So basically this black chick who works at a starbucks in the Atlanta area contaminates only white people's drinks and food.
Get her ass fired.
739 E 34th St
Savannah GA 31401-8225
1810 Vassar St
Savannah GA 31405-3865
(912) 232-9423
(912) 233-8789
Kik: Kittenbarbyvixen
SC: Vixinkittengunz THA QUEEN
Email: [email protected]

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Disgusting nigger

Bigger like prison.






Everyone who goes there asked for this.

Can you prevent Google from trying to (((verify))) your device by blocking some scripts or hiding your IP?
Wow the nigger owns a canine nigger.
Like getting herpes and sucking sick for cash like 99.999% of negresses?

Solidarity time. Get used to having monkey blood in your bagel with jam.

what the fuck is a "saltine"? is this supposed to be an insult coming from a filthy fucking nigger?

My guess is they're trying to form a deviation of "cracker" without the whip-crackin connotations. Niggers are retarded.

This is why I don't go to restaurants or cafes that hire niggers.

This - you should make your own food as much as possible, and when you don't you should eat at a white restaurant.

You don't know what a saltine is?

what a cunt

I know what it is, I don't know how the fuck could anyone construct this as an insult

Going to need an archive of the faceberg comments before I get involved.

Same way we came up with "sheboon" as an insult. You have a word to be used as an insult ("baboon") and change it a little to make it fit better ("she-baboon" becomes "sheboon").

Saltine is a type of cracker. Niggers think white people are white and bland. Crackers are white and bland.

Saltines aren't even bland. Why can't niggers enjoy any food that isn't pumped full of faggot spices, dressings and MSG?

I haven't seen any comments here so far.


(At this point you've gotten into issues of taste. I've explained why niggers consider it an insult, and now we're off onto wanton nigger bashing.

This is all well and good, but I feel it worth pointing out that your original question was answered.)

Niggers evolved in an environment where the food did not kill them as often, so they have less evolved taste buds. In order to taste things, they have to be spicy as all hell. This is why cajun style food is popular with niggers.

Based on her pics she looks like one of the better looking kwangz; $10 she'd been going after white guys and has had limited success. She's pretty damn butthurt.

I'm supposed to feel sorry for stupidity and self harm?

this shit can't be real, no one is dumb enough to do this shit and then blog about it on facebook


You really over estimate the intelligence of niggers user.

Sweetie, I…


We should get someone in there with a hidden cam and catch her in the act. The sheboon just needs to be baited with a nice banana maybe

We need video of his tongue in her asshole too. For the trial, when we rope them.

Order a bunch of food and shit from her and as soon as you pick the order up mention how the poor black kids at the local rec center will love it.
Be sure to deliver it too.


It is entirely possible that the nigger was intelligent enough to not use her real name on facebook. Try going through her email and finding her real name.

It is possible she works at a franchised shop instead of a corporate one. They may be playing the kikey technicality.

She is likely a stripper near the airport so she probably works at a starbucks either in the airport or a mall/book store nearest the airport. Time to dig.

I never eat food that a nigger prepares, some might think that's extreme but, it's necessary. Niggers lack the measure of empathy to prevent them from doing this, even to an enemy.

Her name (if she is real) is probably her email address that someone posted. "tamiyah love". the 22 was probably her age when it was created. niggers don't into opsec. In the screen cap she communicates with a "candell love", probably a relative or a sockpuppet account. of course it is also possible someone created both identities, grabbed a couple of random slutty nigress pics, and started this whole thing as a "whitey so evil he makes this shit up" psyop.

Kenya Shanell Rivers, 26yo
she's in Madison, GA.
Phone numbers (706) 342-8859
Current addresses
655 Burney St Madison GA 30650-1005
491 Vine St Madison GA 30650-1717

university phone: (404) 261-1441


starbucks workplace: (770) 458-9082
immediate family:
James Rivers
Marshall Rivers
Carolyn King
Jana Rivers
Customer Service: 18007827282
Starbucks Customer Support
& Relations Hotline: 2063187100
press@starbucks dot com

Holy shit OP, get your information right, Savannah is five hours away from Atlanta and 31401 is the downtown Savannah zipcode

Blacks don't care about each other.

