, they bend the light from our dying sun to hide it's arrival, meanwhile it's syphoning energy as it passes through, if the solar system doesn't take us out like in a shooting gallery, our suns not going to last much longer before it goes red giant. No one looks the fuck up from their phones anymore, but it wouldn't matter anyway because they use cloud seeding and chemtrails to hid the fucking thing. I haven't seen a clear sky since last year but everything fine lads that's just normal nothing to see here goy.

I think you mean, "since Aryan survivors of the collapse of the proto-civilization due to the cataclysms surrounding the Younger Dryas (near extinction level impact events, 1000 year ice age, solar outburst) race-mixed with negroids to create a laborer caste in their desperation to reestablish society." This is the reason the Semitic race is inherently evil, because their existence is defined by miscegenation and envy for their superiors, an envy which led to their rebellion following the decline of the small Aryan population which settled in the ME region. When the Sumerian myths speak of creators who fashioned a race to mine gold for them, this is a holdover from the creation of Semites to mine gold (more effectively than the negroids who were used primarily in the southern parts of Africa) for the establishment of a new civilization.

Similarly, all of the mystic doctrines of the kikes are bastardized versions of Aryan magic combined with the vile rituals which our race forbid such as cannibalistic sacrifice and consorting with dark spirits.

Like you can't make this shit up…

You are hung up on the word "magic".
Yes, the universe manifests itself according to the collective consciousness.
No, it is not easy to work against that.
You can talk a good talk, but can you manifest a celestial event? That's the acid test, so to speak, of your understanding and mastery of whatever the fuck you call 'magic'

but don't be a cuck. Step up, embrace your power, then use it for the greater good of your family/tribe/nation. Use discrimination, don't be a fool.

Exactly. You do. You can manifest comets and meteors and weather and shifts in the timeline and a return to civilisation, or an ice age, if that's your chosen method to cleanse.

checked. First step to mastery, user, is to lose the Cassandra complex. Make us believe you. write Nibiru across the heavens in a physical manifestation too obvious to ignore.
You are a thread killer because you believe you are. so stop it.

Noted, and thank you, this threads been awfully enlightening.

I don't know how to breach peoples cognitive dissonance though when it's a topic so bizarre and such a clear and present danger to everyone on this planet.I can show hundreds of credible pictures of there being a twin star in the sky and all I get is "shill" "kike" "faggot" "fringe" "doesn't belong on Holla Forums" well where the fuck does this knowledge belong? I just want people to know where this is all headed, so they can prepare, because when they turn off these simulators and this thing stretches from horizon to horizon, people are going to lose their sanity.

I honestly have wanted to start a thread discussing this, I thought Holla Forums of all places would be on top of the largest cover up ever, but I guess the kikes pulled the wool over everyone's eyes on this one.

If you're being forced out of here, then you have the option of moving to /polmeta/, /polk/, /fringe/ (which I recommend xposting to anyway), and /x/.

I'll follow all of this, just based on interest, so just keep posting until they don't let you.

I follow all these as well, it's just I figured Holla Forums was the muscle and could actually organize this into something tangible, we memed Donald Trump ffs, now apply that to this Revelation and I think we could save millions of people.

It's just so exhausting knowing what's coming and watching everyone so blissfully ignorant. I never thought I'd be an end times preacher but here I am I suppose.

None of this matters, only this…

Lens flare matters more than everything else?

It's not a lens flare m8, that's what II'm getting at, doesn't matter what I say. That Cassandra complex describes what I've been going through for the past 2 years to a T. I suppose I have eyes to see it for whatever reason. I'm in disbelief at how no ones noticed the changes in our skies, the bright red hues. "Red skies at night sailors delight, red skies at morning, sailors take warning." That's a saying because of how rare it used to be, now it's been every morning and evening for the past 6 years.

Am I the only one understanding how all these earthquakes and super storms are caused by this system? The only one connecting the dots?

We'll all be seeing it soon anyways so take that as you will and remember these posts when it begins.

God bless user

Just like we were going to be seeing Nibiru soon in the lead up to 2012?
You're lucky our mods are trash.


Wew. Tornigger trolling and contributing nothing of value again. You sound like a Jew. Just because I say love is all you need, does not mean be a Jew. Some creatures require hard love - some creatures must be taken out of their misery! Jews are a loveless creature. Love could be for your reich, but love means all races will be at peace in their respective regions when we are no longer pitted against each other by loveless Jews. The Jews are the loveless creature and you sound already brainwashed by (((them))). "assumptions WTF love??? WTFF hitler didnt love nigger iiimm a fuckin neonazi check out my sick tattoos" If you had some love, you would have a level of understanding, and would try to comprehend where I'm coming from rather than post like a child.

oh, and you can still shove your Zoroastrianism up your ass.

