I am a political strategist currently working on Oprah's presidential run. She IS running. Secondly...

I am a political strategist currently working on Oprah's presidential run. She IS running. Secondly, I'm telling you guys this because I don't want her to win. I could lose my job for this post. I am a Trump supporter, but right now the best political jobs are with the Democrats. I'm just here to get paid doing my job and I'm damn good at it.

Why Oprah will run and win:
Oprah has the ultimate media power. More than Trump.
She is smart, charismatic, and aggressive
She appeals to white people.
She is a self-made billionaire that grew up in poverty.
She will NOT be running on a divisive platform.
She will skate through the primaries w/o having to cater to the fringe left of the party.
We are trying to recruit Kanye West for publicity. And it's looking good.
She is praised by both D's and R's
She was and is against the war.
She has a massive support team
She just needs to win over some middle aged white women and she'll win. This will be easy.

Weinstein connections - She will easily sink this speculation. Oprah was molested at a young age, this will be easy to flip the script with.
Clinton/Obama connections - She is more aligned with the Obama camp (more popular) than Clinton, but I think once Trump is done, Obama won't be so popular. I have inside info that many Obama players will be taken down under Trump.
Saudi connections - Stay tuned, there will be developments here that could be bad for Oprah.
Pizzagate connections?

Our main focus is to "De-hillaryize" (a term I coined) Oprah. We're doing our best to make her raw, authentic, non pandering, etc…

So the best strategy right now for you guys it to "Hillaryize" Oprah as much as possible. She needs to be connected with and associated with the unpopular establishment Democrats. And there is plenty there to work with.

Trump is the real wild card here. He is entirely unpredictable. And I know he has a war chest ready to use against the Democrats.

Stay tuned. I will be back when things are heating up.

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We already have a thread


Very nice.


Queen nigger won't run and kang nigger will be in prison by at least 2020.

if any of this is true, good on you user. I have speculation that these oprah threads are to condition us to accept her as an opponent. I believe she should be laughed off and not taken seriously. oprah has one of the fakest personalities ever and she only appeals to muh black prezident and muh womyn president voting constituency.

Cool story faggot
Call her a nigger bitch to her face then start recording

Not gonna happen, Aaron.

What is it she stands for that can be used to point out blatent kikery? Being connected to hilliarly and king nigger is not enough. What in her ideology is corrupt and can be examined? Does she even adhere to an ideology? Or does she just say what (((they))) tell her because of blackmail?

Does your dad work for nintendo too?

She's the proponent of the "New Age Movement."

Yeah come back because trying to associate her with Hillary isn’t going to work. She was hesitant to even endorse her. Bring something we can hse next time like her talking about her shit streaks or how she thinks her foundation for girls in Africa turning into a pedophile factory was all a big lie.

Also why didn’t you mention that?

Nope. I think I'm still going to go with: she's besties with a rapist. You can call THAT "Hillaryizing" her if you like though.

I wonder if this is an unironic shitposting from someone who wasted lots of time to create this or there exists someone who takes this literally seriously and really shilling for Oprah.

she's a mouth piece. she makes people feel good because she was chosen to not continue living as most niggers do. when people hear her prewritten speeches and bottled opinions, they don't parse her intent as much because of all the "adversity" she had to overcome. she is a paid whore just like sasha gre, don lemon, jon leibowitz, and the whole media crew. much of the push for oprah is being generate by the MSM who would use oprah's presidency to relegitimize their decrepit monopoly.

lol, this user has it



Thanks for outing yourself as a LARP


any nudes?

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So we can add them to our collection for dank memes OC

Naked pics of oprah???
Those memes would be too dank for human consumption.



that's not dank, that's rank.

look at this fuckin tryhard, stop trying to get opposition research off us

PS Bill Kristol you kike, you look like a hobgoblin

She isn't self made. She was made by jews.


Hitler dubs sez that's your dad fam

She'd get liquidated.

So much shillspam.

the larping never ends

You're a LARPing faggot and nobody cares about Oprah. Thread dismissed.

I kek'd. Nice job, OP.

Considering she's made her entire empire on bullshit and spouting preplanned shit I'd honestly be surprised if she ran for real. Plus it would confirm the left literally has no creative thoughts left since they'd be just balantly and obviously copying Trump. But more importantly why the fuck would she? She's already richer than god and has an established media empire that will literally sustain her until death. Literally zero motivation here. She's got it all already.

It would be funny as fuck seeing her go full chimp at the debates though.



Hi shills. Sage is not a downvote.

I problem with her is that she is the 1%, the super-rich, and as thus follows the same globalist, Zionist bs the other 1% do, she would be in many ways worse than Hillary because of that.

Actually I just think it's full of shit. I'll be legit amazed if she runs. Till then this shit can get off the board.


This makes me think it's fake (as well as >(1)). Kanye came out in support of Trump and then suddenly ended up in a mental hospital or something. And then there was that video of Kanye and Trump at Trump Tower talking like close friends. Why would he support the democrats?

She has been memed as a candidate for over a Decade, if not more. Even if as a joke, the probes are real. Oprah is a very likely candidate, and the (((media))) is already starting to push this. I in no way suspect that the sheboon is emotionally stable enough to win, as she has lived her career outside of genuine criticism and relies entirely on emotional arguments at all times, but her target voters are of the same mind. She could secure over 20% of the voter base, which is more than enough to get her into the democratic primaries. That said, she could be there simply to prop up someone else, but her candidacy is a genuine possibility.
I'm as suspicious as any other Holla Forumsack, if not more so, but the OP may very well be telling the truth. Everything he has said fits perfectly with my own experience working with media and political hireling orgs.

>Kanye was put in a (((mental hospital))) by his handlers.
user, you answered your own question.

TV shows (Brooklyn 99, Daytime Talk, etc.) have been astro turfing Oprah's name, constantly mentioning her, and her "buddy" Gail.

Even if Trump puts the pedos on blast, hangs 10,000 swamp creatures, and tears down the federal reserve normies will still “muh racism” and Trump will get BTFO.

Oprah is like Hitler, she did nothing wrong. None of this criticism is going to stick. If she runs, it’s practically guaranteed that she will win. We need to fight to drain the swamp as much as possible now while we have the chance.

