Israel, Palestine, Mueller, and 4D Chess

Peace deal still in talks, but how would that work without Jerusalem and without a 2 state solution? Well, this is what makes Trump the God Emperor. This is what the Art of War is all about.

At the same time news is coming out of the Middle East there have also been quiet investigations going on in the United States. The MSM has been lying and covering up just how much corruption was in our country. During the campaign Trump promised to hire a special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton’s case. That man is Robert Mueller. Not only has Robert Mueller been investigating the swamp, he’s expanded the SCOPE of his investigation multiple times. Just from the Clinton Foundation alone there is evidence of so much Israeli influence within our government it is unimaginable. When Trump says that an ally is going to turn, and you’re going to find that out. That’s what he’s talking about.
Start the video at 5:44

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On day one of his Presidency, Donald J Trump walked into the CIA headquarters and announced that he would be back, and the next time he was back there would be “no more columns”.

Well a few weeks ago Trump made a speech about the new National Security Stategy of the United States. What a very interesting coincidence that this national security strategy was comprised of FOUR PILLARS.

On November 22nd 1963, the day that President Kennedy died, there was a Zionist coup. The coup that took us to where we are today. On 9/11 a similar “coup” took place, it allowed them to pass unconstitutional surveillance laws, the Patriot Act, sent us into war for Israel and the violence in the middle east has never stopped since. They manufacture our consent with synthetic chaos. Orchestrated terrorist attacks, fear mongering news, one existential crisis after another.

Now let’s go back to the creation of Israel. Israel is literally the Rothschilds personal country.

As you can see the letter was drafted in 1917, long before Israel existed as a state. They needed a catalyst in order to garner enough of the World’s support for such an endeavor.

The Rothschilds set up Nazi Work Camps as a pretext to later manipulate the Allies into granting them their own private colony in Palestine, using land stolen from the Palestinians

The camps inspected where the “genocide” took place were all done by the Soviet Union (A huge puppet state of the Rothschilds which came to fruition from the Rothschild created Bolshevik Revolution.

Okay now back to the present.

Trump recently discussed cutting off the Palestinian’s aid, something that may look bad on the surface, but when you look a bit closer you’ll begin to understand why. Not only will doing this infuriate Israel’s neighbors even more and unite them behind a single cause. It’s also a hint for what’s to come. Jared Kushner has been discussing a Saudi backed Palestinian state with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The purge in Saudi Arabia was also no coincidence. The people arrested were not only complicit in sex and child trafficking, they were also complicit in the Rothschilds plan for manufactured chaos. They played a part in 9/11 and many other terrorist events.

Israel is getting cornered from a lot of different angles. They are on a sinking ship and don’t know what to do. When Robert Mueller finishes his investigation we’re going to see an act of Justice never before seen. I honestly don’t think something like this has ever happened before. Israel will be fucked. The genocide of Palestinians, the NWO agenda, the false flag attacks that have occurred on US soil and around the world, the assassination of JFK, and on and on and on. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The two state solution is dead, that’s for sure. How about a one state solution, though? I predict that everything is connected and by the end of this Israel, the Rothschilds, the corruption will all be exposed and Israel will cease to exist.

The two state solution is dead, so how about one state? Palestine.

Did you ever take a look to see where Trump got the slogan DRAIN THE SWAMP? It’s been around since the 80s.

Harvey Francis Barnard, a Louisiana graduate in systems philosophy, and an engineering consultant and teacher, created the NESARA proposal during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He printed 1000 copies of his proposal, titled Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform (1996)

Forgives credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and >government activities
Abolishes income tax
Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government
Increases benefits to senior citizens
Returns Constitutional Law
Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups
Creates new US Treasury currency, "rainbow currency," backed by gold, silver, and >platinum precious metals
Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.
Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
Eliminates the Federal Reserve System
Restores financial privacy
Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law
Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide
Establishes peace throughout the world
Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades
Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes
Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices
And much, much more.

Why? Why not just expose Israel without all the dancing? You don't think our CIA can prove, right now, that Israel and Rothschilds are behind all the bad shit in our world? Of course they can! But they don't. Wake up niggers. Sometimes "chess" is just an excuse to play the people.

A. Because you can't just release the information to the world without preparing for it first. They have failsafes in order to maintain their system like nuclear blackmail and financial collapse. It's a very precarious situation.
B. Most people aren't like us. They are oblivious to all of this and would not accept the truth even if they could see it plain as day. They must be eased into it.
C. You can't do this unless you convince the rest of the world to help you in this crazy endeavor.

This is a meticulously crafted plan that is finally coming to fruition.

You mean like when he released the JFK files without preparing the world? Half of all voting Americans oppose Israel because of Palestine. Are you really pretending like the timing right now isn't perfect?

