Voluntary Eugenics

Let's say starting today we have the ability to genetically engineer people to be 200 IQ 10/10 healthy gods, and for cheap. How would this change the world? Politics, racial relations?
I'm guessing it will first appear on China, they have the world's largest gene bank and are currently sequencing the genome of 1000 of the world's smartest people. "Eugenics" is not a dirty word in China. Maybe there'll be a genetic pilgrimage with people from all over the world going to the PRC to have babies and then come back.
I feel this will be a lot more palpable than any current form of eugenics, positive or negative, though the simple fact it IS eugenics means it'll receive immense resistance. I cannot imagine how a nation would stay competitive after refusing this, it would be the equivalent of rejecting the Industrial revolution. I think it would change the world for the worst for a good while, but ultimately be extremely beneficial to society.

Now obviously, such technology is still pretty far away, but I have no doubt in my mind that it WILL happen, eventually. Even so, you don't need sci-fi tier technology to change the world. IQ-selected IVF is apparently only ~10 years (according to Stephen Hsu) away and that alone is enough to tip the scales, so this actually a much more relevant topic that it seems, yet I almost never see it being discussed

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We're not going to write your essay for you, nice try.

well, if they have the common sense to eradicate psychopathy/jew genes, then this will fix the world pretty quick, but since it's china, who knows

china dont exist cant believe people still believe it does.

Eugenics in European hands would be great, but in chink or kike hands it's going to suck.


This is a fascinating topic and I strongly suggest you watch this video about it.

Basically, it's a lot closer and a lot more signifcant than you think. It could be a singularity event.

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Look up the book "Eugenics: A Reassessment"

I'll tell you one thing, I think about this a lot. As far as race relations: Most blacks won't end up wanting to be black anymore. Liberals call it "internalize racism" but really it's them, at least the ones on the higher end of the bell curve, realizing that their people have a lot of problems (Mainly aggression and general low IQ, supposed aggression also has something to do with melatonin and why people of darker skin are more prone to it.) But really it's no different than any other person or organism, in that they want their offspring to turn out better than they did, to at least be an improvement. CRISPR and gene-drives aren't all the way perfected yet, but I think eventually it will. (especially given DARPA is also heavily researching these. It's not just the Chinese, Russia has been looking into this as well. Actually I'd be surprised if not MOST countries were at least in some form. ) Eventually you'll be able to get a "race-change" or "genome-change". Say if I'm black and I get this done though. It won't be a cosmetic procedure, you'll still have a big nose and such. Although your skin may start lightening a bit if your genes no long encode for the same sorts of production. But when you give birth, say with a woman who also had this procedure done, you would have a white kid. Might be fair to say the whole world would become white eventually in the long run, just solely out of personal preference and choice to "join the crowd". This would be fully in accordance with 1488. However, even if what really happens is more along the lines of a general consensus to establish a Eurasian world, I wouldn't mind that either if it meant at least Europeans and Asians joined forces to eliminate all zionists. However, here's something to think about, real long run sort of stuff: Say we do establish a white or eurasian master race world. I think that would be nice, because there wouldn't be any more "race-relations" because we'd all be the same. (funny, that's the goal of many liberals too with their race mixing, although their vision is a little more brown.) But I think eventually, depending on what sort of control is or isn't exerted, if there's still a large number of seperate states, eventually through isolation, much as darwin observed on the islands, is that divergence may occur, possibly also out of choice, and "new" races would appear. Perhaps people with green skin for instance. (I had a teacher once who said eventually people were going to turn into plants or something because we'd eventually utilize photo-synthesis for our own food production).

*Melanin I mean.

Who ever creates the first race-change procedure will become a hero. Almost as much of a hero if one were to program a fleet of Android-Arduino small weather balloon/blimps with video being streamed and recorded as they are released in one country and by using GPS coordinates, make their way to Mecca in order to drop a load of pork-stew.