Honestly that's some pretty hearty bait. Seems too circumstantial to be bait on the level that they would be able to produce. and whoever they were would likely have to be explicitly targeting the chans.

They do when it is a white man getting one over on them.

WTF kind of psychopath feeds a little kid dog shit. The adults are one thing but that's just fucked up. From no perspective whatsoever, even the most SJW ones, has that kid done anything at all.

You're kidding right? niggers attack and murder children regularly. queue the niggers attacking Whites thread.

Could her name be Tamiyah Miyake-Mugler?


Starbucks are confirmed liars.

holy shit what's going on here!?

Negress has been spiking food at starbucks in Atlanta with gross shit and bragging about it on Social Media


Who cares? If you're a nigger/"nigger" on Twitter you can say and do anything you please.

Also, 2018 is hilarious.

send her pic related

Lol a "hacker" with the exact same motivations and speaking style as her.

Where do you live, user, I want to move there.


Niggers literally aren't human. Literally all of them think this is perfectly okay because "muh slavery"

Where in the hell have you been? No seriously. Not just niggers but dumbasses in general admit to the vile disgusting and illegal shit they do on facebook all the time. Kikes and leftists are constantly upset that cops keep an eye on anything tagged in their area that's illegal to get a tip. Niggers post in #lootcrew hashtags everytime they raid during chimpouts or when people evacuate in hurricane areas.

They deserved it, tbh.
I still want to see that ape hanging high for feeding dog shit to a 4-year-old, though.


Thank God my parents kept us away from niggers growing up. It's no wonder that the white liberals who love niggers are the ones who don't actually have to be around them.



They've no subtly. Niggers can't anything but the immediate so taste is never developed.

& they're always killing & injuring their own 'lil niglets, again, boons can't process information quick enough to know right from wrong in the moment making them highly dangerous creatures.

even niggers don't want to live around themselves, they're just as criminal to each other.

Nah. You should also look into boycotting companies that let niggers near any of the food they make.

Wait a tick, she carried dog shit with her to work and waited until a white person ordered to use it?
It never ceases to amaze me how disgusting and chimp-like niggers are.

ho my fuck what the fuck

Even chimps don't carry other animal's shit around for hours.

It's disgusting nigger behaviour but if you go to places like starcucks, you probably have worse ingredients to worry about and you already disrespect yourself enough to be there.

In fact, Holla Forums should be false flagging shit like this, it is a great redpill for the bread and circus coffee addict hipster brigade.

Fuck off back to Reddit. You're not ready for this place.

Wake up. Human decency is scarce these days since everything is moralistically subjective. They will claim your child had the privilege to be raped and fed dogshit by her betters so that she grows up knowing her place, thus doing her part to win the commies their war.

I've seen more and I'm not a manlet, he can stay.


You have much to learn of the world, lad.

I buy my food from white farmers (because I don't know any black farmers) and I make some myself, gardening, hunting, raising some chickens, etc., and the last time I looked, I was white.

So all my food comes from white people, anyway.

Retarded nigger tumblr insult

And nothing of value was lost. Still a good find.

Starbucks is a jewish company. Anyone that buys from them is a cuck that deserves to drink nigger piss.

Somebody in burgerland ring up and ask for her, confirm her name then just spout some bullshit about getting her on Worldstar. Creatively edit your audio and rub it in Starbucks faces, on a public twitter, naturally

In the USA, companies of a certain size (over 50 employees? Over 20?) are obligated by law to hire a certain percentage of niggers.

A certain large chain of autoparts stores that my other half works for is a great example of how this fucks employers. She is a traditional believer in work hard / do your best / get somewhere. Most of management, and a number of her coworkers (mostly white ones), show up, do their jobs, get paid, some take more pride in their work than others, but they mostly do what they are supposed to do, at least. But then there are the niggers. General manager has huge turnover in delivery drivers. All new employees, for the most part, must start as drivers, to get in their foot in the door. Yet counter workers, assistant managers, stockers, managers, hell even mid level corporate management sometimes, have to fill in as drivers. Because they can't hire "the best person for the job". They have to, at some point, hire a nigger when the nigger quota falls too low. They have to go through 10-20 temporarily hired niggers (the ones that do pass basic drug test / driving / criminal record stuff) to find one that can actually show up to work when scheduled, follow company rules, actually work instead of nigger around bitching about whitey. And they are really hard to fire, requires photographic evidence of rule breaking almost, because niggers always yell racism when fired (last two that were fired had actually attacked white employees yelling racist shit, among other offenses).

