The US Forest Service

The Forest Service is obscenely corrupt and has been involved in numerous coverups, yet no one seems to talk about it. How the hell does an organisation that is filled with former CIA and FBI agents and has its own special police division just get glossed over so much? Its obvious they've been involved in covering up evidence of illegal activity by blocking off certain areas of the woods and disappearing people who piss off the wrong government spook but they just get away with it. Its an open secret that the park superindendent for rocky mountain was stealing millions of dollars even but no one has ever investigated them formally!

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why you think trump lifted protected status of reserve land and said "Americans go forth and explore"?

Because he knows there are bodies and shit hidden in those 'protected lands'

Frankly, I am not aware of a government agency that is not corrupt as shit. Did you just, like, print a list of agencies out and throw a dart at it?

The former superintendent stealing money from the budget has never been reported, but every park service official who worked there I've asked about it will tell me the same thing. One of them even filed a case against him but his higher ups dismissed it and told him to cease pursuing it and I believe that same guy was talked about in a radio interview with the author of the missing 411 books years later.
Here's an article and an archive if you want to avoid giving clicks.
I'll write up what I know about CIA and FBI agents filling the ranks of the parks later but I'm on mobile right now so typing is a bitch.

The Forest Service has the unique record of people just randomly wandering into a park and being murdered, and when there body is found federal corners are brought in and an investigation is made impossible because they won't write that it was possibly homicide. They also buy up useless, unimportant in anyway land and will arrest you for walking on it, it's ridiculous and they are obviously dumping shit there to hide it.

they have to bury the bodies some where. are you saying potentially finding evidence to be used against them is a waste of time?

Does this include Fish and Wildlife? Game wardens are total control freak assholes, they can enter your home without a warrant and jail you when they find a feather.

Spoonfeed me, OP. Hilariously I replied because I actually do believe in the original stated goals of public land holdings and it angers me, but casual user is not going to just accept that the forest service needs digging.
This is their actual mission statement.
Again, faggot, if you want to drum up conversation you need to do more than ask dumb questions in your OP.

I'm not grid searching Yellowstone looking for bodies. If you can't narrow it down to 1000 sq. ft., it's pointless to even attempt looking. Also, Christ, type like you've had a formal education.

Different body. Mostly same staff; communist shitmugs who took the two-year criminal justice degree consolation prize when turns out you actually need to study to be an ornithologist.

Forest Service != Park Service

Which one are you actually complaining about, user?

My apologies, I should have said that they take up tons of state land and prevent it being used by private citizens for no good reason. Much of this land is not ecologically important (i.e most of the federal land in Wyoming) and should be sold off to private citizens or the state. As for the use of it I suspect that the Forest Service (being specific here, not including the park service) takes inventory from the CIA and military and stores it on their land in places that the public is not allowed because its easier to hide shit that isn't on your own bases/sites for both of the aforementioned agencies.
Here is a little known case from the 80s of the Forest Service being caught red handed acting as a middleman for CIA sales of planes to cocaine producers.

The numerous missing persons cases involving individuals who the government had an interest in will take longer to write up since I never finished writing about it on a document before and I need to go through the sources I wrote down again. Hopefully it will look more coherent than this post since I'll spend longer on it.

I was on mobile, typing with sausage fingers on a touch screen sucks so I only included one but I believe both are usually involved in the same type of shit.

Because former cia, fbi and military guys flocks to there. They are well aware of the USA collpase and the government is a mess so why keep working when they knew that it's corrupted.


You remember the rainbow op? Forestry was harrassing people everywhere with guns drawn, even shot a dog just feet from his family, for not being on a leash.

Hey OP, if you're doing the digging, can you cross reference these locations against your data? These are previous locations of rainbow gatherings. I'm curious if there is crossover. There was a very sudden uptick in harrassment of these guys in the late 90s and USFS formed a million dollar task force to just harrass them, even made up bogus regulatiins to try to keep them out of the national forests. And yes I've fucking gone to the gatherings for years, so spare the d&c you fucking shills.

they have been many, many reports of disappearences at National Parks and Forests that can't be explained. The FBI are involved and there is a concentrated effort to keep this under wraps. Here is an interview with the guy who had several books about the subject. Pretty spooky

No. Not even close.

The Park Service is part of the Department of the Interior established for the conservation of public lands so you and you white great grandchildren will be able to enjoy them.

The Forest Service is part of the Department of Agriculture which considers your pubic forests to be a profitable cash crop for chink and jew owned lumber companies, selling off your timber at a huge loss for the taxpayer.

Would "the guy" be that Paulides fuck? He's full of shit. He thinks every instance of death by exposure is bigfoot.

So some guy goes into the desert for a week with nothing more than a t-shirt and a six pack and never comes out. Choose one:

1) He died of exposure and dehydration brought on by stupidity.
2) Bigfoots.

Paulides makes a living from gullible fucks by claiming it's #2.

He never claimed a single disappearence was by bigfoot you retard. How about you listen to his interviews first before being a good goy

Learn to identify contemptuous sarcasm you illiterate turd.

Bigfoots, aliens, men in black, whatever, it's all woo woo "unexplained" spooky crap from him.

It's not unexplained. When you go out into the woods unprepared and incapable, you die. Problem solved. It doesn't take Scooby Doo to figure that one out.

user, 32909c is either a shill or a retarded reditfag who doesn't know where he is. Note that the shills have been directed to derail and attack all discussion. Focus on the target and keep fucking moving forward. USFS is going to be fucking drained, even if I have to learn law to do it.

Read my other posts.

The USFS, and Dept. of Ag. as a whole, is corrupt as fuck.

But Paulides is a fraud and a liar.

Don't believe everything you hear from the government. But don't believe everything you hear from some huckster on the internet trying to sell you his latest book.

Also, Paulides is the "Executive Director" of NABS ("North American Bigfoot Search") who claims he once saw a bigfoot step through a rectangular "portal", so don't even try to claim he isn't all about that fucktarded woo woo bigfoot bullshit.

You're still changing the focus… Could be good memetic material though. We could use this wacko to incite /x/ and others to do scoutwork for us.
taking the bait though, I have personally encountered what Id describe as a monster while in the woods, but no bigfoot. I suspect there are a number of cryptids that live primarily in caves, mines, and lavatubes. The reports usually match up, and the type of odors you get from unmaintained coal mines, and volcanism, are also commonly reported.

If you want to dig in the forest service a decent place to start is the poison papers. No archive because there is a search function.

In the making of this some woman had her entire family murdered. True story.

The story behind it.

All of a sudden, Bill Clinton creating all those new natl parks AT THE END OF HIS PRESIDENCY I.E. AFTER HE KILLED EVERYBODY makes sense.

He protected 27 million acres or park on his way out.

I'm trying to keep 511a6b from changing the focus.

The subject is corruption in the NPS and the utterly corrupt USFS, not bigfoot beliebers.

The USFS straight up denies you, the American Citizen, your rightful access to public lands that you own because they don't want anyone documenting how they've sold your timber out from under you to the (((lumber corporations))) for huge net losses to the taxpayer. They tell you you can't camp somewhere because "muh protected watershed" but then let (((lumber companies))) run their bulldozers all over it clear cutting and muddying up the once pristine water you drink. While taking a huge loss on every timber sale. In the name of "blue collar sawmill jobs" (which are all overseas in goddamn china).

Yes, that's right, the USFS wastes taxpayer money to provide work for chinese sawmills.

The president can only create monuments etc. It takes an act of congress to create a national park.

God I feel sorry for the east coast.

Every year I go and hunt and get my christmas tree from the gifford pinchot, and I camp next to the lewis river and listen to the hooping of the bigfoots and babbling stream and dripping water off of pine branches onto my meme MSS bivy.
You all sit in your apartments and listen to the hooping of feral nigs and the endless stream of cars on the highway next to your soulless apartment.
The Forrest Service is not what it used to be, but I know many many people I would consider wonderful people who work there for no reason but they love the wild.

Having land that is owned by the people for conservation, and for shared use is vital to our country not only because of the resources it provides for rural communities, but also ethically.
Conservation is a deeply conservative value, a lot of us seem to have forgotten this.
Grow on the land, bring food from it, bring children up on that food, and you have the basis for blood and soil being one in the same.

The only thing I could say about that picture is that the BLM needs to turn over some land to young people who wish to practice sustainable farming. The cost of and makes that prohibitive, and I don't find that at all sustainable for our food security.

The forestry service and the Deptment of Natural Resources has gone out of it's way to waste money and time and even animals on acting out their depraved power fantasies on innocents.
Like the time they sent a swat team to kill a baby deer at an animal rescue shelter.

And finally, they go out of their way to harass, ticket and attack the Rainbow Family simply for gathering in the woods, like blocking the only way in, searching hundreds of cars without a warrent, and issuing mandatory probations and tickets designed to fine you thousands just for attending or put you in jail if you ignore them, complete with a portable, unconstitutional kangaroo court just for these tickets.
and here's a Judge ruling this unconstitutional, but they still do it anyway:
And here's another Judge's Injunction against the practice that they also ignored:

And here's a list of harassments the forest service has done to this bunch that are sure to clean the fuck out of the place after they meet up, unlike those woodstock faggots.

