Are these the kinds of people who run our board?

Yes. And the MASONICNIGGER Jim Watkins will never change out the mods. Ever.

Nothing good will ever happen. Ever.

Ashes. Echoes.

I thought Jim was against pedos.


try voat?

Are you retarded?

No. He's a MASONICNIGGER. All Masons Are Like That.


It you're never going to get anything done about the mods here, OP. It's just too good to happen to us. MASONICNIGGER Jim Watkins won't let anyone but Kampfy have this board because that's what Mossad wants.

I'm starting to think a lot of people on this board like to go on about degeneracy, but secretly indulge in plently of it.
There is no other reason this sort of thing would be ignored. What a LARP.

I'm so surprised that a goon is triggered by anime, I really am. But how did you know where that image was from in the first place?

Then. Leave.

Kill yourself Kampfy.

You really are inept.

I only come by every now and then.

Alrighty then Kurt, why don't you show this thread to your wife, for, uh, research, yeah?


Then. LEAVE.

I have a job.

Here's your (you)

Nah, I prefer ara, but drawings, much like the holocaust, aren't real life. And yes. I do beat my dick to 2D drawings, what are you going to do about it?

Aren't you fucking brilliant.

Why are you bumping a slide thread now?

So you're a loser who larps as a NS.


Your paranoia only makes my dick harder

Hey look, the goon's dodging my question. Never saw that coming.

How did you know where the image was from? Looks like you even know who made it. Really activates my almonds.

Shit, my sage fell off. I obviously don't sage enough.

You need to learn basic reading comprehension. Not surprising you lack it, considering you're a mod of this board.

Fuck you're dumb. Look at the picture. Someone named the artist in the reply to your post.

You use the same crops and the same posting style every time. You're the retard who doesn't know he's retarded.

Nigger, if you're so scared of drawings and your only argument is basically "lol ur a virgin XD" you're probably some 5'2 poo goblin, or a woman.

You DO know that Jim Watkins the MASONICNIGGER will NEVER change mods?

You do know that treating a drawing as if it were a child that was abused by a pedo is akin to having mental illness.

A drawing cannot be treated as a child, stop being retarded. If you give a shit help out abused kids.

The abused kids would never have been abused if there were mandatory abortions to every pregnancy.

Life is the source of all problems. It's always a curse.

More. Give me more.

lol try harder. The name 'rustle' isn't enough to instinctively know that it was lewd and go find his galleries. You had prior knowledge that it was lewd and exactly where to find the rest of the artist's work because you jerk off to 2d lolis. A classic and entirely expected case of projection

You are dumb.

Kampfy, why can't you and Jim just fucking die already?

Oh boy, so you are retarded.

And Jim will never replace him. So what's your point?