So after a speech that Oprah gave at the Golden Globes yesterday, half of (((Hollywood))) apparently wants her to run for president in 2020. Even the neocons are getting on board, just like they did with Hillary in 2016:

Not even sure if he's trolling or if he's truly lost his mind tbh.

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Well this could be interesting.

Seriously what the fuck?
Sage for my sheboon allergy

This is one of the problems with America. You could have Trump for 8 years, only to pave the way for a fucking nigger to come along and undo it all. With the way demographics are going, that's not altogether unlikely. Plus, unfortunately there are too many white cucks already gushing at the possibility of voting for "everyone gets a car" OPRAAAAAAAAAAH!
Not like my nation is any better, in fact far worse

*Or 4 years in the 2020 case.

This time it'll be drone strikes for everyone, user. :^)

Soy-ridden cucks, women and niggers (read: the entire democrat voter base) are far too stupid to understand why Trump won, so they are now latching at the "celebrity" aspect of him and throwing an embarrassing tantrum while convinced "if a celebrity won then our celebrity can win next time too"

It certainly frames all the (((Weinstein))) drama, and the DNC leadership shake-ups; The Clintonistas are old news, it's all Kang Nigger's people now. Oprah fundraised for him, big time…

Well, she's fucked. The only thing this filthy kike is good at is being wrong.

That faggot is delusional if he thinks she has a shot.

I hope she runs, it would be funny really.

At least she has eyebrows.

communist kike.

Goldberg should be her vice presidential candidate. This should be made as repulsive as possible.

The hypocrisy of kikes is always astounding.
Yeah that surely is going to help her a lot, not like most everyday people still hate the Iraq War. The sad part is Oprah would likely get as much if not more of the nigger vote then Obama did, let alone the cat lady vote.

Trump basically said "Bush lied, people died" on national television during the primaries and still had a landslide victory. Nobody wants another nigger running a war.

Would be fucking crazy, if you want to emasculate America some more after the last nigger and kike puppet presidents, vote for this nigress who got trolled by 9000 penises.

This motherfucking nigger. Iraq is finally fucking putting itself back together. They have the first competent PM in living memory, he's going through local and national corruption with an axe, and their economic systems are finally coming back online as we speak.


Everything that isn't directly under the heel of Israel needs changing, goy

God dammit why can't this old neocon kike backstabber just die or kill himself already? He's all of the Jews' worst qualities exemplified in one person.

He's mentioning her helping prop it up before the Iraq War, like any cuckservative, the Iraq War was never a mistake, so apparently shitting on Bush is right while a nigress who supported trillions of dollars and many american lives wasted for zog is so presidential.

Oprah is probably one of the few who could present a threat.

Thanks to how Obongo ran the Democrat party he left it not only with massive debts but also with eight years of zero talent development.
There were no efforts made to develop the next wave of Democrat leaders. All progression and notoriety in the party came via proximity to Obama.
This is why you had Hilary and Sanders as the only two real candidates for their nomination. Both of them fucking ancient and one of them more a joke candidate than anything else.

So thanks to that if they want to run a candidate next election they either need to run someone that nobody knows, rapidly develop a candidate in these the just under three years remaining OR import someone with notoriety and an existing personal brand that is well known.

If they're going to try and push Oprah then it'll mean they've chosen to bring in outside talent.
Which is definitely one of the better options. As it's going to take a decade or two to fix the damage Obama and Hilary did to the party in terms of its ability to raise and develop politicians.

Oprah unfortunately also brings numerous benefits.
One thing Trump did well in the campaign was his hats and other merchandise but mostly the hats. They were everywhere, he sold them and handed them out in vast quantities. Each of those hats being a strong and visually distinctive political advertisement with their large numbers serving to cement the idea of him having popular support.
While he had some merchandising experience, Oprah has not only got a lot more but an existing merchandising infrastructure including both manufacture and distribution.
So if she runs. Expect Oprah for president merchandise to be fucking everywhere.

Another benefit she brings is her media presence. Bitch got the links. Not only is she able to easily get preferential treatment and access from the news media but also the entertainment media. Expect a huge outpouring of support for her from the media establishment and celebrities. Expect it to completely eclipse that given to Hilary.
Because unlike Hilary, Oprah is one of them. And most of them like her.
Which ties into her general fame. Her old show was fucking insane in terms of its reach and viewership. A fucking talkshow that was syndicated for over 20 god dam years.
It won a fuckton of daytime emmys before she told them to stop giving her the awards.
What's worse is since she shut it down she hasn't let her media/personal brand die out. She's kept it going and only expanded it.
Also her fans. Her fans are fucking insane, they're essentially a cult and will do anything for her. So she pretty much already has a small army of loyal mindless campaigners.

But there's one last factor that must be raised.
Her wealth. Bitch be rich yo.
While her overall worth is a full billion lower than Trumps we must remember one important difference. Her wealth is almost entirely liquid or easily liquidated assets. Trumps is primarily tied up in real estate.
She could easily afford to sink a ludicrous sum into her own campaign. Trump sank and wrote off 50 million into his campaign. Oprah could easily afford to sink hundreds of millions into her campaign and just laugh it off.

If anyone could present a threat to Trump. It's Oprah.
Truly this timeline is Keks masterpiece because I can't imagine how it could possibly be more entertaining.

fuck, lets get our mememagic back in track

She's the queen of gibsmedats. Her (((schtick))) was throwing out gibs to her audience. In a way, she'd be perfect for their party.
However, I'm not sure there's much room for growth when the Dims already have 9 out of 10 nigger votes every single election well, aside from importing voters…WALL NOW

Oprah better prepare herself.
we do not forgive
we do not forget
we have OVER 9000 Penises, and they are all raping kids!