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Am I the only one here whos fucking baffled at this woman who is holding the oversized DNA
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How is it not eugenics?

Because it is not natural. The genetic engineering technology would be used to create the artificial humanoid supersoldiers to work as the good goyium for the jews. I nor anyone don't want that. Do you?


stop being autistic, it's just showing someone editing/changing gene's in a way that anyone can understand at first glance.

The shitnese aren't as smart as they want the rest of the world to think. Their academies are filled with very clever cheaters who don't know what they're actually working on once they get in. Their 'science' isn't peer-reviewed because their work can't be recreated in real labs. Their infrastructure is a joke, and they poison their citizens or should we call them shitizens since they have the same aversion to the loo that pajeet does. They could probably use eugenics since it's so simple, but I'd laugh at whatever backwards stock they drew out of their own population. Their best luck would be a ruling class of European hapas to correct their shitty genetics. But shitnese genetic engineering? Fucking lmao! I can't wait to see the shoggoths that would create.

While China can do genetic research in the open, which means any scientist (with the know-how) is free to join so they go pretty fast, I don't believe the US doesn't have secret research on this given it spends a stupid amount of cash on military research and perfect soldiers would be amazing for all branches of the military.
But once increasing IQ gets doable with genetics (it isn't right now, we have little idea of what genes do that) leftists will champion for us to pay for doing it in Apefrica. The few that admit there's a gap in IQ think it isn't a problem because we'll "soon" be able to engineer smart niggers.
In the beginning it'll be super expensive though and only the super rich will be able to afford it… which isn't a good thing since they'll start life with max int and a lot of resources. Also improving intelligence is way harder than changing looks, so odds are the first modifications will make non-Whites look Whiter since they already have cosmetics and surgeries for that.

China has plenty of smart people. Asians aren't dumb, even if they get fewer geniuses per capita than Whites do (but smarter average joes) they have the numbers to have a very large number of really smart people. You're right their research still has a lot of shit, but that's because they're injecting money into it and starting from scratch. Anyway, for non-PC research they're the place to go, nowhere else will let you work in anything resembling eugenics.

Isn't feminism pro-eugenics?

Chads are +6 feet tall, strong jawline, big dick, etc… and women sleep (and try to be impregnated) by Chads. However, they marry John for his paycheck and house. I don't see anything wrong with little John paying to raise aryan Chad's child.

you dont know what the word 'god' even means, kike.
the best eugenic strategy at the moment is manifest destiny - that is the first and most important step; no point in these hypotheticals that do not follow a 100% white earth.

john sees a problem with that, dummy

OP you seem to gloss over the fact that at best the dumb goyim will get a half-dose of genetic improvement. Genetic engineering is the final hurdle to permanent empowerment of elites. In past centuries they tried their best to breed their bloodlines selectively but a few mistakes and you return to average IQ and your kids blow your fortune on beanie babies. This removes that small chance we have of overtaking them, or at least allowing for regime change. They will fight each other over first dibs on the godmode genetic enhancement and we will not likely get anything (this is probably happening already).

I don't think it is that far away. The Olympics already tests for gene doping.
Also all of the equipment, restriction enzymes, and plasmids required to genetically modify bacteria are availible online (NEB.com, addgene.com, ebay) and we have already used genetically modified bacteria in human trials sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1542356506003314

The big problem I see with this is that simply having a high IQ and fit body doesn't make you into a virtuous person. You need culture for that, and authorities which can be trusted to provide reliably accurate accounts and facts.

What we have now is a world fractured by false ideas, bankrupt ideologies, and totally compromised sources of information and culture.

So to turn this question against itself, how could the world deal with 200-IQ tumblrinas and AntiFags?

In other words, imagine the damage a circle of these people could do to civilization.

I recall seeing the NBA draft years ago and a player who was drafted, his story was that his dad was a basketball player and his mom was a track star at UCLA and they said "hey if we had a kid it'd be a good athlete."
Eugenics at work.

