Rense and guests talking about Qanon and fullchan and halfchan at the moment


Interdasting. One of the guests saying boards owned by bankers. Get comfy and listen Holla Forums

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Has anything come from this or was it all larp?


Lionel Nation references this place like a legit source for qanon news

According to the show, it's larp leading Holla Forumsacks astray. I tend to agree.

How do people listen to this shit?

If this infomercial faggot says one thing, I'm more likely to believe the opposite.


Call in and call the owner a faggot who never read rule 1.

Yeah, the commercials are terribad. At least Rense realizes the pedo problem in government and constantly names the kikes.

Who would have thought?

Which this board figured out on like day fucking one while it was shitting up cuckchan with hundreds of threads.

At least that whole thing is isolated although they're bringing a ton of normalfags to this place. Lets just hope they stay on their board. That's how you turn into half-chan when they stray.

If this Q faggot actually mentioned Antarctica/Base 211 I'd listen to the larp but it's all normalfag conspiracy nonsense that everyone already knows.

I did enjoy it to a degree, it talks about the obvious shit that we know, but also goes a bit fringe in some theories which I have looked into myself in the past.

I remember by our code of ethics it was always about blaming or acting from halfchan and never speaking about fullchan. Perhaps I missed one of our hearings but still don't understand the usefulness for this rule change.

My fucking DAD knows about Holla Forums because faggots like this can't zip their lips.

The Q garbage was a fucking time bomb to bring boomers here just like fucking immigrants to dilute our potency.

Video related. It's the fucking cancer that has infected fullchan. This fucking gay has the fucking naivety to chit chat about Holla Forums and Q user at the same time. I want to curbstomp.

Loose lips sink ships. You low IQ live-action roleplayers have jeopardized everything.

I will find a way to purge this fucking cancer for the good of everything that is dear to me.

My dad was like "do you know about Holla Forums? It's sort of like twitter right? I can't quite understand most of it, it's too techy for me"


Also dad, if you are reading this, fucking go outside and take a walk you lazy piece of shit. Improve your soft shitty body you pathetic waste.

We may have been born in the darkness, molded by it, but most people are still at best filterman tier or listeners to more mainstream gatekeepers, hence have only begun to adopt the darkness.

I poked my head in /thestorm/ and saw they did have some interesting side research about a group called Loop Capital. Run out of Chicago, really helped Obongo get funded, possibly launders money for major companies, etc. Good stuff. This company looks like one of the major players in financially backing the swamp.

what a waste of a thread


nope. bully them. rub their noses in hatefacts. but quit your faggot assed bitching. We've got work to do nigger.

At least he's talking about and furthering the Nazi UFO/Antarctica agenda which is more than you can say for this Q who is just leading people into circle jerk politics.

do what i do and just post about israel and the JQ non stop.

Point out that if Trump is taking on the Roths like the larp claims, then he is at war with the founder and owner of Israel, then explain why the nazi Holla Forums is the only place they can post. Watch christcucks and boomers spin round and round.

Sieg Heil

That's why you go and flood their boards with redpills on the Kikes


An influx of newfags IS a bad thing. Listen to yourself. Rubbing their nose in hatefacts has no effect, we're talking about oblivious baby boomers.

They are as gullible and superstitious as they come. Best shabbos goys yet. They think this place is aome kind of twitter. They don't have reading comprehension, about all they can understand is classic rock, fucking eric clapton singing nigger songs is the pinnacle of their sensibilities. Fucking why on Earth do you think this is a good thing? Quality not quantity user.

What possible good OC can pharmaceutical enslaved boomers contribute? These are the very same generation who took on tons of debt and left the generations after them less than what they started with. These guys are to blame. The least responsible, care free generation of all mankind. Fuckin woodstock man, free your mind man. Fuckin Harley Davidsons man. And you think they are a good thing? You think you can reprogram these slaves? These retards. The software we offer here is completly incompatible with their bloatware infested, completely compromised, utterly pozzed operating systems. You can't squeeze a boomer brain through a swastika shaped hole. The Q user bullshit is first hand evidence of this.

To be seen as a place of great knowledge incomprehensible to outsiders would turn them into a tremendous boon. They're braindead slaves to authority, so making the phrase "I read it on Holla Forums" into one that makes them obey would let us easily control large numbers of zombies and their subsequent voting patterns.

Their presence here should ideally be kept to a minimum. Creating the illusion that we are too techie and difficult for them to understand would be the ideal way to do that. You are correct in that they cannot increase the quality of this board, but they can become a tool to extend its reach.

not a bad idea that along with
"Holla Forums was right again"
"Holla Forums is always right"

Exactly. It plays off a prior memeplex.

No, fuck off, go shill your show somewhere else.

That's why we deport the boomers to their own shitty boards, then, from time to time, spam them with babby-level redpills. If they choose to ignore the truth, fuck em, they're not shitting up this place, they're shitting up their own board. It'll either end up with them staying in their containment zone, or the actually redpilled ones all four of them :^), shitting on the others, until they self destruct due to infighting, causing a trillion splinter boards, and in the end getting them out of here.

So, disinfo agents promoting other disinfo agents.

You can't influence boomers. They are 100% irreversibly ZOGGED for life.

Qanon AKA Zach "the insider" who calls Alex Jones AKA the Groom Lake caller from Art Bell, running the same old psyops.

All this Q shit is just a massive trust the government, goy psyop. Don't fall for it.

Boomers eat this filth up because it confirms their we aren't fucking up - the children are wrong. BASED ISRAEL beliefs. Confirmation bias at its finest. Paint sniffing zogbots and boomers not welcome.

Whoever or whatever Q is, he/she/it has activated a lot of almonds, which is fine when it leads to good research. Which it has. But hanging on every fucking word like it's some mystical key that's going to crack the secrets of the universe and predict the future is fucking retarded. If anything Q is trying to steer the future and the hordes of boomers and kekistani faggots willing to go along with it is truly astounding.

Just bring up Israel in every turn, thats the only thing Q larp is omitting. Because kike psyop.

The glow-in-the-dark larpers have made at least two boards, /cbts/ and something involving "storm." It's attracting a ton of fucking LARPers and I think it's a reaction to Holla Forums in general, where they're setting up a "counter conspiracy theory imageboard," honeypotting boomers to get a population. The second you see faggots like Alex Jones, Roseanne Barr (who mossad follows on twitter) etc, you know it's a big fucking pile of limited hangout controlled opposition bullshit.



when I first saw his picture I thought "pedo!"

2 posters in question
One shills fora plainly jewish co-opted fraud, the other exposes the plainly jew co-opted fraud

based kikes openly gaslighting the goys on pol

Cry more, kike.


If I was your father I'd beat the shit out of you, you fucking disrespectful fucking faggot.

No you wouldn't because if you were my father you'd be a soft flabby piece of shit and I would overpower you, easily.

Yes. It would appear so. Whoever is spending considerable time.
This is apparently meant to apply to the board itself yes. But not the information or message. So yes, a few media ppl are breaking this, originally starting with a few seemingly zealous ecelebs. This was known to those on the boards and apparently no great effort was made to slow the leak, or it was unsuccessful even among these presumably right-leaning ecelebs.
I don't know but it does seem they may have special access to certain things and info with just barely enough plausible deniability. If it was a team of patriots, do you think their naming people by race would be their m.o.? Would it make much difference if many of the bad actors were White or other?

Goreposting gets rid of boomers and normies. Just a suggestion.