TL/DR: Large chain auto parts store has white, mexican, and chink employees, all but one of which meets basic standards fo doing their job, no problem. All nigger employees are problems, yet required by law to keep hiring them.

So yes, your McBurger was made by McNiggers who don't give a fuck and probably actively hate whitey.

Can we bring back lynching now?

This is what lynching was for.

I've been on imageboards for 11 years, kike. Go finish your homework.

Read a heartwarming (literally) story yesterday. Doing family history research, reading thru old newspaper articles online. Found article from 1901 Arkansas local paper, where white farmers wife was out in the field, and a nigger raped her. She crawled back to house, told husband, who alerted other townspeople. 500 fucking white people went out and hunted the nigger, tied his ass up, dragged him back to her house for her to ID. She confirmed that was the nigger, and the crowd took the nigger out to a field, and fucking burned him at the stake. Justice served. Nigger behaviour was described just as they behave today (find lone white woman, rape, run way), although back then they had the fear of god (whitey) in them. Complete with his buddy whose shack he was hiding in saying he dindu nuffin. Niggers never change.

Whoever calls will have to imitate a nigger accent because she'd probably hang up on anyone who isn't a "brother".

It would be more heartwarming if instead of being retaliatory it was preemptive, but that's the problem we've been stuck with where every damn white person needs to individually learn through niggers nigging that niggers will nig. There are no good niggers, only niggers that have yet to nig.

The sad truth is that many people require multiple lessons that niggers are trash before they absorb it. After the first few incidents people may still think of chimpouts as isolated incidents. Some never learn after multipe encounters, doubling down and excusing bad behaviour on "racism".

(((Television))) always portrays whites as lame and bland while trying to make spics and niggers look "cool."

pic related probably invented by niggers honestly i'm surprised it's not "fried chicken in a biskit"

Also, is there any study on nigger taste buds? And aren't niggers better off being vegetarians? I understood why humans in other parts of the world evolved to eat meat during the Ice Age, but what about niggers?

You'll niggers don't even check digits.
Fucking talmudvision. I watched an episode of black mirror the other day with some pals. God the shit that they put in these shows. They literally broadcast porn (you don't see dick going into vagina, but everything else). In the same episode was also cuck propaganda - white girl and black guy fuck at a hipster party, she gets pregnant, and they decide to start a family together. Also featured was a strong empowered sistah electrocuting whitey in an electric chair. ALL of this in ONE episode. TV execs will get the rope.

They have the same taste-buds. Niggers current evolutionary state is basically stagnation. The reason being Africa literally has food everywhere just lying around (except in the desert obviously). So niggers never had to learn how to plan for the future. Eg, winter season. With food in abundance what is there for niggers to do in their natural habitat?

1) avoid eating poison
2) avoid getting a mosquito bite
3) avoid becoming food for predators

Niggers are literally a product of free food + natural violence. The niggers mimic the behavior of the animals that prey on them leading to warrior tribes and warlords.

To this end they can barely cook. Hence the term "bush meat". Niggers in Africa will basically eat anything they know isn't poison. Including other Niggers. I don't believe this has anything to do with their actual taste buds, and everything to do with living in a super bountiful habitat filled with vicious predators that prey upon man.

she hates whites so much she can't stop trying to look like them

Just this one snippet was enough to tell me all there is to know about this broad. The delightful barista just admitted the age old female trick: have a backpocket sexual assault allegation in the back pocket - of a white man she presumably let eat her ass.
This is rage inducing and needs to be brought up more as it seems to have been glossed over.

bitch if your shit was hacked the first thing that would have happened is you get locked out. I don't think she understands basic computer nor has friends that do.

Interesting how this follows them everywhere they infest.

It was a professional hacker, user, most likely Putin himself.


Well of course, because no matter how much she tries to be like us she can't. The root of it all is envy.