Except the Irish would still be potato niggers and we'd still find reasons to fight each other over minor differences.

Depends entirely on who has access to it.

China will not make it widely available. They'll limit its use to those they deem acceptable as a widely smarter populace will be a lot more restless.

Also don't trust IQ.
It was developed as a measure of physical age versus mental development. A high IQ in children is an indicator of intellect as an adult.
It is not a measure at any point.

the left love eugenics so therefore i hate eugenics

They wouldn't exist because their worldview is not based on logic. It would take people smarter than them at that point in order to brainwash them into being the SJWs they are today.

If that were a sustainable strategy monogamous relationships wouldn't be the norm. Any man who was ok with raising someone else's kids had his genes killed ages ago since that's a very bad strategy for the individual. So few people want to raise someone else's kids (since those who did were wiped out). Even for dating, few men want to date single moms. Now for Chad's side, if he impregnates a few women they'll take all his paycheck from him so this is also a bad strategy for him. Even if your idea were advantageous for the population as a whole (and I'm not saying it'd be), unless it's also advantageous for the individuals it won't work in practice.

IQ is the best known proxy to the g factor (intelligence). It works, you won't find a genius with a low IQ or a retard with a high IQ, although obviously it isn't precise enough to say someone with an IQ of 133 is smarter than someone with 132, someone with an IQ of 100 is for sure smarter than someone with 85. Also the cutoff for being considered retarded was increased because too many niggers fall below it.

Chinamen will be the first to create a large genetically engineered populace. They have the government structure and homogenous population to get it done. Like always, the countrysides will miss out, but the huge population centers will be easy to convert in a single generation. They'll make everyone blonde hair blue eyed 7ft 200 IQ hapas. They'll also create a couple other classes. Classes that are just meant to be soldiers and classes just meant to be laborers. This will lead to a 2nd Renaissance where their technology, military, and economy will grow exponentially faster than other countries. Their powerful AI and automation will make other countries unable to compete in any way. And they won't have the compassion the white man has shown to lesser civilizations. Once they solve the MAD nuclear problem, they'll wipe out everyone else (likely through biological warfare that directly targets other races).

They already genetically engineered a 7 foot chink and he had glass feet.

This has to be bait. It's like people forget how hard china fucks things up every time they try and do something or make anything the resembles gain.

Great a fucking army of supreme gentlemen to deal with.
And nobody believes your fan-fiction, Wu.

You cannot form a 'logical' position without exposure to the full range of facts. It's not possible to reach far-right conclusions when your entire mental scaffolding has been designed to make you accept far-left ideas.

Schools, universities, the media and other bodies of influence disseminate far-left ideas while censoring right-wing ideas. Based on the information most people are exposed to, the left makes logical sense.

and fire can be used to burn down houses. Evil is not a thing that can be held in human hands, only in human hearts.

If we can use genetic engineering to get rid of congenital disease and low IQ, then we should. It is something that'd have to be closely watched though, because the potential for damage is incredible. However, you cannot keep the cat in the bag. Either use the technology well or it will be used against you.

Speaking of Cthulhu mythos:
Oy vey antisemite!
Einstein and his relativity bullshit is a load of crap.
Cthulhu is real. Unbelievers prepare your anguses.
Every user should play this game.

i think you mean genetic engineering, my friend.

to be honest i dont like the idea, actual eugenics is more my style. The prospect of accidentally fucking up the genetics of all future generations due to our inability to fully understand the intricacies of DNA, is a big enough concern for me.

Well I was going by the definition given by GHR, which includes any practice meant to improve genetic quality of a population, not necessarily through selective breeding.

But I understand your concern. We are far away from understanding the relation between genetics and intelligence/behavior. IVF is much close and realistic, and can also be fully voluntary. It's like selective breeding without the unethical parts, and far more efficient.