Kanye is his own man. He doesn't hold loyalties to any party or anybody. He's a rogue, a wild card. For the record, Kanye has:
If he says something political, you can never be 100% sure if he means it or not. Mysterious guy.

On the bright side, sheboon's reign would trigger the Fourth Reich by 2024 or earlier. Trump was a stepping stone.

Dubs confirm. The kikes use their media apparatus to test the waters for their next candidates. Note how so many new shows were pushing women presidents for years before they put out shillary, and again before, they pushed niggers in charge for several years before king nigger, most notably with (((The West Wing))).


Then that speech was an absolute disaster

I dislike the tone of your comment. Downvoted.

She won't run. She knows there is enough audio out there and in private hands to destroy what little legacy she has.

You are missing one big thing, she is part of the Hollywood elite who are being despised more and more.

The will not win


You don't understand her fanbase. They don't care, they don't keep up with what's happening in the world, and they have twenty fucking years of emotional attachment to this sheboon. She is as if their Waifuu.

Saw a simillar post in a thread to OPs. This is either some autist pasta or some weird form of shilling by talking about how good she is at being an opponent.

If she runs, she will fall to the Trump cruse. It is as sure as these dubs.

Yeah sure, whatever you say OP

Honestly neither the Holla Forumsack or the curse will likely have the opportunity to lay claim to this victory… The Holla Forumstard will have this one by numbers alone, for Oprah is a lolcow.

lol, they own all media and all voting machines and all law enforcement

After he made the more-than-vaguely pizza-related rant against Jay-Z (who was his closest friend in the industry) and the rest of (((entertainment))) and said he liked Trump, they immediately (((hospitalized))) him. Who knows what they did to him in there. Maybe it's enough to get him to shill for somebody else.




Neither did Clinton or 17 others. But the (((MSM))) made it a divisive election and Trump mopped it up.

Not bigger than Hillary's support team. How effective was and is that?


The biggest reason she won't run is because it would shatter her delusions of still being a big deal. As long as she toys with the idea of running for POTUS she can pretend she'd win. But if she actually went and did it she'd finish at the bottom of the primaries. She knows how irrelevant she's become since her heyday, hell, that's exactly why she's pretending to float the idea of running. Now she'll get praise lavished upon her by Hollyjew subhumans and facebook leftists until 2020, and then she'll step aside and throw her support behind whatever loser the dems decide to run.

I won't ve surprised if she's their last resort.

Oh, yeah, America is just DYING to put another incompetent racist black in the White House.


Because of that big black cock. Duh.

The diference with thiis s Trmp is that her show is without sustance, it is primarily woman-focused, and since it's inception a decent amount of persons have hated it, especially men. This is nothing, and if it is something it will fizzle. Trump did not fizzle as Trump's memetical energy had truth behind it. Oprah is a she-boon whos popularity came from being a female host to lighter-side trash tv. Her political ideology is that of the liberal, so she very obviously has no truth (or substance) behind her views so this will be nothing.

Isn't it interesting how you never said dick to us or anybody about this until the Oscars when suddenly everyone knows about it? Really gets your noggin joggin, queer.

Whats the source on that image?
Perhaps. She is the ace in their hand, but they likely have some more tricks.

ya blew it

I think one valuable lesson learned from Trump is that there's no chance anyone with a lot of money will destroy their wealth by ending the Fed. So I am just going to write in Rocket Man.

Well, let's see how she thinks she will want a vote of the same people she wants dead. We have her "deplorables" moment ready to go:

I meant his/her. No, wait. I meant hen's wealth.

The Boondocks.
The one where MLK calls modern blacks "niggers".

you are whats wrong with this world you ideological prostitute. Kill yourself

I'm literally going to campaign for her now because the opposite of whatever you say is what I should do.

That alone excludes her from a sizable chunk of the voting population.

Hmm… a political savy strategist that doesn't want to be outed as sabotaging their candidate puts in an extremely identifiable bit of information in their post. Yeah, sounds legit.

I highly doubt that

Orpah the Whale doesn't have a chance in White America.

Look, if the left wants to incite us to meme her into oblivion they will need her to actually do something besides make my mom go "omg I luv her" because this old woman is not an improviser.

This is a lolcow that will catch on fire in like 2 months.

Two important question
1.) Her plans with the jews like Soros?
2.) Her plans with the leech mexicans?

That's 1/4 of spics and 1/20 niggers voted Trump, she wants them dead too. This one sound bite gives us plenty of fracture points on its own, I'm sure hired diggers can find other gems like this.

fucking this



This is a dubs thread now

We have enough meme ammo to crush Oprah. Given to us by the Great Prophet Al Bundy.

Thanks. We should compile a list of all these probes so that we can get a timeline and see (((who))) is behind each one. This is something the kikes have been doing longer than most of us have been alive.

Didn't realize I stumbled into 4chan

every white woman older than 30 i know hates her
the fuck

By 2020 the teens will be able to vote. America wont elect another democrat for several more decades.
America also will not elect another black person for president in our lifetimes. It just wont happen after Obumr. The kids are alt-right

I forgot to mention Oprah has far too many shady dealings in her past to be a viable candidate. Her baggage it's vast and we'll tear her to shreads. I honestly hope she does run. We'll put her in the crazy house right along side Hildabeast



bahahahaha will she have that position in2020

In every field.

Not only this but you fail to realize how demoralized and perverted the minds of Gen Z are. They have grrown with depenency to technology, they are hypersexualized as young as 14, they know how to do nothing, and whenever I have conversations with them they never seem to be there. I, Gen Y, have brothters that are Gen Z. It is sad. This "Gen Z is Based" meme is heavily isolated to specific communities, perhaps the south. Elsewhere, the pedophiles have wom in their minds.

Do you now how disturbing it is to grow up without the internet, suddenly have it, and discover that almost every person your age uses twitter to camwhore, is either an ABDL, Pup-Player, Gimp, Fuckpig, or some combination of the three, and find all kins of "childhood lewd story threads"? These people are my age and it is disturbing to me. This is the new normal: all these people raised to know that everything sucks, but short-term pleasure is good enough to avoid suicide. So what they do is they act normal(ish) outside, go home, put on their pup-play gear, and film themsleves drinking their master's piss. This is the new normal, and it is disturbing. A part of me keeps asking that if this is normal, am I missing out?

