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In 2016 the ODNI for President Obama was James Clapper.
Four Democrats and Four Republicans (four minority party and four majority party political leaders) for a total of eight. Four from the House and Four from the Senate. –Understand the Gang of Eight Here– The Gang-of-Eight can, if they choose, interact with the intelligence product with the same level of security clearance as the compartment being reviewed.



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>Oversight protocol requires the FBI Director to tell the congressional intelligence “Gang of Eight” of any counterintelligence operations. The Go8 has oversight into these ops at the highest level of classification. In July 2016 the time the operation began, oversight was the responsibility of this group, the Gang of Eight: (((1)))
>REMINDER – FBI Agent Strzok to FBI Attorney Page: (((2)))


Hopefully this sort of shit gets trending. I'm betting the shills will be out in full force.




youtu.be/CIJGH9RS2Fc Watch first 2.5 minutes of this video

This week Obama’s illegal spying on POTUS will hit & MSM won’t be able to cover it up anymore. This Podcast & notes are an awesome way to tie the entire corruption together from stolen emails, to fake Trump dossier and the Key players. Praise KEK!!!!!

Catalog flappy.

I'll believe it when I see it. We have been hearing this "tick tock habbening" shit for a year now and nothing has happened

You haven't been paying attention.
If there is one thing Mockingbirds do well it is coverups.

Notice how MSM ignores completely any of Trump's tweets that stick their lies in their eye?

TL;DR Call me when the bitch is at the end of a rope.

Agreed. Dan Bongino is former SS, and a Federal Investigator. Plus Hannity said Tick Tock too…. who knows. I do hope you’re right though.

I’ve also heard MSM purge incoming as well. Fingers crossed boys.

Pic related a gift for you Desu

You know damn well it will be.

currently all the media out lets are running oprah propaganda….

Huh? What about her?

What the fuck has she got to do with ANYTHING at all though?

Apparently her Golden Globe speech was “Presidential”…. They want her as POTUS

The left is trying to make Oprah their top candidate for 2020.
This is not sarcasm

That's my point they are pushing garbage instead of reporting actual news. Until high ranking people are arrested this won't matter to them and even then they'll ignore it as long as possible before claiming the whole thing is "nazi style™" persecution.


You see, Trump actually had decades of experience running firms and selling himself before he did well.
I don't see how she's able to compete.

It's really fucking annoying though. You'd expect something on this, yet none of it is even mentioned on TV.

Could a millenial get a tl;dr

old ladies that were middle-aged back when oprah was a thing will vote for it because "oprah"

She’s a nigger
She’s a lesbo (((?)))
She’s a woman
She’s rich
That’s all she needs according to liberal retards

Sadly this.

It’s there. Look again

By 2020 a lot of gen z will be voting. They fucking hate the left apparently.
Those old fogies don't do shit.

Read it on your lunch break and make a tl;dr for kids your age.
It helps to read something, write it again, then tell your peers. You'll be very well versed an will be able to tell mummy about it after she brings your tendies

of course its part of the propaganda to alienate isolate people that are not sold the childish pack of lies they pedal.

Which just shows how little they understand about anything.

Maybe. But at the same time we’ll lose a lot of Republicans too. The boomers are dying off.

Why? Media is for the people who own it, not you.

But we've at least gained a libertarian party.

I honestly think that they will be a bigger threat than the dems by 2020.

Exactly. The Conservative Tree House article I linked and quoted was extremely well done, I mean it embeds YouTube videos, graphics, memos etc. AMAZING to see the web of corruption so well laid out.

I actually welcome that. Anything is better than liberals. They’ve lost ALL credibility, integrity etc.

Exactly. If liberals had people at the heart of their interest, they’d sit back, take a long look at where/ why their party lost. Rebuild & start coming more centrist. The more left they get the more dishonest, hypocritical, disingenuous & more mentally retarded they become.

Interesting that they hate this until they are told not to.
If they go with thesheboon the austroturfing and voter fraud will be enormous.

Lolbergs are cultural marxists at this point. Thanks to the dude weed & trannies they picked up.

What happened to the good old cotton farmer libertarians of old? :^)

Literally who.

NBC has already chosen the nigger bitch to be the 46th President of the United States.

Well since you didn’t bother to read the comments…. he’s former Secret Service, has a Podcast, he’s a federal investigator and guest stars on Hannity, Fox and friends etc. He has inside connections and is extremely Conservative.

Exactly. She has tons of media connections from her many years on television. The fact that she's black will motivate all the Kangz in the ghetto to get off their asses and vote 17 times like they did for Obama. Niggers are completely unconcerned with the world around them unless they have a chance to put blacks in charge, which they see as getting one over on Whitey in and of itself. In 2016, when their choices were a 74-year old Communist Jew and Bill Clinton's wife, blacks mostly just ignored the entire election.

So it’s nothing, then.

That’s ALL you got out of this ENTIRE THREAD? KYS FAGGOT

Check. THIS


Check. What??

