French President tells Algerians "I will not feel guilty for colonialism"

President Emmanuel Macron, visiting Algeria, said on Wednesday he would not be held hostage or feel guilty due to France’s colonial involvement there and urged young Algerians to build for the future and not dwell on past “crimes”.

The relationship is scarred by the trauma of the 1954-1962 independence war in which the North Africa country broke with France. Hundreds of thousands of Algerians were killed and both sides used torture.

Macron was in the capital Algiers for talks with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and senior officials, a rite of passage for all new French presidents.

Many in Algeria had wondered whether Macron would offer an official apology for the past given his statement earlier this year when he described France’s colonial rule as a “crime against humanity”.

But he did not go any further than his predecessor, Francois Hollande, who sought a more conciliatory tone but stopped short of saying sorry.

Instead, Macron’s message to young Algerians was not to harbour grudges from the past but look to the future.

“I’ve already said we need to recognise what we did, but Algeria’s youth can’t just look to its past. It needs to look forward and see how it will create jobs,” Macron said, answering questions from people as he walked through downtown Algiers.

“I‘m not here to judge those in the past. There have been crimes and there were people that also did good things. Your generation must not allow this. It’s not an excuse (to blame the past) for what is happening today,” he said.

When asked by reporters about the past, a visibly annoyed Macron, said it was time to stop asking questions from 20 years ago.

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Fuck Macron

I'm still not sure whether Macron is a good thing or not, but when he says things like this it is refreshing. He's already dubbed Africa's excessive birthrates et al as a "civilisational problem " (ie. lack of any civilisation) and stated that journalists are too unintelligent to comprehend his initiatives. Now this. He's definitely growing on me.

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Fuck Macaron he is a globalist lackey.
And fuck you too OP



Imm a globalist now

It's good that he says things like this, since it affects the consciousness of the people. But you shouldn't conclude that he's good. I mean, it's always good that things aren't worse, and always bad that things aren't better.

Algeria was pretty cool under French rule. Generally peaceful, stable, a bit bureaucratic as the French are wont to be but no great fault. Algerians and pieds noirs mostly got on well together, especially the more Caucasian populations that existed. Then Religion of Cuck™ists and communists and other assorted filth agitated for a war that was bloody and savage. Then the French decided it would be a good idea to feel guilty and mass import millions of people from former colonies expecting them to be grateful and to integrate (kek). Now many parts of France look like sub-saharan Africa; Algeria is stagnating under socialist policies, constantly fighting against Religion of Cuck™ists, and generally worrying where the next threat is coming from.

This is the kind of attitude Western leaders need to have from now on. Every brown population has been long since taught by the Jews about how to endlessly kvetch and grievance-monger as a way to extract shekels from whites, and because nigger-tier people use nigger-tier tactics, they'll keep doing that as long as it works. It's out of the same playbook as when SJWs cry about imaginary racism or muh soggy knees: if you cave in and apologize to them, they smell the blood in the water and coming swarming in and demanding more. If you give them the finger and tell them to fuck off, they'll rage and froth at the mouth for a couple of days until something else offends them, and then they forget about you because you wouldn't give them what they wanted.

Being unapologetic and taking your own side is a great first step. Once I started thinking that way, the rest followed very easily. That's one reason why creating a constant presence of nonsemitism on the general internet is important.


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Also if you are on this board and support this fucking globalist are either a dumb newfag or a shill.
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He's a kike of course he's gonna be inflammatory and race baiting.

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Fuckin A. I've been reading the Rommel Papers, and he's been praising Mussolini and Italy for similar cultivation of North Africa. The Italian colonies were vastly successful in tilling the soil and turning back desertification. The colonials were highly educated and civilized, and were "threatening" to make a culture of North Africa for the first time since the Vandals and Byzantines were overrun. The Arabs during WWII, meanwhile, were pathetic raiders and thieves who would massacre German and British wounded soldiers whenever possible and steal their shit.

The French film "Le Petit Soldat" gives a pretty good prediction of what would happen as the French gave up on the war with Algeria and said "just demographically invade and blow my shit up, fam" in one of the most pathetic displays of cowardice ever.

This is quite a change from his attitude before.
Is Macron the powerlevel reveal meme, for real?

This paying for your father's sins crap is so kikey. Not only is is pure kikery to hold descendants responsible for things done generations past, the kikes aren't even held responsible for shit they do in the same generation. It's fucking horseshit.
The yids cannot be held to the same standard for compassion and treatment as one would a human. These fucks should have been made extinct thousands of years ago.

Unless it's about the Holocaust or Muslims being fucked over in the War on Terror, then he needs to fuck off.

Wake me up when Macron is naming the Jew.

Only if you grant the same for the US in Vietnam. The French Army fought a very tough guerilla war in Algiers and without a doubt won on the tactical-operational level (with help from German Aufstandsbekämpfung from WW2, which they later taught to the South Americans), it was the civil-political establishment that cucked out. In fact, this was the whole basis for de Gaulle's attempt at the coup with his paratroopers.

This is the exact same bullshit as before Trump got elected.