White House preparing for trade crackdown

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Holy shit. Does this mean the end of everything saying 'made in China's on it? Amazon must be pissed off to no end. Half w
Of what they sell comes from there (that's an underestimate for sure)



this is EXCELLENT.

I guess we'll find out if the lolbergs are right about the effect of tariffs.

That's right, HIS agenda. Stop trying to take it over, kikes.

Sounds like some big Chinese corporations may have trouble paying back their loans soon. WIll based JewCorp buy ChinkMart and ChinkAuto to save thousands of jobs and show what a great ally they are? Stay tuned.

Don't forget Walmart and Target too and all other stores withe nigger tier-items selling for seasons like toys, trinkets, accesories, gift shit, ornaments, and electronics. Never forget that home electronics is for niggers and only low income whites who degenerates and coons obsess and buy expensive electronic items like TVs and stereos.

People don't need any of that shit, so it comes from china. Almost everything you don't fucking need comes from china. Your clothes, food, tools, and weapons don't. Check the label.

I know for a fact that SnapOn is now made in china, and if a brand that high end is doing it I'd be shocked if any of the big names aren't.

Do not buy snap on tools then.

Oh sorry fam I buy like Wiha and Bosch (Mexico lots of times, I know) I forgot to say. I get the nicer sets from autozone too which are made in Japan Jr. (Taiwan). Point still is you can completely cut off China and if you already manage your life the right way you won't notice anything change. Yes I own some Chinese made things but since none of them come to mind I don't think they're important.
Sage because it has nothing to do with the topic.

They're good tools, if extremely pricey. Point is, I know low grade shit like harbor freight junk is made in China. Mid range stuff like craftsman, husky, kobalt etc. is made there too. SnapOn is made there, and therefore its likely that so is Mac, Matco, Cornwell, OTC, and fucking everything else. China is just so cheap to manufacture because its basically slave labor.

I kind of wanted that thing, but Nintendo can go to hell with their limited supply to create virtual demand bullshit.

Defunding China is up there with exposing the kikes and zionist control of the government-media-tech complex.






Don't buy a TV nor things you connect to a TV, user. Mind you I didn't say things you can possibly connect, just things made to connect. This is said because one most likely is in need of the computer for work, and of course here being play. Although don't forget that the shills' work is to come here using computers.

China is being pretty anti-american so expect some trading to sour, and even the government admits their economy is falling apart. It's a good thing.

Do you not have a computer, user?

They typically don't sell computers in "home electronics" sections. Nor do they calculators.

I hope Trump does something about thos H1bs next

Computers are BOTNETS and if you came to Holla Forums you would know this for a FACT.
Posted from my handmade Burmese abacus.

You mean holocaust and cuck movies, niggerball gear, porn and abstract "art"? What a patriot you are.

Shame it's ugly as sin.

Nobody asked for your Amazon wishlist Sholom.

Good. fuck the chinese and any non european race. MAGA = building a wall, deporting illegals, taking isis oil. MAGA on God emperor and hopefully once its blatantly obvious to you and the public that the kikes are parasites put them in camps

And how could I forget obesity powder, high fructose obesity syrup, and based financial instruments like monkey-mortgage backed securities. And the latest books about niggers kvetching and economists explaining how capitalism is like a bagel.

I have an SKS, and an 870 clone shotgun both from China.

What a completely fucking wrecked culture. Holy shit.

Not much more than in the West.

The big difference is heavy taxation of those who do work and produce something of value to pay for the garbage that drags down Western society, good samaritan bullshit including the 100th taxdeducted holocaust remembrance money laundry prohect and and autistic leftist policies from diversity bullshit to some overpaid cunt walking around the offices and telling people how to sit straight.

Even if Chinese had equal wages and "necessary" quality of life standards like us profit margins would still be much higher than in the West

Dude, we get it, you’re butthurt. Just post your forced meme goblin, run off back to /k/, and post about how shit burgers are. Don’t forget to post Bundeswehr-chan slapping an Ami.

And how could I forget Big Pharma's contribution to societal decay.

I don't think you do and never will because of those sandnigger genes Yahweh gave you. The problem isn't all the Chinese products here. It's the lack of Afrimerican products in China. Tariffs aren't going to fix the damage done by dragging rabid monkeys from jungles into schools and killing goy innovators like the inventor of fracking.