I'd say Hannity's long track record as a zionist shill is the bigger pool to draw from than just this thread.

not sure nigger men or other male minorities would vote for a black woman but it doesn't matter they will get enough of their female demographic to ballot stuff or cause the loss of some republican ballots by "mistake".

ITT: faggots who are too lazy to read anything. This is one of the best write-ups of the Obama administration police-state tactics I've seen. All the important names, dates, and actions are here. Make sure to save this information and spread it around.

So out of this entire thread, the corruption ties, the treachery, sedition, illegal use of surveillance, lying under oath, civil rights violations and Constitutional over reaches, you’re MORE concerned with Hannity being a “Zionist shill”. Mmmmkkk


This is assuming the DHS doesn't seriously fuck with their plans by implementing a bunch of new rules to stop voter fraud.
This won't stop it everywhere ofcourse, especially in libshit strongholds, but it might make it less common then what happened last election.

There is talk of DHS handling election fraud. Hence the push for voter id

Yep, since that’s how it fucking works with ✡Hannity✡, you braindead redditor.
Niggerspeak. Redditor confirmed.

1. Reported for being a redditor.
2. Reported for being from cbts.
3. We knew all of that already. It’s irrelevant to us.

You aren't concerned with Hannity being a zionist shill? Hannity and the people he liked to have on his show, the kinds of websites and "sources" he likes to cite on his radio program, all had some pretty fucking definitive things to say about the Iraq War, too. And it was all bullshit. If you've got a problem with people noticing this, GLP would be a GREAT place for you to fuck off too.

For the last [who are we kidding?] time, boomers: this is not a Republican board.


Archive of article

The Brock Boys are getting nervous. Might have to get a real job soon, kids. Might even have to get one at Taco Bell.


Gen Z here

For whites its basically 60/40 ratio of red to blue.

Whats fucked is she could win just due to the black and female vote. She would be incredibly incompetent and obviously just a puppet, but that does not matter at this point. The left has played their hand and are no longer hiding the fact that they are socialists.

Remember, archive and print paper copies out to scan at a later date when this is enivitabley memory holed.

I’m MORE concerned with the lawless CORRUPTION that’s being blatantly ignored here, with normies, and in MSM. I’m less concerned with Hannity because he’s not putting an entire country in jeopardy because he thinks he’s above the law. I’m not a boomer, I’m not a Redditor, I’m an average American who’s thankful that this info is being exposed. Seriously think you should be too.

I’m none of those. I’m not keeping you here, leave if you think such things of me. Really.

Welcome. Shills are at it again.

Were you so concerned with it when it involved covering up the 9-11 false flag? Were you so concerned with it when it involved taking this country to war on deliberately fraudulent causes?
Everything negative that is happening in the United States and the greater West is a direct result of PNAC failure. Delusional, jewish, subversive PNAC failure. Hannity already put the entire country in jeopardy.
What you are is selectively outraged.

Nigger I’m a 9/11 rescue worker. Paramedic for FDNY.

Thanks for the confirming it's a shill thread. I'll see myself out and hide it.

For the first time, I see a good reason why this process has been so glacially slow. The OP's article breaks that reason down and in short, Nunes and Schiff are the only 2 members of Congress allowed to review the raw intel in the Executive Branch's SCIF and they can't remove that intel or divulge details on what those reports contained.

The Executive Branch is the only party authorized to receive and combine intel from the various agencies into a single report, the President's Daily Briefing. In order for Nunes to disseminate the information contained in the Obama-era briefings, he has to request the individual pieces of intel from each individual agency as he is not acting as part of the Executive Branch. Obama was only able to pass his PDB around like candy because he kept its distribution limited to parties in departments under Executive Branch control (DOJ, FBI, etc). Those requests have been stonewalled to hell and back, hence why the news that a "deal" between his committee and the various intel agencies being struck is such huge news.

Kill yourself, kike shill.

Don’t care. Eat shit. ✡Hannity✡ is not your savior.


Check. Your point?

Trumps opponents have shown their decision to go after him with probably the best they had and only now are reportedly requesting compromise. Surreal.


Yes. “Her”

… Why is she licking him? I'm pretty sure you can see her tongue between her lips.

Mike Rogers is the man. CIA niggers btfo

She’s disgusting. Covering for Weinstein’s rapes to keep her career.

Check. I had no idea. What a great guy. Great article. PATRIOT. He literally took his life in his hands after Seth Rich.

Has Bongino ever delivered? I seem to recall him hyping up non-events in the past.

You know (((who))) did 9/11, right?

He just did. He just exposed the entire corruption of wire tapping, lies within FBI, NSA, DOJ etc. Until now we had bits and pieces. I personally had no idea how entrenched everyone including Obama was in corruption. Hillary was to be expected.