Funny thing.
Niggers don't vote much. So the nigger vote while useful isn't reliable enough for them to trust it too much and they got to put in a lot of ground effort to make them vote.
Obama was an aberration on that front as he drew the nigger out to vote in huge swarms that are atypical of nigger voting patterns.
But the perceived failure of Obama by nigger orgs now means many are speaking out against the "democrat plantation" that black voters occupy.

She might well be able to bring them back onto said plantation and get them to come out and vote.

Everything you just said is applicable to Hillary, and Hillary was still crushed. Stop LARPing.

And fat women all over America rejoice.

Might, but then again, this is a chaotic timeline and this bitch is gullible and naive to lead a country, but she would make a great puppet, now her political stances are pretty much pro-gibs everything while not giving us a preview of anything else, and there's this one thing, her brand is the complete opposite of Trump, she's fucking nice, too fucking nice, if she goes to politics she's gonna get eaten up both domestic and foreign unless zog and the dems control the fabric of reality, she'll fuck up while playing nice.

You would think with the amount of guns and patriots in the u.s someone would take one for the team.

Hilary has no merchandising experience.
She didn't have the sort of media presence or personal brand that Oprah does.
You read nothing

You think she'll be deciding her agenda?
She'll be a puppet with both of zogs arms right up that fat ass.
She's already proven she can read from a script after all.

Again, you're a LARPer.

It'll be Obama all over again, expect 4-8 years of fucking up and accelerating the race war and cultural enrichment, her brand power is good, but I'm waiting on how many people who aren't from the East or West coast resonate with her.

Just to remind you how much you should hate this talentless greasy kike

not everything you read is an absolute you illiterate nigger

You give Oprah far too much credit, and Martha Stewart would get farther than Oprah ever could. Too bad she's a felon.
I can only imagine the skeletons that are in Oprah's closet…


A lesbian nigger, the perfect identity politics candidate.



I dunno. I'm a little concerned. She's Hillary with better branding and more oppression points. Those are the things that matter to our opposition.

I could absolutely see Oprah winning the presidency. Every single democrat would vote for her, and if you think all the powers of media and the entertainment industry were behind Hillcunt? Wheew lad you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Oprah is the prime queen negress bee of television

Considering the ratings her show got?
I'd say she's liable to have some support all over.
But then we must also remember that the Democrats will be treading new ground here. She's essentially their first attempt at leveraging a modern celebrity into a politician.

Her reach, fame and wealth are no joke.

Those hats were an amazing idea.
You don't comprehend how important they were.
Political adverts are common and most people ignore them like they do all advertising. Whether it be TV, radio or whatever.
People also acknowledge them as a paid for service and thus not indicative of the support a candidate has. And we are at the end of the day still dominated by instincts that make most want to go with the flow and conform to the group.

But the hats?
Each time you saw someone with those hats it was a conscious decision by that person to wear it. It hit in a way paid for ads never could.
And those hats were fucking everywhere. Every time you saw someone wearing them you were hit in the face with a reminder that Trump has supporters and those supporters are all over.
When you saw a huge mob of them all in those hats your primitive monkey instincts tell you that you too need a hat to fit in with the dominant group.

I had not seen a political play of such exquisite mastery since Obama set off the whole birther thing.
Pic is literally my face when I realised what Trump was doing with those hats.

they said the same thing about trump
prepare for state enforcement homosexuality

She supported Obama. When the tax breaks kick in plus industry coming back, all Americans will see how much they were duped and how toxic Obama is, even more than Bush.
And bringing in female Obama, now with more experience in handing out free shit isn't going to help.
Democrats battling against an successful incumbent could put out Trump v2 improved and it would matter becouse of the results that the original Trump brought.

Holy shit you are fucking retarded. Let me break it down for you.



Oprah came to my town 20 years ago for her first episode and complained that there were no black people living here. The last black person that lived in our town was here in the 1920’s and went around raping people. The town lynched him when the police did fuck all about it.

Now then, twenty years later we have been invaded by Indians, the Chinese mafia peddles opium and runs ilegal gambling dens here, we have pandhandlers walking around and wildlife coming down from the city to rape, steal and plunder.

I will never forgive Oprah for bringing this shit to my town and anybody who underestimates her ability to reach the hearts of bleeding hearts is fucking retarded.

died before it left the gate

Depends if the Dems can stop imploding itself, they might have the media and a lot of useful idiots but they have their own civil war between completely progressive commies to neo-libs, and we'll have to see what the next few years will reveal, there is that growing pedowood disillusionment, and we'll see, I'm waiting for those Obama bootlickers to meet with her and prepare her as Magical Queen Negro.

What the fuck is Oprah even going to run on? "Hurr I'm not BLIMPF"? She is not going to go more extreme than Trump, so he can easily wipe the floor with her when the debates start happening.

The only problem is no one was lynched.

Yes, yes. You think you're some kind of mega-genius that, like, understands the Universe down to its most primitive concepts, and the only reason why you're not at the top of the world is because you're too busy being smart to do anything. That much is understandable, Bill.

Holy shit, I don't care. You're acting like Donald Trump somehow doesn't have anything Oprah doesn't have. Fuck off, retard.

Thats what they said about Trump.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next election winds up being Oprah vs Trump.

Difficult to do that when the National Guard rolls up with bradley tanks.