I will not take the mark regardless of how good the snake oil sales pitch.

Good goy, refuse to become the bridge to the overman because of a semitic political allegory.

This. Anyone who thinks other countries will share this shit are retarded. Bioengineering gives an advantage in all sorts of ways: economics, sex, politics. No way the Chinese would share it with anyone. Does anyone seriously believe they'd give this stuff to a competitor, like say, Africans whose resources they are currently taking? Or say, Indians who they've had border clashes with? It's fucking retarded Silicon Valley soy prog "fuck yeah science" utopia fantasy reasoning.

This is one reason why I get sick of amerifats on here saying stuff like, "hurrr get a trade". Motherfucker, we need people everywhere, not just in fucking trades. Especially in molecular biology, genetics, biological engineering, systems bio, biochem, microbio, and all the related areas. We need them in those areas because the two main biological threats in the coming decades are: (1) non-western countries getting their hands on this tech before us (who most assuredly will use it for competitive purposes), and (2) scientists who are also soc-jus leftists will probably be the first ones to devise a weapon against the r1b haplogroup, and we need non-cucks in the bio community to step forward at such a time to provide defenses (otherwise you'll get a bunch of virtue signalling and antifa dipshits who will try stop whites from being wiped out. Look at the current software community for an analogy).

Meant, "who will try stop us from stopping whites from being wiped out". Double neg is confusing, but should be obvious from context.

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Post proofs of Tricky being blacked.

I disagree. This is just one data point (myself) but their system is fairly imperfect. To risk sounding like a faggot, there are many "glitches" in their Matrix. Things that don't add up to anyone paying attention. Easy one: Why is Hitler the worst person in history when he only killed 6 million? Soviet and Chinese killed more? Then you start doing some research and there you go. Critical thinking is one thing I don't believe truly smart people can lack, it's just not possible.

Important also to note that if it actually works some rich fag will come in and seal the technology away for his family's use only. I don't believe we will ever see a consumer scale genetic engineering of humans that isn't just a trick to kill off millions. You don't honestly think the elites would allow the plebs to have a real chance at getting an upper hand, do you? How many times throughout history have the people been kept poor and downtrodden just to keep some rich faggot in power?

you have to be careful because it will most definitely be abused and misused by the evil globalists to put their (((code))) in you like that movie where your wrist glows green and you run out of time/money you die.

it was a very sad movie.

truth here

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what a shame would it be for them if one of them were to release the benefits to all of mankind?

In time is a interesting movie. They didn't put the limit on the time to prevent time hoarding like a jew.

if you think that's cool you might want to dive into this knowledge and see if you learn anything you like.
>the earth is flat and hollow

hilarious thread full of shills, but with some good posters. the shills arguments get destroyed and they fail miserably so it's extra fun.

think about why the ocean looks blue when the sun shines through it. think about how the sky is also blue, and how very ancient antarctic ice is also a strange blue color. makes sense? and troll science bro's with big fancy pieces of paper from the establishment claim "its rayleigh scattering, and the sky isn't actually blue it just looks blue but it isn't because it's just reyliegh scattering just trust us"

every single image of earth from space release by nasa has always been a composite image. they will never release a true non-edited picture of earth from space.

if there are as many infinite stars and galaxies as they say there are, the entire sky wouldn't have any visible individual stars because in terms of pixels on a tv screen the stars in the sky would take up every pixel of space that there is in the sky. the entire sky would always glow white and there wouldn't be a place in the sky to look at that was empty. at any distance you would eventually run in to another star so no matter how far away from the perspective of earth there wouldn't be any black sky at night.

go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the firmament. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.

they only thing that every country on earth ever agreed on and never broke their promise, as they all promised together, was to leave antarctica alone. the north pole is the center of the landmass and the south pole (antarctica) is actually a giant ring around the outer edges of the earth. it's illegal to fly there without permission (almost nobody ever gets that permission) and so it is conveniently incredibly difficult to prove or disprove this once and for all. what a coincidence.

