Opah Says She Isn't Running for President


The other thread is by a retarded LARPer (who should be banned for being such an obvious sperg). Not that the left won't still try to meme her into running. It's like Michell Obama though. They want her to run, but she may not actually be dumb enough to actually do it.

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Replace Nixon with Oprah and replace 'Right Wing Cabal' with 'Left Wing Cabal' and that's the situation you've got here

I think we'll keep digging up dirt just in case.

I didn't say not to, but this was just absurd. She's not going to run because she wants to stay in the closet and probably still cares about her business brand being tarnished.


like I said in the first thread, this one died before it got to the gate.


hell we should identify the 10 most likely and collect everything we can on them


Wasn't there some post of some totally legit, totally not D&C, totally not a slide thread of someone saying (((they))) were in her planning campaign?


Watch the movie. Stone suggests the CIA killed Kennedy

the top ten cucks list

They'll probably aim for a woman. In history, it was blacks and then women in terms of rights, so it's only natural that after Kang Nigger you'd have a woman president.
Going for the black woman might be too ballsy given the current state of the U.S. They would probably go for one of three: white, (((fellow white))), or hispanic (but light skinned).
I derive these from the following thoughts: if they want to appeal to their illegal voter base, pick the hispanic. Note, I'd also fear this candidate from the right since if she knows how to talk she would gain the white right's vote + the illegal mexicans. As for an actual white, it's the least likely, but very possible since it's next on the progressive stack, and small enough/subversive enough of a step that it could win (I say subversive because they could term down their rhetoric while campaigning, but then further their ideology once they win). Lastly, you have (((fellow white))). This is very possible as well because your average white can't tell a jew for shit. Since the jew can double play minority/majority status (not even accounting for being a woman), she would have a strong ticket on the left. However, there would also be issue from the right. It is apparant that zionism is being merged into the growing nationalism (i.e. we're getting boomers 2.0). Thus, this "white" woman would be able to garner both the white right base, both sides jew base (to an extent, the globalist jew would want some knowledge that they'd get money as a consequence of their allegiance), and the wavering left (since she is a woman, She could also play the jew card, but that would depend on how she would play the right. It would be best for her if she didn't mention it except when the left attacks her. That way, they common "right-winger" will be proud that she beat "those leftists" by proclaiming she's jewish, i.e. the nationalism will be moved to a "democrats are the real racists", we're civnats/zionists viewpoint).

This. Force them to run the most absurd candidate possible for kicks.

She's a big girl.

These is not a single candidate they could possibly run that wouldn't be absurd.
The democrap party is completely FUCKED inside out and the funniest part is that it's all thanks to Obongo and Killary


for u


That better include Deval Patrick and Cory Booker. Whatever happens, I'd say there's over a 50 percent chance Dems will try to run another black candidate because black turn-out is the only reason the won in two of the past five elections.

I would recommend everyone keep eyes on the Space Weather Prediction Center's website, and cross reference it with weather patterns on the globe. We're at a very low point for observable solar activity, with short spurts of high activity.


It's a good tool for convincing people that global warming is bullshit.

God damnit, wrong thread.

Will Smith
Zuck the Cuck

Carrot Top?

Currently the sportsbook claims that, in descending order
Are the most likely to get the nomination in 2020

Please let this happen

seems relevant enough

wow thats a cakewalk

What a motley crew. They'd be better off running some idiot movie star.

This already feels like a win to me. I heard the announcement, I dug for an hour into the sex scandal surrounding her school, other anons started talking about it and also talking about how our opinions are probably being datamined so they can see how much flak they'll get re: Oprah. And now we've already heard that she's backing the fuck off.

We may have done nothing, we may have done everything. She's not running. Fuck yes.

Im not gonna lie here,
Baggage or not,
She could have posed a serious threat.