We are John the Savage, and the best we can get from others is Bernard Marx. Else, everyone seems to be these NPC Sex-Fiends. Am I wrong? I want to be wrong. I don't know.


It’s “as old as 14” now; single digit kids are sexualized.

Goddamn broken website taking my sage.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Trump himself float the idea of having her as his running mate?

May this never happen. She was raped by a cousin. I had to do a report on her in sixth grade.


Prove it or go back to sucking AIDS infested nigger cocks.


Dr Phil for VP

That worked so well for Shillary.

If she does she will loose and I will laugh because Trump is the incumbent and will have four years of service to the American people to wave in this sheeboons face. Plus she's a wooman and a nigger


Not that we're going to tell you how we do it.


What if we simply just endorse her? The left is so heavily against anything the right does, they'll oppose it on principle. We just need to say we're "alt right" and tell everyone that we accept that she is the ideal candidate.

In reality, we make the left oppose it by association, design our memes to be easily countered and destroyed, and then push hard for our actual candidate, completely sabotaging her from day 1. In short, we become the jews, and co-opt the opposition and then make it a controlled opposition

t. A fucking leaf that doesn't into complex politics

Sage and report.

Cool story, user. Now all you need is a single letter code name and your LARP will be complete.

Is there any chance in hell that kim jong yun could unironically be elected president of the united states? The lulz would go up forever and ever.

Go back to reddit if you’re too stupid to do anything but shitpost.

Probably because the dems seem like they are fucking desperate right now, and if you were so inclined, you could probably earn some shekels doing some of their dirty work. There doesn't seem to be very many competent individuals working for the dems at present (at least the ones not doing felonies on their behalf). It is also a good way to "make a mistake" that will harm their efforts in the end.

You think her wealth, and success in media didn't come with plenty of dirty deeds? If (((they))) want her to run she'll run. She's a puppet like the rest.

paint her as a white supremacist a la Dr. Sleepy, or an uncle tom, work complete. Tie some of her writing in books to Hitler, Pierce, Rockwell, or similar. Make her the whitest nigger since the coons on the shitty Flash tv show.

Oprah: official candidate of the (((Alt-Right)) )


Kang nigger will be executed for treason*

Get Oprah JUSTED?
Count me in.

Lol you almost got me there op, its a pretty good larp all the way up until you put Obama and the Clinton's in different camps when we all know they are in in the same and always synonymous with each other

That's pretty hillarylike

She might though.
They were hyping her up as a 2020 candidate on the radio today.

I call LARPer. If user was really worried about getting fired, then user wouldn't have copped to having invented a term. Everyone knows the Dems watch 8/pol/ now, so no one who could get that job would be so stupid

tl;dr - fake and gay


so, we going back to frogposting and esoterical numbers?
or do we recruit another anciento god?
Apollo? Amaterasu? maybe Inti?

you know what wikileaks did to clinton? yeah now imagine oprah getting wikileaked

Shlomo please.


What fucking planet do you live on? Fat women over 30 are her big supporters.

That will not work. Her supporters are a fucking cult. Rational attacks are worthless. If you want to fight the sheboon, treat it as a lolcow and just troll for lulz alone. She will have an emotional breakdown. The weakness of the Oprah is emotional.


Should have left that part out. If (((they))) are looking for who made this post that's what they'll use - the guy who made that term.

Oprah will be a tougher opponent than Hillary but she's easily vulnerable by the fact that she has to eventually fight Trump on issues and those will push her closer to Hillary. Hillary was forced to do the same thing and became vulnerable. Also the things that Trump had delivered on and will deliver on will sink her. Not in least bit worried.

Why exactly is she running, ruining black families via horrible marriage counsel for the past 2 decades was not enough?

We're reassembling Thoth.
Kek and Tet already manifested.

This. The kikes use the internet to constantly sexualize pre-teens. You know what, let's bring this on topic.
Just bombard her with issues in this regard, while using accounts that look like housewives. She relies on emotional arguments, let's use them.

Well, Obama set the precedent. Kim Jon Un doesn't have to show his birth certificate. He doesn't have to show his taxes either.

Nigger we're bringing the whole gang back.

If you haven't caught on by now, nobody makes billions from nothing without being horribly corrupt with lots of skeletons in their closet along with all those around them. Trump isn't an idiot, this means he knows her skeletons - he isn't corrupt because he was simply born into wealth, most of the gains probably came from the time travel tech his uncle stole from Tesla - this is why he was able to come through the election with everyone throwing everything they could at him without anything sticking, he's the rare exception without corruption or skeletons in his closet. This means he would absolutely decimate Oprah in an election.

Steadman alone probably gets up to some shit so foul it would make you puke blood.

The whole gang, user.

Reminder that Halfchan already handled this bitch back in ancient days of yore.

ur right its pretty close

Checked for Trump victory in 2020


It's been in motion for a long time, user.

I was under the impression that it was given directly to Trump to have, not stolen. Who knows tbh.

She is fucking racist against white people.

I don't see it working at all unless the democrats take risks. Trump had (and still has) the major advantage on capitalizing on a silent majority disgruntled with politically correct culture. The only logic I see in the democrats move is that they're hoping personal dissatisfaction in Trump will trigger a similar reaction for Oprah. But they're failing to account for the fact that the issue is culturally rooted. If 2016 should have taught analysts anything it's that the real political battlefield is now memetic.

Oprah would represent a reinstatement of the very thing people sought Trump to get rid of (even people who disliked Trump personally, but wanted a cultural shakeup and voted for him). In fact that will be the fundamental problem for all democrat candidates to address. So unless Oprah takes a much more politically incorrect approach while somehow still keep her base from revolting, she'll be viewed as yet another establishment tool. Dare I say it but Oprah would probably be interested in analyzing in both Bernie's and Trump's campaigns and salvage the parts that were most effective.


fuck off shill you can only play hillary once.
If you want her to fail you have to attack her incompetence: Look at how retarded trump is with no experience …

What? What happened, I don't recall.

t. 2005 Holla Forumstard

this is probably the best response ITT

Honestly it already feels like the Dems are latching onto her because they have literally no one else potent enough to go against Trump next election. Firstly, I hope that if she does choose to run, it's for the right reasons. I can't see her as a good candidate because she's a liberal, she's super rich(muh 1%), and being black she'll be used as a minority vote magnet.