anyone who has ever gone to a tall skyscraper that allows an all around window view with protective railing (so people dont just fall off) and looked 360 degrees all around the horizon will notice that it is always flat and never curved even at that hight, when it should be. almost all the weather balloons and homemade gopros they ever use that make it to the higher atmosphere use an added fisheye lense to add a fake curve to the horizion.

since you are very little, one of the first things you are expected to learn is that you live on the earth and the earth is a globe, and you are repeatedly shown this big spinning toy and you have a few childish thoughts like "how does everyone on the bottom not fall off?" and everyone tells you its because "gravity" holds everyone on the sphere, but remember centrifugal force is very powerful and can keep water in a bucket even though its spinning around a certain point, but it makes the bucket of water feel much more heavy, like it wants to fly off it's handle with tremendous force. now imagine that all the things on the surface of the earth including its gigantic oceans are all that "bucket of water". what do you think would or rather should have already happened to us all and our cats and dogs and houses and cars if the earth was really spinning around as fast as they want us to believe that it is?

the earth presumably being as massive as we think it is (even though it's flat) is so heavy and so big that spinning at that speed would tear it apart. forces created by the spin would be greater than the force of gravity, but that's another deeper rabbit hole.

going by the rules of globalist approved science, if you actually do the proper calculations you discover that the force of gravity is not enough to overcome the spinning force of the planet (the globe spinning on its own, not the "spin around the sun") and that we should have been catastrophically flung off of the earth in a cataclysm along with the earth spinning itself apart to pieces by now.

go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the sky water. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.
it's literally something they made up and popularized in movies, books, video games, and t.v. to brainwash you and create cognitive dissonance should you ever hear anything but their kosher version of the truth.

all rockets do this. except for this one. you can even hear the splash.
youtube. com/watch?v=IAcp3BFBYw4

well achckuwally, eugenics done alone is called eugenics. eugenics done with genetic engineering can technically be called advanced eugenics.

basically the same argument as monsanto. it's the same argument for bring pro cross pollination vs pro selective breeding in plants vs pro all out genetic modification.

who is doing the genetic modification and how they are doing it is a MASSIVE factor in how it turns out. since monsanto only gives a shit about money and they love that profit as most corporations do, we are fucked if they win. thankfully they are universally hated.

someone gets it

while a lot of the bible is bullshit, some of it is good. knowing what to trust is difficult.

until the tech gets good enough for every last linuxfag to write their own DNA in GNU GPL FREEDOM FOSS free as in free open source to the max in their own garage, nobody should touch this with a ten thousand foot pole.

1) IQ is normalized so that the average is 100.
2) Your body is a system that makes trade-offs, so the dream of achieving "the one perfect health" is idiotic.
3) China doesn't have the world's largest gene bank, because of the degree of genetic similarity between each person. The U.S. does, because of how (((diverse))) we are.
4) China doesn't do anything first, and it never has. China lets other countries do something, see if it works, then does it if it works.
5) Even assuming they do this first, you have to keep in mind that Chinese Engineers are utter trash - see Chinese zoning laws, for instance. If they adopt this first, they'll fuck it up in such a horrifying way ("whoops we forgot to account for inbreeding! Sorry for neglecting this genetic disease in 90% of your population.") that nobody ever wants to adopt the technology.

Before I even read the rest of your OP let me throw this out here.
Genetic engineering, that is - conscious changing of genes in living adult humans, is possible as of several years now. It probably already is in 2018 being done in private and underground labs. China is boasting about planning out research to do it to human embryos but we all know European blood will accomplish any real results with it.
Think of the possibilities.
Voluntarily eugenicizing non whites will be a small minority in any possible near future that stems from the current present world we inhabit.

So now I read your post.
Read about CRISPR and related technologies. You have no idea.

you really need a handful of redpills and digest em