Equal if not greater than Clinton,
Yes Clinton lost, but it was close as fuck because voter fraud doesn't matter unfortunately.
But she's it, because there in no one else I can possibly think of that can beat Trump next term.
They would literally have to use Oprah, the biggest female star in modern times as their Trump (no pun) card to beat the Don

Isn't that what they always say?

lol no
Possible, but easy beat since he is not a debater, and saw over one of the worst economic periods in US history
All talk, no substance, even SF was getting tired of his shit
He will get a shit ton of the moronic young votes. But it will also turn more fence sitters to Trump since that kike loves socialism. Boomers wont be dead in 2020
Possible, but again, one reason people voted Trump was because they were sick of that nigger, and we didn't want any more presidential legacy families t. Bushs, Clintons

Me. I'll run for president and I'll win.

Don't forget about Zuckerkike

No idea where you heard Kanye is running. Last l checked, he was a fan of the POTUS.

The democratic party is a corpse twitching. If the audacious levels of corruption in the party rank isn't enough to kill the brand, the child sex, child torture, child trafficking and child harvesting will.

Trump has become a force of nature.

The democrats should also realise the President will protect them from those who would see duplicity punished most severe.

I wish a nigga would
Literally nobody likes that heeb, nobody. He is probably one of the most unlikable "people" on the planet.

While I'm happy the democrats will get their party fucked over, what will take its place? Most likely a socialist group focused on comrade Bernie's ideas. It will more left leaning since the current Republican party gas become more moderate after Trump's election

You know who I would love to see try to fucking run as the democrat parties pick? Nancy Pelosi. Why you might ask? Imagine Trump going against a female who could be out energied by Jebb Bush and is viewed in the public as being worse than Hillary.

I don’t know what it is about her, but I just would love to see Trump tear her a new asshole.
*or Debbie WWS*

The pendulum will swing back their direction. Barely over a year ago, everyone was swearing that the Republicans were a dead party.

You have to be stupid if you think she's not going to run. Except she won't be running in 2020 because she wants to win and you're way more likely to win when not facing an incumbent, same reason why Trump waited for 2016. Keep digging.

Pure misdirection.

The republicans are dead, the current right is just wearing it's dead face like a skin suit because of the way american politics work. I mean the neocon platform they've stood for since the war is no more feasible now than it's ever been, they'll get no new converts and the ones they had are all dying off. The left could probably do the same thing, but I'm not sure they can revive their coalition. What the other user said about going full bernie seems pretty likely, and while that's going to get the soyboys out in force it would lose them shitskin votes, at least as a singular bloc. Spics are powerful enough that they could go it alone and see real political power, and the nigger vote will split as various factions of jews try to drag them into multiple directions at once.

Now is when they start SHUT IT DOWN mode where they start covering up Oprah's secrets and deleting unfavorable articles and websites.

Cause Trump and his A-Team of gigakikes will lynch her ass publicly and destroy every ounce of public clout she has. I would have enjoyed seeing it though, another reason to watch the dems spark up the trusty ol identity politics and fail miserably. Admit it, this would be fun to watch as Oprah randomly gets exposed for eating children while she tries to racebait into the primaries.


We may use this datamining to our advantage. What if we pretend Kathy Griffin has the best shot?

The CIA is a division of the Jewish Cabal, so its highly likely kikes killed JFK because he was threatening their banking.

A little too late for that, I think. People kept blowing them out of the water, so now its "climate change" rather than "Global warming" Although normies might not be aware of that, so it can't hurt.

Ah yes.
The left has no options, their base is brainwashed so they can't recruit new talent that can adapt and the ones they already have are as dirty as they come.


I think Oprah diddling kids with Weinstein is probably pretty solid dirt.


Why not both?

Like the other poster said, the Republicans died somewhere between 2008 and 2012. The "Tea Party" insurrection of ~2008 split them internally, the demographic shifts in place by 2012 ensured no establishment candidate could build a winning coalition of voters, and the rise of the "alt-right" in ~2016 has completely absorbed any future generations of right leaning voters.

The party is dead and the only task at hand is consolidating our power within it. That's still a monumental task as cuckservative voters are still a majority in most red districts. IMO, the best strategy is to focus on the most demographically vulnerable districts (i.e. places where voters who fly the Gadsden flag equal or outnumber cuckservatives) to get ideologically friendly candidates elected, then let their actions in the legislature peak for themselves in terms of improving the lives of white Americans.