Yes but for now the Dems are essentially in a holding pattern. Their next election manifesto is liable to be the same as past ones.
It's going to be years most likely before we see the Obama damage getting sorted out and new players taking the lead in the Democrats.

If Oprah is going to be their front actor. Then it will all come down to which faction controls her.

And what's her appeal?
Trump is returning more jobs, more money to already fucked working class. Bringing in nationwide voter ID. Supporting vets.
What's sheboon's charm again 'muh vagina?'
I guess shes personally buys car for every voter.
Sage for hatred for this sheboon

She has no substance though. It's not like she's going to make railing against the banks the main point of her campaign.

anons should be starting to think of other angles of attack too
because this was more than just a feeler, IMO.

Pick one and only one.


Still too early to predict, she has no platform but she'll learn from Shillary's mistake, I'm already seeing "Stronk Independant Black Womyn Dyke" ads for her, gonna be interesting on what she will do.

Didn't Trump facetiously say he'd support Operah in the past? ib4;

Her campaign will I imagine be a fairly typical Democrat one with the same Democrat talking points.
Maybe incorporating some of the shit Sanders supporters advocated.
At least in terms of policies proposed.

If it was so simple as proposing the right policies then we wouldn't be where we are now.
If humans were as rational as the neo-libs and neo-cons insist then we wouldn't be here right now having this discussion.

Trump won because he took the initiative early on and displayed a high level of dominance and strength compared to his opponents.
Humans react to that.

He combined it with a policy platform that appealed to many voters.

I doubt we'll see that kind of advertising angle this time.
Hilary's "TIME FOR A WOMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!" lines seemed to put off a lot of people and the Democrats analysts will have definitely picked up on that by now.

The Trump vs Oprah interdeimensional chess game has clearly been afoot for a while.

you do realize that by 2020 the word democrat is going to be associated with the rape murder and cannibalism of children the world over right?

Incidentally a huge part of Oprah's brand is that she was a stronk wayman who stood up to her ab-user.

You're retarded. Nobody wore Trump hats in swing states that decided the election. The only places people wore Trump hats were states that were already red. People were frightened for their lives in blue and swing states to wear Trump gear for fear of their car being keyed.

Oh to be young again.
Most of it is already getting memory holed.


There's a big difference between pointing out potential strengths of an opponent and tonguing their asshole. Go to bed, Kristol.

Yes all of our enemies are weak and completely inferior in every perceivable way.
As such we don't need to think or do anything because our inherent superiority will see us to victory.

good point. Wont help them or her though. By the time 2020 rolls around memetics will be much more powerful than they are even today.

Pence is ready for this dyke.

Which are in reverse, with more white births and actual white births, the soyboys in the last thread had no sources for the births being mexicunts when their numbers were clearly shown and beaners are being kicked out and deported and that's without the wall even being built. ICE is being revitalized and will only get exponentially better at doing their job they've been prevented from doing for almost 40 years.

All you useful idiots not realizing it was ashkeNazism the whole time


the second one says "I am red pilled I know everything" is when they get deceived again. The rabbit hole is deep, very deep.

No, Kristol. I know it's you. Anime isn't a good enough mask. Rick Wilson and Kike Ecchiwald have shown even Cuckservatives can unironically enjoy anime in some twisted way perfectly suited for mouthbreathing mongoloids.

This the best argument you got?

Anyone with blue collar curb appeal will "present a "threat"; Trump didn't win in '16 so much as the DNC completely fucking blew it. A few hundred thousand disaffected democrats across half a dozen states are the reason that Trump scraped by with the win and he only scooped those up because the DNC had neglected them to the point that they were ready to jump ship at the drop of a hat.

Yes, Kristol. You're just that easy.

This is true. Problem is the Democrats don't have anyone with that kind of appeal.
They didn't just fuck up they fucked up everything

Ordinarily what would make sense is creating a new populist candidate that runs against the incumbent in 2020, since he is new he will probably lose but you use this time and opportunity to get his name and “ideas” (talking points) out there for the real election in 2024. The schizos running the democrat party do not understand this, they seem to be in a constant state of hysteria so they will use lowest common denominator gimmicks and fraud to force a "win". Hopefully it will not be possible.
They love her politically, I do not think most celebrities can stand each out due to envy or other petty reasons, in the sheboon’s case: imagine having to spend time with that self-important DMV tier piece of shit, probably smells too.
They were, this used to be the case however her popularity died out after she endorsed obama, had that book melt-down, and ended her show ( car gimmick could only work for so long). I believe her cable/subscription channel was very lowly rated as well…
Right now oprah only really has name recognition and money (jews will fund 100%), however I admit that it would not be too difficult for the left to hype up this baboon, in fact they are already doing it. The question is will they be successful? Will man-hating & anti-white politics win?
If so, holy shit stuff is going to get really bad…. Marshal law bad. I don’t doubt that monkey would deploy the police state into white neighborhoods to “stop crime”(oppress law abiding white people) meanwhile letting niggers to run wild…. obama 2.0

Not to mentions that bernouts got royally fucked in 16. Plebbit didn't take Bern's cuckery too kindly either.
DNC is divided.

If someone with half a brain manages to take power in the party then we'll see a merging of the two camps with a common agenda sharing elements of both.
But it's unlikely.

I hope you are right. I hope by then Trump will have put the liberal menace in its place, but that is just hope right now, but as long as their trials are still in the court of public opinion and not sending them to some unbearable fate they still have a chance as long as legacy media still has it's reach. Should the status quo of today remain, Oprah is a good foil to Trump.

And so on. It is definitely too earlier to artistically screech and meme over, but it would be fairly foolish to be complacent.