The fags are willing to die for Orpah the Whale. And die they will.

I'm glad that voting registered citizens actually don't decide the president. Every female over 30, black female, nigger, and white cuck will vote for Oprah. That's just about every person in the US that isn't a spic.


not what I implied. I implied he was a paid whore.

And thats besides the point. By 2020 the political landscape will be so vastly different that the demoshits will never stand a chance of winning again

As Richard Nixon once said 'Four years in politics is an eternity'

What about write-ins? Has she ever gotten a significant amount of write-ins? Or any write-ins at all?

todays a magical day lad, in a magical month, in a magical year

Is this the new demoralization shilling tactic by the Sharejews? Yes!

nah its the commies trying to gestalt themselves up a chance of winning at all. But, much to their dismay, we have secured all gestalt and left them with nothing but doubt.

Also OP is a (1) and done.

Some will. But the core of Trumps actual support will not, because those are women of solid virtue who will not stray from their husbands judgement.

How many other faggots are going to throw their hat into the ring for something that's going to be happening TWO YEARS FROM NOW? Off the top of my head, we've got cuckerberg, the rock, and warren as well "seriously considering" losing to Trump.

Do they even keep write in records?

I shall laugh at this
You realize Oprah is the ultimate lure for idiots, more so than football and celebrity gossip. The amount of clowns that will vote Oprah will shock you, but again we do not directly elect the president. Thank fuck for that.

Dunno, but they do make a note of people that receive a not insignificant amount of write-ins. For example, Mickey Mouse gets a lot of write-ins and last election Harambe the Gorilla got I think about half the amount of votes that Jill Stein did

I think the bigger problem is that the very nature of campaigning has to adapt to memetic warfare to learn and gradually shape the cultural environment years in advance. Instead of thinking first "who can we run?", they should be thinking "how can we utilize and shape the cultural environment to be favorable to the party's success?" Because the former will automatically be answered if you achieve the latter.


Amazingly, OP is a faggot who just does one and run threads, just like in halfchan.


She already understands failure. She tried to launch OWN, a TV network and it collapsed in on itself so badly that she had to restart the Oprah Show. Don't think she'd crumble so easily under pressure.


The Clintons had Whitewater
Trump had those casinos
Being a business failure is a whole different game to being a political failure. A lot of factors can torpedo a business. When a political candidate fails it is ninety-nine times out of a hundred due to them and their personal failings.

This thread is opposition research

Think about it. Why would they be pushing this shit 3 years out.
Do not give them our memes too early. They will develop counters for use in 2020

More than you know, brother.
339 is approaching.
They seem to think they're the only ones with a bone to pick but don't realize the extent to which they'll be fucked in the coming days. There's a reason they've got away with so much.
Throwing this out: Groundhog's day (St. Brigid's Festival **image posted earlier) is the same day as the Super Bowl. Might be their last event before being snubbed into non-existence and they're gonna try so hard.
Their failure to account for the little man always and forever will bite them in the ass.

Forgot my friendship wheel.
bonus donitz, didn't mean to include sleepytime sudpol


Big guns are alive and watching. Generation X checking in. Not old. Not from the South.

She's in for a surprise.

I said this a few months back. LARPing is the new data mining. Qanon was an operation to get everyone here to search out Q's terms he was using, which everyone here did. There were obscure terminology and events embedded in his questioning that search engines like Bing and DDG couldn't have picked up, which means you would have had to use Google (or start page). This means that Google now has a database of everyone who searched for Qanon's terms (basically the info-diggers and more conspiratorial minded among us). It's also a sophisticated form of data mining, because you'll notice that anyone that calls out the larpers gets piled on nearly immediately. Recently also there has been a push against the anti-larpers on conspiracy sites as if there is nothing wrong with larping.

It's nearly exactly like a JTRIG operation from the wikileaks files.

So basically just like how Bundy Ranch turned out to be a honeypot

In the meantime
stockpile memes

Excellent post, I just wish that those who call out 'LARPing' would give this level of detail to explain their reasoning in resisting and discrediting ops like Qs, they seemed just very hostile bot-like responders from my observation until now.

there was a nigger walking through richard spencer's bedroom @ hr 3 of the warski chat and the mods here are censoring it

Remember, you are dealing with weaponized autism


Shit you niggers need to be checking this shit more

First it was michael obama, now okra. These two will have to duke it out first, and there will be issues there.

praise Kek

I'm OK with this.
Why run an operation this soon to "hillaryize" her?
By the time the election is here, most voter would have mostly forgotten about this, and any opposition would know where to navigate to prevent any iceberg on the road.

That said, digging info and archiving things is always good, things will surface when needed.


seen from Yurop, she looks as fake as a televangelist who fishes for likes by giving gibs reinvested from the profits of her gibs-giving media circus
how can anyone believe that she has any form of political ability at all?
she can only be a (((tool)))

Let me give you a little redpill on the democrats. They physically can't comprehend why most of america voted for Trump. They can't comprehend that people honestly dislike their hamfisted bullshit.

So they're floating this bitch because they think it's their version of Trump. It's literally WTF THE IDIOTS ELECTED SOME IDIOTIC TV GUY!? WE'LL GIVE THEM A BLACK FEMALE IDIOT TV GIRL TO VOTE FOR!!!

Meanwhile, as this poster points out, surely the average moderate normie will totoally vote for her.

Protip: The casinos were licensed name opportunities, not direct investments by Trump. Totally different situation, brainlet.

uhhhhhh, this!

He bought the Trump Taj Mahal. You don't know what you're talking about

This user gets it.

The best way to counter opposition research is to lie. The best way to lie is to write down your genuine reaction to this… then wait. Analyze what you wrote, then write the complete opposite and post it.

Overwhelm them with impossible positions.

Isn't Oprah ten years past relevancy? I mean, they haven't had her show on TV for seven-ish years where I live.