See above.

You're right, the timing right now IS PERFECT. It took a year to get here from when Trump got inaugurated and don't think that the kikes weren't resisting the whole time.

This month will be huge.

Just go back to cbts and fellate the delusion that the ZOG will arrest the ZOG.

Listen to me, user. When nothing happens next month, or the month thereafter, I want you to come find me so we can fuck the ZOG together.

Oh you mean the psy op that literally never mentioned israel or the ZOG?

Bridgette Macron looks like Eddie the Head.

You morons got conned. At some point you're going to have to admit this.

See you on Wednesday fuccboi.

Q actively spreads disinformation and deflects away from the JQ and Israel. If this is a larp, at least it's educational to bluepilled faggots…Not poisonous kike obsfucation like the Q posts/threads/board.

I can't ell if fuckers like you that use shill talk unironically are really that dumb or just shills trying to divide Holla Forums even more on trump. All of your "arguments" are either common knowledge or speculation from at least 6 months ago and all the images you use are old as fuck so Il go with the later. I wish the mods would delete shill and slide threads but if its remotely pro-trump they allow it even if its a blatant shill trying to consensus crack.

OP, what about the kikes in the admin? Are they in on it? Or were they just put there to placate the neocohens and buy time?

The first picture I posted is from yesterday, but let's ignore that because it doesn't fit your argument.

Why don't we just wait until your firm deadline of this Wednesday instead of rehashing these chess threads every day?

The kikes in the administration aren't Zionists. CNN has been calling Stephen Miller another Roy Cohn. Kushner is an orthodox anti zionist Jew. The whole team working on the peace deals are 3 Orthodox Jews and 1 coptic christian who is Egyptian. The Jews on the cabinet are not zionists either. That's why Steve Bannon hated them, that's why he hated Kushner. Way back when Trump said "I'm a nationalist and a globalist" that means that he's not a zionist. He supports National Sovereignty while also playing a role on the world stage.

Zionists want the actual globalization which is basically international socialism under a one world government (it would actually be a corporation).

Because this is actually a summary of what's been going on and it's based on facts, not speculation. I'm not talking about a Cabal, or satanists, or any esoteric bullshit. This is about news happening in the real world and why it seems like there is so much uncertainty and chaos. It's because big moves are being made. Sorry if it doesn't meet up to your standards, though.


Yep. Go back there. Your delusions aren’t based in reality. The rule of law does not exist. No one will be arrested.

Yes. You know once you've collected data you finish it off with a summary. The summary is my prediction based on my analysis of the situation. You use facts to make a prediction. How can you predict what's to come if you can't analyze what's already happened?

-So what's going on with the Q posts? Who's behind that and why are they doing it?

-what is happening on wendsday?

Great. Your prediction. Of which you've already set a hard date of this coming Wednesday - January 10, 2018 – for realization and resolution. This thread will still be in the catalog, I'm sure. You could always bump it and throw it all back in our faces.

Obviously it's a disinfo operation in order to overwhelm everyone with so much noise they don't have a moment to actually take a step back and see for themselves. Distracting from Israel, blaming everything on Soros and the CIA, the bullshit questions that get asked. It's all just a time sink and noise. I believe that Bannon was a mega deep state agent and was behind not only the shills we see with CBTS, but the shills on t_d, the shills on cuckchan. Bannon was the organizer for that operation.

I made a mistake, though. It's not this Wednesday. It's next Wednesday the 17th.

Oh, no. That sucks.


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I'm waiting for some rich user to airdrop 144k gas masks across Israel.

I hope you're right, OP.

Stop shitting on Q.

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Your days are outnumbered kike.

You sound like the fake news outlets that claims that it's illegal to browse wikileaks. You're literally kvetching right now.

Sure let's mention the kikes in every post even when it does't fit the context. You're a fucking retard.

Kill yourself. Politics is more than just the middle east conflict.



Jared Kushner is an Israel-first kike and seeing him made into a fashwave image in this very intentionally crafted thread raises some red flags for me.

Thanks for admitting that you’re too stupid to be posting here.

Reported. Commit suicide. Your LARPer will be gutted with the rest of the kike shills. Your board rules say not to post here. Get out and never return.

Jokes on you. Q no longer posts on /cbts/ so I can post Q all I want. Go fuck your self.

Same here. Several memes in the first 8 posts made me cringe. Something is off here.

That first pic. Delusional. Just delusional.


There’s at least one redditor spamming all the Trump “memes” across multiple threads.

Fucking kek, the shills are getting desperate.

How about that. Reported.

