Q LARP cuck exposed

It's time to destroy this faggot LARP for good and send the The Cuckold faggots back to wherever the fuck they need to go.
Tonight Q said DEFCON 1 was in full effect
Not after 9/11. Never. This faggot has ruined the board flooding it with Israel First, Kushner, and Bannon defenses
The shits not an act. Bannon is a drunken mick piece of shit former Democrat.
It ends now. DEFCON 1? Fucking joke

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Wasn't Q in 8ch hacked?


Guise what if we're all dead already and we just don't know it

lol your response has nothing to do with anything, kys shill

You're preaching to the choir. Nobody here believes this Q bullshit. Cuckchan and the_donald slurp it up like it's mana from heaven.

Remember, sage in the email field. Op, take your meds.

fuck off to cuckchan

Fuck Q


As does Jonestein, and there's no way he's dumb enough to believe it. I always knew he was a piece of shit, but this takes it to another level.

Did they really COR it instead of just converting the epub?

I hope a based hacker redirects the nukes at Africa.

Just write "I told you so" after the shit pans if you think it's all a LARP.
No need to shit up the catalog with your butthurt.

This phrase is the #1 giveaway for an enemy actor, just barely edging out incitements toward criminal acts ("hey kid, wanna bomb a federal building?").

Literally no-one but the faggots on cuckchan are taking Q seriously.

Someone was really triggered with this Q guy if there's damage control present months after.

So much salt in this thread over a fucking larp. Is he really that big of a problem? I see just as much blacked threads on cuckchan as Qanon demonizing here. Actual oldfags wouldnt give ecelebs a time of day here, but holy fuck this Qanon shit has ruffled some feathers. seriously did he shit in your cereal

No one here believes about the retarded Q LARP, Q is and will ever be a cuckchan thing and thank god they’ve gathered in some shitty board for now. Disregard this retarded faggot who claimed and called events that should have happened for a long time already. When will these mongrels stop believing anything provided it sounds good to them ? There is no magical anti deep state who will fight the evil while you’re sitting your 500lbs ass on your movement device playing games and shitposting. The only way the kike problem and deep state problem goes away is simple and everyone even the most retarded if you knows which it is. Nothing will happen unless you retards do something. But you won’t because you LIKE this life of being slaves of ZOG, you all secretly are just fine with it as long as you fucking idiots have your houses cars iPhones and shitty life. Fuck you all

Instead of replying with thought arguments, lets just throw feelings like butthurt and salty (pro and contra) in the posts.

Either reply with arguments and dont reply at all.

Now here is mine, I wish all larpers would fuck right off to plebbit. We have gained absolutely nothing of them. I want either info we can act on or that is actually valuable. The most we have got was nothing.

Can you name one thing, one single thing, that a larper said that actually turned up something when we digged?

Nothing has had an impact like the digging we did on pizzagate and vegas. Now that actually got is somewhere,either by exposing things that (((should have been hidden))) or turning up information that was not yet known. Every larper so far has failed to deliver.

I am not saying we should dismiss all, for the sake of keeping us healthy, because if I said so, it would give fuel to the "See,the kike/shill doesnt want us to look there!"

There is a point where it goes from possible lead to disinfo opsec and we have been past that point.

Q is pretty obviously some Bannon/Breitbart fag. The parallels and overlap with conservative treehouse and other cuckservative outlets makes this apparent.


That one petrol user who dumped all his info and then ran away to some random country.
IIRC his last post also had coordinates attached that turned out to confirm his shit.

(2) faggot. Take it back to reddit.

Hint: real leakers dump documents and verifiable information. Larpers and counterintelligence disinfo agents leave vague cryptic "bread crumbs" like "Q." Newfags would do well to remember this.

It isn't months ago. There is an entire board here on 8 chan dedicated to this tripfag larper and it is drawing in all sorts of bluepilled cuckservative morons.


BTW anyone remember that famous Art Bell caller, claimed he was revealing alien contact while a swat team closed in on him.. You can hear it on the youtube doco "Conspiritus". Well I think it's the same guy as this Zach.

OP is a faggot who can't stop sucking dicks long enough to realize how much of a faggot he is

Stay mad jew.

The dude that supposedly flew the plane to groom lake?


Oh yeah that's the guy. Sounds an awful like the Zach caller. Similar acting method too.

who the fuck cares, let them dig deeper cianigger.

9/11 had nothing to do with nukes flying you imbecile.

theres an entire board that is comped to hell and back and has been for a while

Nevertheless, some of these things are interesting and I'd like you hear anons' opinions.
If the autists hadn't been run off by cianiggers, there would already be a big beautiful chart showing the Q drops aligned with the POTUS tweets and the [time code] and [info] connections.

Well then the larper has access to the POTUS's twitter and hat-tip to their dedication.

and a couple for Israel