Larry King interviews Trump in '99 where he says he'd want Oprah to be his VP pick.


Old women are her base. But some of them are pissed at her for pushing Obama in 2008; they’ll get over it.

Fucking check'd! John G Trump, of MIT, was handed Tesla's notes to decipher and explain to the feds. He told them it wasn't much. PRAISE KEK!
pic related, my wife made this for that thread.

I know brother, I remember.

Oprah knows only one form of argument, emotion. She will be destroyed by just having set foot on this battlefield.

I remember those days, even if they were over 9000 days ago.

The party will collapse. It's not the first time.

Most people who vote are old fucks. They don't care about relevancy as much as the status-quo past they hang on to and still think it exists despite wages not keep up with inflation and H1b pajeets taking graduate jobs.


you sound like Hillary when she used the word "deplorables".

They won't "get over it"

Yeah imagine the bloodshed there. Hillary, Biden, Harris, and Oprah all arguing over social justice issues.


Forgot to respond:
In what way do you see the democrats not being able to run by that time. The progressive are quadrupling down and refusing to budge on anything that isn't anti-american. They'll be just as mentally disturbed then as they were in 2017. The jews on NPR today are even talking about communists running.

sage for double post of course


Smarter than your average user.

Thank you user for pointing out the obvious. At this point Oprah's fags are surveying the marketplace.
If we show our hand it is easier for them to counter us

They’ll vote for her. Just like they voted for Obama even though they were pissed he stole the nomination from Hillary.

This is some advanced faggotry. I have heard mixing ammonia and bleach has positive effects on thinking, you brainless.
Also, what the fuck. This sheeboon is butt ugly. How the fuck can burgers live next to it and not shoot up the damn place. Did Mcdonald grease shrinked your balls?

Holy fuck I never saw this clip. Typical MSM not allowing the American public to know FUCKING ANYTHING about the true state of affairs in Israel. Americans can not know two things:
-Real Israel
-Immigration numbers
They just want stupid fucks to remember the holocaust and think all arab states are picking on them, and for people with jobs not to know that immigrants are coming by the tens of millions and all having twice as many children as their own grandkids.


Was getting caught part of your plan?

Trump also said he wouldn't run.

You're either bad at this, or suck REALLY hard at OpSec. Either way nice LARP, kid.

thas it man

They already have the metadata. They can see who comes to fullchan and halfchan. They can see what you're googling. They already know.


they don't even know

Are you earnestly going to be this pedantic?

He had no real ownership of the Trump Taj Mahal, he exited in 2009 and kept some equity in a parent company in exchange for his name being licensed.

Literally traded up on that equity deal


Obama ruined it for any non-White from ever being President of the USA. We'll never see an Asian, indian, spic, 'real' nigger etc….What we sure as hell don't need is a Trudeau.


What kind of faggotry is this?

She is already on record complaining that old white men need to die out.
Nope, on record in 2002 as pro-war.

In general this Oprah President meme is old and stale. It's not happening, if anything Zuckerberg won't allow it to happen. His actions prove he wants to run. Oprah is just pundit chatter.

I just realized this is a (1) and done thread.

Would be even more disastrous than Oprah

it's hillarys brain in a jar 2020

that means she's gonna fail my fellow chosen


your image should say
trump plays the middle against both sides

You guys took the bait. Holla Forums is really slipping. Back in the day you needed proof to be believed like that guy with the ID card. What was that shit called again? I think it was in France and there was a ritual going on in the front. I'm too lazy to look it up but that was proof.

What brain?



of course he wears shoes in bed

implying bait was bit


You are a Jew and I blame not only your collective people, but you yourself as an enambeler shill, for my MKUltra conditioning as a youth.

Go through the thread and see how many gullible newfags and 4cucks took the bait. My advice for anyone who has egg on their face, wait until they announce it. Until then focus elsewhere. This thread was a slide thread meant to distract us from something we were on. But what?

Yup that's the one. Funnily enough Bernstein universe began too. Thanks chief!

My responses to this thread still apply to pretty much every democrat candidate they attempt to run. The problems for the democrats will reside in campaigning strategy, and willful blindness and neglecting actual cultural undertones in itself.

Even the thought of this woman running for president is an exact reason why allowing women to vote was an eternal mistake.

Fucking kek, please keep wasting their money OP!


Kek is with us, Trump will win time and time again.
Sage for a fucking retarded larp thread

She isn't a threat at all. Identity politics is out of the bottle - she's going to be perceived as an anti-white bigot and it'll be easy to pin that on her. She's said and done a lot of shit in the past.

Here's a good one. Remember when she gave her entire audience a massive tax burden by giving them all a free new car? Yeah most of them were taken because people couldn't pay tax on them. Oprah found out but didn't really give a shit.

Oh wait…

Welp that's bait

This is second time I saw an user talk about her having an emotional Meltdown but I never heard of anything like that in the past.
When was the last time she sperged out?

I didn't even respond to it until now.

Can someone with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome even be president?


The fuck is going on in here?

well you see she's just the black talkshow woman everyone knows and loves not some political traitor to a nation of 300 million so this in-of-itself sounds like something that would be rubbed the wrong way, it wouldn't be so simple.

In my humble opinion this entire hillaryize thing sounds like some sort of thing to make us look retarded or just help actual democrats find ways to cover themselves in general..

pic unrelated

She knew.

What if I told you that in 1998, Oprah did an episode of her show about Jewish ritual murder with a young girl claiming to be Jewish? Surely this ni-goy is an antisemite

By 2020 most normalfags who either didn't vote or are just sick of political fighting will easily vote for a bland, no drama, mommy figure who bathes the people in happy thoughts of a war-free all inclusive comfy utopia. It worked for Obama.
I haven't been able to shake the suspicion that it's what we've being set up for a long time tbh.

Oprah will lose. She is a divider, and if she runs she will divide the Nation, not bring it together. And she is NOT that smart, just a ((favored tool)) - there is a difference.

The election scene of 2020 will destroy America along racial (diversity vs. white) and ideological grounds - over ((immigration policies and general Communist meddling)). Just remember ((who)) destroyed America, and why. The question of 2020 is this: who's country is America? Is it the white man's, or the world's?

user, just smile and take the cheques. The Dems are toast because they had to play ID politics until wyppl joined in. Please continue.

I could give more cogent reasons why she's not a good candidate, but unlike many of the niggers here, I don't believe in critiquing the enemies disposition before they have committed their forces.

Can't read.

No one would touch him with a ten foot pole.

She admitted to smoking crack. Is a dyke and can't control her weight. Oh yeah and would have to put her assets in trust if she won which having been doing well lately. Four years is plenty of time for her to lose everything she's acquired. It's not worth it. No one would look at US politics today and want to step in that shit.

No, you're shitposting and badly. HER ENTIRE CAREER is based on being a fake fuck. It's repulsive how bad it is and only appeals to the dumbest of dumb bitches. Also, millenials, don't even know her fat black ass. Even people who're old and saw her tv show… and liked it wouldn't want her in charge of anything. America would be a Swedish level joke with this fat coon in charge.



Nice LARPing, bruv.

General consensus in Dem establishment is GTFO with your Opprah nonsense.

She has a fuckton of skeletons in the closet.
She is super omnoctious and can be hit in such a way that will disenfranchise even the nignogs.

If you even were an intern, not to mention strategist, you'd now that he was unapologetically PRO Iraq War.

Well shit, nigger, you dun diddly done it now. If you were an actual source and not a cuckchan tier LARPer, you would never have included shit like this in your post. Try again.

Interesting idea, though. I could believe the libshits trying to pull a Trump of their own. Obviously pop culture personalities are viable presidential candidates nowadays.


You are full of shit. Even a drooling retard would avoid saying shit like
that could be used to identify him by his coworkers

Yeah, we haven't even had a black first lady yet.


Just make a bunch of memes over her endorsing that one skin cream quite literally made from foreskins and it should be fine.

Fucking this, user. Larping bullshit like this is only good for intel gathering.

its too late, jew. the democratic party is a sunken ship

GOP are complacent as fuck right now. Dems at least act like they want the seat.

thank you for being stuck here with me user

Sage and report.

is it a distraction if we take down another kike puppet?

Hint: there’s someone in the operation he doesn’t like, and he’s pinning op on them.

Hint: the OP is lying

Wait a minute.

She is hip-deep in pedowood.
if we get more shit revealed, we can say "there is NO WAY she DIDN'T know"

Pedowood is kike kryptonite.

underrated post whether it's true or not

I wish the creator didn't have to lie. It was fake from the first few lines.



More like the Nephilim are back.. Look at how tall Baron is and he's only 11 years old or so.

Most victims of pedophilia become victimizers themselves. You can't wash your hands no matter what the research shows.

HOLY FUCK you virgins are dumb as bricks.

shut up hobgoblin



She had a bastard with Ebert.

What about her new age beliefs?

Post proofs faggot



I don't believe this OP is right, but a common PR move is to release something as a rumor, and then judge public reaction for it, so they know what to do next and if they should go on with the original rumor.

I assume she's "not thinking about running", but this whole thing, including OP, was designed to spread a rumor and judge public perception of Oprah for president and to see what problems would arise. And it seems there are a lot.

Dems are probably going to be doing this sort of shit a lot in the next year or two. They have no good candidates for 2020 that can beat Trump. Look at their field of losers in the primaries, it was a bunch of weak shits who got trampled by the Clinton Machine and Cuckie Sanders. Look at the pool of candidates Dems have, they are fucked. They have no one. Look at this list of losers from WaPo.

Their options are a bunch of old white men and some fake as fuck white women. They have nothing. It's a joke. They're going to constantly be spreading false rumors like this to see what sticks and see if they can get some sort of outsider to emulate the success Trump had as an outsider.

My advice is to bury every single one of these shit candidates and recognize that it's all a false rumor designed to help democrats pick the least worse option from their field of shitty candidates. I'd also say, given what their options are, letting minorities know that Democratic party is really just a bunch of rich white people exploiting minorities for votes would fuck up their 2020 desperation very well.

I would assume that the only defense is to communicate outside their surveillance net (which given the current state of the net is impossible), or we would have to mask our communication with noise and false-positives. Wouldn't breaking the larp's into the normiesphere invalidate their surveillance?

Complete bullshit meme meant to generate sympathy for pedos, there’s no evidence for that.

Brittany writes: I wonder what Oprah’s ties to pizzagate are. Seeing how she owns all girls schools in Africa. Who faced a huge sexual assault scandal, twice.. and visited the orphanage(s) in Haiti. She’s got some serious ties with a lot those people in the trafficking ring.

She has mastered the art of TV host talking where she gives you a spin of "well, there are two sides of this" and shit like that, but we could expose her for what she really is, a satanist

How I know this thread is bullshit for 400 Alex.

What is self identification?

Honestly, I can't see Oprah being a strong candidate for any kind of political position. She'd have to be shilling hardcore on all fronts to bring her name back into relevancy, and on top of that she already has decades of baggage from the entertainment industry that she would have to overcome. I think she'd be limited to two strategies, the first of which is to simply capitalize on democratic resentment towards Trump to carry her. I don't see this happening; she doesn't have the ability or charisma that Trump had to win, and with the problems I listed above it'd be hard to keep momentum.

The second strategy would be risky and I'm not even sure it would be possible, but it's likely she could use her irrelevancy to her advantage. Oprah has been out of the spotlight for a long time, so I could see her campaign using that to build a new Oprah "persona" for the public. They would have to totally reinvent her in the eyes of the public to distance herself from her previous image in the entertainment industry. At the same time, Oprah was such a prevalent public figure in the past that her name could ignite a sort of nostalgia, which would cause people to buy into nu-Oprah easily. Combined with anti-trump sentiments, an Oprah campaign could be formidable. I could easily see leftists from all areas pouring shekels in from all over for some insane psy-op and propaganda efforts.

OP, is actually a piece of shit (and extremely good at it). Political Strategy (Marketing) is one step above Jew and a step below career politician. KYS Faggot.


Friendly reminder to an hero.

Oprah is popular for giving people shit.

FTFY faggot, get fired.

Strong evidence that this is fake. If it were true OP just gave himself away to colleagues.

Sad because it was a quality post.