Not even a shill. Just a "retard" who is sick of Holla Forums acting like (((fake news))) dismissing anyone that's not them. Like seriously I got more redpills in /cbts/ than a 56% thread on Holla Forums.
According to your shills, I'm a shill so my post will stay because you think the mods is a shill when they delete your shill posts so who's shilling who now? It's you shills.

Kill yourself.

who here would take Israel over the Arabs

Never happened. Like usual Holla Forums just names random people in real life and assumes that they're Q. Just like every other time you shills claim.
And let's be real, no matter how much you claim to be redpill, you don't do anything. Trump and Q are doing their best to drain the swamp and yet you're kvetching here about Q being a larp and post blackpills on the rest of Holla Forums. If that's not a shill tactic I don't know what is.

Good lord you poltards are thick sometimes. You cannot just massively shift the Overton window like that and expect everything to be fine. You are suggesting we prove to the world not only that everything they know is a complete and utter lie, but our soldiers have been fighting and dying for Israel's NWO plan, and every single war since JFK has been not only meaningless but completely unnecessary. A revelation of that magnitude would snap a normie's psyche like a fucking twig and this country would rip itself apart.

The question remains, whose plan is it? Trump is smart, but personally I don't see him mapping this out all by himself.

People have been suspicious of JFK's assassination since it happened and have been exposed to countless conspiracy theories over the decades, even if they were not looking for them.

All normies know of Israel is that they "love it" and support the "Jews in their endeavors". They know nothing of the Rothschilds, the Zionists, the Balfour declaration, the genocide of the Palestinians, nothing.

ITT: can someone explain "punished Trump" idea? I read a ton of posts about it but I'm so confused, I might be retarded but please don't bully me.

There's a Goebbels image macro explaining that. IIRC Yuri B. also goes into detail about that.


Trump is a business man and has friend in world trade center. 9/11 happened and he goes John Wick on the Saudis.

Yuri explicitly says that easing people into truth does not work. He explicitly says that even SHOWING people the truth does not work. “Only when the boot kicks through his door or onto his fat bottom–only then does he realize.”

Yes. Here. Go outside and ask a few people about 1% of the common knowledge here. You'll be carted off real quick into a padded room.

If you think it's disinfo you should stop posting in this thread already. You've already made your point.

Not all Jews are Zionists believe it or not and some are even opposed to Zionism like Neturei Karta International a group of Orthodox Jews who want Israel given back to the Palestinians and advocate against Zionism. IMO the "all kikes are ebil" shtick is likely a D&C campaign lead by the Zionists to blind pol with it's own hatred. Without mass hate and distrust of the Jews claims of "antisemitism" lose their power, the Zionists use Judaism as a shield and "antisemitism" like pol's is the fuel that powers it. Zionists benefit from antisemitism like what pol does on a daily basis, the more hateful you are the bigger their shield gets.


Reported for admitting to being a shill. You don’t even belong on an imageboard, much less Holla Forums.
This is how retarded you are.
Thank you for admitting that Q is a LARP, that everything he said is fake, and that the ZOG will not arrest the ZOG.

Is this part of their protocols?

Also lol

Do oven fried jews taste good? Are they crispy or soggy?

This is the best shilling money can buy, ladies and gentlemen.

Surely, Zionism/Isreal isn't the only issue with jewish power. There's dozens of other parasitic and negative aspects of Jewish group behavior. It's(Zionism/Israel) is a biggie though and I'd be pretty content if some jews were going to help with bringing down the zionist jewish power structure. That would be exciting.


I think this bot is broken. It's seeing words that aren't there.


Slightly off topic, but Sperglin is going full TRSodomite now and saying it's "weak" to say anything about the Palestinians. What goes in Gaza is an example of what the jews do the goyim, and what will happen to all of us if we don't stop these kikes.

Did Dr. Pierce seem "weak" when he made this broadcast?

Neturei Karta don't want to give Palestine back, they just have a minor theological dispute as to when the kikes get Israel. They're still as anti-goy and devoted to the Talmud as the rest of their co-racialists.

His main writer, Eric Stryker would disagree with him. Pretty sure he's sympathetic/rooting for the Palestinians. David Duke would disagree with Anglin also.

im jewish and i support Holla Forums, not all jews are bad we are pretty based.


Striker's doing a paywall show with Kike Eunuch now, don't be surprised if he changes his tune.



For someone so concerned about our board rules, maybe you should read the sticky specifically the part about spotting shills. You're the only one cracking consensus here, schlomo :^)

That's right kike. GET THE FUCK OUT.



What is CBTS?

What basis do you have for claiming Kushner is anti-zionist? His family are known to be close to Bibi and he’s a Chabad follower who by all accounts prayed on the Rebbe’s grave for Trump. He’s not famous for being into Satmar or Neturei Karta now, is he?

Calm before the storm. Found the answer.

What is Q?


Go and stay go.