Longtime Holla Forums reader and poster here. i wanted to share a personal story with you guys

longtime Holla Forums reader and poster here. i wanted to share a personal story with you guys.


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My duded, he's a LONG TIME reader and poster.
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This really needs to be word filtered to faggot or something.

Sup Jew?

Why do you keep him on a leash?

P. cute.

That being said, be ready to protect yourself if he reaches for your face.

Good work OP. Caring for animals is about the most Aryan thing one can do.

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This is now an aesthetics thread

S age

This is now an aesthetics thread


This is now an aesthetics thread

all I got

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I always click that image.

Where the heck were you walking where there's literally monkeys in the streets?


probably chicongo

Reported. Enjoy your ban.



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This has meme potential. Take a pic of it wearing a #bkacklivesmatter shirt

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Nice money you got there, don't let the democrats find him or they might register him to vote.

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That's nice. I've always wanted a pet monkey but I cannot legally own one here in Aus.

western countries are so fucking cucked. Can't own a monkey, can't use drugs, can't do prostitution, thanks feminists and christianity for destroying personal freedom.

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Off-topic, but I'm pretty sure that Christians aren't responsible for nanny-state laws in the Western world. It's mainly holier-then-thou left-wing dickheads that push for these sorts of policies.

is that the creepy rape stare?

That's the look women always give you, but you are too autistic to notice.

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Oh is that the woman you keep tied up in your basement?

620 million indians do not use indoor toilets, that is 50% of the country

I know, pajeet. I'm willing to bet the number is higher, and that a few of the smarter ones are lying about using the toilet.

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Why does this shit keep getting posted?
Is this some psyop to influence empathy?

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Pajeets would rather kill than use a toilet.

Hello Holla Forums. Long time watcher first time donator.

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Thats one sad looking monkey you got there. What a shit thread.