Shit, meant to reply to . Good thing i'm a NEET, but OP can still get fired from their job.

Quality post but you're forgetting about Mike Bloomberg. With Jim Webb for a running mate suddenly we've got a genuine contest.

Oprah can win, though. No one gives a damn about pizzagate, and if Obama or the Clintons were going down I think it would have happened by now.

I hope they do run her, she'd get crucified in the debates.c

If this is real, and I suspect it's not, just document every drug abuse and lesbian child sexual abuse allegation you can find and keep all pictures, articles, links, etc. When 2020 comes around, she'll be buried.

231 Cloud Dust Ln
Hollywood, CA 90210
1041 N Formosa Ave
West Hollywood CA 90046-6703
1633 E Valley Rd
Santa Barbara CA 93108-2104
(310) 860-0482
(310) 470-0782



her Chicago address
4492 S Fulton St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 333-8183 - Landline

[email protected]

Prove it

I bet you say another words, too.


There's a real opportunity here which hasn't been brought up:
Oprah is a media darling with a great reputation on the surface. She is likeable. HOWEVER she has a lot of overlap with Trump in her qualities:
-She is a media mogul
-She has absurdly wealthy
-She has talked about truth to power and similar tropes
-She does have kookiness in her beliefs

Therefore, we might be able to use Oprah's likeability despite these qualities to bring people over to the Trump camp.
It must work through planting seeds only, but would look something like:
"Oprah really has achieved an empire of personal wealth, and media power. You know, Trump did that too…"

And so on. Plant the seeds and use her likeability in those qualities to spread that likeability to Trump, and undo the media damage against him and perhaps even reveal the double standard.

The response is

The Dems tried laughing DT out of the race.
That didn't work so well. We need to take this very seriously.

Whenever they try to use a flaw of Trump (where there's overlap in some way with Oprah) the key is to show how Oprah has that flaw too and it is either not a big deal (media doesn't cover it) or it is actually a positive (use the positive media spin for Oprah on Trump).

Using your example:

Oprah is a multibillionaire with elite connections all over the world. She IS the system too.
Which deflates the argument (oh gee, why isn't Oprah, with all her connections spanning decades and more wealth than Trump doing more) or exposes hypocrisy (Well she IS running for president [against a man who has an order of magnitude less wealth than she does, as well as less way less support from the media and hollywood… so how is such a "weak man" systemic racism?]).
The idea here is to make sure that the good in Oprah can benefit Trump's image, and conversely the negative image of Trump can be delegitimized by comparing to Oprah.

Yes, she is making all this fuss about sexual harassment while being BFF's with (((harvey weinstein))). That should be able to undo any credibility she has with this whole shit storm right there.

Highlighting how physically disgusting she is should be a focus of memes if she does run. Trump is way better looking than she is, and normies vote based on looks alot. Another thing that could hurt her is the "cat lady" thing, she doesn't have children, and she isn't married.

Hang her for Holla Forums faggot then post


Except that even among leftists (keep in mind I grew up in a wealthy mainly white liberal neighborhood in Minneapolis) there really aren't that many people who watch her show, talk about her, or even find her significant. She's just another Hollywood attention whore and I think that however stupid the majority of Americans may be with regards to politic, I think the people who are impressed by Oprah are an extreme minority.

I do believe that the Sheboon is going to run, but you make it seem easier than it really is, kind of delusional on your part:
So does (((Pedowood))) but that video with "celebrities" telling people to vote for Hillary because they know better didn't work so well
LOL no, the only white people that are going to support her are the same libtards that voted for Shillary, people like AIDS Skrillex and Carl the cuck.
She is a self-made billionare that grew up in poverty
LOL at "self-made" the kikes made her rich, if she wasn't her, it could have been another golem, these kike pets are interchangeable, there's no merit on her part.
Her "rayciss must die" video already defeats that idea
Well if she's going to run she will win the primaries for sure, but she'll most likely appeal to the fringe left.
Of course she is, both platforms are jew-approved, like oprah herself.
meh, don't think that will change anything.
So did Hillary
Trump is going to wipe the floor with that sheeboon, the memes will be Jeb-tier level, this is going to be hilarious.


I am a political strategist currently working on Zuckerbergs presidential run. He IS running. Secondly, I'm telling you guys this because I don't want him to win. I could lose my job for this post. I am a Trump supporter, but right now the best political jobs are with the Democrats. I'm just here to get paid doing my job and I'm damn good at it.

Stephen Colbert is talking about an Oprah presidency. This might not be a larp.

appearance is 9/10th in the political dog-and-pony show

(bless those Holla Forumstards)


don't underestimate the kikes dedication to (((programming)))

Where is this even from?
Those who bought 8ch from Hotwheels?
They have turned Holla Forums into neo-con, tbh


Evil never sleeps, don't forget that. If you were entrenched in power and lost a small battle would you roll over or would you fight back?

Oprah possibly running for the next election

jews in this thread will eventually be all like:

It's Caesarism.

No, it's the same old jewish politics that the Ameri-goys fall for time and time again


and fucking anyone bumping this thread like a fucking newfag

Are you suicidal?
Do you want to die?

Anyone notice this on the front page of youtube? Since yesterday there's been a lot of Oprah dicksucking going on.

I'll vote Rep before I vote for another nigger.

ron paukl has him open his speech after that

I think that the Oprah getting memed now is a bad move , the sheep will forget and ignore when it will actually matter

I pretty sure we "activated" a lot of people politically , It's important to make them vote-maybe carry fucking go pros in case jews try jewing

they have all forgotten about it user!
they have all forgotten about it!

This-is great , with all the mistake the jews made , every person who can still think will go "If a white said that they he would be in prison","we" got people to see this bullshit , next thing they will ask is "why is she allowed to say that" and it will roll

Is that gook kids game maker Nintendo really that hard of a company to get a job at? Gas yourself for that dumbass post.

You better not sell them the ways of Holla Forums man

Always proofread your shitposts, user. Not that you haven't already got 300 replies.

Oprah is moving out of her estate, selling all of her other properties and into the skid row section of Harlem to show the people that she is "down with the cause"; amirite tho?