You're never going to be able to dislodge Republican power brokers like Lindsay Graham or Paul Ryan with full frontal assaults as their milquetoast conservatism and carefully crafted personalities are too well tailored to their vote base. The only way to turn voters against players like that is to prove they are either incompetent or willfully malicious and the best way to do that is to force them to show their hand on issues every right leaning voter approves of. Trump has done an amazing job of this, particularly with the healthcare repeal and replace effort. An entrenched power broker can blow hot air all day and voters won't think twice, but prove that they're all hat and no cattle and voters will wake up.

Because there’s not much evidence for the former.

That’s a funny way to spell 1960.

Here's how I'm seeing this: The Golden Globes were an attempt to win back the west by spending the entire night bashing white men and empowering women by letting them run their mouths. Like all awards shows, it was inherently pointless, so it doesn't matter who won. The fact that James Franco got any awards at all for his shitty meme movie should tell you all you need to know… Unfortunately, ratings were in the shitter. No one cared. Everyone is fucking sick of Hollywood's bullshit. Pandora's Box has opened and now even normalfags not only know that this #MeToo thing has been mostly jewish men being outed, most of whom are very close with the DNC, and most of the women trying to take the spotlight have been sucking up to those jewish men for decades. The gears are turning and they can't be stopped now.

So, then they grab Oprah. She's the negress answer to Donald Trump, they think. They probably fully intended to run her. I bet they were penning dozens of articles and prepping for a 3 year blitz of pro-Oprah propaganda. I can even imagine that they might try to draw parallels about how Oprah is the good version of Donald Trump. Built herself up. Became fabulously wealthy and famous, loosely involved in politics, etc etc… Actually very closely involved in politics, as she's been raising money for the DNC and Big Harv for a very long time.. But more on that in a moment.

First, they come up with some flimsy reason for Oprah to be there. What the fuck has she done in the past few years? Jack shit. Who cares!? It's Oprah, right? Everyone loves Oprah! Put her on stage! They get someone to write a "powerful" speech for Oprah to give. They astroturf some of the response to get some hashtags rolling on twitter, no doubt with Twitter's help. #Oprah2020! And they let it roll. Idiots obviously jump on it. They pass around videos of her speech. They cackle to themselves about how Oprah with destroy Trump, and so on (pretty much admitting that all their fantasies about removing him from office will never come to pass)..

Then they go ahead and prove that they didn't think this through at all. They are such a bunch of retarded, panicky animals that they jumped into this without really looking at the big picture… People are turning on Streep and all the rest because they have been the ones tacitly supporting the casting couch and sexual favors to further their career. All those jokes about actresses sleeping with the director were about them, and people have started to realize it. They're now even turning on each other with Rose McGowan (Queen bitch of #MeToo) calling out Hollywood for their stupid "black dress movement" at the Golden Globes. Or that one other tard who went to the globes with an ugly $400 sweater that said "Poverty is sexist" – The public wasn't having any of it.

Not only did their attempt to win back the public through virtue signalling fail, it backfired. They just didn't have the hard numbers right away. That's why we had this brief twilight moment where it was FUCK YEAH PRESIDENT OPRAH FULL STEAM AHEAD for about a day or so before they noticed that their hashtags immediately died and were replaced by people pointing out that Oprah was seemingly closer to and more supportive of Big Harv than anyone else. There's hundreds of photos of the two of them palling around at all kinds of awards shows and fundraisers. Also, the fat nigger never called out Big Harv when everyone else was throwing him to the wolves. Somehow, they thought everyone wouldn't notice those little details.

This is why we went from "SHE ABSOLUTELY WOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT" to "No intention of running for President" so quickly. (((They))) believed this was a surefire thing. They were absolutely sure this was going to take the internet by storm, that the virtue signalling with unfuck the ratings they've been getting for every awards show – Not that ratings really matter. It's more about making sure their propaganda is being seen – reinvigorate the DNC, give them an energetic puppet to control who isn't a diseased, insane husk like Shillary was, and stop Trump from skullfucking them for the next 7 years.

