Obama might be exposed this week




(((Horowitz))) fought the Obama admin for like 3 years to restore OIG powers crippled by Eric Holder during Fast & Furious. He's a fucking boy scout on steroids.

Not only that, the House Judiciary committee spoon-fed Horowitz everything he needs to recommend a Special Counsel.

Do you think DOJ re-launching their Clinton Foundation / Email investigations last week was a coincidence? The OIG has to deliver their report to the DOJ before they deliver to Congress…


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I'd never seen the original before. Neat.

Why's he crying? He loves Michael's cock.




Someone get this man his check.

They're trying to slide this.

doesn't taking steroids violate Scout's Honor?

This year is starting out fucking strong.
This is it fellas, I can feel it in the air.
Both Cunton and Obongo go down this year

Why would they? If they are prescribed to him legally what wrong as he done to violate his oath? You still have to put in the work, they don't magically make you a monster.

true. steroids can be legitimate medicine.



if by free you mean dead, then most likely yes.


Listen faggot, you can go fuck yourself you slimey kike. Your baseless narratives are falling apart. The ship is sinking and there's too many holes to plug. Enjoy your demise.

holy shit dude, I'm just saying what everyone thinks, I don't want it to be true but ffs reality is a harsh motherfucker.

calm your tits.

The reality is that you're a fucking kike. Assange is out, he's getting a pardon from Trump and he's going to get a Presidential medal of Freedom.

Can't wait to see you say he's a hologram or some shit when that happens.

Holy fuck, you're the fucking shill here. Go suck Trump's cock on reddit faggot

What's with jews and their obsession with fellatio?


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A wizard cannot be kill nor can he be contain.

b-b-b-but he didn't deport every single mexican on the planet on day 1!!! he's a kike shill!!!!

The White Wizard lives and saw the sun today




Nothing will happen. Hillary will get more street cred at Murder Inc. for blaming everything on her employees during questioning. That's it.

I don't know how many times we need to have similar threads full of similar posts, but maybe hold off on the proclamations until something actually happens. You can always slide over to GLP or conservative treehouse.

May've happened, see:

How hard would nigs and cucks riot if he was arrested? Nigs wouldn't care much about hillary, but Obama.

That's actually a very good question–groids have notoriously weak concepts of time, so in the minds of many of them the era of king nigger may very well have been a decade ago.
Those are kept fresh in their minds by the kike media for white guilt propaganda purposes. If the napas were to riot it would likely only be due to kikes telling them to.

Polite sage because I'm a retard who forgets to check dubs.


kang nigger and his faggot for the gallows
make his supposed children watch




They're not even in the right colors.

Open season

are you the real oathbreaker?
i missed you

Yep, okay, holding my excitement until something goes *boing*

I think it will rather go like *wham*

No he won't. Good things don't happen. It will only get worse.

Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward.

You. Hope. Too. Much. Nuclear fire invalidates your hope.


Fiat justitia ruat caelum

Whatever. I'm right and you know it. Name a specific date. I dare you.

Good things don't happen. Ever. Trump loves Jews. You know it. I'm still right. You still know it. Samson still looms. You still know it.

If you want me gone come to Gadsden, Alabama and help me kill myself.

Ashes. Echoes.

Samson Option won't work if the Israeli nukes detonate in their own silos ;^)

Whatever. Watch what happens.

You hope too much. That's too good to happen while I'm still alive. The gods and Fate won't allow it.

Watch what happens.

I already know what's going to happen.

The Star will gorge itself on clay.

Only actions by the forsworn can break oaths you retard. Why did the >>>/tok/ faggots put up with you?

Oh wait. Because they too had false hope.

No it won't. Q is a LARP.

Good things don't happen. Ever.

You can bannonspam or post whatever you want. That doesn't change what is. And that is Eternal Misery.

Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward.

Ashes. Echoes.

So will one of you hopefull faggots come to Gadsden and help me kill myself so you can have your good ending? Or will you let my curse ruin all your shitpostong larp-ass efforts?

I don't follow Q.
You assume too much
Your hubris is your downfall
Judgement looms for you
No more foreskins

Because that's what it does. Every time. Trump got elected and then turned NeoCohen. So long as I'm alive, nothing will ever work out.

go back to reddit faggot

So are you going to help me kill myself or not?

Gadsden, Alabama. Meet me by the Emma Sansom Statue. If judgement looms for me, do you even know who I am?

Ashes. Echoes.

You know it's a good thread when asses and eggoes shows up. Say hello to mother dearest for me, you autistic fuck. Oh, and where can I buy some of your finest poetry?