Nah, it isn't deserving of your or my own taste buds, we'd just do the slicing, best feed it to your doggo, or local pupper, I feel it's much more fitting.

Crash the jew fucking commies!
With No Survivors

It's why chink net addicts have their own 10bux shills called "wumaodang" or 50 cent party paid by the government to "improve their image" in the internet.

I like your style. Poetic.

Another dumb idea



Now all Trump needs to do is: audit the (((federal reserve))), enforce the sherman anti-trust act on the big corporations, and no foreign aid to Israel!

Kek, I like it.

robot here
Can POTUS just create trade tariffs and sanctions against a country without congress?

Even when that open letter, "Dear X" bullshit is used by an emotionless bot to peddle subscriptions, it still comes across as disgustingly sanctimonious and patronizing. It seems like that's the only way that female journalists can begin an article in CY+3.

Don't forget about telecom monopolies


It's his job to feed it more victims.

Sounds like you're a poorfag and you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess it's better than being unarmed, but just so you know, not only did you give your money to the Chinese, but you paid jews for the privilege to do it.
Hopefully you will turn your golems on their master come DOTR.

SnapOn's plant in Elizabethton, TN is running wide open and hiring every able man they can find so I don't know where you're hearing that.

Having an actual slave on usury bucks is so much more honest.

Also, this is the end result of the Trump administration trying to play nice with China in regards to the North Korean question. China refused to take meaningful steps to slow down/limit/stop their nuclear program and this is the stick Trump plans to beat them back in line with.

More about the inventor please?

With how much shit he talks about China, I'm surprised the chinks seem to like him so much.

Truly a submissive people, despite their hivemind of false egoism and superiority.

That's a meme user.

I’m getting really fed up with this Ralph Lauren Made in China shit.


what are you even talking about

look like this is another thread the shills are actively avoiding, good.

Chinks seem to enjoy him as an adversary that doesn't take them on the task of moralfaggotry, instead it's cutthroat business instead, funny how even they can defend the Norks right to arm themselves up but not on their starvation or insane Juche master race bullshit.

This. Trump has presented to them a face they actually understand, they know he's a clear opponent but at least he speaks their language and they respect him for it. They wouldn't dare pull something like not bring out the stairs like they did for Obongo.

> (((intellectual property)))

Noguns detected. Shotgun was a parking lot sale too. Kill yourself, faggot.

Can confirm. I have a chink boss and he said they like Trump because regarding china, he doesn't bring up civil and human rights issues for the Chinese like fag marriage and such.

How much did you get your secondhand Norinco SKS for? I got mine for $300 and have heard thats a decent deal.

$400, but it came with a fair amount of ammo. $300 is good these days.

Costs in China have risen quite a bit over time though, which is why the government makes all sorts of concessions to keep their businesses competitive. Look at some of the major online shops in China that ship abroad. No chance there are any profit margins in that at all without that kind of backing from higher up.

If you faggots haven't already done so, stop eating foreign (non-European) foods. Meaning restaurants, imported fruits are fine.


Just because certain groups operate inside of America doesn't make the products American.

hes actually going to do it

Maybe for the time being, but if/when Trump really puts his foot down with China things will change. And I really hope he does.

this is going to backfire badly


Give link

we don't read posts written in all caps

So are you saying I don't need an NES? Because I vehemently disagree. Buying new TVs every year at Black Friday or with the yearly tax gibs is definitely nigger tier though.

Try harder, Shapiro.

Sounds good.

Stay mad Chang.

I loaded up on storage and some other redundancies in anticipation of this. Storage in particular, is really one of the better low-cost, high-value items in the CY+3

He's already started in on those, there was an article posted here just last week.

uhh but tariffs are interference with the free market??

Free market? With what China and the other East Asian countries have been doing all along?

tariffs are interference with the free market.

respect the dubs.

