Fire at Trump Tower

This is a developing story. Please don't call me out on my shitty formatting & webm

Saw this on the (((news))) an hour ago. 2018 is kicking off quite nicely.

some faggot lefty incendiary droned it?

Did someone sabotage Trump's time machine?

Sounds like it is being blamed on something electrical
We need AC and heater units made in America. Can't have that faulty third world shit that malfunctions all the goddamned time

What's on the top of the building? Communication equipment.
Probably a poorly installed bug.


Gee, which one sounds more unusual?

Isnt that a normal reaction though?

When someone who has a reputation for weird spiritual crap and destroying evidence has a fire in their building you would think it was that.

When someone is not known to do those unusual things you wouldnt think it was that.

Holy shit the shilling is strong in this thread today.


To the ovens, Shariablue.

New Pope.
Cap this, faggots.

Praise Kek


THIS is what we're fighting against?




Hillary resorting to lighting dumpsters on fire as a distraction? kek

Let's compare a single family dwelling to a NYC skyscraper. Who knows what this was though, it certainly is suspicious.

Some have said the Clinton house fire was a message to the couple, perhaps this is retaliation in the same vein?

What am I casting

Kek mitt uns

Checked, but does the Pope even matter?

Who says all Popes are the same?

Looks pretty minor.

My choice for new pope man.

Remove black pope

He does.
Was /ourpope/
This current guy is jesuit hellspawn.

I know JPII is watching over us. This guy is absolute goodness. Ily fam

For case of what "pope" is now:
Lookup jesuit oath


nice thumbnail fgt

My bad

Two fire incidents in ahort time span.
Both incidents are at presidential candidate buildings.
These two incidents happening so close in time to each other.
Nothing more than coincidence here.
Just two completely dissimilar and unrelated incidents.
Mere coincidence.

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i've been to numerous trump properties and they're all multipurpose buildings - this is nothing besides meme-fuel.

and i'm one of these trump is a kike posters. it's not some spirit cooking-tier shit lads. probably just a normal electrical fire

either way checkum.


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thar be magic in this here thread. Tread softly gentle wizards.

checked em

Habemus papam!

Kek mitt uns

I love this, I feel great!

FUck, I meant the gets, not the fire.

Don't worry it's good. Your OP has more effort than a lot of threads I've been seeing. Please post the full article if it's available so there's no need to leave the page. It's easier to read it here. polite sage off topic

Kek bless.