Doubledubs confirm niggers piss on the hand that feeds them.

pretty sure blackmail is a felony

also use the #starbucks hashtag that's what starbucks themselves shills on and where goyim brag about wasting their money go

Setting the rabid feminists loose with a well placed #metoo could be a fate worse than the welfare line
Multi-purpose: expose her as a liar, open the convo that casual false sexual assault allegations like this happen frequently, more infighting in their targeted communities.

So is knowingly making a false police report.

they get plenty of protein going straight ass-to-mouth with the family Wildebeest; amirite tho?

Holy shit they're going all out to
I hope you faggots archived everything.

The lying rats at Starbucks refuse to fire one of their precious POCs and are flat out denying that she even works there in order to also protect their precious gold from the white cuckold soyboys that frequent their anti-white establishment.

It's almost certainly fake; either the nigger posting them is trolling or someone else is trolling with a picture of a nigger.

Carrying around ground-up, dried pit bull shit requires forethought and planning. You need to wait for it to dry up, then grind it, then carry it with you. Multi-step process. A nigger wouldn't do it.

Eating pit bull shit is still better than drinking Starbucks though.

how to archive a closed faceborg group?

how big is your nose?

Yeah Holla Forums is definitely being attacked

There is never a time Holla Forums isn't being shilled by more than one group.


So she's saying whites are fearless?


You have only yourself to blame.

Niggers don't pick up after their dogs, I'm sure there are dried turds to be had kike.

Great new pasta for the filter.


EEAKKSHHUALLY, you are really underestimating how much pocs hate us beautiful white folk now.
And saying that a monkey isn't smart enough to dry up shit and put it in someone's food just shows a clear lack of knowledge on how capable some apes are.
Don't try and convince people that the nogs aren't doing whatever they can to get whitey out of the picture you fucking worthless faggot.

I wouldn't say that. Have you ever met a black person?

Why would anyone make this up? To denigrate niggers and make them look bad? They do that by themselves more than fine.

reminder that americans are only 5% of the world.
95% of people don't know the brand names of the junk food that you fat fuckers eat

What kind of schizopost is this?

The vocal cord parasite is real? WHOOOOOOOOOOO?

Sorry but Tabasco sauce isn't very spicy, it taste very salty

There's a lot of truth in those digits, being able to blend in with the normies is a useful skill, however. Only far and few between though, lest you become one of them. Still, seeing just a little bit of the propaganda normies blindly consume on a daily basis is enough to revitalize your rage and make you remember why you fight.

You'll be telling your grandchildren the great adventure of when you spent 15 years on a message board.

I don't eat that garbage, I only eat whole vegetables and make my own coffee if I want to poison and dehydrate myself at the same time as fuck up my brain chemistry, faggot.

Meanwhile we still need to make an example of this creature and get her fired

Spam like that is often posted.
I think it's goal is to disturb people posting in these forums.

Filter time.

What's with the greek script at the end?

but this is a black female

missed the point completely
you fucking americans seem to think that the rest of the world is supposed to automatically know every useless pop culture reference from your shithole plastic factory

name a local brand of snack from 150 countries.


149 to go
no checking on the internet either

It doesn't mean anything in Greek, at least. It is a falsely transliterated nigger-like "cryptology". It's "The Delta Infinity".
Doesn't mean anything to me. Just another indicator of schizophrenia.

Sad. You should be grateful I allow you eat my food's food, you pathetic soyboy.

The point is for you to shut the fuck up about pointless crap.
This thread isnt about your feelings, if you want to vent those create a tumblr blog.
Stick to the thread or gtfo, stop acting like a nigger.

Or "the delta-divinity unity" or some shit. But it doesn't matter, just report it and forget it.

Someone smells triggered, time to change your tampon you fucking retard. Just don't dunk it in someone's drink.

I think you might be drunk m8, no one expected you to know what it is.

We expect that if you cared to pitch in, you would google it…..

That would be your upper-lip you asshole sucking faggot. All of your posts have added up to zero contributions to the thread. Not only are you a faggot, but you are in all likelihood a niggerfaggot.



Probably. I'll dress it up a bit.

t.- buttmad europoor.
go back to eating your boiled cabbage and rubbing alcohol.

trips confirm you'll have grandchildren to share shitposting bedtime stories with, and that GRIDS faggot nigger will not because gay nigger with AIDS reasons

stalking my posts, how queer of you
maybe the aids medication was a bit too strong this morning and has put you a little off balance.
talk to your doctor about reducing the dose

tweet this one back to starbucks and let the comapny do some of the work for us in trying to punish her

Did anyone fall for your pic?


The term "cracker" comes from "jaw cracker" a nickname for scotch-irish who won't shut the fuck up. Upper class whites came up with it.

you're right, it doesn't. because there is nothing beyond America until we expand it more.

It seems to be a regular on another board.
I saw one of its posts on the Nerve Center and clicked through out of curiosity.
I think they refer to it as Scribble-user, as it seems prone to posting crude MS paint OC, at least from what I could gather.

Unfortunately: Not my pic
Fortunately: Niggers are very stupid

http:// www.kansascity.com/entertainment/ent-columns-blogs/stargazing/article169062802.html

You already 'expanded' enough within your own borders. Try to keep your gift to yourself.

"Saltine" is not a brand name.


hbu mcscribble yourself right back where you came from, slut.


oh god we should have known you're the fuckin 56% beanlet spammer

that is her, but that name could also be an alias

It's definitely "her".

Its traptits are gross.


spamming that shit cuckchan meme.

The mods here really need to kill you faggots, just because other boards let you reddit this hard doesn't mean you should suck kike dick by posting their memes.

The only text I can discern in your picture is "This is kike D&C" and you keep posting
Why are you asking to get banned?

I don't know why I'd expect a nigger to know proper opsec, but you really have to be retarded if you can't think of a password that isn't your literal email address. She probably doesn't even have the memory/attention span to remember her own phone number, christ.

I don't mind about the average costumers they get what they deserve, but she fed dog shit to a fucking 4 year old kid that is severely crossing the line.

I don't doubt for a minute that it is all real, think about it, it's a nigger and a tranny. Think about all the rage and madness inside its head. Black AND mentally ill.

never overestimate the intellect of a nigger

All the White hipster racetraitors giving their shekels to them deserved it tbh.


Im gonna call fake too. Look into this but dont look into it by accusing, look by snooping the old fashioned way. Given that we havent found something concrete yet and the evidence is stretching over several counties instead of one city, and given starbucks' immediate and oddly direct response (usually corpo wants to stay silent no matter what it is and find out what the fuck is going on when you are accused of this, they never acknowledge it and chimp "fake news" so quickly and confidently) I am going out on a limb to say this is a news bait meant to further slander twidder nahdzees and also give free pr amongst soy-based life forms who are constantly dropping corporate brands in favor of local, organically soylent options.

I think Starbucks is being sincere when the company says that they have no employee by the name of Shanell Rivers. Corporations have to take health and safety complaints very seriously; if they did have an employee by the name of Shanell Rivers and her posts turn out to be legitimate, Starbucks would be blown the fuck out for intentionally covering up a series of food service health and safety violations. That would be a huge risk to take, and it's definitely smarter for them to simply say they have no employees by that name. It is pretty suspicious that they would outright say the posts are faked though. They would have no idea if one of their employees posts on facebook with a pseudonym; so jumping the gun and saying that the posts or the identity behind them is fake is a dangerous assumption if they turn out to be wrong.






Trending now:

I never said niggers don't do this shit. I was talking about Starbucks telling the truth about having an employee by the name of Shanell Rivers. I don't doubt for a second that this kinda shit happens daily when you employ groids in the food service industry.

Well leftists like to think 5 years ahead user, they just happen to be pretty bad at making accurate predictions.

Fired? Convicted of Intent to Mayhem rather. This is literally no different than poisoning someone intentionally.

im in Savannah GA right now. its nowhere near atlanta btw. Are those addresses where she lives or? its literally 10 minutes from me right now

If you want to eat a sammich
Don't go to the starbux bitch

I know this sounds absurd
But you're going to be eating turd


waste of dubs


nice trips m8

To those who think it's fake, here are some other things people have done.



think about it for a second: nigger resentment + MENTALLY ILL TRANNY
posting in a closed FB group for niggers hating on wypipo
off course it is very likely to be real


Again I didn't say this sort of thing doesn't happen, also didn't say blacks and tranny's are innocent, they are more likely to do this of course. Saying that the whole sequence of events especially concerning Starbucks response time and manner is suspicious. You should, imo, proceed as though you are being rused for free pr points and further justification for the twitter shoah.

shills on cuckchan are all over this one

here is the tranny we're looking for, it has a clear tattoo on the arm

Future ATL hooker detected. What she has already admitted to should put her away for a year, probably 2-5 if hate crime statute attached.

Besides the contamination of food based on a racist conjecture I would highly recommend not going all personal army on this bitch. You'll make a martyr and provide leverage that her words are correct or stir others to work towards her goals.

If she got fired from Pozbucks then that's good. Continuing to poke a rat will make it find other rats to help it.

fuck off

Fuck that, this nigger deserves hate crime charges. It admitted to only targeting one race probably low t kikes mostly, like they know the difference and should be charged accordingly.

With 10+ million jews in the (((US))), more than even in israel itself, chances are high that you are a kike too.


Wow, autistic disinformation and D&C all in one post, you sure do a great job outing yourself Schlomo. Congrats on the restraint, you managed to realize you'd get auto-banned for posting that image I'm sure you're dying to post.

Go eat your matzos.

Did you know if you find a cheap mp3 player (preferably one with a long battery life at least) and a small pair of cheap but loud speakers, you can duct tape it all together and throw it up in a tree. Set it to play a song that's silence for about a minute or two so you can get away without notice. I've always wanted to do this with some Johnny Rebel or something.

I grew up on the Texas southern border, you can move there, no niggers, but you'll be one of the few Whites you can count on one hand there in a sea of spics.


the problem is faulty logic and poor memory. Somehow we forgot that we are above the disgusting beings that we know as humans.



we did it reddit!

great idea, I'm sure you can assemble this cheaply

That's because Niggers are above the law and know it

since fucking when does that matter? We decide what is real and fake.


in other words:



it's gaining traction

< "Fuck off back to Reddit. You're not ready for this place."
Did you just read his original post as sympathy for the nigger? You need to learn how to read, you illiterate shit, you.


I think we were rused.

that's what starcucks claims


between subtle shadings and the absence of light lies the nuance of satire :^)

I imagine a very smug pepe and crying/mad wojaks as he effortlessly speeds past them.

From the one waving a redshield flag around with his id. I'm not even American, but I'd love to hear about how because my country has dogs, I must be a German Shepard. Please continue, my mossad radar is picking something up.

It took us til 2018 to realize all we have to do is flip the text to know what the kikes are up to?

how the hell can the police make the determination that this is fake so quickly? of course the facebook name might be wrong, but they aren't investigating at all. Instead, they're investigating those who released the information.

I wonder why….
Here's the mayor of atlanta, georgia and the chief of police. They've got your back.

new info

why do you think I made that oc. If you read it on the news you are more likely to get the truth out of it if you read it backwards

In Atlanta, or most of GA, you don't really have much of a choice a lot of times. This whole state looks like an African outpost.

t. GA resident

I cook my own food, I don't eat out, I do this with a choice in who is serving, you can do the same, and "no time!" is on the tip of your tongue, that's bullshit, it takes 15-30 minutes to prepare and cook a decent meal and can meal prep during down time for the rest of the week or day by day. Avoiding shitskins fucking with food isn't even my primary or secondary reason for making my own meals, that would be health followed by cost. The social aspect? invite people over, have get togethers, be great to get all your friends in on it, go to each others places, go on "picnics" for a change of scenery as a group or just yourself, whatever, but no need to feed the fast food/restaurant jew, starve it.



I thought it referred to cracking the whip on slaves.

ive heard everything from that to 'eets cuz da yt so bland'

yeah, i'm betting she ain't woke to the jq

they are the most racist, shittiest people on the face of the planet, second only to (((The Alt White)))
>the great news is that (((the owner))) of Starbucks and his merry hook-nosed brethren get dirty-dicked everything from niggers just like Whitey

blacks actually used to be woke in the 60s and 70s. iirc the DC riots went specifically after jewish establishments

you're right isopropanol only exists in america

spam this shit on #starbucks until twitter shaoh's it, which they're already doing.

starbucks is committing a federal crime by immediately trying to cover this up.