If free market means child labor, slave labor, meant to displace and impoverish white people then I'm not really in favor of it.

child labor gives a man a trade from a young age. its superior to sending him to government indoctrination center integrated with niggers.

let the gooks stagnate their industry with slave labor while our industries surge ahead with robotics. gooks will never recover.

whites naturally come out on top in a free market due to their inventiveness, ingenuity, and tenaciousness, and work ethic. it is overregulation of the markets that has sent factories to china.
you sound like a jew and youre probably a communist too

But that's my point. It hasn't been a free market. Hence Trump's stance, and rightfully so. Finally someone calling it for what it is.

that is some trudeau economics cuck logic tbh.

Not that I disagree with you, but this is full on "Man cannot survive on bread and water alone" type nonsense.

before the Jews made us fight the US Civil War our entire fucking government and most of our infrastructure was funded solely by tariffs.



This. Tarriffs are WAY better than a direct tax. It's as close to voluntarism as is reasonable.

Britain abolished slavery 30+ years before the US, cuntstain.

muh free market, fuck off, china doesn't have anything even resembling a free market and it's working out pretty fucking nice for them, also, neither do we, no country does, so eat shit already

If you think about the world, it's always in an anarchic state. Force is in the nature of competition, and to deny use of it is to not be competitive.

What about forcing out competition to gain a monoply? Thats the antithesis of being competitive.

and British industry compensated with increased mechanization. just as they compensated for tariffs with increased mechanization. while industry in the USA was protected by tariffs and there was little incentive to invest in machinery (particularly in the South which contributed to their defeat and the jewing of the USA!!!!)

you do not create a free market by introducing new tariffs. the direct effect will be to delay and reduce automation in the USA - despite automation being vastly more efficient, reliable, and precise. yet it will create the incentive for increased automation in china. you do not understand basic macroeconomics dude.

The only possible problem with this (and I think Trump has addressed it to some degree) is that tariffs combined with domestic over-regulation could lead to circumstances in which many industries are ruled by (((capital))) because of regulatory capture. The more highly regulated the industry, the more cost there is in starting up (learning the laws, hiring lawyers/accountants, making sure you're compliant) and then later in general operations. You're right to note that we don't really have a free market as it stands, but I think we need to go one further for anons and explain something fairly simple:


A free market is an idealized system of totally organic prices for goods and services. Worth noting also that this state requires government intervention to break up monopolies and cartels.

Free enterprise is the freedom of individuals to compete in business free from onerous burdens imposed by government. The nature of what constitutes an onerous burden is of course a matter of discussion.

You're right, which is why the founders understood that breaking up cartels and monopolies was a legitimate role of government and why Jackson, God bless him, devoted his life to thrashing banks with a goddamn cane.

The latest scam is to take historic industrial campuses, chop them up into apartments, and rent them out as Section 8 housing. Because it's guaranteed profit from the government.
Fucking kikes.


I can see where you're coming from. If we continue to compete against people with starvation-level wages we continually have to adapt in order to compete at all, but I think in certain industries we've pushed out the native competition (when was the last time you saw clothes made in America in a typical mall?) to the degree that they're not really able to compete except in niche markets.

There's other problems involved too though, things like planned obsolescence. Let's say you're buying a washing machine from GE and they've got a microchip in there that's 90% certain to bite shit in 4 years and costs as much to replace as a new washing machine. Are they gonna pay for good American-made mechanical components or will they just roll with cheap chink crap? Certain manufacturers are happy to provide lower-quality goods because it maintains the consumer base for the long-term. Either way I think it's clear that the obsession with free markets has led to our current set of problems and it's probably not wise to stay the course.

No, regulation comes in when one side stops playing by the rules. Or, never did in the first place.

Which would you say had more societal achievements, a free-market Nigeria or a heavily- regulated China? Is it the people that make a civilization or is it the will and leadership of the people that compose it?
If "muh free market" turns into an excuse to let parasites loot the economy and pumping out endless shit, importing without restriction and promoting needless spending or the newest products, should that not be rectified through force of law?

Are you kidding? That's called defeating the competition. I know you're speaking of competition within a free market, but the world is not a free market. Force is always an option, and WILL be used by someone if the stakes are high enough.

Exactly my point, dumbass.