I even heard from a few people that they sent riot police to fire pepperballs into they daycare these vietnam vets and hippies set up, because a cop felt threatened by someone throwing a stick at him.

I live in the middle of the rockies and stay in the woods once a week at least. There may be some good people is the forest service but the organization itself does some awfully shady shit. I'm almost done writing down the strange shit that happens with bodies in parks and forests and how both the forest service and the park service seem to have a hand in assassinating people but I still need some time. Thanks to everyone who dug up extra resources and debated in this thread, I just want to find out the truth.

Yeah I think it's plausible. You seem to be the only incredulous person in the thread. Why you gotta be all combative? If you don't like it, there are other threads you know

OP is a CIS gendered white male!!!!

What intrigues me about the forest service is that they are in the midst of a giant sexual assault law suit, and no one in the MSM is talking about it. The feminist golems are ignoring a massive government rape lawsuit.


Because there is something here, something that they are hiding, and they do not want people to know about it. There have been allegations that the drug cartels are using state parks to grow drugs, there are allegations that the government is the ones growing the drugs not the cartel, and there are allegations that we dig up non pajeet Indian artifacts to sell on the black market to fund covert stuff. None of these are investigated, we are told that these are debunked and to be good goys and watch tv.

probably the most depressing thing I think about these days is how so many of our own race are stupid, lazy, and/or evil. The jews wouldn't have anything on us if it weren't for them.

I remember a diaperfag from Gamergate was a forest ranger.

is communist.

The 80/20 rule has always existed. 20% of the Race is capable competent people, the rest are peasants.

Unless your a nigger.

Then it is not the 80/20 rule, but the 99.99/.01 rule. and that .01 is the genetic abnormality.

There has always been a peasant problem, and until we have a form of government that keeps only allows the 20% doers to have power, we will never get far.

But yeah, back on topic.

The forest department was always shady. It has always stunk of jobs program whenever the economy was bad. I do remember that invisible man tv show, where they claimed that fish and game was a cover for covert experiments. One of the kike tricks is to degrade and poke fun legit scandals to make them less believable. Hence why they created the word "conspiracy theorist" in an attempt to deride citizen investigators.

The problem was that in the information age, too many conspiracy theories have been proven as fact, and now people are waking up to how evil the kikes are.

Having open land is not a crazy idea, my grandfather tells me about how he used to go hunting in the unowned fields in Vancouver. The ability to explore and reap the benefits of the wild are at the core of the Aryan spirit.
You would know that if you weren't a shill Mr short devisive post accompanied with a provocative image.

At the gathering in Oregon last summer, they bitched and moaned about us using slit trenches as shitters, you know, standard latrines treated with ash and lime just as the military uses, claiming "contamination"….
Forestry service is fine letting cattle shit in the streams there, which has filled the waterway with parasites that further have infected all the deer and other wildlife.

Yeah, and spent a half million on the agents to pepperball those kids. That happened in Wyoming, where theres absolutely fucking nothing to damage. Wyoming is a state where nobody gives a fuck about playing with high explosives as long as its outside of town.

One of the high profile kids to be saved from sra said when they killed another male prostitute that was working with him at bohemian Grove, they took a plane ride back to somewhere in the Midwest from the Grove but detoured to drop the body over a parkland. Said "the men with hoods will take care of that".

Not every single tree needs to be owned by a corporation lolbertarian

They may only be able to create monuments but that is still a whole lotta land to have at your personal disposal.
Notice the trend?

Update: I have a 1,500 word document with citations about the movement of bodies through the national forests and parks, I'm editing and cleaning up some mistakes right now. As for the map I haven't even started yet but I'm hopeful about making it.

The info about the forest service selling discounted lumber to China is very interesting to me, thanks for posting that

Smokies and other nature feds like BLM were, IIRC, only given GUNS a few years ago. The move to militarize everything fed has to be rolled back.

Case in point.

Ya they have definitely been abusing the fuck out of that power lately, but it's not as powerful as the ability to establish a park.

Under Bill Clinton after he worked out that proper federal law enforcement like the FBI etc. have to operate under all sorts of rules and regulations regarding the use of force, but no such inconvenient restricting rules applied to Smokey Bear.

I was talking about the rainbow gathering that Holla Forumsacks attended last July.


I want more proof of forest service murder grounds!

Just dig for scandals and hint at random dirt, then see who runs.

stop reading jewish propaganda aka lolbergtardianism you fucking dipshit

>>>/liberty/ and stay out

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user, please deliver. I will see to it that this information gets spread to the rainbow family.