18 U.S. Code § 1365 - Tampering with consumer products

(1) Whoever knowingly communicates false information that a consumer product has been tainted, if such product or the results of such communication affect interstate or foreign commerce, and if such tainting, had it occurred, would create a risk of death or bodily injury to another person, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

(2) As used in paragraph (1) of this subsection, the term “communicates false information” means communicates information that is false and that the communicator knows is false, under circumstances in which the information may reasonably be expected to be believed"


there was a nigger walking through richard spencer's bedroom @ hr 3 of the warski chat and the mods here are censoring it bigly

Niggers will kill you, then text their friends about it.

This is one of the many good reasons that robots should take over the whole industry. Probably the single best reason actually.

who can I report this to then?

Georga Department of Agriculture
Food Saftey & Inspection Service
100 Alabama St SW # 1924, Atlanta, GA 30303
Natalie Adan
natalie.adan at agr.georgia.gov
unless otherwise noted, some user reported that this is outside of Atlanta's range but it's the state's federal-government-funded food safety and standard's organization so you can't be wrong in expressing your concerns as a law-abiding taxpayer.

It's all fake Goy, just like pizzagate.


4900 Guilford Forest Dr SW
Atlanta, GA 30331-9018
(404) 405-6684 - Wireless
(404) 696-5647 - Landline
(770) 941-9519 - Landline

If it's a shitposter, it's a very dedicated one… Either way, impressive.

They are playing a dangerous game, but it's important especially in the day of social media and fast information transfer to have a short term optics solution so that the prevailing narrative in the mind of goldfish normalfags will not be "starbucks failed to deny that one of their employee fed a little girl dogshit". Instead now, those looking to expose the niggress will have to take more effort for the news to stick in normalfags. It's not the most risk free move, but it's pretty effective.

Niggers like this will always amaze me


N-Nothing to see here, goyim.

Do legitimate entities even use that domain?

Contrary to memes, whites do eat bagels.

I guess that's why we call them normalfags.

We've reached peak cuckchan.

No, your post is better evidence that we've reached peak cuckchan.

Has anyone reminded this nigger that he will never be a real woman yet?

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If this is true and she actually poisoned a white child's food with dog shit, and put possible aids blood on a bagel, she should be facially flayed like that gore video people always post here.

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I lived in the ATL for 5 years - there are no black chicks working at starbucks. Most baristas are aging hipsters with advanced degrees in things like art history.


Consider this a dark horse for Trump’s upcoming Fake News Awards: An eye-rolling falsehood posted to a race-baiting Facebook group, 4chan, and other places has gone viral after falsely accusing a Georgia Starbucks of doing vile things specifically to white customers’ orders. The post — an early version of which appeared in a private, 50,000-member group called “White People Vs Black People (The Original)” — said a black barista named Shanell Rivers had, among other things, spit in a woman’s macchiato, mixed a “dab of blood” into strawberry jam for a man’s bagel, and put dog poo into a little girl’s hot chocolate.

In an effort not to give it more views, here’s a block quote of what “Rivers” allegedly bragged about doing:

Starbucks did its best to shut the fabrication down, telling people on social media that the claim was “completely false,” and that, in fact, there’s not even a Starbucks employee named Shanell Rivers. The post was reported as an actual scandal anyway by conservative blogs and Reddit groups, complete with a made-up pic of this “Rivers” person.

Unsurprisingly, this led to threatening phone calls, like in #Pizzagate. Starbucks hasn’t commented on their exact nature, but the Washington Post says the café closed on Sunday out of concern for workers’ safety. A rep adds that the store called police, who say they’re now investigating “the true identity of the person or persons responsible” to “better understand their motives.” Not to spoil it for them or anything, but it just might be racism.

Completely ignoring the racism against whites going back months in that acct. I believe this is real and Starbucks is scared shitless they'll go under. Cuckchan did some good digging on this but I suppose $tarbucks will just pay off whoever to make it go away.