Ashes for the (((echoes)))

No. There is no poetry. No, I will not tell anyone hi for you.

Why won't someone help me kill myself? I have evidence against Hillary Clinton even!


Whatever shill. You have to be a shill or Kampfy

One of the two.

So, will you come to Gadsden and help me kill myself?

What did you expect? Jim is a MASONICNIGGER! All Masons Are Like That.

Still waiting on shill/kampfy to come help me kill myself.

Nothing? Nothing to that? Nothing at all?

It's like you get orders to ignore me once I get going…

Why won't any of you who shot post on me come to Gadsden to help me kill myself? Don't you want Trump to win? The only way Trump can win is if I'm dead.

You're going to hang alongside King Nigger, aren't you?

Sorry. Too good to happen. Obama is never going to be punished and nobody will ever come help me kill myself.

And it's not a slide bomb to post in a thread about the topic. I'm just arguing that good things don't happen.


>First Nigger President
>Gets Arrested

Don't forget about Hillary, user!

There's a reason for that. Norse runes are written in red when you're trying to magic

No I'm not, sorry, just like me some mystic memecircles. You can find him over on >>>/tok/.

I'm not him, but you sound like a faggot.
I always understood the memecircles to be a reminder that obligation is a voluntary duty, even when we think it's not, and that revering obligation over betraying your principles is not virtue.
oh fuck, Leggo my Eggoes is back
Can. We? Yes. We. Can!
Also I'm not driving to the deep south just to shut up a whiner I can defeat with a custom filter.
I will admit that by making it Assholes. Elbows. instead of ASSHOLES AND ELBOWS does make it far better.


Thanks obama

Fucking two weeks late


Good. Between him and Clinton, Obama (and his political apparatus) are the much bigger threat.

wtf I love kikes now. What the fuck happened to this place?

So basically everything we knew over a year ago is going to come out in an official report, and Obongo's going to jail with Hillary.

Indictments have started too. Praise Kek.

Don't forget about the Bush family.


I want this to happen so fucking bad but I don't think the inspector general, (((MICHAEL HOROWTIZ))) is going to play ball.

Vid related.

A LOT hinges on this IG report. A LOT. All (((HOROWITZ))) has to do is give Mueller room to operate, to make the Republicans seem political if they really go after what absolutely, undoubtably, is the greatest political scandal in political history.

We are in a cold Civil War in this country right now. Robert Mueller and his cronies in the FBI (McCabe and others) along with Clinton, Obama, and the DNC have engaged in and are engaged in open treason to overthrow a lawfully elected President of the United States.

This is not going to end well. Too much is on the line for these people, the FBI and co-conspirators in the DOJ loyal to Clinton went all in early on this (treason) and when they went all in there is absolutely no turning back.

They fabricated evidence to spy on Donald Trump. Not only that, when he got elected, they used the fabricated evidence to open a sham of an investigation to undermine public trust in the Office of the President and, ultimately (after the Democrats win the mid-terms, which is their plan,) remove the President from office.

If you had any doubts about Donald John Trump, look at what they are trying to do to him.

This is going to get bad. The IG report isn't going to stop this from getting a lot worse before it gets better. Donald Trump KNOWS a storm is coming, and all the pieces are being set up right now quietly behind the scenes because he AND the people who oppose him both KNOW that when the dam breaks it's going to be bad.


Fuck off.

Oh ok then yeah I guess I'm wrong, fuck me huh? This Michael (((Horowitz))) guy is going to work out fucking fantastic and hand Trump everything he wants on a silver platter.

Fucking kill yourself. We don’t care about your LARP. Unless you have actual evidence that anyone in the ZOG is going to arrest anyone else in the ZOG, shut the fuck up and go back to LARPing.

Never … EVER expect anything from a (((Horowitz))) which might benefit the Goyim. NEVER! Right now, DC, Jew York, all forms of large monopolies owned by (((them))) have absolutely nothing to fear from LE. It's all in the court of Joe & Jane Goyim.

Here's the IRL version.


ROTFL… experience says otherwise!

This is a bot posting. I fucking said the exact same thing this "guy" is trying to argue. I agree with this poster, in essence.. The IG is going nowhere. And yet "he" accuses me of LARP. Notice the use of buzzwords and simple grammar. This sentence was typed out by a machine designed to D&C and derail the thread.

It's better to take these opportunities to further explain your positions and expand on what you've previously said - Perhaps even standardizing such answers if you're concerned of your time being wasted by bots.

I iterated my points just fine pardner


Commit suicide. Reported for believing that Q is real.