Holocaust Denial Day

We need to have a “holohoax exposure Day”, in the same way there is a “Draw mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Day”.
If millions participate, they cannot imprison all of us.

It can go viral, like the Ice Bucket Challenge.

We can set up a day: for instance May 14th, which is the day Israel was created. People can be creative, make jokes, make songs, make fun, etc.

Set up a date, spread the word, and let it play out. It can spread like wildfire. The newspapers might report on it.. which will make it spread even more.

They could intimidate the Dutch cartoonists, but when millions started drawing mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker, there is nothing they could do.

In the first year some people will participate, the second year there will be more people. It will grow every year.

Our strategy right now is to unite and shout from the rooftops as loud as we can, and make jokes about them.
We also need a gimmick, a shtick: kind of like pouring an ice bucket over you. Something that is normie friendly, and it can be cool, and people could imitate it just cause it’s cool.

People can get creative during the first edition and we can find a gimmick.
It needs to be humorous, and cool.

We need to set up a “holohoax exposure Day” – and let it play out on the internet anonymously. Maybe it will spread like wildfire, and people can bring their own creative ways to celebrate it.

They cannot intimidate us if we all speak. They win because we are afraid to speak, and they only have to terrorize a few people who dare speak.

Please, if anyone is reading this: spread the word to everybody. We need to set up a day each year when we celebrate “Holocaust is a Lie” day “Holocaust Revisionism Day”.

Even if we do it anonymously on youtube and social media — the second year it will get bigger, and each year more people will join.

If we all stand together, they cannot intimidate us.

If thousands of people deny the Holocaust publicly, they cannot arrest us all. Jews are only sucessful because only a handful of people say it publicly, so they arrest them and demonize them in the media

every day is denial day, aka common sense day

The holocaust never happened.
It sure fucking should happen though

Terrified kikes can't fathom the idea their best cash cow yet is about to dry up

We need to actually declare May 14th holohoax exposure Day and everyone can chip in with Youtube videos, etc.

Celebrate this in creative ways. Create a trend. Create buzz.

We all deny it on social media: but we need to unite and have a special day when everyone makes fun of holohoax… To create a statement. To unite our efforts..

Newspapers will write about this,

Wear a lamp shade on your head. You know, cuz they made lamp shades out of the Jews.


Have one in Germany if you like, where the Holocaust still might be relevant. It makes no difference to me whether or not it was real.

I like the idea, but I don't know if anyone would buy into denying whole Holocaust. What if we made one day celebrating Holocaust Debunked Lies with a question at the end 'What else did they lie about?'

I just don't see a lot of people getting on board with denying whole thing. But if something already is confirmed a fabricated wartime propaganda, maybe then.

Holocaust is a firestarter for the massive oven public will throw kikes when they find ALL the truth by themselves.

The only thing that matters is exposing the (((lies))). Holohoax is just a part of the strategy.

January 27th, it isn't being used for anything.

03 September

What about a slightly more subversive name for it, 'questioning un-pc topics day' or similar.
This way it can be used to red pill on a variety of things and be harder to censor, as you're never sure what it'll be. It also has a questioning aspect to it which drives normalfag curiosity.

This. Holohoax Exposure is the key to bringing the whole kike empire crashing down.

They've told the biggest lie in history and kept it up for over 70 years. They used it as a pretext to steal a country from under it's people and brutally persecute the ones that stayed behind. They've had governments make laws and persecute innocent people for daring to speak the truth. They've put frail elderly people in jail that are completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

When the truth comes out, the psychological effects will be devastating. For non-Jews, it lifts the veil and exposes the true extent of Kike power, their contempt for us Goyim, and their willingness to cheat and deceive without compunction to achieve their goals. When you see the truth you never look at Kikes the same again, or ever trust them with anything.

For the Kikes themselves, it would represent a "Goyim knowing" crisis not seen since 1933. Their power is fragile, so much of it is dependent on fooling the Goyim, and when they lose that ability, as happened in Germany, they become helpless. But worse, on top of this they will suffer a crisis of conscience within their own ranks never seen before. It's only the elite Jews that know the truth. The lie was as much to create solidarity among lower Jews as to guilt the Goyim.

I'm tying to imagine the psychological impact of thinking yourself a member of a poor persecuted minority, only to realise that your people are actually the worst liars and cheats in world history. And it gets worse, for when you re-examine the history more closely, not only were your people not subject to this evil act of mass-murder, they actually perpetrated one on many times the scale against the people they accused. The Kike suicide rate would go through the roof, I'm sure. I also think a large number would opt to abandon their Jewish identity, and attempt to assimilate completely to their host nations.

If the Goyim awaken en masse, Kike power will evaporate globally. We have no reason to be intimidated by their supposed financial power, it is completely dependent on our continued cooperation with their global financial system. You can't eat gold or credit derivatives. Private property depends on sovereign governments to enforce ownership rights, and they can seize any asset within their borders at will. Germany showed what can be achieved by opting-out of the Jewish scam.

And the way to do this is to speak strongly on the matter of Stalin, and Communism.

20 million, CDEFG, Stalin, Communism:

20 million Christians Died in Exile, Famine, and the Gulags (always capitalize Gulag). There has never in all the Earth, in all of time, been a man so wicked as Stalin, and there is no more vile an ideology as Communism. We must not forget.