Don't worry friend, I had a lot of work this week so I couldn't actually get as far as I wanted too but I am still working hard at it. One interesting thing I've found from looking so far is the death of a young man named Jacob beetler, who went missing in 2016 and was found a week later at the bottom of a cliff on forest service land. Now this sounds pretty benign at first but that cliff had already been searched by forest service rangers and a search team from Elko equipped with dogs and a FLiR drone but they reported nothing to be there. Now weeks later a volunteer searched found his body at the exact place these groups had been, and if his corpse was there all along there is no way the searchers woildnt have spotted it because he was sticking out of a bush. Now there isn't anything suspicious about how he died it seems, he went out in 100 degree weather with minimal clothing and not much extra and then the temp dropped to less than 50 at night. But his body was found way off of the trail on another mountain, and was clearly moved. What I think might have happened is he died in a place with hidden materials that the first service didn't want to expose, so they moved him to another place. /k/ actually had a really great discussion about this but a weird shill showed up and derailed it with retarded creepypastas and occult shit, ruining the dig. I will look more into this case.

Here's a map of the federal land he died on.

Hopefully I'll be done finishing this by Sunday morning. sorry I made it sound like I was more done than I was on tuesday, the draft I made had a pretty major error in it and I felt like it was barebones in a few areas.

So how much private property is there in Cuba?

Everyone who works fire knows how fucked up the forest circus is. Most fires are started by them.

t. Knower and squad boss for an undercover white supremicist fire company.

Everyone knows that dipshit. It's just simple job security.

Not so much murder grounds as body dumping grounds.

USFS paid searchers are really REALLY lazy about it. They'll look into a ravine, decide it's "too steep", but instead of going back and requesting a rappelling crew to climb down and do a proper search, they'll just shout the missing person's name a few times into the ravine and consider it "searched".

Volunteers do a much more thorough job of it.

There you go.

Also possible, but I tend to think lazy USFS is more likely in that case than sinister USFS.

In any case, it wasn't fucking bigfoot.

You're trying too hard, user. Just post up the data.

Bumping for the damned data.

Bump for data

Don't forget to investigate the (((recovery))) of the space shuttel parts by the USFS and (((UXO)))'s

Doubtful, user-kun. Prices are low, even for authentic and intact items, and the market easily flooded. Individual employees could do this and pocket the money, however.

if all the land was owned by the state that would be communist


There is a market for preventing objects from being seen though, that go against the (((narrative))). Remember Kennewick Man.

Two thoughts no one mentioned:

The forestry service, state and federal land management, fish and game, and all other land management agencies often have deals with grow operations. I have two friends who became rangers in the parks they themsleves grow in. Everyone in the agency is either on the take or they knowingly benefit from the large anonymous donations to some podunk trash heap park no one visits. This is the primary scam these agencies participate in. They also give consulting, guiding, and protection to cartel smuggling routes through the CA-AZ to Washington drug corridor and up to Canada.

The other angle is groups, like the Sierra Club and convservationists, are and have historically been spear headed by land barons, natural resource industries and useful idiots. Homesteading was outlawed to stop the diffusion of mineral and natural resource rights on valuable land. It also forced the American populous to purchase land at inflated rates because the artificial shortfall. The elite realized instead of a fair auction driving up their costs, it's better to lock all land up and use purchasable political power to gain access. This strategy has given the degenerates, traitors, and Jews access to our nation's resources for pennies on the dollar and in many cases, for free.

In my own area, in norcal various government agencies and parks own 50% of the land and half of it is inaccessible to the public (protected land). Imagine the affect on market price? It's probably adding $300,000 alone in my area.

The drug smuggling and dirty agencies are a consequence of conservationism. They grew out of being given unlimitied policing power over public lands to protect rich barons' resources stolen from our commonwealth.

This is not to say that the CIA and other alphabet agencies don't do dirty work there. That's entirely possible, plausible, and likely. They do it everywhere else so why not? Nothing is sacred to them.

In sum, Agencies have local grow ops(not associated with major trafficing), some run protection for drug smuggling routes.

Rich barons people seized public lands and now steal the resources damn near for free. It's a coordinated effort of conservationist, zoning, environmental regulations, planning commissions and every other ungodly man made tyranny to stop individuals from building homes to jack up real estate prices for the already landed.

First post, six years lurking. Critique with no Vaseline.


Thank god.

sage for off topic but how did those people get their jobs?

If this is true it'll be long time for me to face reality.

He's CIA. Interesting, no?