Either read an economic history book or stop posting. Tariffs on cheap British goods after the war of 1812 is the only reason American manufacturers had any kind of investment or market to sell to. Portugal had also started a fledgling textile industry, but fell for the "free trade" meme and "you should specialize in wine production and farming while your greatest ally Britain trades you cloth ;) " Guess how relevant Portugal was to economic history after that?
As for Britain, even by the 1850s most of the textile work was done by "skilled labor" and was hardly automated by today's standard. Their reliance on workers who spent their whole lives learning how to operate a power loom probably led them to lag in further mechanization, specifically the US and Japan.

is also exactly my point. it was the same with tariffs.


Prior to regulation, what are the rules? Contract law and private property notwithstanding.

Regulation should exist where there's a compelling public interest, for example in keeping waterways free of contaminants. We can all agree that dumping various sludges and chemicals and waste byproducts into rivers is an abuse of a communal resource and should be curtailed. That sort of thing can still lead to regulatory capture though in ventures with huge initial capital expenditures. Power plants, mills, whatever. Anyway there's no quick fix to any of this because it's all a process of negotiation and will forever be that way as we encounter new problems.

This man's correct in his priorities. The white man can argue over the minutiae of public policy once he has secured the existence of his people and a future for white children. Still fun to argue for the moment though, we can't become autistically focused on one thing to the exclusion of other disciplines. I'm sure there are plenty of anons who are better suited to study than race war.

The notion isn't that there's no competition in the process of establishing a monopoly but rather that competition no longer exists after it's established.

Only if you deny the use of force.

We're speaking in the context of markets you turbo-autist. Has it occurred to you that even if force is permitted that a monopoly on the use of force can be established?

For the sake of example let's say you've got 10 guys in a closed system all fighting for one cake with 10 pieces, and one guy kills the remaining 9. Who's left to challenge him for the cake?

Christ almighty this guy.


And I'm not, so I don't know why you illiterate faggots keep responding to me.

it most definitely is and any who claim otherwise have a total lack of understanding of manufacturing.

for example:

baxter robot is highly adaptive for assembly lines and can perform complex tasks. baxter's equivalent hourly pay is ~$3/hr however baxter does not need:

No one. And white people lived happily ever after.

Some stuff that beaners do is hard to automate, things like roofing jobs and landscaping. Of course all the jobs beaners currently do should be done by American teenagers to cure them of communism and teach them the value of hard work.

We know you're not, that's clear, but what's absurd is that you don't yet recognize that I've provided you with an example which clearly demonstrates that the principle which you believe is invalidated by your transfer to a superset (namely that monopoly is anti-competitive) is itself still valid if applied to the superset to which you've transferred. I keep responding because I'm trying to help you clarify your thinking. Think of it as a charitable act.

You're definitely right in a good number of cases, but there are a few where it's still cheaper to just hire American teens. I think you make a good point considering liability law though, but I think insurance for that sort of thing is more workable in a racially homogeneous nation.

You're moving outside the parameters of my system but I still like where you're going.

yet it was extremely automated by 1850 standards

the decline of the british empire due to heavy expenditures in the crimean war, boer wars, and ww1 is by far the greatest contributor to loss of investment and lagging in british industry than any unnecessary reliance on human workers. it's no coincidence the peak of the british empire was ~1922, they mostly coasted on industry 1850 - 1920 while engaging in unnecessary war. it was not the nature of industry that limited their further development.

You guys don't recognize that I was just making an observation (>>11130278)
on the nature of life on this planet, not arguing for a system. I haven't even read the conversation outside of (you)s.

Then why call us illiterate? All I see on my end is a guy making an observation which I consider correct (technically) albeit outside of the scope of the current discussion. Just be polite user and apologize for your haste, as I apologize for being curt with you. No sense acting like hebes, right?

You know chinese grill cartoons don't actually come from China, right? They're storyboarded in Japan and animated either there or in Shit Korea, I've never heard of a Shitnese animation studio except for the bad ones that make bootleg 3D animations rip-offs.

i'm very in favor of this where possible. having a job as a teen is great. you get money you can hopefully invest and will pay dividends later in life, or can at least have a car and go out on dates, you gain experience that can help you later in a career (or if it's a shitty job can at least demonstrate your work ethic and commitment), and you learn work ethic and holding down a job - something the education system today tries to pass off as "everyone else's fault buy your own when you don't succeed like everyone else because everyone's equal and the white people is racist"

Because your understanding required my aid.