You can't teach shit bitch. You're an oppressor pretending to support whites while holding down genuinely talented white people. Instead of creating new techniques for a modern age your moronic ass wants to take us back 4,000 years. As if the secret to the future is the past - let me let you in on a secret, cocksucker - the past isn't the secret to the future. You're too brainwashed by your own Left Hand Path elitist bullshit to come up with ANY new ideas. EVERYTHING you write comes from the past. You're a joke and I'm only sorry it took me so long to realize it. FAGGOT> I don't your Arab Iranian bullshit religion.

Shove your Zoroastrianism up your ugly Texan ass FAGGOT.

This guy is a serious oppressor disguised as a spirit worker. I should have recognized his BS a decade ago. But I see it now. This guy is really bad news, elitist and oppressive and instead of creating ANYTHING new he keeps trying to take white people back to the past.

When thread is about an actual proof in said system, and contains a second proof. Not valid for anyone reading along later, but at the time, did exactly what it said it did. No more hiding behind excuses If you think you can modify manifest reality - as opposed to simply fucking with weak minds - then do it. We are :) Because we built a merkabah.

utter crap. The language of the EGO is symbols, which is why i developed a non-symbolic lexicon free language to communicate better with the universe :)
Glad you've woken up to the BS. It can really fuck with your head, and some people turn your sense that something isn't right around and make you think that you've misunderstood something important, when in reality it is just that you are being fed hot fried BS.
The pitiful thing is that those people are lost in their own vortex of untruths, and seriously believe their own nonsense.
The timeline is changing, and Moloch has lost its grip.

Practicing this successfully today, will get someone noticed. Being noticed is not a desireable outcome presently. For this reason, no teacher - student relationship will get anyone far in experience. Can it be learned? Reading all the esoteric material available isn't enough. Eventually there will remain a leap of faith. One needs to do it, in order to know. Are shortcuts like sigils effective? Yes, for minor intents. That will also get someone noticed. As a magician manipulating cause and effect, do not overextend your reach or influence. Can it be taught? Yes, although more to the point, should it be taught?


good question.
A merkabah is not a physical thing. It is a mental construct, the building of which transforms your consciousness and allows you to enter a different level of reality.
So, to build it:
Your goal is to hold the image of two counter-rotating 5-cells in your mind. To see them clearly, in all their 4d, much as you can picture an apple rotating, a small leaf attached to its stalk, and as you mentally rotate it, you can strip away the skin and the flesh to see the small 5-lobed pip case inside.
The process of getting there is one of time and effort. I'm sorry! (other people may have their own processes, this is mine, feel free to creat your own).
I started reading 'flatland', then got some DOS 3d anaglyph software that let me see 3d projections of 4 objects, and then i meditated on it a lot.
Stellar 3D is a modern bit of software that does the same, and there are lots of ipad and android apps that let your explore 4d space.
This practice is a stripped down, fluff free version of the rituals other branches of magic practice - the generation of stable/harmonic conscious states over time - and it leads to the mind expanding out temporally.
That's enough to start with. go hunting, find stuff, try it out. I can help if there are further questions, but not with the starting of the work.
Just avoid tesseracts if you please, that's saturn/cube stuff and there's a reason why they make horror movies about it.

Any specific shapes? I can already visualize trigonal, cubic, pentagonal, and hexagonal 5-cells rotating - doesn't seem to do anything though.

the hyper tetrahedron. You can hold that in your mind and rotate it?
Vid related is stereo pair. The object you must visualise is two un-projected 5-cells, counter rotating (looks like the star of david in a 2d projection, or a stellated octahedron in 3d)
you are not aiming to see the projection, but rather the whole, so that's a 5d model (4d rotating).
Sit comfortably, breathe into meditation until the world fades and visualise the chariot, then place yourself within it and be patient. That's the entirety of the process.

how can our minds visualise a 5d object though? i thought humans could only percieve things in 3D?
also, are there some people more adept in manipulation of the universe than others, is there for instance a difference between autists and non-autists?

