Mixed Race Identification

I've noticed this among mixed race kids who I come into contact with a lot (teacher). Usually, when race comes up (which it does a lot at a inner-city HS), they ignorantly call themselves "black'"or "hispanic" (never "white" or "mixed"), even if their skin is ten times lighter than a paper bag and looks like pic rel.
Every time I want to say "Kid, you're not black. At most you're probably like 35%. Your race is 'mongrel', mutt. And yet I saw you the other day calling little ol' Pajeet a cracker. Although he doesn't have your pug-dog "african" abortion facial features, he's doubly less white than you." and of course I can't for obvious reasons.
I just don't understand why these kids who obviously are less than one fourth black think they're "as nigger" or "as spic" as the truest inner-city thugs urban youths, or why they would even want to identify with those people anyways.

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This isn't your blog.

It isn't, it's an ancedote to start discussion you retard.
You probably don't even understand why you aren't supposed to like blogposts, it's because they are a thread that essentially no-one can respond to in a constructive way because they're essentially removed from the situation. This is not that because it asks users a question and presents a discussion topic for users.
Your superficial understanding of imageboard culture really makes me think about how you're likely some kind of post-GG newfag or a redditor. In short,

It depends on who raises them ultimately. I've raised a mixed race kid myself No, I didn't give birth to him, nor is he my personal progeny. Not his fault his ma's a moron. who IDs as mixed and favors white culture.

cool blogpost

it's cuz (1) one drop of shit ruins the punchbowl, and (2) pajeet is indo-aryan.

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That's a shill. "I'm one of you but I disagree with everything you believe in."

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Mixed, not black = halbneger
Mixed, not spick = mestizo

And you call yourself a teacher. No wonder the general public are so braindead.

Mixed mutts should ultimately be castrated. They're not mentally or physically fit to reproduce and they're an abomination.
But it isn't their fault. Hence they shouldn't be killed, simply castrated so they don't pass their sufferings on.

Its better to be a high level nigger than a shit tier white, there are studies on this.



That's a black girl with white features.

That's a nigger.


Trust me, she'll look a lot more nigerry once puberty hits. All 'white + x' mixed-race kids do. Especially jews. You can't tell the kids apart till the bones start to grow out of natural/white proportion. Since they can't identify as white, they go for the other race. So much sadder for them.

In other words, white genes seem recessive. Once you've broken that vase, you're gonna need a hell of a geneticist or eugenics program to get it back together. Incidentally, this explains why Greece doesn't have any more world-changing philosophers, or blonde people (like Achilles) for that matter. Also, Egypt and India. You loose the race, the culture soon follows. What remains is pygmies living in ruins.

Here's an interesting read:

its almost like white genes come with instructions; DONT MIX


Since you're a moron, I'll clarify. He is family. His mother is unable to raise him, and obviously his father is not around.

Is also a moron, but that is due to an ad hominem argument.

Did you know hispanics are mixed too?


Because mulattoes compare favorably to blacks and unfavorably to whites.

Hispanic is not a race.
what is this, make WNs look like uneducated retards day?

because you'll just call them some variant of nigger anyway and push them away