^ Perfectly combats their branding. Any time they bring their shit up, elbow your way to the front of the line, "20 million is greater than 6 million - we must consider first the worse horror".

In many countries it is illegal to question what you're told in history class.

We should do this on holohoax remembrance day

Learn it,
20M CDEFG Stalin Communism
Christians Died in Exile, Famine, Gulags

There is no need to deny - it's downright inadvantageous. People still believe the official story re. 911, where quite obviously Building 7 had some tinkering.

Rather than battling already entrenched beliefs, brand our own brands, to counter theirs. A worse evil erases a previously-known lesser one. This is human nature. It's an override.

The holohoax is the keystone to jewish power and the justification for White genocide, it's the most important thing to expose.


People already know about the deaths under communism, that isn't going to cut it. And focusing solely on that runs the risk of enforcing
the evergrowing kosher narrative that "it's not the jews, it's the commies".

We aren't going to win until the jews lose their holy hoax.

Connect it to victim hood somehow. Like meme a grassroots "free palestine" day, then use it an excuse to push how israel uses the holocaust story as a cover for their human rights abuses, and the ebil male dominated UN helps play along with it. Then connect that to the Occupy Wall st movement and point out that Palestine should be free to #Occupy and end the tyranny of the holohoaxing yids.

Of course use palestinian women of color as the only socks to actually push the holohoax, as they have built in immunity to jewish spells cast all the way to level 30.

I knew that England declared war on Germany, but I was not aware that France did as well, thanks user.

They're other versions of that kosher narrative, too. Like Marxists saying "it's not the Jews, it's capitalism" or "it's not the Jews, it's only the Zionists, CIA, Freemasons and Mossad" along with the stupid notion that "Judaism rejects Zionism" while supporting kikes that are anti-Pissrael. Marxists tend to be anti-Pissrael and anti-Zionist as well, and like to compare kikes killing off sandniggers to the Holohoax as if it ever happened. Carlos Latuff is a great example of this, it's also been revealed that this huezilian sandnigger is a literal cuckold.

No they don't. Surveys have shown this.

< ignoring our brand, Christianity
They particularly don't know that Christians were the subject of the greatest horror of all of time.

If you can't take the leap, then stay off the horse.

The way to kill the brand isn't to argue with people. It's to engage in memetic warfare. Consider how many very strong memes exist:
1. Jew as the greatest victim
2. The Holocaust (tm) Brand (you can't publish on the topic - anywhere - without their permission, so it's a trademark)
3. The Hitler "Great Satan" (this is why kikes push a version of religion without Satan. People today believe in their great Satan, ergo, their whole package).
4. The "Nazi" "Satan's Church"

You will notice kikes don't dilute their branding. They're quite shrewd about this. When Whites get dangerously close to achieving branding they'll suddenly - (((COINCIDENTALLY))) - begin "helping" the Whites, by pointing out even more examples, and then they yammer on, go to Pol Pot, Mao, other bullshit, confuse the message, their branding then gets stamped on all these things, hand-wave, micro-Hitler/Nazis, but all get placed under their banner.

Corporations do the same. They have one logo, one name, one hero, one enemy, and one evil-ism/cult.

Try it out. You could watch Lisa Su today:
Logo: AMD's logo
Name: AMD
Hero: Lisa Su
Enemy: (Intel, doesn't admit this on TV)
Evil-ism: Insecurity

Facts can contribute, but you can see how Lisa Su doesn't give a fuck about what everyone else is saying about Intel. Why? It's DILUTES THEIR CORPORATE BRAND! IT REDUCES SALES!


Then make this fact blatant as well. Surely german foreign exchange students, people abroad, people who can bypass firewalls, they might all agree that it's illegal to question it and will thus look more into it.


its not just the jews, its the communists, capitalists, the zionists, CIA freemasons and mossad.

The wording gives the impression that the person is attacking a public truth. It would be better to call it holocaust fact day, or just holocaust facts. Then present sourced information that attacks holocaust narratives. This places the onus on your opponent to disprove your assertions. People in the US who paid attention in history are aware of the anti-German propaganda that was fed to American media at the time. Remind them of this fact, then show them how it was done.

But that is where the problem lies, though. Everytime these Marxists and "anti-Zionists" always reek of "Not the Jews not the Jews not the Jews! Hey goyi- I mean guys, do you know who's the true culprit behind all of this, it's X (please don't mention the Jews, you filthy anti-Semites!)".

Didn't some kikes recently make March anti-semitism awareness month? Maybe we could poison that hashtag and spread exposure for the whole month.


Don't put it on the founding of Israel day. Put it on some day that is not related to any of this. it will just make people mad and they won't look into it sincerely. What we need to do is find the most non-hateful and sincere way of framing this. Not about hating jews or about glorifying National Socialist Germany (both of which are fine but will trigger normies) but rather about historic truth and understanding what actually happened. I don't think anyone here is denying that jews were killed in large numbers by the natsoc regime or that jews were persecuted. This makes most normies enraged because they view persecuting a group for the actions of a few immoral. We need to avoid arguing over facts and evidence and control the context of the narrative. things like it being illegal to ask questions about the nature of the supposed holocaust and how people have been jailed not for hating jews but just for thinking that this event didnt occur how the historians claim. Pointing out that the soviet union was responsible for a lot of this and so on.

illegal history day