Petition to end hate speech laws in Britain

Count Dankula (the Nazi pug guy) shared this petition in light of his court case for teaching his dog to do a roman salute.

Currently we are around 1,000 signatures until the government has to respond to the petition.

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Anyone still got the shitskin script for fucking with these petitions?


Here's how to find a valid postal code to enter if you aren't a britbong

or here

you click anywhere on the map and it fishes up a valid postcode.

Thank you, that one is much easier

petitions only work if you are a screaming harpy negress

but it is a good idea anyway

Why is your image depicting muslims as the group responsible for silencing the freedom of speech in the UK?

It's the same there as anywhere else in America, Europe and even on here as well, it's the jews who are responsible for introducing hate-speech laws in every territory they conquered after WWII, they are the sole antagonists behind all restrictions on freedom of speech in the West.

If you're not from the UK I'd advise you not to sign it. It's not like it'll make much of a difference either way, but one of the big things people used to discredit the remain in EU petition was that a lot of non-UK people signed it. But into question the entire validity the petition and destroyed what (very) little legitimacy it had.

I just tested this website and it works perfectly to create throwaway emails.

Nigga I literally just googled hate speech laws and chose the first relevant picture

They don't let non-uk citizens sign it. The only way they can tell if you aren't from the UK is if they look at IPs and even at that you can just use a VPN and set your location to UK

muslims and jews are one in the same thing
shade the skin in a yellowy brown and the kike in your picture is magically a standard arab.

both are the problem.

Which is exactly what they did for the remain in EU petition.

Count Dankula famously was brought to court for hate-speech for training his pet pug to want to gas the jews.

You can hear him speak about his current case on tonight's Get Off My Lawn show with Gavin McInnes

jews are solely responsible for all the hate-speech laws implemented throughout the West.

Did it. I checked the most popular names in the UK for the year 2017 and, fucking shit, it was muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker.
ht tps://

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>this petition will give you more freedom while the {{system owners}} let this happen.
Please end your stupidity now, take the bulletpill/ ropepill
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Right so we shouldn't do anything to fix the situation we are in.

Of course this petition probably won't do anything but it will still out pressure on the government to show them that the people are unhappy

So then use a vpn

Well that’s what proxy’s are for, dumbass.

Whats the proper format for a britcuck postcode?

Wonder why they are new.
Wonder what the NEW ones are in Germany.
The purge can't come soon enough.

You write your mother's name next to "is a cunt".

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Please explain were I said to not make anything, and also how this petition with a few thousands max will make pressure in the UK government.
Go back to were you came to post stupid shit or else just lurk more and began to use your brain, FOR REAL, EVERYONE MUST BE SERIOUS AND BE REAL.

Go back to Israel kike shill.

Actually you might be a nigger. Directly contradicting yourself and not being able to realize how helpful this petition can be if we get 1000 more signatures.

You're not very bright, are you?
How 1000 or 10000 changes the hate speech laws?
I did not said to not make nothing, I said that this is USELESS AND INEFFECTIVE.
Stop being a brainlet

You are blackpilling. In order for this to be discussed in parliament it needs 1000 more signatures. Everything discussed in parliament is recorded and open to the public.
It's as effective as you can be given the confines of the laws. If it is ignored we get to see by whom. It may or may not lead to something. Not trying is inexcusable. Your input is negative.

Question: when was the last time UK gubmint cared about petitions that were made by whites?

And another.
Question: when was the last time the gubmint didn't want re-election. We have to be louder than the homosexuals and non-natives. And not let up.

I too remember the forced meme thread with all the new lefty terms.


Ok, whatever lets you fags sleep at night.

How Jews robbed Britain of its free speech

That's not how you get it to be made into a topic of great importance in your politics.
Ask for a more policized sportsball instead. Make it so any passing remarks that might count as offensive to anyone on the other team will get 6 weeks of jail time or a fine. Guaran-fucking-tee you Leeds Utd. supporters will make Right Wing Divekick Squads a reality.

So you're saying we should use VPNs set to pissrael and moscow and spam a petition for STRICTER laws?

It goes like this: