The Lausanne Convention

A common argument made by the Skeptics, and others, against the creation of White ethnostates in the West is that because the third-world garbage living in the West will not leave willingly, a White ethnostate can only be implemented through violence. This argument is nonsense and, to stress this point, I think it is time that the board became more widely aware of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey following the end of the Greco-Turkish war. This event led to the peaceful creation of the Greek and Turk ethnostates during the 1920s.

Background: During the centuries when the Greeks were the slaves of the Ottomans, large numbers of ethnic Greeks moved to Anatolia and large numbers of Turks moved to Greece. When the Ottoman Empire was broken up at the end of the First World War, a dispute arose between the powers of the day as to where their new borders should be, leading to a brief war in the Eastern Mediterranean called the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) that resulted in the death of around 30,000 people. At the conclusion of this war, to prevent future conflicts, the Greek and Turkish governments decided to affect a population exchange between their regions and create ethnically homogeneous ethnostates for themselves.

'"The Agreement:'' On the 30th of January 1923, the Greek and Turkish governments sent representatives to Lausanne where they negotiated and signed a treaty called the "The Convention Concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations" or the "Lausanne Convention". This agreement provided for the simultaneous expulsion of Greeks from Anatolia, by the Turkish government, and of Turks from continental Europe, by the Greek government. At the time, there were around 1.5 million Greeks in Turkey, (many of whom had been displaced by the then recently concluded war,) as well as around 500,000 Turks living in Greece, all of whom were affected by the agreement.

After the agreement was ratified by the two governments in the August of that year (and formally acknowledged by the League of Nations), the populations were then peacefully exchanged over a six year period, without bloodshed, despite the fact that the Turks in Greece did not want to leave and had to be forcefully removed by the Greek government. By 1929, six years later, the populations had been successfully exchanged and the Greeks and Turks each had their own ethnically homogeneous homelands.

This event represents a real-life and modern precedent in which policies leading to the creation of a White ethnostate were peacefully implemented without bloodshed.

Isn't it amazing what you weren't taught at school?

This is pretty interesting. I have never heard of this agreement before.

I can see two holes in this example with two separate countries/governments involved:

First: How would this work between say… Minnesota and New Jersey? We have a serious Somalian problem here and would like to exchange all of them for whites from New Jersey (NJ seems the best state to dump niggers into, I dunno just go with me for second here).

A) How do you convince pussies to move to white man's normal cold climate with 9mo of snow?

B) Do you really think the Somalis won't reform their armies? You honestly believe we aren't sitting on fucking powder-keg of full on nigger warlords from the shittiest shithole in Africa? You think these motherfuckers are going to give up these sweet Germanic/Scandenavian gibs and be willingly shipped off to New Jersey?

Second: Minnesota and New Jersey have same set of root laws in the Constitution. To a foreigner it might look like different countries, but to a US citizen there is functionally little difference.

A) How do you bypass the Federal Government and allow States to implement this?

B) How do you peacefully get away with violating most of the Bill of Rights protections?

It's like you think we haven't suffered their existence for long enough or something.

I'd advise anons to look into modern Greek history and the 1918-1922 war more. There are examples of classic kikery, betrayal by the Greek government and its allies and a lot of important events to be looked into. Especially what happened at Smyrna. (Today's Izmir)

I'll try to compile some data about it in the future and make a thread.

We don't want to do it peacefully. All invaders to our lands should be slaughtered and their desecrated remains impaled on THE WALL to set an example for any further shitskins who want to test our patience.

Honestly, I'd rather just pick up where Lord Byron left off and do what should've been done long ago.

The Turks are some of the vilest pieces of shit to ever live, historically, little more than slavers and torturers and destroyers of precious ancient artifacts. Europe was under threat from them for centuries, and when Europe finally gained the edge and had the ability to blast the Turks back to central Asia with ease, they decided to ease off and let the "sick man of Europe" die on his own (until, of course, Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow got the Brits to send Allenby to stick the dagger in against Falkenhayn and the Turks in 1917, for the Jews, of course).

That's bullshit, nobody should let the Turks get away with it when they have the chance for payback. A proxy version of this had the kike Madeline Albright intervening in the Balkans against the "disgusting Serbs," as she called them when they interrupted one of her shekel-grabbing ventures.

I have said my entire life that I'd fight and die to restore Constantinople/Byzantium to the Greek Orthodox church, and tear down those minarets and shove them up some camel-fucking imam's arsehole.

But getting back to the "peaceful ethnic cleansing" thing, sure, it can be done, but rarely easy. Even when it's "nonviolent," shit tons of people usually died, as with the German relocations after the war (horrendous affair), or Stalin's decision to move "problematic" Koreans, Poles, etc. toward Kazakhstan when he realized that people hated his government and they weren't going to be winning their compatriots in their home countries over to Communism, but more likely to commit sabotage to see its demise in the event of war.

Similarly, despite all the "white privilege" and how much "da black man be sufferin'," niggers in particular know how fucked they would be if we Liberianized all their asses. Same thing with gooks, spics, and street-shitters; none of them want to go back to the filthy brown hordes and disorder of their homelands. Nevertheless, it could be done, but would obviously require a massive, massive uncuckening of the White Man, which requires a complete takeover of the flow of information into his head, which is hard as fuck.

Basically, if OP's point is that the potentially "nonviolent" nature of non-White removal could convince "the skeptic community" or non-Whites to voluntarily support non-White removal, that ain't happening any time soon. A huge amount of White people have bought the "America is for all the people of the world" "I don't discriminate, I'm not a bigot" line of thinking, and would literally fight to keep various subhumans around, and those subhuman races are going to require about a million dollars per person before they'd even consider it, such is the state of abject shittiness of the countries their failed races have created and fled.

Why the fuck are you assuming we're keeping them here?

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Why not send them back to Africa?

Do you really think those Turks really gave up their sweet life in politically stable and terrorist free Greece back in 1923 and were willingly shipped back to Turkey?

I don't get why the violent removal of populations is such a hard button issue here. Do you not think that in a future where Whites are an extreme minority that these people aren't going to start saying the same shit about us?

True but we also want to show how much of a dishonest, double-faced fat cunt Sargoy is.
"Ethnostate is volence! Diversity will be peeeeeeaefullll!"

This tbh. Turks are #2 on my list after kikes. I really fuckn dislike them.

Are you fucking retarded? Anyway, who gives a shit what skeptics say? Fucking kill them if they won't leave. This land is ours.

Event A took place. Then, afterwards, event B took place. Although there were many casualties during event A there were none during event B.

It's not that hard, user.



I guess that's a yes, you are retarded. You really think a war in which 30,000 people died had no impact on the agreement?

I'm glad not to be entirely accompanied by the mentally handicapped.

Did Pete Sampras' grandfather migrate because of the Greco-Turkish War?

It was violence and political policies that drove white out of Africa.

Same thing should happen in Europe and America.

Violence should be the last resort. Not saying we shouldn't go there if necessary, but if you think violence is the best way to fix the USA then you aren't considering the pros and cons. You should be focusing on a positive outcome, which is to have a clean and productive country free of outside filth. Whatever we can do to make that happen, starting with non-violent means, is what we should be focusing on and acting on. The only thing your killing sprees will achieve is more chaos and harm to white people.

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Force some policies where non-whites cannot get into education, cannot get into gibs, cannot rent houses or own houses, and cannot scabs.

Make their lives as hard as possible.

They will fucking leave on their own.

The ones not leave, we kill.

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Their argument fails before it even started. Their mass migration is in itself a act of violence against the native population. All facilitated by the governments/kikes to outright replace their populations.


Blow your fucking brains out. Violence being our last resort is the reason we’re in this fucking mess.

Why would strong white men that prefer the normal cold climate with 9mo of snow up here in the north want to go "back" to Africa? We're not from there. I was referring to pussified whites that don't like snow and ice and making fire to stay warm.

Somalis aren't Turks. Are you an illiterate turkroach or a somalinigger? The Turks living in Greece at that time weren't fucking Somali warlord shitbags. Turkroaches yes. Somali pirate warlords no.

If you can't figure out how to get the Somaliniggers swapped out for non-pussified New Jersey whites you fail your "peaceful" transition. So far you failed and now you have to deal with ~25,000+ Somali terrorists in Minnesota. Good job retard.

Dicky Spencer has put it in people's minds like the controlled opp he is or just aloof that an ethnostate for white people is THE ethnostate and it's some sort of fancy school project that has to be completed right here and now with super exact rules to keep it afloat. It's hard for normalfags to get along with it because of constant brainwashing since birth and the fact they all usually know one token or based minority. It's a long term process. Just like it took decades for things to get where they are now, so too must long term solutions be in place. And it's pretty simple given the definition of an ethnostate:
The "practical solution" that normalfags crave is this
>something in the constitution or law that describes America as a majority white nation to ourselves and our posterity
And boom there it is. Already there somewhat with the Trump baby boom, just takes at least 2-3 decades of this for America to go back to normal levels. Nothing really has changed for the everyday lemming's life. Also:

I think violence should be a last resort too but when will we realize it is our last resort? When we are outnumbered like the Boers and the government gives the ok to be tortured to death? When America loses its free speech and guns then turned into Europe who must suffer and even the police refuse to help?

When is enough?

I fail to see a problem with that


So you're a globalist?

Population transfers and breakups that have occurred over the past 100 years:

I' probably missing a few others too.