Any coworker who knows who came up with that term will now know it's you.
You are either retarded and want to let them know who you are or you're full of shit. Which is it?

Oprah is a fat negroid woman and if she decides to run we will crush her. Thanks for the heads up though.

Maybe a good strategy would be to ironically support her for the (((values))) and to beat transphobia.
Ahahaha, OP is collecting data and trying to strrategize on how to counter our tactics, well fuck you too.
Anyway, spread lies, polarize and fucking destroy that cunt.
She will probably destroy herself first. Highly likely claiming: "We wuz kangz".

Half of Millenials and Gen Zs don't even know who she is. She's been washed up since the early 00s.

They have no memories of her growing up, to them she is just some blathering nigger bitch.

Thank God and America that there are presidential debates. She will lose the moment she goes up against Trump in a debate.

Come on, user. Don't be like the left. Base your opinions on facts & stats, not anecdotal evidence. White Gen Z is firmly in the right-wing camp.

If you see a video, it's propaganda.

Proofs please

So you're a traitor and a piece of shit? You know what's best for your country but hey, you gotta "do you" huh? Self before nation?
Your kind IS EXACTLY what's happened to this country. You're a selfish self centered shit bag whose only concern is YOUR livelihood - fuck the ramifications for the country or the rest of the American people, it's about YOU.

Fuck off. Oprah can run and she won't win, not even close. Know why? She needs the white vote and you don't have it now and you won't be able to get it. People will not soon forget #Traitor44 and they're not likely to repeat that mistake soon. She's black and that's all it's going to take.
Game over.

If you dont want her to win then sabotage that shit halfway through you nigger.

This thread is so fucking stupid. It's such an obvious larp. Who the hell knows who is going to win? The post is by a kike, and I can tell because they have very low IQ.

calm yo tits. It's a homo kike larping. They are like Indians, ya? Like indian, like that, ya? So they're super arrogant, and super stupid. Really fucking stupid.

It's a mod post you idiot. Why else hasn't it been taken down yet? Or bumplocked? Or anything?

Goddamn mods need to get off their mantrain and fucking fix shit.

mmhm. It's a severe problem. However, i believe uncensored systems are coming - hardware and apps. This is the year of Internet freedom.

Yeah it's bad. We got ten fucking stickies right now too which doesn't help.

I really hope you are right about freedom coming back. I want to believe, but just can't do it.

Assange & Snowden have said… nothing… about Meltdown and Spectre :^)

Smarter than Obongo.

Tfw, people have already forgotten the Obama presidency…



We get raided by Holla Forums a lot. We've recently been spammed with I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass posting.

>>>Holla Forums ???


Cumskin to think of it I've actually noticed that recently in the "hot threads" and shit list. A lot of autistic (((political))) posts.


Wait. This thread didn't get anchored after the media was BTFO'd when she had to confirm for everyone that she wasn't running? Democucks are so desperate to have their own celebrity president that they pressure her to run.

Tbh, I feel like this is part of an act to make it seem like "oh i changed my mind! I will run" like something for publicity. Have the media beg for her to run to manipulate the population and then announce her as running.

Q really was a mistake. He set the precedent for any fucktard to come here and pretend he's some grand figure, and 75+% of the responses ITT don't even give a fuck if he's lying. OP presented NOTHING to gain your trust, NOTHING.

More importantly, OP is pretending to be something that literally doesn't exist. How so?

The only thing that saves this thread is some info on Oprah (that could and should be posted on a thread that isn't a datamine or LARP or whatever this shill's purpose was for creating this thread.

this literally does not exist
this meme needs to die
whos got the infographic?

they trolled her: "we have over 9000 penises and they're all raping little boys" or something, got her to read it out on her show

Isn‘t she that arrogant racist TV negro from the US?
Here she is mostly know for her rants against shop keeper who didn‘t bow down to the earth immediately she entered the premise.

It is understandable she doesn’t know that feudalism ended in Europe some time ago.
Just, even at that times, shop keeper wouldn’t bow to random nigger passing by.
This has been Switzerland, were they have an attitude problem with presumptuous twits, even leading to war.
Advice, TV trash like here should wave checkbook, bundle of cash, so shop keeper can identify them more easily.

SNAP food stamp program… includes… weight loss products…
"Oprah Winfrey announced her place on the board of Weight Watchers…"
Opz iz gettin dose Gibs

I think the one who needs gassing is you, nigger.

I can't speak to the Q stuff, but declaring in 2017/2018 that you have "no plans for a future campaign" doesn't mean you can't magically get some in 2018/2019.

Before the 2016 election, Hillary is on record on more than a dozen occasions saying she had "no 'immediate' plans to run", and various versions of her having done it once and paved the way for future generations of girls, and then lo and behold, she ran in 2016.

Not "having plans" today doesn't mean there isn't some back room plan by (((others))) that they will make you aware of (((when the time is right))).

Potatoes are more charismatic.



I believe it becuase she's a woman and black. This is all the Democrats need to take you seriously.


You had absolutely no reason to bump this bullshit thread to spam shit about Q-LARP the kike shill.


You mean just like Trup was laughed at?
Sure that will help with Oprah of all people.
This shit is to be taken as serious as possible.

Stopped there. If this isn't a LARP you're clearly very shit at your job. The Democratic party is a mess and there is zero chance of Oprah– or any other Democratic candidate–winning the presidency in the next election. For a variety of reasons, the crudest, most basic of which is the fact that even women hate other women. And that's not even getting into her political stances and the skeletons in her closet.

good Lord. This Clip is amazing

Kek. Don't worry though - Oprah already stepped down and said she WILL NOT be running. She even made up some faggot nigger excuse about how she's not "White" and so she won't even bother.

Do Niggers ever not go where they're not wanted?

Who keeps bumping this debunked LARP thread? It was debunked within a day or two of being made. It's being used to slide. Slide threads need an anchor or better yet a delete.

what a larp
lel, he is completely predictable once you drop the propaganda about him being a racist or anti-semite. he does what is best for the jews based on the choices of his jewish faction.

Fuck off and take Oprah with you.



Fun Role Play OP , but your still a faggot and ya'll postin' in a slide thread.

It would be fun hate-memeing against that sheboon for a year or so though.