I'd say currently the most likely candidates excluding Oprah are

>Hillary Clinton

You mean a tranny. All famous "women" are trannies.

I can't wait

I dont know why everyone is losing their mind.
Everyone is too caught up with the idea of the general election.
The 2020 democratic primaries are going to be an epic shitshow. Its going to be like 30 politicians on stage all knife fighting each other for control of the democratic party.

There's going to be more than one woman candidate, more than one black candidate. Its going to be a massive cat fight and nigger fight.

And who knows what celebs are going to run. Trump winning open the flood gates for both cleberties and businessmen.

Ive heard rumors zuckerbeg, mark cuban, bob iger, and a shit load of people could run

You know who would beat trump?

tulsi gabbard

You know why. Because she doesnt bother me. She is a democrat but she is also a military veteran so she isnt super pozzed.

She seems reasonable compared to the rest of the democratic party which has turned into stark raving SJW's

But the reason why i like her is also the reason she would have a tough time in the primaries because libshits want purity

Thanks for the analysis user. The hollywood meme canon is failing and it is glorious.

It all becomes so obvious. Like that movie 'the Post' that is coming out soon about cia mouthpiece the washington post. STREEP, HANKS, SPIELBERG, trying to attach some gravitas of unfaltering objectivity to that failing propaganda rag. Total pr piece for wapo. Were seeing through it.

How many people since 2016 cut off their favorite actors, comedians and pundits? I know I cut loose more than a few in the comedy department. People are starting to give less of shit about all these hypocrites. Again, glorious.

An unstoppable polarizing process is on its way and somewhere it is going to break. Very long process still. I wonder if I'll still be alive when we get to rise from the ashes. For now I'll enjoy the decline and watch for (((Tricks))).

Then they have a shitty understanding of politics, because it's going to be Booker.

Jim "I Killed a Man" Webb is one of the only Dems that's relatively free from corruption, with policies that have a broad enough appeal, and with the skillset required to actually match someone like Trump in a debate (i.e. military). And the Dems will never let him with their primaries for exactly those reasons.

That's the comedy of it. There's dozens of people who would have been better picks for them than Hillary. Even Bernie would have been - hell, he had more raw supporters just by sheer numbers, and got rejected. The Dems are quite literally retarded. And that is why they lose.

I wouldn't say the republicans or democrats are dead. Rather there is a shift whiten the party. The old neocons and neoliberals are being pushed out for repeated failures and no longer being hip.

The alt right, nationalism, and what i call "dog whistle "fascism are the future of the GOP.

After obama bailing out the banks, hilldawg getting BTFO the old clintonian third way is dead. Look at the UK the neoliberals in the UK are dead, and they have been replaced by corbyn and the socialists.

The future of the democratic party is democratic socialism but they have a massive battle ahead trying to dislodge the neoliberal rot from the DNC

I think if trump wins a second term and leaves then the GOP might retreat into civic nationalism.

The DNC will readopt class war rhetoric.

If you're going to type like you're from leddit, stop posting here and go back.

mate your formatting is giving me glaucoma.

sam hyde for 2020. he runs dems, he wins. he dissolves dems, we win again. gtkrwn, we have the final victory.

The man that received 100 million from zuckerberg when he was the mayor for Newark

What a quitter faggot.

Hilary said she wouldn't run again after 2008 as well. Oprah will run if they compel her to do so.


I really forward to hearing her opinions on social issues controlled by the Supreme Court like spreading abortion, faggotry, porn and other tenets of satanism/hedonism.

Now you're talking like a Holla Forumsack

Trump changed it all. Both parties are dead. All bets are off, americans have 3-7 years to build a solid sustainable culture to save themselves. If you are american and arent doing everything you can to save your community then you may as well give it up.
You are already behind the 8-ball


Sportsbooks aren't made based on who they think is best, but on which order will drive the most betting.

She's walking proof that the military is fully pozzed.