Her charities are liable to filled to the brim with fraud
Also her privileged lifestyle is far removed from that of normal blacks so could use that

She'll get the same vote as hillary, niggers, faggots, and soyboys.

I still don't like this. Trump's has 3 years to take her down.

This is a complete non-starter for a few reasons:
First, literally everything (((Bill Kristol))) says is wrong. The man is an absolutely perfect reverse-barometer.
Second, Oprah has a lot of skeletons in her closet. Tons. Even the custodial staff at Harpo has to sign lifetime non-disclosure agreements. God knows what her employees have seen/will leak.
Third, she has a long public record of saying untakeably stupid shit. Does anybody remember how she shilled for "The Secret," which was a primitive nigger/female form of meme magic that didn't work? She has an awful lot of public statements that would sabotage her.
Fourth, she's got the credentials of a complete retard. It took her fifteen years to get a Bachelor's degree from Tennessee State!

Not worried. Wish a nigga would.

I hate the fact that every so often one needs to spend energy voting for some politician just so the other retard opposing him doesn't rape you with their xenophilla, faggotry, and crippling tax hikes.
This needs to end, either you are an American ( you put America and its people first) or you get the firing squad.

Idk who would be the worst match up for Trump: Bernie "everyone gets free shit" Sanderberg, Michael "remember barryO??????" Obama or Oprah "Im a famous gay black female billionaire I will totally help you" Winfrey. I'm a pessimist by nature but I still fear that we will have lost the White House by 2020.

we are steering the ship now.

See pics related, CivNatCuck.

As long as she's not gonna rail against the big banks or the Israel lobby, nothing's going to change.

eat shit with your concern

We influence the hands holding the wheel.

But the ships officers conspire against us.
There's outright mutiny below decks.
The quartermaster is still selling the ship piece by piece.
And the guy in the crows nest is blind.

when you figure out how the ship works you'll understand. We hold the wheel.

The wheel is connected to the rudder by a series of ropes. All too easy to cut those ropes.
Without the crew properly controlling the sails we won't go anywhere.
And if the quartermaster sells everything from under us there won't be a ship at all.

What use is a wheel if the sails and rudder are sabotaged?

Who said that?
jews, spics, niggers and whatever other non-whites need to go.
I'm just pissed off that there are a political parties that regularly undermine & subvert the US and its sovereignty and nobody gives a shit.

Right, Satan. The problem is that our multicultural country doesn't get the respect it deserves. Maybe the next kike-financed politician will turn that around without anybody needing to get deported or shot. Maybe we can just all vote really hard.

At this point we should just take the analogy to it's logical comclusion.

The Captain needs to do his job, execute the mutineers and kill the pirates.

Hard to do that without a crew or reliable officers.
No man rules alone and a captain is worthless on his own.

I fucking want it. Right up until the fucking debates were Trump will take his sweet ass time to explain to everyone watching how close that painted sheboon and Weinstein, Clinton, Insert Hollywood kike here and co really are.

electronic voting machines to the recue

It is hard. Its a hard job to be the captain.That is why you need a strong captain who is willing to do what it takes to fix the situation.

You're stuck in the Rambo delusion.
It can't be done alone.

Honestly, good point. At the end of the day it would still allow Trump to do what he does best.

If it was possible I'd love to start every day with a nice cup of tea and a webm of that slimy fucker Bill Kristol getting strangled.

it would never get old.

Rambo was a soldier, not a sailor. In the worst of times a captain needs a new crew who wants what is best for the ship to fight back. If there is something preventing that, then the people the captain needs to fight first are those who stand in his way of doing that.

You really believe we have to think about how to damage Oprah 'everyone gets a african child hooker' Winfrey?

Case in point.

He is checking her water retention.

Literally who?

lol they deleted this tweet

Well you see mister Trips Oprah Winfrey is a famous old rich gay nigress.
She did a few things on american TV back in the day.

Oh you didn't know?

a (((neocon))) "conservative" who has always hated Trump

I've met Oprah. She would come into the store I worked at regularly. She's a raging cunt who treated employees like peasants.

I hope she wins just so we can have our race war. RWDS 2020

Choose one and only one.

Yeah, they were only able to steal 5 states, and got caught in another 5. If they could've stolen all 10 Hillary might've been President. Dems gotta step their game up in 2020.

With national voter ID that might be tad hard

Pass. The corruption in places like CA and NY is certainly a big problem, but you'll only bring that same system to all 50 states by Federalizing the system.

making ID's mandatory to vote is a bad thing? did you have an aneurysm?

You'd be shocked.
Every now and then they get someone good.
Obama was a beast on the campaign, knew how to run that game like a pro

The DNC found themselves a magic nigger congrats to them.
But what are they going to do this time? Another magic nigger? Another white woman? A black woman to combine the negative aspects of the last two?
How about they try to run a fucking white male?
Honestly as another user already pointed out, they didn't just fuck up, they fucked up everything.


Depended on the swing state. Regardless of whether or not it won converts, I think it definitely promoted intense in-group loyalty and thus motivation to vote. Which is something Hillary did not have.

I agree with the other user, Oprah is a major threat. Her skeletons are bad, but also likely the kind democratic voters could forgive. Closet degeneracy is only a real problem for Republicans. Democrats get into shit for cheating or disloyalty, the types of degeneracy that women dislike. See: Edwards or Wiener. Even then, Clinton's charisma was so powerful that they've all forgiven him for Lewinsky. Oprah being gay? They'll break out the rainbow flags and have a parade to celebrate how strong she is for finally coming out of the closet. She might lose the hispanic vote, but they may also matter less by that point anyway. And, as another user pointed out in a different thread, their kids are not into conservative Catholicism. Get the "cool South American Pope" to embrace her and you might even win over the older conservative hispanics in spite of everything.