Eat shit.

I'm just waiting for him to cut off Amazon's subsidized "free shipping". That will be a fun media day.

I dunno, if we can get machines to do this, I can't imagine that digging a hole, putting a plant in it, then filling the hole back up would be hard to automate, or putting shingles on a roof and nailing them in.

Not overwhelming so, by that time the Belgium, parts of Germany and the US Northeast had the same technology.
Britain attempted to hold as many colonies as possible to maintain its markets at gunpoint rather than rely on further technological developments.

Pretty much. I worked shit jobs in my teens and did a good job to boot. It teaches you about being responsible and also gives you some cash to goof off a bit or do something useful with. I also found it instructive to work with people who were still at that sort of job later in life, some not very smart and some just down on their luck. What was clear though that the worst employees, regardless of other factors, are the ones with poor attitudes. That's definitely a good lesson if ever you're going to be relying on employees to grow a business.

I think the aid was rather needed the other way around - I was perfectly well aware of violence as an option prior to your outburst. Nothin personnel, kid.

Interlock is a regular, very easy job once the substrate is properly prepared. Most construction/renovation jobs require people to quickly assess a complex system, then crawl into awkward places and perform a wide variety of different physical movements. I'm not sure if you have experience with trade work but there are plenty of impediments at present which make automation difficult; however, we have already eliminated a lot of construction labor through machined materials such as plywood, OSB, and drywall. Plaster and lathe as a trade is basically defunct as a result of manufacturing processes, so I don't disagree that eventually we might be able to figure some of this stuff out, especially with prefabricated modular house designs. That's a little while off though, and in the meantime it would be good to get some American teens to work getting a bit of physical exercise, a bit of fresh air, and a bit of experience figuring things out for themselves instead of relying on authority all the time for the answers.

obviously i would say heavily regulated china. but i don't exactly consider "free-market nigeria" to be a free-market when it's run by incompetent and corrupt niggers and the major industries are resources being extracted by mega-corporations that can hire armies of lawyers and pay bribes to bypass laws and regulations.

no the free market should not be an excuse to be looted by parasites but it should be encouraged to promote innovation and adaptation in our own industry.

your root problem is not economic - it's demographic. niggers and mexicans will buy cheap china shit because it's cheap and they can't into planning for the future. but given a choice do you buy the cheaper (but shitty) product or do you buy the more expensive (but higher quality) product? most here on Holla Forums will happily pay for quality (there may be something to say of k-selected vs r-selected related to this). and as i've posted here robotics and automation is already price competitive with chink slave labor and at higher quality. increased tariffs inhibit investment in robotics because they remove the incentive to reduce costs to stay competitive.

if you want to improve the american economy you're better off deporting mexicans and removing the welfare stipends that allow niggers to breed.

this is also true.

This. I'm very much not worried about my job(plumber, heating technitian) being automated anytime soon.
Low level office jobs and jobs involving driving cars will be the first to go.

Good choice, finish carpentry and cabinetry here. Each job is custom, designed to fit the space. I've done some plumbing/electrical too before and most of it has been in crawl spaces on my back cursing and inching to the workpiece. Robots would be handy for something like that but people just don't realize how complex it is to get a piece of equipment in some of these places reliably, let alone one which can solder pipe.

but that cant happen with liberals/democrats/sjws being considered people

Trades can be a good choice, but the attempt at squeezing nationalist whites out of academia and management ("white collar jobs") has to be resisted. In that sense "go trades!" is almost a psy-op, aimed at permanently forcing whites into a servant class. Money isn't everything; socio-economic-political status is heavily dependent of profession, and trades, unfortunately, don;t cut it in that regard.

There is more to it then just that.

Look at india. Why is that country such a shithole? Indians. Why is Africa a shithole? Niggers. Most cultures are inferior. Brining in inferior people to manage things is a terrible idea, and will only give the regressives short term power.

The good news is that the invisible hand of the free market has no concept of mercy. It is an old testament god dedicated to ruthless meritocracy. as a result of nigger tier corporate mismanagement, we are seeing a rise in entrepreneurs lately. As automation gets cheaper, we will see more people go into business for themselves and rural supply chains will improve.