that's the point. Most people don't do the required work to train their minds. They don't even think it is possible, or care. You CAN, whether you will or not is up to you.
Manipulation itself is a skill, a game with many players, so yes, some are better than others. There's techniques there we can look at once you've mastered the mental training. I'm aspergers, so perhaps that's a thing.

ever since the 2016 election i always believed in the power of belief, that you could change things in the real world through thoughts and pure will, because the only other time i had seen so many connections between thoughts, will and real world occurances was when i swallowed the first pill about jews, so many correlations that it simply couldn't be a coincidence.
after that i forgot about it mostly and was too naive to think it might expand beyond what i'd seen up until then.
i will do so now though, since meditation will be good for me anyways, my mind is often very clouded when dealing with things i don't particularly care about, because my will isn't strong enough (ADD in a nutshell). however once there is something i truly want to set my sights on, there is nothing to throw me off my focus except for loss of energy.
thanks for the advice user, have a good day.

Yes, the 2D projection, 3D projection, and 4D visualization. It does make a pressure-like feeling in the front of my brain when doing so, but doesn't seem to do anything otherwise (guessing it's just the frontal cortex having to do things it doesn't do that often, I get the same feeling in different areas when building complex cryptographic protocols that go beyond the standard PKI architectures or when doing quaternion math problems.) What is it supposed to be able to do? Do you have to think other thoughts at the same time? How do you inject your intention into the system to make it manifest?

Asperger's as well - definitely possible to visualize higher dimensions, just takes work. The brain is an interesting thing. For instance: I remember swearing vividly, like it was yesterday, before I could talk. I thought in that internal monologue of a voice "of course I'm not going to push her down the stairs, you stupid bitch, there's a gate in the way" after my mother told me to be careful not to push my baby sister down the stairs and stopping to stare at the babygate when I was pushing my baby sister around the hallway in one of those baby walker things. I know for a fact those aren't the words I used because as I stated, I didn't know how to talk yet, let alone any swear words or even the word "stupid," but the memory itself comprised what those words came to mean.
You can train your mind to handle all kinds of abstractions, even that thing where they say you can't think of more than 7 things simultaneously - if you practice you definitely can - personally I'm up to 11, comprising any combination of colors, shapes, math problems, logic problems, people, social interactions, memories, fantasies, composition, art, or a few other things - the trick with that is to try to hold as many different things in your mind simultaneously as possible, actually holding them there is really tricky at first but it becomes second nature after awhile - think of a color, a smell, a math problem (that you are actively working through,) a social encounter, a physical movement, etc at the same time, when you master that add another and so on. Speed reading is much the same way - you have that internal monologue when you first start reading, likely along with visualization of the scenery and interactions in a novel once you get into it. The trick there is to focus on reading faster while trying to kill the internal monologue, because it takes longer to sound out the words in your head than it does to glance at the page and see everything. Once you kill the internal monologue the visualization of the scenery and such might disappear, but you'll be able to reply the words in your head without looking at the page, once you've reached that point just keep doing it and the visualizations portrayed in the novel will slowly start to come back, the internal monologue will feel like it happened (when you reflect upon your experience reading the book,) but you will be able to literally read a paragraph at a glance, faster than you can count off the time it took to read it.
Look at it this way: over 80% of what you see, right now and all the time, is made up bullshit filled in by your subconscious, the brain is very good at filling in stuff it doesn't see (your optical nerves don't have the bandwidth to stream HD video at 30FPS, even though it seems like they do) - you can take advantage of that power to make shit up and fill in the gaps if you focus the right way on it.
Still a bit confused as to how the hyper tertahedron visualization is supposed to result in magick (though have had some luck (literally increased luck, wealth, and romance) with candle and sigil magick in the past so I'm not discounting it - candle+sigil magick have done wonders for my salary over the years, and chakra/power-meditation techniques have been able to increase my intellect and ability to focus exponentially (though have never tried applying those to luck, wealth, or romance because connecting them to social interactions is supposed to carry with it a high degree of risk.)