Lucky Larry of course. That doesn’t mean I am not red pilled on Jews. ATM though I’m more worried about their crimes from the last administration. I can’t fix 9/11, I can’t grieve anymore. I lost years grieving, being angry etc. I just want some level of Justice.

Think bigger, more (((international organization))) rather than just one man.

Well obviously I meant the Jews/ ZOG/ Jesuits, whatever you prefer to call the traitorous scum bags.

So he did absolutely nothing we didn’t already know, and which hasn’t amounted to anything.

Just making sure we are on the same page…

Actually (((we))) speculated. He has an impeccable reputation. If he says something will happen it does. He initially got the intel about the first round of sealed indictments. He also broke the the Huma Abedin/ John McCain tracking ankle brackets.

… what
Why have I never heard of him? Why has he never been posted here before?
lol nah
“Got the intel” is code for “went to the public website where this shit is released.”
So the thing that isn’t true and for which we have no evidence. Got it.

The disgusting Jews/ Mason/ Illuminati filth.

Bongino followed the crowd and piled on Nehlen in the recent dust-up so keep that in mind. He also works with levin and subs for him on his show. He tweeted recently that he had no idea Obama was a bad guy while working for him as SS and it was only recently he realized the extent of his criminality.

Well if you EVER go to half chan, his posts are there a lot. Also he said the indictments were coming a week before they were listed publicly. You can think what you want. This is a free thought board.

Agreed. I just admitted that same point myself. I knew Obama was a typical nigger who was DEFINITELY pro-socialism. I didn’t realize how corrupt he really was in full.

Holy mother of fucking god, you not only type like a woman, you type like you’re here straight from tumblr. No, we don’t go to kikechan. No one here goes to kikechan. THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE EXISTS BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO GO TO KIKECHAN.
So he’s worthless and nothing he says holds any water.
Sure thing. Whatever you say.
We think fact.
It isn’t. Not in the slightest is that what Holla Forums is, anywhere.
Truth is more important than freedom.

being given the nobel peace prize about a week after he took office didn't give him a clue shit was was fucked?

I am a woman. I come to both half and full chan & I’m not a tumblr fan. Truth is MOST important. I’m glad we agree.

Even Obama himself agreed that it was a sham. They asked for that back, did they not?

Operation condor?… umm, guys, isn't that the name of another operation?


that's not how echos work, son…

No shit, miss. You stick out like a sore nipple.
Don’t do that.
And yet you post this shit.

Don’t help the shill blend in.


I’d say that’s consistent with exposing Obama, et al’s corruption that was def communistic.

Looking for his Nehlen tweet now and found this Dan Bongino‏Verified account

I'm not saying he's not wrong about the OP, in fact he's right about a lot of things. But the proper perspective in this is to interpret anything Bongo says and coming from one side of the kike war.

Dunno if he agreed it was as sham and gave it back or not. Shame he didn't give up the presidency really.
Well you must aware of the rules and yet I see no timestamped tits.

Bitch lasagna, yes I’m aware of said rules.
I can’t agree more!

Agreed. The waters are definitely muddied. However in this case he has presented this evidence like I’ve not seen. I wasn’t aware of all the ins and outs. He took a lot of time on getting this info and putting it together. I give credit where it’s due.

Actually, the "leg brace swapping feet" is a bit suspicious.

There are no woman on the internet, GTFO

And he seems to have deleted his Nehlen subtweet. I'm permabanned so am just scrolling through and am at Dec 18 not finding it. It was pretty funny too, considering he was such a tough guy, he was so outraged at Nehlen I wanted to get him the smelling salts.


Now, now…

It is true.

Nigga wtf are you talking about I deleted nothing. The link to that tweet is in my OP. ALSO CHECK.

All of them are synonyms for kikes, he's not wrong. They all should go.



I'm talking about a past tweet of his commenting on Nehlen revealing his power level. Not the one in your OP.

Oh my bad.


Whats the difference between illegal political surveillance and surveillance based on fake evidence? Nothing. And now Mueller investigation based on fake evidence. Why can't Trump get the PDB that Obama used and send it to Congress? Or did he?

call them kikes, jews, heebs, shekelsteinberg, etc etc…

But don't do the "muh Illerminadi" crap, I hate that shit.
spent years trying to "uncover the illuminati", and then I came to /pol and "Aaah… it was the fucking kikes all along"

"Illuminati" is a false lead, a distraction meant to distract.
Freemasons are goodest goys, and must be gassed.

I thought he did. Although I’m not sure of anything anymore.

There’s most DEFINITELY fuckery afoot here…. Ankle GPS trackers a plenty.
Pics related
Also pic related of what an actual GPS tracker would look like….


What said, neo-lolbergs are fully cultmarx and even more open borders friendly than shitlibs.
Aleppo man crashed and burned anyway so Libertarian party isn't doing anything for decades.

Sadly it’s the fucking truth. It’s the nigger boomers. They DESTROYED this country with their liberalistic cults. The silent generation then we got fucking boomers.