That said, the Bernie bros will still hate her and everything she represents. She'll never be able to pull the hard-core ideologues in the base to her side. However, she will be able to keep the BLM monkey off her back, so her lack of radical support will probably be a net win. In addition to being horrible as a person, Kamala Harris would fall so far afoul BLM for her ties to prisons that it might make her untenable in a primary. So Oprah probably won't have to fight hard against any "establishment" competition.

Trump can still win if he can steal the blue dogs like he did in 2016. They will instinctively dislike Oprah as much as they instinctively disliked Hillary, which is a disadvantage Obama did not face. However, Oprah will have a charismatic pull on the democratic base that Hillary could never have dreamed of achieving. To defeat Oprah, they'll need to be lower working class whites doing financially well-enough to vote in the swing states to beat her. They'll need to be motivated and invigorated to do the grassroots legwork.

Trump needs MAGA to work for the future of the Republicans.

B…but she be busy and sheitttt helpin the peoples.
by chance was it a BA in nigger studies?


Oprah is by all definitions of the term a magical nigger. That other user was not exaggerating when he claimed this ape commands a literal army of fanatics ready to scoop their own eyeballs out for her

Typical of niggers tbh.

ffs forgot pic

You've missed one name, Elizabeth Warren. She was also commercialized as the possible candidate for the presidency. Although, I don't know how much will this Pocahontas of hers damage her image.

Fun Fact: The name on her birth certificate is "Orpah," a biblical name. But her nigger family was too fucking stupid to remember that, so they called her "Oprah," and it stuck.

From Kikepedia:

Somebody voted Oprah the winner of a beauty contest.

True however said wizardly wypipo hater also has a skeleton army worthy of Nagash in her closet. Once she gets nominated Trump is going to rip her apart in the air. He can fucking START by showing how she was aiding and covering form hollywood pedokikes. The fucking GOJ and FBI are reopening the Hillary cases and you think the kikes can over that up? She will try to be the next Obama and end up just like Clinton.


I wonder what that nigger looked half a century ago. Hell even Merkels body was great back then.


NH in blue?
I thought they were "taxation i s theft" people.

Lolnope still a fucking trainwreck.
That does raise the question, was that won pageant (((influenced)))?

Who could forget over 9000?

And telling every state to use voter ID is wrong, how? You do realize that stops vote bussers, multi voters and spics elsewhere, right?

That this is even a discussion, let alone remote possibility

(((John Podhoretz))) made the same case for "muh nice, polite, generous Auntie" Oprah back in September 2017

What the fuck are these people smoking?

h-how in the fuck?

Leftism, the deadliest drug known to man

Ironically, the thing from this video that would most likely sink her with other niggers is the "dedicated men and women of law enforcement" line.

Christ, I wish I could have lived before the Jews came here and gave niggers the vote. It must have been amazing.

ZOMG ALL CAPS SUPER IMPORTANT NEWZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

Didn't 2016 demonstrate that people are tired of fucking celebrities. Hillary had all the celebrity endorsements in the world and she still lost. Now they want Oprah to run. They want The Rock to run. I think at one point they even floated the idea of getting Jay-Z or Kanye to run.

They haven't learned fucking anything


Comments straight from the top video of the speech on trending.

Technically Trump was a celebrity or at least a tv personality.
Probably why they try to copy the recipe and push another kosher one that's successful and doesn't have the speaking skills of a harpy.

good time to watch this

I dispute this. Politicians generally try to present a veneer of respectability. This is why your standard political scandals are very effective against them, because they peel away at that veneer. Your standard political scandal will never hurt Trump, because his flaws are readily apparent. He is what he is and he never pretends to be otherwise.

Oprah, on the other hand, has built her brand image on being a respectable, successful black woman. Your standard political scandal is just built to destroy her.

That first one is sarcasm, right?

But what these people don't seem to understand is that being a celebrity was a very small part of why Trump won. Notoriety meant that the media, against their better judgment, wasn't going to ignore him. The man himself did the rest

Literally every prediction he makes is wrong, and yet he doesn't give up. Also, seriously, America is not going to vote for another nog. We had one, and he damn near destroyed the country in a mere 8 years.

You're onto something there. I couldn't quite place her odd features.

Whites have already reversed the fertility decline after Trump won the election.

The old boomers don't have much time left, Gen Z is already proving to be the most right wing generation since WW2. Given 7 years a significant amount of Gen Z will already be voting right.

Take the white pill you faggot, things are looking better than in any other time in our lives (college aged people)

Running would destroy Oprah's brand. She hasn't faced real scrutiny. Neither had Hillary. Like Hillary, Democrats will pull their punches with Oprah and force her through. That will cause them to run a weak candidate. Hillary did not have the mental fortitude to run for president. Oprah does not have the emotional fortitude.

He was laying down the foundations and trained for the presidency for 20 years and even longer. Most likely intentionally and not a spur of the moment just becouse Obama insulted him. One of the goals was that every one in the US heard his name at least once.
They didn't ignore him becouse he knew how to edge them on. Which he learnt in those 20 years.

Guys, I've been thinking a lot about this. I think Holla Forums has everything backwards.