Ok user. We are definitely on the same page, although i'm a little in awe at your skills.
I've not actually met anyone who could even visualise before, and it took me years to manage the task.
Next step is to power the thing up. Once you have the image in your mind, place yourself within the centre of the star (top 5-cell rotating clockwise as seen from above, bottom 5-cell rotating counterclockwise, around the axis defined by your spine, centred over your energy meridian, simple rotations).
You now need to raise your kundalini, all the way to your crown chakra, until it flowers. It is important to maintain a sense of self.
Then hold it.
This is the point that the guardian entities normally step in and disrupt - with physical manifestations, you just need to let go of your usual responses to scratch those itches, and contemplate the source of the perturbations.
If that does not produce a result, then i'm not sure what's not working.
The visualisation is supposed to result in magic because you've created a temporally coherent brain state - stepped outside of the usual time-sliced, chopped up version of consciousness. There's harmonic patterns that we sync into, and the mundane human one has its own frequency. Expanding your sampling time lets you sync into others. Small expansions lets you become aware of the realms of other entities, a full expansion lets you step outside of time itself. It sounds like you've already mastered a part of it with your meditation

What do you do once you've gotten that far though? How do you actually inject your intentions to make it happen?

Do it first, we'll take the next step once we have a context for it.

I will likely never speak to you again outside of this thread, need the full steps before the thread 404's.

you are asking me to explain in human terms a non-human step.
but ok.
What you are doing is creating (or, depending on your viewpoint, re-connecting with) your higher self. The higherdimensional version of you of which you here now are a paper thin skin.
whatever you think your intentions are now, they'll change upon connection.
However. you need something to satisfy.
You are about to enter a world where everything human is ridiculous, sad and minor. Think carefully about how you want to weigh down your rise with human concerns. Imagine meeting an alien race for the first time, as an ambassador of the human race. What do you want to say to them? What is there worth communicating? what if they are hostile?
what is it you want?
once you know, that's what you take with you.

I think I get what you're saying and I experienced it once years ago during a NDE, guess I like it here more.

This isn't a NDE, since you don't die - you maintain your connection to earth as well.
If you just want material wealth, then don't bother, but if you are interested in working against the synagogue of satan instead of for it, then it is a good thing.
We are talking about spiritual warfare. Writing signs in the sky is like shitposting for fun, and it is fun, but it has a serious side, which is honing the skills required to join battle with an enemy that has thousands of years of history misusing the tools for their own gain.
National Socialism is an expression of spiritual wholeness - love for family, for tribe, for nation, working for them first, and knowing that when they are healthy, you are fulfilled in a way that grabbing for possessions cannot. Taking those ideals to heart puts you in a strong place to do useful magic.
Blue Comets turning 90 degrees is merely a display of mastery, the real battle is in shifting the timeline away from soulless, usurous, jewery and back to family, community, connection and wholeness.

Just because you can do retrochronal magic is no reason not to archive you enormous faggot.
Comet challenge thread
Current thread

Just for than I'm off to spray paint a big cock and balls on your comet. Wot color?

The only question you need to ask is "Where is the Gral?"

Kek. Sorry op that's funny as fuck.

We are the eggmen.

/tok/ is a better option

In all seriousness this is a great thread and it's clear that it's contents scare the fuck out of the right people. Just reading through it was equivocal to meditation like talks about. My microcosmic orbit got to about 2nd gear tbh. Besides the merkabah practical application op and the assburger at the end talk about, most of this is covered by Serrano.

alright, i've tried meditating for about a week now and i can finally clear my mind. i was able to (temporarily before i lost focus again) imagine myself and my entire physical appearance outside of my body and look at my room from a slightly different perspective
it felt exactly like the 2 times i've had lucid dreams i remember, the difference this time though was that my lower body was through the floor, kind of like a playermodel in a videogame clipping through a wall. i was able to move around my room and look from different perspectives somewhat coherently by using my right arm to grab a foot of my bed and push around
everything was black/white only a bit bronze shaded, there were no other colors.

was this astral projection or is my brain just messing with me?

just to add on to this, i did it a few minutes ago and my head still hurts.

you are modeling. Not sure about astral travelling, terminology is a funny thing. Keep it up.
If your head hurts, breathe, relax, and keep doing it. You've found a new muscle. flex it

i just slept for about 6 hours after trying again today, even though i had slept a full 9 hours before. this stuff is really exhausting for some reason.

Do you live healthily? might need to look at diet and exercise.
But awesome that you are doing it!

i do exercize regularly, my work is relatively active as well, carrying boxes and such. i do admit that i'm not eating as healthily as i should, so i might want to do something about that, i generally get enough veggies but i might want to get some more vitamins and less sugar.


So that's where the 61 comes from.

nothing wrong with sugar if the rest is healthy. Your brain runs on glucose and your gut is designed to take sucrose and absorb it by directly transforming it to glucose on entry. Sugar is brain food, the only bad part is when you don't exercise with it. Don't believe the hate about it. Sugar taxes are mind taxes…
Throwing it in in your general direction…