Macron attacks Fake News in "daring assault on a free press"

Emmanuel Macron has vowed to introduce a law to ban fake news on the internet and in the media during French election campaigns.

The French president, who beat Marine Le Pen to win 2017’s election, said he wanted new legislation for social media and newspaper platforms during election periods “in order to protect democracy”, this represents a direct assault on the freedom of the press.

In his new year’s speech to journalists at the Élysée palace, Macron said he would shortly present the new law in order to fight the spread of fake news, which he said threatened France.

New legislation for websites would include more transparency about sponsored content. Under the new law, websites would have to say who is financing them and the amount of money for sponsored content would be capped. In the speech Macron highlighted funding coming from Russia and Israel which attempted to influence the French elections through the use of media.

For fake news published during election seasons, an emergency legal action could allow authorities to remove that content, shut down newspapers or even block the website, Macron said. “If we want to protect France, we must be strong and have clear rules,” he added.

He said France’s media watchdog, the CSA, would be empowered to fight against “any attempt at destabilisation” by TV stations controlled or influenced by foreign states.

Macron said he wanted to act against what he called “propaganda articulated by thousands of social media accounts funded by foreign elements”.


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Macron is a globalist lackey.
This is germany censorship laws 2.0.
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>highlighted funding coming from Russia and Israel which attempted to influence the French elections through the use of media.
Okay seriously, what the fuck is going on.


4GW. Every power-holder that is voted into office is vulnerable to the kind of social network bot activity that it seems AI can manage. They want to get on top of it, because whoever can get control of the states' ability to control their own language/country social network has a massive first-mover advantage in shaping discourse. "Russia" is a convenient bogeyman. He means CIAniggers too. Especially CIAniggers after they've been purged and Trumpified.

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This is about Macron though. Not sure who "Macaron" is.


I think you're onto something user. States ceding control of the information landscape is like refusing to secure their borders or neglecting to maintain a defense force. I've approached this from the angle of state vs. citizenry but that's not the whole story, these niggers are preparing for total psychological war.

How does the globaist traitor scumcuck say things we can only wish guys like Trump would say? Is this some sort of push to get us to like his type?

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The French media is still bluepilled as fuck, even though less and less people are buying it.
By Israel influence they don't mean foreign funds, they don't mean soros, and they don't mean cultural demoralization. They're trying to downplay it with minor shit, like when Nehantayu's intervention after Charlie attacks which basically encouraged jews to emigrate.