Podesta Group and the Awans were selling nukes and nuclear classified material for over a decade to literal snakbar terrorists who've shown their willingness to snakbar in America. See 9/11. So, here's the thing, given that everybody in intel/Congress etc. was blackmailed and untold number of nukes and the info to deliver them was given to ragheads, it looks like almost a sure thing that one of those niggers is going to snackbar a nuke, probably in New York.

This is good, because once we get irradiated, we can have the true spilt that's necessary adn form a new white nation, at least among the survivors (and presuming a lot of contingencies work out, like avoiding global nuclear war maybe) idk

fuck it. i think we need to say loud and proud I SUPPORT ISRAEL I SUPPORT ISRAEL. that needs to be UNITED STATES POLICY. BEST FRIEND ISRAEL BEST FRIEND. as snakbars with nukes get madder and madder and look at their geospatial/navy intel and bombs they have and prepare to detonate in NYC, we fuckin live off the land in Idaho and shit. Get ready for nigger shit to pop off hard.


Lots of unfounded concern here. Oprah would win if her opposition was not allowed to talk to her as all leftists, nogs and lard-arsed-sofa-zombies would vote for her. However she'll never get through any questioning or grilling from ANY opposition. The bitch will break down and cry as soon as people show up to her rallies and make monkey noises, throw bananas or fly her banner/slogan only with her picture and name replaced with Koko the Gorilla (who actually would be the better candidate).

She will fall apart in the same vein as Dianne Abbott in the UK. Idiotic negresses can do fine when they're brought along to sit there and look ugly, but as soon as they open their blubbery mouths they reveal themselves to be the incompetent imbeciles that they are. She will be torn apart by ANYONE who talks to her about any real issues. She is used to asking the questions - and like all people who interrogate others for a living, she will fall apart as soon as she herself is interrogated.

No matter what most democrats believe, people did not vote for Trump because he was a celebrity. They voted for him because he knew what he was talking about. The US economy is booming, the isolationist stance (even if it hasn't really been followed as much as we would like) proved exceptionally popular and astute, and he could handle anything people threw at him with genuine rebuttals. He's a smart bastard who actually knows what he's talking about.

Some fat monkey will be able to parrot what her hook-nosed handlers tell her, but as soon as she has to answer questions on the spot she will fall apart and likely start making chimp noises. It's going to be hilarious.

look like Aliens is this where Alien abduction stories come from?

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

One of the reasons I want her to run.
Until the debates she'll seem good.
Then it all comes to tumbling down tumbling down

they were singed off is a crack pipe accident

Lots of successful businessmen toy with presidential runs. Usually nothing ever comes from them. Based on his actions, when Trump said prior to 2015 that he didn't want the Presidency I'm inclined to believe him.
He built a brand and that brand was useful in getting his message out there. But President Trump (and candidate Trump) is ultimately very different from Apprentice Trump or Real Estate Mogul Trump. As a politician Trump emphasises his kinship with the common man, he's just like them. Whereas as a celebrity Trump rubbed shoulders with other big celebrities, he had Michael Jackson appear at his casino opening and in ads for his casino. He had numerous celebrities of varying notability appear as contestants on The Apprentice. He appeared in numerous scripted TV shows and movies. He brought very little of this to his Presidential campaign. Many of the celebrities who he had worked with did not support his campaign. Many disavowed him and many were more than openly hostile against him. In effect, while he still had his name recognition he had to rebuild his brand from scratch to suit his political aspirations. In this way, celebrity played such a minimal part in his campaign and eventual election.

I always pegged her for a black ET

There is a lot to be said about our generation's hatred of Oprah. She made my life hell every time she told my mother that something was the devil. How about we fucking remind everyone about every time she said something was the devil, so that she will be ridiculed by the left? This bitch even said that dnd was satan.

Pinging her rabid endorsements of the new age movement and those connections to satanism should be a very effective vector of attack.

Just a reminder to all reading this, there's some history around Oprah's school that could benefit us to start digging into now.

Working on that later once she's invested herself into the campaign will have allowed them time to make sure that her background is as squeaky clean as possible. Strike now while the iron is hot, before they have a chance to maneuver into a more defensible position. Also, digging up all of her skeletons now will convey the message that whoever they pick as a figurehead will be torn asunder by their history of abuse and scandal.

I did some very quick digging on this situation and found a few things that other diganons can check against their own records or run with if need be.

Oct 2007 - Oprah Begs Forgiveness
November 2007 - Father Calls Headmistress a Liar
Mar 2009 - 4 Students expelled for Sexual misconduct
Mar 2010 - Oprah Settles Defamation Lawsuit Out of Court
Feb 2011 - Dead Baby Found on Campus

The people involved appear to be:

A very brief timeline of events:

I'm pretty sure there's a gold mine in South Africa awaiting any who feel impelled to dig a little bit further.

I wouldn't count on debates alone. A lot of people said that when it got to debates, Trump would absolutely destroy Hillary and yet when it came to it he had one good debate, the second one. All the others, he went easy on Hillary, either because she was a woman or because she was a former friend (or rather, wife of a former friend), or because he was trying to look Presidential. He's already President, so that eliminates the third one, but with Oprah the first two options are still likely.

user, why not the good version, with Vegeta and Napa?

Rofl, we could do one better to destroy what has become of the new age.
The very term New Age was first spread in the west by Aryanism and National Socialists. The kikes just watered it down and monetized it ito nothing, as they did with Buddhism in the west with their (((JuBu))) legions.

Reminder that Bill Kristol knows about white genocide and wants to make it happen


They have Booker.


How many sexual misconduct accusations have been made? A lot, and more each week
How many rich, successful people have suffered meaningful consequences? None. Losing your job and retiring with your millions saved a few years ahead of schedule is not a life-ruining punishment
Instead, rape and sexual assault are a near-constant talking point and a major societal focus. The violence of men and the suffering of women is on center stage. Couple this with a woman maneuvering in opposition to sexual violence and hinting at a presidency and you have a gender war being slowly crafted for 2020.
Rather than celebrating leftist entertainers receiving soft blows from their own side, we should be shifting the conversation to a demand for proof and evidence. Don't legitimize these baseless claims and further strengthen the weaponized accusation. Once it's fully charged, it's getting turned on us

id vote for him, he may have been stupid, but at least he tried to act with the best interest of the country + FN Minimi

Let's fucking hope meme that it's true.

Perhaps pre-emptive dirt digging on each candidate would be an advantage for Holla Forums..

the photographic evidence already exists, pictures or orpah and winestone, and pictures of billiam and orpah. if we can find one of her and podesta, or otherwise prove any kind of connection, we can propegate the idea that she was aware of their dealings on some level, being a friend, business partner, ect. make the emotional appeal to libruls that she was aware and her silence was her implied approval or consent of those activities.

This, we should dig at this stage of the game. If we move too soon to action against their candidates, they will simply switch them out. The enemy must comit to action before we strike them down, but at the same time we must prepare to strike.

Bilderberg nigger to run for office in 2020 to take back Deep State control?

Kike Kristol

And this is how she would try to run the country, "give everyone free money and things will improve!" Of course she forgets how that whole "free car" debacle blew up and a lot of people turned the shit down due to taxes or inability to pay the insurance or other things of similar natures.

Meaning, shes a typical leftist idiot who doesnt see beyond her personal bubble and realize that actions have consequences and there are a lot of moving parts to everything to consider before you start trying to monkey with an engine. So, yeah, if she ever were to become president, holy fuck we're doomed within two years tops. She'll bankrupt the nation in a heartbeat and we'll all be living in third world tier poverty.

On the upside, at least the beaners and sand niggers will stop wanting to come here once our nation is so broke and in poverty that theres no wealth to steal. On the downside, they will all fucking flock here and be granted amnesty within a month after her "election," so we'll be stuck with those ones, because why would they bother leaving? its not like their home nations were any better, might as well wait it out here hoping the white man fixes it all for them and carries them along for the ride. other upside though, the only way anything gets fixed in that situation is violent right wing revolution, in which case we'll have lots of extra targets to pick from

the way i see it, we have been given the sneak peek of a lifetime.

just think about it. the DNC is so shelled that the masses are frothing at the mouth about the possibility of running with fucking oprah. in 3 fucking years. in addition, if the DNC are stupid enough to follow through with this retardation (not out of the realm of possibility) then they will have shown their hand already. this means that we have 3 years to systematically destroy oprah and her brand. instead of the usual year and a half run up, we get twice that. and apparently (didnt know until i read this thread) its already public knowledge that she was close with weinstein as well as being formerly involved in her OWN sexual scandal.

so, lets take this opportunity to attack oprah and her brand in every way possible to ensure that the DNC cant trump one by us (refering to trumps ability to be a sleeper candidate to the opposition, who thought him ridiculous until too late). even if she doesnt run, im certain that with all of her money and connections in hollywood, she MUST be hiding something. let us be the ones who expose it.

How about Rosie for VP.
That'll surely get them more of the white vote.

Now that I think of it, there was that article with the state election where "It's thanks to black women that a nazi wasn't elected"
I wonder if someone has taken this article to heart and decided "We need some dumb idol to capture those dumb voters"

You mean the guy who fed her?


the best story about oprah is the one she personally told regarding how her family was so poor she kept a cockroach as a pet.

no idea if it is true or just made up but that's funny

to add to this
as a means of preparing for this, we should start making normie friendly memes that outline the basics of this whole sexual scandal she had. i saw but does anyone have anything else related to this? if youve got any shit related, post it ITT.

secondly, we should start poking around the specifics of who she donates to with her (((foundation))). see if we can make any connections to known corrupt NGOs operating in africa. see if there are any suspiciously large sums of money given to famous guests on her show, politicians, writers whos books shes backing, whatever. also, this bitch is a billionaire, and she is tight with hollywood. we know what that means. see if we can draw any lines in between her and the usual suspects. ideally, one of those web charts would be the final product of this step.

thirdly, just plain old character assassination. regardless of her not being in movies, oprah is a career actress. we should try and see if we can dig up a clip or an outtake where her mask slips. shes existed for so long (and amassed an army of mindless, drooling followers) by playing the "generous, kind old black lady". exposing her duplicity would be the only way to shake the resolve of said drooling soldiers. and bear in mind, oprahs sphere of influence is FUCKHUEG. the fact that she not only has literally cult-like followers, but she also has max oppression point modifiers. every single marginalized moron of every size, shape, and color will be falling over themselves to go vote for her. expect an obama-like effect, where people who NEVER would otherwise go out to vote will be in line at 6 in the morning.

as stupid as it sounds to even treat oprah as an actual threat, she has massive demographic advantage. this is something that is taken into account in every election of every size (local, state, federal). trump won this time by marketing towards disaffected whites. obama won by being black. oprah will not win. not in my fucking timeline.

America where even the poorest of niggers owns a Turk. kek

a couple of Dylan roof charlottesvilles and public opinion might shift back over to how we need to suck nigger dicks

well look at Macron, he beat Mrs. Trump by not having a goddamn opinion on anything

Personally. I think it might be beneficial if she does
Think of the damage she'd do

thats exactly what they would be doing if they run with this. most stupid people dont vote. they are looking for an obama-effect. trump found one this time by marketing towards whites. it got millions of people who would have never given a shit, to register and go vote. in oprahs case, getting all the know nothing teenagers that worship hollywood, all the overweight mothers who were fans of her show/book club, all the blacks who only vote when there is a black candidate….

do you see where im getting at? they are trying to compound this obama-effect across several different demographics that are ordinarily too stupid to vote. even if they fail at one of the demographics, there are still others to try and catch. combine that with the usual, expected illegal immigrant voter fraud scam, and this suddenly becomes an actual situation.

maybe. but only if were prepared. the reason my spidey senses are tingling right now is because this is exactly how i felt when i heard that trump was running for office. left to her own devices in a perfect scenario (for her), she would undoubtedly demolish any candidate put up against her, through sheer notoriety and demographic advantage alone. fortunately, politics is not so clean a game, so it wont be so clear cut.

another user mentioned this ITT, but trumps use of merchandising was quite important in his run. oprah has been running an empire off of selling merchandise and will undoubtedly try to use this to her advantage. not to mention that, similar to trump, she has enough money to endlessly pour into her campaign if she so desires.

its something to be mindful of. im not going to sit here and get blindsided like the libshits did with trump

He beat Marine because he had the media backing from the beginning in a race that involves a dozen parties fighting over the scraps left by the establishment choice, he's a handsome young man, and Marine really wasn't that different in her politics (she's still extremely lefty).

Unfortunately I could see her winning due to sheer virtue-signalling, white guilt, and boomerism alone.

We really should compile dirt on any potential establishment candidates now. Have it ready to go when the time comes.

Anyone remember when Oprah shilled for facial cream made out of baby foreskin?

if she runs for any kind of office, we wait until she makes the appeals that she is in touch with the common man…

we rebut by saying "anyone who owns a solid gold toilet cannot be in touch with the common man"

yes, she owns a 4 million dollar gold toilet

jewgle it.

her excrement lives a better life than many of us, we could use that to hang her politically

Doesn't Trump have a gold toilet? Whether or not he does, I think it's pretty silly to stump for Trump with tactics like "she's too rich".

Francis would suck Oprah's toes so hard it's making me sick thinking about it.

I was right. Forget this angle or we'll look like hypocrites.


touche, i was honesty unaware of the god eperor's policy chair…

objectively however, someone with a gold toilet cannot possibly be in touch with the common man beyond a certain point, regardless of affiliation.

That's not really true, he actually has pretty strong ideas to radically change France and was pretty open about them during the election.

Nice dubs
Another red to hang on the DOTR


She will be indicted when she steals the democratic nomination again and then tossed into jail after that.

I don't think anyone has any delusions, we all know this will go to a shooting war. Just a matter of timing.

In the mean time, we have to wake up more normies.


glad to see someone see what i mean. whatever is next, we should be ready

Idiocracy wasn't supposed to be a prophecy

Only it really was.

This whole thing is such a crock of shit. The media got played once again by Trump and friends last week with the bannon feud and now they need something this week to deflect. What better way than to get two birds stoned at once by signalling/shilling for a potential new political candidate for 2020 while also gauging public interest in her. And that fucking kike Kristol riding the coattails of this whole media hype…this motherfucker seriously needs publicly hanged in DC or Time Square. This fucking rat just won’t go away. Where the fuck is his dox?!!!!

You get a baby dick! And you get a baby dick! YOU ALL GET BABY DICKS!

And so it was memed. Well played user.

This thread is opposition research

Think about it. Why would they be pushing this shit 3 years out.
Do not give them our memes too early. They will develop counters for use in 2020

Trump is about to lock up half of the democrats or so we hope, their holy nigger is one of them. Along with the voter ID he wants to pass, along with the wall and a host of other things that will shrink the demoncrat vote base for 2018 and beyond. They need a new nig on the block. What better than Oprah. They’ve been holding onto this card for a while I think.

there aren't that many blacks in this country though. 10%? there's a lot more spics but fear of deportation and new voter id pushes.. there will probably be less voter turn out with spics. that and nigs and spics aren't exactly fans of eachother.

I called this a year ago

The operative words here

What's your suggestion? Those idiots have had access to our conversations as long as we have, but it hasn't changed their behavior. They still lost the last election. They've spent the last year doing exactly what lost them the election to begin with. In 2020 they're still gonna run a campaign based on lies while we'll be armed with the truth.

Oh man, I love Will Smith!

stockpile memes

Dear America,

You cannot let this sheboon negroid become your president under any circumstances, or I will spit on every future American I meet.

I like Trumps' odds especially if the national voter ID gets implemented

Found in another slide thread but it looks like Kek's with us on this too

Heed this user's advice, invest in pepes, now's the time to create and hold

no it wasnt


Why lock it in a vault under ground innawoods?

Hillary has nowhere near the capital assets of Oprah.

Oprah has had neo-nazis, KKK members and racists on her show. How dare she provide a platform to such monsters?

Also, remember the '9000 penises' quote? Can we control her?

What you expected since actor was designed to US president role? Reagan -> Trump -> fucking Oprah. It's clown world.

Has there been any meaningful resistance? Is there anyone anywhere in a position of power or significant influence who will resist the will of white feminists on any issue other than abortion (a position they've continued to lose on for half a century)?

It's the kiss of death for her campaign. DOA.

< trusting a kike

That this caricature of a human being is being seriously considered and supported shows the state of our enemies at the moment.